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An Unusual Experience

[1817] Jam in Columbus, OH  Peeing in Fuel Tank

I went to the jiffy lube here in Columbus Ohio on 8/13/2011 to get the oil and oil filter changed on my 2004 sable witch is my baby. well siting and waiting over 2 hours I got up to take look out of the service station window to see my car. while looking at my car I noticed something that didn’t seem rite. the service man had taken my fuel cap off and was just kind of standing there with a funny smirk on his face about 3 minutes later I look back over  at my car and the guy is peeing in my fuel tank!!!! I said.”sir!!! why are you pissing in my tank??? he advised me that that’s what they do on all 2003 and newer models to clean the injectors. so I said ok, thanks....god idea. About 3 miles down the road my car lost all power and stalled.  I called the manager and told him about this matter. he said to me. that’s what you get for coming to jiffy lube idiot!!!!! I will never EVER return to this store again and am very dissatisfied.

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I. Recent Personal Experiences

Email us your experience.  

Include your city and state so that others in your area are aware.  We will likely add it to the following Personal Experiences of others. Show others that they are not alone.  This will also help us create a critical mass which can create appropriate changes.

The following experiences are the most recently submitted unedited and unverified General Problem experiences of others:   

Indexed by State

[2221] Ed in Des Moines, IA  Stripped Oil Plug or Filter

I had my oil changed at the Jilly Lube on Merle Hay in Des Moines IA Friday 1/22/16.  Today 1/23/16 all the oil leaked from either the filter or stripped oil pug and caused my 2014 Rav 4 to die in the driveway.  Please help!

[2220] Andrew in Arcadia, CA Overfilled Oil

I had my tundra serviced at jiffy lune in arcadia on Santa Anita and Huntington dr. They over filled the oil in my truck now I have major problems

[2219] Derrick in Spring Lake, NC  Fraudulent Promises

First thing I want to say is that I'm very perturb about your dishonest services at your Spring Lake store located at 600 S Bragg Blvd, Spring Lake NC 28390. I'm a service member  currently station out of state I was informed that my spouse took her 2012 Jeep Wrangler because the engine light came as unusual of course you get an oil light during the service the mechanic informed my spouse that spark plugs were bad and there change out them but unfortunately that did not solve the problem. So my spouse return the vehicle to jiffy lube because the vehicle was miss firing and asked refund. Now this was the agreement my spouse told your store manager that she was taking the vehicle to the jeep dealership and your store manager informed her to bring back paperwork paper to him to prove that the work that they have done on the vehicle was not corrected my them in fact the work that they had done was nonexistence to the problem. The paperwork was brought back for the refund and was told no by the store manager because of part and labor rendered. So bottom line up front the store manager had lied think my wife wouldn't come back seeking a refund that now how you do business my lying to your consumer and that located will be reported to the better business bureau and addition I going to spread word thought out the military community in the area of how dishonest they are. Judging by the reviews that I had seen online this is a problem across the country about varies dishonest service at your Jiffy Lubes service center. It is kind of alarming that I'm away serving my country and have to worry about my family being safe in a vehicle that your store serviced. 

[2215] Ronald in Salt Lake City, UT  Bike Stolen

I recently had one of my two bikes stolen off my car awaiting servicing at your Salt Lake City, Jiffy Lube.  The theft occurred at your Jiffy Lube on 2100 South and Main Street Salt Lake City, Utah.  The on line police report numbers are T25004868 and another number of 2015-803351  The theft was captured on your cameras and verified by your manager.   I believe your company has liability insurance which covers this type of theft on your property.  I would like to file a claim for the bike value of $1000 against that coverage. I can provide you the police report, photos of the missing bike, and all information together with serial number.  That information is also detailed on the Police reports. Your store has the video tape of the theft.

