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[2125] Kelly in CA  Unbelievable Response

Bull ---.


Thank you for choosing Jiffy Lube for your recent vehicle service. We truly strive to create and maintain the best possible experience for our customers. To help us in this effort we desire your feedback. Please take a few minutes to provide a review of your recent experience with our team.

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[2124] Kelly in Walnut Creek, CA  Taking Advantage of a Lady

I went to Jiffy Lube in Walnut Creek, CA today. I'm a 23 year old female and clearly the perfect victim.  They took my car and then brought up all kinds of issues. He asked about tire rotations. I had my tires rotated a year and a half back at the Mountain View location. Afterwards my steering wheel started shaking like crazy. I brought my car back in and they said x and y was wrong and they had to charge me to rotate my tires back to their original places but to go to American Tires in Mountain View to get it fixed for free. That turned into a HUGE scam. They told me I NEEDED to have all of my tires changed immediately or I was at risk of dying. I'm not kidding. I didn't have the work done and turns out my tires were fine. Back to Walnut Creek jiffy lube. I told him that story when he asked about my tires getting rotated and I said no to the work. He appeared sympathetic to my poor experiences with the scammers of the world. Little did I know. He then proceeded to tell me my transmission fluid was the wrong color. He went so far as to do a demo to show me the right color. $119 for that to which I said I'd call my Dad. The guy also said my air filters were bad. I called my Dad who said no to the fluid but gave me the go ahead on the air filters. The two cost me $70. Later I found out they cost $10 each. I called pretty upset and said I want my filters put back in my car and that as a long standing an loyal customer at jiffy lube I was pretty upset that they would do that.  He said he wasn't authorized to do that but to talk to the manager tomorrow and that my air filters were in the trash. I said take them out and I look forward to seeing you both tomorrow. It's my fault for being naive and that's a $50 mistake that will ruin my jiffy lube experience permanently.

[2123] Ryan in San Mateo, CA   Air Filter Scam

I was told that I needed a new air filter and a new cabin air filter by an employee named Deangelo. He even brought out both air filters to show me. The cabin air filter looked VERY dirty and I was very tempted to have them replace it. Thankfully, I declined and decided to look into it on my own. When I looked at my cabin air filter later that day, not only was it a lot less dirty than the one I was shown at Jiffy Lube, but IT WAS A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SIZE AND SHAPE.

Basically, he brought out a "dummy" dirty cabin air filter claiming it was mine and said that it needed to be replaced. I don't know if he was trying to upsell me for a commission or if he had some other motive but, in any case, it was crooked.

[2122] Molly Broke Tire Sensor

Went to my local Jiffy Lube this morning [3 December], had the oil changed and got a chink in the windshield repaired. When the techs tried to check the pressure in my tires, they broke the valve off of one. The Asst Mgr tried asking me if had had problems with this tire in the past. No, I haven’t and my husband had just filled the tires last week. The asst mgr sent me to a local tire warehouse, said it would cost about $10 to replace and when I brought it back he would take the spare off and put my old tire back on. Followed his instructions, only to find out that that valve cover has a pressure sensor in it. Replacing that will cost $91.00 total. I went back to Jiffy Lube and the asst mgr says there is nothing they can do, my tire was broken to begin with. THAT IS NOT TRUE. He filled out a “quality control incident report” in which he filled out what the customer states himself.. it reads, ‘when checking tires valve stem came off broken, customer claims we broke it.’

I am supposed to be waiting to hear from someone higher up and I better because no way am I paying for this repair. I am a housewife with a one year old. I have lots of time to make their lives very, very unhappy.

[2121] Michael in El Cajon, CA Overcharged

My husband just returned home from store #3004 on Magnolia Ave in El Cajon,Ca,with a check in time of 8:40 a.m. No one offered him the early bird $19.99 special and a signature service became $39.99 instead of $24.99. They did apply a $5.00 off coupon but did not wash the exterior windows saying he declined the service which he did not. Is this just service laziness or a ripoff? I will not be using jiffylube services again. I can get an oil change and a carwash across the street for $29.99. After reading customer reviews I now checking to be sure the oil cap is secure and no tools were left behind.