[2213] Brad in St. Charles, IL Sunglasses Stolen

I took my car to Jiffy Lube in St. Charles, IL for an oil change in April. My Prada sunglasses had been in the trunk.   They told me that my brake light needed replacing so I said ok go ahead not thinking about my glasses. A while later my wife was talking about sunglasses and I immediately thought about my glasses and thought OMG I'll bet they are not back there. Sure enough they were gone. Shame on you Jiffy Lube. Never again!

[2212] Ana in Reno, NV  No Resolution

The purpose of this E-mail is that you have not found a resolution or a satisfactory answer to the complaint with the invoice number above.  Being that it has been more than two months since the first complaint  submitted and the issue has not yet being resolved, Adding that I have not received any answers  or case review in reference to this complaint.

I would like to  formerly inform you that if this case is not satisfactory resolve in THE NEXT 30 DAYS   I will be forced to file a court proceedings AGAINST YOUR COMPANY, to take care of the issue & looking forward for a resolution to this matter.  I will also make you responsible for all expenses incurred for the Legal process plus loss of wedges and any other losses.

[2211] Cheryl Cooling Flush Cracked Head Gasket

On 2/10/15 I visited Jiffy Lube as I do often to get an oil change.  Upon my visit I was advised of the “manufacturers suggestions” which included a coolant flush.  I agreed to the service and went on my way back to work.  As I parked my car I noticed white smoke coming from under my hood but nothing of it because oil can sometimes leak on the engine.  To my despise, a day later my car hesitated to start.  I advised the technician of my problem and he sent someone to claim that I needed a new battery.  After having a new battery installed, the car still had problems starting.  I called again and my car was sent to another Jiffy Lube for inspection.  Upon inspection white smoke was now coming from my tail pipe. 

Needless to say, a month later, Nissan has diagnosed that I have a cracked head gasket and the repairs will be costly.  I contacted Jiffy Lube’s Guest Services representative and sent the diagnosis to them for review.  I was told there is not enough evidence to prove it was negligence on behalf of Jiffy Lube and they will proceed with a claim for further investigation……..  Really!  Came in running fine now my car is dead

[2210] Lady in Davie, FL  Pep Boys Alternative

On Friday, 2-20-15, my check engine light came on. I took it to the Jiffy lube in Davie, FL on University Dr. They hooked up some sensor and said I had a vacuum leak coming from my engine. I took it back the next day because I was due for an oil change. Of course they tried to suckered me into buying the expensive oil, but I went with the $49 one. 

They used the sensor again and said I needed a tune up which would run $350- $450. They then ran a battery diagnostic and said my battery was going to die soon. That was correct as I had a 2 yr battery which was older than 2 yrs. They offered me a new battery with 5yr warranty. I plan on selling my car and wanted a cheaper battery....they don't give you an option, so I declined. Of course, they wanted to flush my transmission fluid for over a $100, but didn't have it on record, they did that already 6 months ago.....or did they?  They then showed me a dirty cabin filter which they could replace for around $80.

Whew....I just agreed to the oil change and drove over to Pep boys.  They said the problem with my check engine light was a loose plug....I didn't need a tune up. They fixed it and put in another 2 yr battery, saving me $56. Oh...and that $80 cabin filter? I purchased one from them for $14 and he put it in for no charge. I will never take my car to jiffy lube again. This is sad because jiffy lube took over the location when Vinny retired from his business at speedy oil change. My family trusted Vinny and was taking our cars there for 15 years. He employed honest mechanics.