[2120] Christian Dumbest Rudest Employees

I have to admit I constantly tell people through work, email and whenever possible to never go to jiffy lube- most incompetent bunch of people I have ever met. Y'all's goal must be to hire the dumbest yet rudest people there are. Not only have I had one but several negative exp which puts the fault on me for even coming back a second and third time. The first 2 times it was idiot boy forgot to put the oil cap back on- really? Who trains these idiots? When something happens as its obvious from everyone I talk with it has, the staff just turns the blame to the consumer or says it wasn't me. Like I said, it is my goal to slander- yes I used the word slander, jiffy lube and will continue to do so so as much money can be taken from each franchise owner until they start standing up and doing what is right. It's not each location but the franchise as a whole.

[2119] Yulianna in Miami, FL  No Receipt to ID Mistakes

I will like to file a formal complain to Jiffy Lube regarding my service. 8787 Biscayne Blvd, Miami Shores, FL.  I generally take my car into service for either an oil change or to change my head lights and service has always been a pleasure and great! That is usually at 9736 South Dixie Highway, Miami, FL 33156

** Note bare with me as I am not so familiar with mechanics **

I recently moved and I found a Jiffy Lube near my home and my fiance took in my car for service because my car was making noise and my steering wheel was harder than usual. Brian, my fiance, took in my car first thing on Monday (November 18) and he told the mechanic that he suspected it to be the "hose". When they checked the car they told him that it was actually the "pump" that was broken. He got a quote for $243 for the repair and we decided to move forward with the repair. After 4 hours or waiting (from 9:00 AM until 12:30 PM) he was told that the pump was actually fine and that the real problem was really the "hose". He was then told that he needed to pay for that "hose" as well! He stated to the shop manager "Robbin" AKA "Rob" that he would not pay because he was misdiagnosed and that they replaced a perfectly fine pump.

Rob, the manager, then authorized to change the "hose" at no extra charge; however, they did not have the part. Brian, my fiance, was then told to bring it back the next day. Brian then told the mechanic that he needed to be at work at 10 AM but he was reassured that the mechanic would be in by 8:45 AM and it would only take 30 minutes, at most!  Next day came and the steering was worse, but no big deal because they just needed to change the "hose". When he arrived at 8:45, the mechanic was not at work. At 9:15 he became impatient because he needed to be at work at 10 AM and the manager told him that the mechanic would not arrive for another 30 minutes because he was running late. Brian needed to leave but was reassured to bring it back during his lunch hour and he would be the first one in.

When he came back during his lunch hour, the first thing that he saw was putting my car to the side, the mechanic was collecting money from other associates and walked over across the street and came back with food (apparently he was buying food for everyone else's lunch). This whole thing took 30 minutes away from the job at hand. When Brian asked why, he was simply told that the car needed to cool down. Moving forward, when the mechanic finally got to the car he then explained the BAD NEWS, the brand new pump that was installed just the day before was BROKEN and to make matters worse, they did not have that part! BUT, they did put in the new "hose".

Brian was late to work by two hours by this point.  By this time it is Tuesday afternoon and the car just driven back to my apartment which is less than 3.5 miles away and it sat in my driveway until Friday (November 22). I was worried about my car and I needed it for the weekend so right after work I called and I spoke with Rob and he immediately knew my car. He told me to bring it in and they would take care of it. At 5:45 I drove it over and my car was in the shop by 6:00 PM on Friday (note that they close at 7:00 PM). It took them a whole hour and once it was done, they called me over and I tested the car and the steering was fine (apart from an odd noise that was coming from within). The mechanic told me that it was fine and that the noise will go away.

Before leaving I asked for a receipt because I wanted it but they stated to me not to worry and my original receipt from Monday will be suffice. Odd I thought, but my car seemed fine and I already had plans (this was our 4th time there any ways for the same reason!). The mechanic even joked around saying that "if your mechanic cannot do the job on the second or third time, fire the guy".