[2209] Kevin in Tulsa, OK  Defective Antifreeze Flush

On the 17th of December I took my car into Jiffy Lube 66th and Lewis Tulsa OK for an antifreeze flush and fill.  The car had been working great I just wanted to change the antifreeze.  They supposedly put new antifreeze in and when I left the car seemed fine.  The next morning I started it up and when it ran for a bit the car started to overheat.  I opened the hood and the radiator cap was not closed it was just barely hanging on it was loose.    I called the store manager and he came out to my house with some antifreeze and that's when I noticed that a hose had not been properly installed they had taken off.  After putting antifreeze in and putting the hose on properly it started to leak behind the transmission.  According to several sources this was probably due to improper antifreeze or no antifreeze at all being put in my car when they did the flush and fill.  Evidently a freeze plug popped out behind the transmission that evening due to the cold temperature.  It had been driving fine before.  The traffic was really bad and it took me an hour to get home in stop and go traffic.  I know the car was in perfect working order before I took it to Jiffy Lube because it made it all the way down there and did not overheat and did not leak.  Also I have been driving it all over with no problems whatsoever.  The manager Chris got to where he would avoid me not return my calls and I got a hold of the regional supervisor Mark who said he would get right back with me this morning and now he has not responded back and will not answer his phone.

The owner Patrick Moore contacted my girlfriend Kelly Hensley (its her car) and claimed he had a video showing all the work was done and swore the radiator cap was put on correctly and the hose was put on like it was supposed to.  Refused to show us this video.  He was very very nasty and claimed I sabotaged my own car to get money out of him.  Is this the way you want your company represented?  My girlfriend needs her car as she is almost handicapped and has trouble walking.

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II. Recent Personal Experiences

Email us your experience.

Include your city and state so that others in your area are aware.  We will likely add it to the following Personal Experiences of others. Show others that they are not alone.  This will also help us create a critical mass which can create appropriate changes.

The following experiences are the most recently submitted unedited and unverified Destroyed Engines experiences of others: 

Indexed by State

[2218] Helen in Silver Spring, MD  No Oil Destroys Engine

 I live in Silver Spring, MD I went to Jiffy Lube on the 10th for a routine oil change they suggested I change my filter as well which I did. Two days later my car shuts down on the side of the road and the oil is leaking out. I have it towed to a mechanic, I call the Jiffy Lube here I have it serviced an explain the situation. He said he would document & send someone out to take a look, but right now he couldn't b/c he had no one to cover him.  No one every came so the next day I called their corporate office and spoke to someone & they sent out a rep that day. Their representative assessed my vehicle he stated it was an engine malfunction that caused my car to bust a rod, but the mechanic that i towed my vehicle to said that the only way your car can bust a rod is by not having any oil in it. So the JL rep said its not there fault but I'm going to fight , because its total BS. I had no engine problems before my car was serviced and now I need a new engine because the rod is busted.  Please publish my comments

[2216] Laura in Yuba City, CA  Defective Oil Filter Destroys Engine

Subject: Store #2353-Jiffy Lube fraudulently advertised their expertise and implied a warrantee they now refuse to honor on repairs to a new engine which failed 136 miles after their incompetent servicing. They charged for a safety check they did not perform.

My daughter and  I took her 2001 Ford Escape in to Jiffy Lube in Yuba City California on July 10, 2015 for an oil change.  We were upsold to having her tires rotated and having a “safety” check as well. The final bill came to just under $100.00 which I paid in cash.  We left the Jiffy Lube, parked the Escape at home and my daughter packed it the next day so as to travel 2,200 miles cross country in order to interview for several jobs.  Before my daughter embarked on her trip, my husband and I followed her in our vehicle to visit a cemetery where she placed flowers on the grave of a friend’s mother.  While following her to the cemetery we noticed that the left tail lamp  Jiffy Lube said was fine, was not fine.  It had been burnt out before the “safety check” and remained burnt out after the “safety check”.  It was disturbing to see that the check was NOT done, however my daughter needed to get on the road to make it to her first stopover so it was decided she would have a friend replace the bulb later that day when she arrived in Salt Lake City Utah. 2 hours after she left, I received a call from my daughter saying her car was stranded on the side of the road in Truckee California.  My husband and I went to meet her in Truckee. She had to pay cash to have the Escape towed to safety at a local service station.  When we arrived we found that the engine block on the Escape was damaged beyond repair.  As a consequence, having no other option to get my daughter to her interviews, I gave her my Honda and she left for Kentucky.  My husband and I had the Escape towed home the next day.  In looking at the Escape we saw that the oil filter had clearly not been seated properly when changed by Jiffy Lube. There was a clear “dry” segment of the filter gasket that was completely dry whereas other areas were saturated. There was oil spray all the way back to the deck lid indicating a slow loss of oil from the improper seating of the gasket on the filter.  The engine of the Escape only had about 24,000 miles on it when serviced by Jiffy Lube.  It had been replaced under a warrantee purchased when my daughter bought the vehicle.  The vehicle was running fine prior to the service by Jiffy Lube.  The Jiffy Lube technician even noted on the intake invoice that all of the fluids were fine prior to their “service” on 7/10/2015.  The Escape had been driven a total of 136 miles from the time it was serviced by Jiffy Lube until the time the engine failed.