Here comes the good part, as I am driving away (at 7:00/closing time), drove one block, stopped at the light to proceed to make a U-Turn and something BAD happened!  Out of all of my power and energy I COULD NOT CHANGE THE STEERING!!!!!!!!!! I nearly hit a car on the other side and I barely missed the side of the curb!!!!!!! My heart sank and I started shaking! Aside from that I PREGNANT! The car that I almost hit had to back up in order for my to try to make my turn. I immediately and frantically drove quickly back to the shop (it was 7:06 PM by now) and jumped out of my car barely in tears!

The mechanic was in shock. The manager, Rob, told me not to worry and that they were so sorry and to leave my car. I had no other choice but to leave my car.  I asked them to please call me as soon as it would be done because I had plans for breakfast. He reassured me that they open at 7:30 AM and that my car will be the fist one to be seen.

The following day (Saturday, November 23rd), I called at 10:00 AM and the person who picked up told me that the car was still inside and that the mechanic would call me. An hour passed by and I called back, now 11:00 AM, and they me that it was done. I get there by 11:15 AM and the mechanic laughed and said that it only took him 15 minutes to figure it out. He stated that it was because there was air inside of the "hose". WHY DIDNT HE CALL ME AT 7:45 AM IF IT ONLY TOOK HIM 15 MINUTES TO FIGURE IT OUT. I had plans for breakfast and it was too late. 

Nevertheless, I didn't even receive an apology or anything. I asked for a receipt for all of the times that we went in to bring in the car and they couldn't provide it to me. Why?

I wish I knew more about mechanics but you are the professional on this and I brought it into Jiffy Lube because I trusted you. You have not only lost my trust but you also broke my car. On that same afternoon (Saturday) my car then started to make a chirping noise... I do not know what this means or where it is coming from but I am afraid of bringing into Jiffy Lube...

Where do I start? How do I fix this? Who will be held responsible? How will you help me on fixing this?  Please tell me. I am giving you an opportunity to fix this.

[2118] Amanda in Summerville, SC  No Oil in Engine

I was in the north main street Jiffy Lube in Summerville, South Carolina on Saturday, November 16th. I had my oil changed, the filter was not put back in correctly, it came out and all the oil leak out of my car and it broke down on the side of the road. I contacted the manager of that jiffy lube and he said he would contact the district manager. He also gave me her number; a Ms. Lee.  Its been two days and no one has contacted me. Also, my phone calls to Ms. Lee go unreturned. I have had my car towed to Toyota, and I need to give them the information for whomever is responsible. And, it has to be done today! So, I need to hear back from someone ASAP!! 

[2116] Randy in St. Louis, MO  Engine Flush Problems

Made the mistake of letting my local franchise backflush and change coolant.  Clogged my heater coil, messed up water pump.  The day after I had a coolant low warning light on, took back to them, stated “must be an airblock”, cleared the warning signal.  No heat thereafter.  Now at $1300 of repairs to coolant system.  These guys are fine for a quick oil change, DON”T LET THEM DO ANYTHING ELSE TO YOUR VEHICLE!

[2115] Randy in St. Louis, MO  No Back Flush

Made the mistake of letting my local franchise backflush and change coolant.  Clogged my heater coil, messed up water pump.  The day after I had a coolant low warning light on, took back to them, stated “must be an airblock”, cleared the warning signal.  No heat thereafter.  Now at $1300 of repairs to coolant system.  These guys are fine for a quick oil change, DON”T LET THEM DO ANYTHING ELSE TO YOUR VEHICLE!

[2114] Joan in Ontario, CA  Broken Dip Stick

Hi  Last friday I took my 2008 Dodge Avenger to Hanover jiffy lube to have an oil change----I was surprised while waiting to read a sign saying they were not respondcible for dip stick breakage.I am 77 years old and have driven since I was 16-and never had to replace a oil stick--the surprise worsened when the guy came and told me something unforeseen had happened and my stick was broken!!! I left with a plug instead and had to go back and buy one yesterday that they had ordered for me $22- i am not happy!!! I was told the Dodge is famous for his problem-I called a Dodge dealership and this is not true---Is this just a way for them to make extra money? I know who will never go to jiffy again--ME- thanks

[2113] Megan in Nashville, TN  Metal Tool in Engine

Okay- jiffy lube left a  8 inch probably 3-4 pound metal tool in my engine found at my most recent oil change which obviously could have caused major / damage or a wreck.  If I take it back though, I suspect they will just say there is no way to Prove it and the mechanic checked for initials/ brand on the tool so nothing will come of it but I sure don't trust them to touch my Armada again.