Read More About This Experience

[2214] Peter in Tampa, FL  Missing Radiator Cap Destroys Engine

My wife had an oil change and fluids changed at the Dale Mabry and Kennedy Tampa Jiffy Lube and the engine exploded and the head and block was warped. Needs new engine $5,000 repair quoted by Toyota of Lakeland. Their exact quote when they opened the hood after it was towed to their location was “ there is the problem right there…your radiator cap is missing” after the mechanic did his full inspection the confirmed the 2008 Toyota Corolla needed an new engine. Jiffy Lube clearly did not replace the cap or it was not tightened properly and it came off due to their shotty work. After the Jiffy Lube guy inspected the car they said they would not pay because the car had gone 1,000 miles after the repair. The people at Toyota Lakeland all agree that Jiffy Lube is at fault.

NEED AN ATTORNEY TO REPRESENT US.  Note that we have impeccable maintenance records from Orlando Toyota. The one time we when to the jobbers at Jiffy Lube the car blows up

[2198] Rachel in Blaine, MN  No Oil Destroys Engine

Please be advised that following the April 11, 2015 oil change at Jiffy Lube #2710 (Heartland Automotive Service I, 12403 Ulysses Street NE, Blaine, MN 55434), the oil filter was not fitted properly, causing the oil to run out of the engine on my 2011 Buick Enclave.  As a result of the oil leakage, the engine has seized.  As a result, I have incurred substantial expenses in diagnostic fees, rental cars and am facing a repair bill of approximately $6860.00. 

As the enclosed invoice from Complete Auto Service ,Inc., reveals the loose oil filter was the direct and proximate cause of the oil leaking out of the engine and as such the direct cause of the irreparable damage to the engine on my vehicle. 

Please contact me immediately upon receipt of this correspondence to advise me of how to proceed with this claim for reimbursement of damages including but not limited to repair fees, rental car fees, storage fees and other damages. 

[2193] Mark in Germantown, MD Engine Destroyed

Here's something that I've been trying to get resolved for a couple of months now but with no luck.  At this point, no one even bothers to reply, even at their corporate level.  Can you help with next steps and suggestions?  Do you have an email for their CEO?   

On January 14, 2015, I took my son's Chevy HHR in for an oil change at your Germanown, MD location.  While there, I mentioned to the technician that the thermostat gauge was not working.  It was always in the cold position.  The digital read-out on the dashboard also did not work.  Where it would normally give you the engine temperature, it displayed three dashes "---".  The technician told me that a radiator flush would fix that.  I took him up on it.  Turns out he was wrong.  He gave me bad advice to try to make a sale.  I went back and spoke with the manager (Nate Jarman) the next day and explained that I was given bad information.  Nate seemed puzzled as to why the technician would make that claim.  He issued me a refund for that service.  While Nate was going through the process of issuing the refund, I asked him why the car had to be taken around the side of the building to have the coolant changed.  I was told that the car ha to be running to get the old coolant out and they didn’t want any carbon monoxide issues.  I told him it didn’t seem environmentally sound.  In addition, I mentioned, small animals could drink any of the fluid that was not properly captured.

My main problem is not with the radiator flush, but the oil change that also occurred that day.  14 days after the oil change, the engine seized up on the car.  I had it towed to a local shop here in my town (Poolesville, MD).  This was January 28, 2015.  The repair shop called me on January 29th to tell me that the engine locked up and that there was a hole in the engine block where a piston blew through.  I immediately called and spoke with the manager (Nate) at the Jiffy Lube location where I had the service done.  I mentioned the circumstance to him and he took down the information for a report to his boss (Thomas Schawalter).  In addition, Nate agreed to meet with me the following morning at the shop so he can inspect the car on his own.

Read More About This Experience

[2159] Lisa Engine Flush Killed Car

I took my car in on March 8th for an oil change before heading on a 400 mile road trip.  They stated I needed to flush my engine and RECOMMENDED that I do this!

I spent the additional $90. and did this...the next day I drove my car less than 30 miles and the Check engine light came on and my message warning said to turn off engine immediately.

I took it to Jiffy Lube and they said it was not there problem.  I took it to my mechanic who immediately drained the fluid and said it should never be flushed because it pushes all the "gunk" into the engine.

The next day I had to drive my car to Los Angeles and it died on the freeway with 3 children in the car at night...it seems the engine flush killed the car...$3500. later in mechanic charges, car still does not drive the same and over $%00. to have the car towed and travel expenses (rental car) to get back home...over $4000. one bad trip to Jiffy Lube cost me...

I want to take them to small claims court to get my money back...and I still have a car that is ruined forever....they should have not recommended the engine flush as it is actually stated that they should NOT do this by the cars manufacturer...they rip people off just to make money and hope most people want follow through.  Very frustrating!!!

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III. Possible Actions

Also see: http://www.jiffylubeproblems.com/Remedies.htm

NOTE:  There are numerous complaints that the Feedback Form | Customer Service Form does not operate.

  1. Add Your Experience.  We will likely add it to the following Personal Experiences of others. Show others that they are not alone.  This will also help us create a critical mass which can create appropriate changes.

  2. Determine whether remedies suggested by others are appropriate for your situation.  People like yourself have offered various remedies. 

    Check-out our newest addition -- Option 11. Go to Small Claims Court.  Jiffy Lube may not show up and you may get a default judgment...  Testimonial

  3. Tell others about this website.

  4. Send an email directly to Jiffy Lube.   Note:  Jiffy Lube's "Feedback Form" was broken...

  5. Tell your legislators about Shell Oil.  If they neglect well documented problems here at Jiffy Lube, then how can they be trusted to do the right thing when they want to explore, transport and refine energy.  Shell may pay more attention if the stakes are higher...


IV. Noteworthy Comments From Others

[1254] Cliff  No Change Oil @ 3,000 Miles

I am employed at an independent auto repair shop, specializing in German cars.  While I don't have occasion to patronize Jiffy Lube, I do have a problem with their blanket 3,000 mile oil change recommendation.  Most modern automobiles simply do not need oil changes this often.  It's a waste of time and money, and it's also bad for the environment in that excessive waste oil is generated.  All of the new German cars have manufacturer-recommended oil change intervals of 10,000 miles or one year.  This is absolutely not a problem as long as the proper oils and filters are used.

As far as I'm concerned, Jiffy Lube (and the other quick oil change outlets) need to change their business models to reflect changing technology.

[1236] Glenn  Blog Post About Jiffy Lube

I came across your website while researching my latest blog post.  I wrote about positive and negative word of mouth and how Jiffy Lube is creating negative WOM with the tactics they use when servicing cars. 


[971] Jason  A Symphony of Problems

Abstract...  Complete Experience

  • Drain Plugs
    I have seen dozens of drain plugs left finger-tight, and at least two that were tightened to where the threads stripped and the drain plug was replaced with an expandable rubber stopper. 