[2112] Robin in Dover, DE  Overheating

Being in a big rush to leave town to go cross country for a job transfer I went to the local Jiffy Lube in Dover DE instead of going to my Land Rover dealer like I usually do. I am at this very moment stranded in Harrisonburg VA after my LR2 overheated to the max and started smoking. I can't believe it - my car has NEVER done this before. I don't know WTF to do now... I have to get to Texas somehow, and there's no LR readership within 100 miles.

[2110] Caitlyn in Orem, UT  Stripped Oil Plug

Jiffy Lube did my oil change the last 2 times I had my car serviced. I brought my car in somewhere else in Orem, UT and the mechanic told me he couldn't get a new oil replacement onto the Oil Plug. It had been stripped requiring a new plug or a new oil pan entirely which would cost around $300. They ended up finding a plug replacement but this meant I had to wait all weekend before getting the replacement AND MY CAR back from the mechanic. I have 4 jobs.... having a car is pretty vital. So I was pretty pissed.

Luckily I contacted the Jiffy Lube that did the damage and they will be paying all the cost of the plug replacement. If they didn't I would have sued. They should do a better job getting the proper parts, but, being that I do live in a college town the majority of people that work there are not seasoned professionals or professionals at all, they are students and they really like to mess things up, instead of taking the time to fix things properly. I got lucky with my situation because I did not have to sue them or take the case any higher than the mechanic.

I will never go to Jiffy Lube again. Some people argue they went there because it was quick? Not the case with me, even when I had service there they took hours longer than promised. I will be going to local mechanics mainly The Car Doctors in Or2111em, UT. They do a phenomenal job keeping your car not only maintained but keep everything at a reasonable price. Had my rotors replaced for $140!!!!! They are a great service and because they are efficient and want to make sure the job is done right (to avoid customers going elsewhere and from having to have a bigger problem fixed in the future) they go out of their way to do the small things right, so you don't end up paying a larger price later on, or ruining your engine!

{2109] Jason in Kennewick, WA  Replaced Oil With Used Oil

Took car in, they put USED BLACK oil in my car, told me that it was "special" high mileage oil.  Denied my claim, by telling me that it was impossible for employees to have any access to the used oil. An outright lie - how else do they POUR it into the tank? Magic?  So they refused to give me a free oil change with new, fresh oil.

[2108] Bob in Fargo, ND Store Ignores Problem

After a Signature Service oil change at jiffy lube my oil filter came most of the way off, I noticed this right away because of the leaking oil under the car.  Checked the oil and it did not show up on dipstick. So I tightened the filter and  put in all the oil I had at home then drove to the shop.  Here is where is gets bad. I let them know what had happened, what I did to correct it and I was concerned about the seal since I could feel the dirt behind the filter and would need the oil changed to resolve their mistake.  I could not get the oil change then because it was 15 minutes to closing time. Their overall response is they did nothing wrong and things like that happen (Oil filters apparently come off after so long, I strongly disagreed with them but that is what Trent Epps the shop manager was sticking to). I paid for the oil change to resolve their mistake.

I understand mistakes happen and I was on the ball enough to notice the problem and fixed it before any more damage occurred.  The problem is they take no ownership of the problem; I even called the local owner, John Alstad. He did not even have the courtesy to return my call.  If you judge a company by how they handle their mistakes like I do, I am sure you would agree why you should no longer do business with Jiffy Lube.

[2107] Walter Overcharged

I have been going to my local Jiffy Lube for over Temne years, but never again! While awaiting for my car to serviced I heard an engine being revved offer and over. I went outside and saw a Jiffy Lube employee sitting behind the wheel my car smiling while revving the engine in my Corvette.  I told the manager who stopped the employee yet never apologized. Then the "Over Sell" began it happens ever time I go there they try to sell wipers, filters etc. but his was the most outrageous , they were holding the cabin filter I replaced three weeks ago!!