  • Oil Filters
    I have seen many oil filters that were left loose, and even one that had two rubber gaskets on it (which causes a HUGE leak) that ran out of oil by the time they got to our shop. 

  • Sticker
    I have seen dozens of cars that have a Jiffy Lube sticker in the window, but still have the filter that we put on 6,000 miles ago. 

  • Tire Valve Stem
    The manager from Jiffy Lube brought us a newer GM truck with the tire pressure sensor in the rim.  Somehow, somebody there managed to break the stem on the valve and they wanted us to replace it before the customer found out.  It is common on a lot of newer cars for the serpentine belt to be routed around the front engine mount.  Apparently, employees at Jiffy Lube cut the old belt off (most tensioner manufacturers warn not to do this) to save time.  They brought us a car that they cut the belt off of, and couldn't figure out how to get the new one back on because the mount needed to be removed. 

  • Replacement of Good Parts
    We have had dozens of customers (that I know of, I don't spend much time in the office with customers) who were told at their Jiffy Lube oil change that "part X" is bad and needs to be replaced immediately because it is a safety hazard.  Often times the part is fine, and sometimes it is bad, but nowhere near what should be considered a safety hazard.  Brakes are very common.  They will tell the customer that the brakes are almost gone and they need to be replaced immediately.  Some of these cars had as much as 80% remaining on the pads/shoes.


[932] Vinesh  Question the Integrity of All Work

I have gotten so much work done at Jiffy Lube – and after watching the video now, I question the integrity of every work I ever paid for. What is Jiffy Lube going to do regarding this? This is unbelievable!

[919] Employee in Wichita, KS   Beware of Black T-Shirts

I worked for Jiffy Lube, as a manager, for a very short time in Wichita, KS. Not only are the people they hire young and inexperienced they are very active in hiring convicts on work release while they are in jail. I cannot tell you how many of the people I managed were work release people. More than off the street folks. They hire the young, who are gullible and well do anything they are told, and they ones who have no choice in the matter but to do what they are told, these would be the convicts. They have to work and they cannot complain. As others have said they are all about the sell, whether a customer needed the service or not. The management acted as if they were the only smart people on Earth and everyone under them were idiots. To become a Jiffy Lube manager was a big event in their life. I heard managers threaten to beat up employees, fire them if they did not do what they were told and the OSHA violations were incredible. The labor board should really look into Jiffy Lube and their practices, at least here in Kansas. I could go on and on but we all do not have the time. OH BY THE WAY, any employee in a black jiffy lube T-Shirt is a new-bee. Do not let them touch your car!!! What also is funny is how many people you see wearing these t-shirts, turn over is horrendous.

[908] Dave in Portsmouth, VA  Don't Take Chances

I am a 46 year old engineer who has always done his own oil / filter changes.  Because I have become more and more financially stable and my friends have been telling me to stop "dirtying" my hands, I thought I would finally breakdown and start going to a Jiffy Lube.  So I googled Jiffy Lube and this very complaint website came up.  Now, after reading all of these comments for the last half an hour, I have decided I should continue to do this work for myself.   Why take the risk of putting my vehicles into the hands of potentially inexperienced or poorly motivated individuals.  I have a decent personal garage with ramps, drain pan, and tools.  I know the older ladies across the street have taken their vehicles in to a Jiffy Lube in the past.  I think they are great neighbors and perhaps I should start doing this small service for them also. 

[758] Stephen in Falls Church, VA   A Valuable Resource

After reading so many embarrassing, humiliating and disgusting experiences that former Jiffy Lube customers have had, I can honestly say I will NEVER take my car there. What a pity that in the extremely competitive world of auto care, a company could be so anti-consumer.  Thank you to Jiffy Lube Problems for this very valuable resource. You saved me a lot of potential headaches and needless expenses.

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