I told them to replace it and please get me out of there. I asked the manager to make sure the tire pressure was set for 34 lbs. he assured me it would be taken care of.  When parented with the bill had been overcharged for my oil change I told the manager and the overcharge was removed I asked the manager if the tires were inflated to 34 lbs He assured my is was done.  When I got in my car and displayed the tire pressure it was 31 lbs !! The manager said the machine was broken.

The relayed the entire incident to the district manager alone with names of the employees and will NEVER go back to Jiffy Lube!

[2106] Papa in Los Alamitos, CA  Crushed Oil Filter

We recently went to the Jiffy Lube #1740 in Los Alamitos. We brought our car in for an oil change. We have been here multiple times and never had an issue. We drove the car for a couple months, not noticing anything wrong. Until the engine started to knock. We brought it in to a mechanic and he said the oil filter was crushed into place and the oil was really bad and low. Likely they didn't change the oil at all. We are unsure on damage yet. Still trying to figure out who to contact and what to do.

[2105] Nanette in Liff, CO  Fraud

I went to your location 16951 iLiff in Colorado while last visit I was sold to get all air filters then guy come back 30 min to say don't hav but next time for sure this time 20 mil ck up guy send me to walk mil to auto parts but they don't hav they charged me ck off vac car but didn't bill for rear differences but lied said did air tires didn't done in 10 min stuff all over floor guys dropped out of glove box then some guys comes up and lies saying he is the manager another lie your vacuum is broken so I'm stopping payment on my car for fraud I had been going there eight yrs no more I'm a teacher up the street so I will tell parents and co workers not to go

[2104] Jeff in Durham, NC  Air Filter Fraud

I have an air filter I had replaced a couple of months ago.  I was surprised when Jiffy Lube brought out a filthy air filter and said it needed to be replaced and the manufacturer recommended every 15,000 miles.  I declined and bought a replacement from an auto parts store.  When I opened up the casing, the air filter was clean with black rubber not the brown, decayed one they said was mine in the store.  Oh, and Honda replacement timing is 30,000 miles per the manual.  This was transaction number 13092807635073.  The employee numbers listed on the form are 1358JM 1209KMT MIKE then a new line 575JCW 1209KMT 540.

[2103] Doug Fraud

Let me just say that I used to be a mechanic AND I worked at Jiffy Lube!This is the second time something like this has happened at your company this year alone! I brought my truck in to get an oil change and the technician tried to sell me every service you have but bold faced lied to me about the condition of my fluids etc. I know my truck and check all the fluids regularly, including the diff. My fluids are all in great condition. They told me flat out the diff was bad (Its not!), the coolant was bad (it's Not!)etc. etc, Not only that, they separated a wire to my cooling fan that I know was connected correctly before I came. I know this because I checked my oil before I left and I looked right at the crimped wire! This would have over heated my 14 year old truck and caused major damage!!! This is not acceptable under any circumstances! I will not be coming back to Jiffy Lube. You need to do something about this.

[2102] April in Hurst, TX  Wrong Oil Destroys Engine

My wife recently took her Dodge Charger to Jiffy Lube in Hurst TX for an oil change.  The oil was changed and my wife went on her way.  Later in the day she double checked her receipt and noted the wrong oil was indicated.  She took the car back immediately and Jiffy Lube admitted it was the wrong oil and agreed to change it.  Immediately upon start up by the tech performing the oil change, the engine sounded horrible and wouldn't continue to idle.  My wife called me and I went to the shop.  I asked them to leave the car alone and not try further to get it to run.  I didn't need to hear it.  The manager and I went to the office to discuss next steps.  During our discussion I hear them out in the shop trying to start the engine again.  To make a long story short, the car was towed to the dealer and disassembled.  It's going to cost 10k to replace it (it's destroyed) and Jiffy Lubes insurance company Zurich is denying any claim for damages.

[2101] Bob in Chicago, IL Too Tight Filter Destroys Engine

I got my oil changed at the North Ave location in Chicago 9/18/13 in the afternoon. I just tried to drive for the first time and oil sprayed out from underneath. I found this after my oil light came on and my engine died.  The drain plug was secure but Being stuck on the street in downtown Chicago with a dead engine I retrieved a filter wrench and found the filter so tight it was leaking bad. 

I found cheap oil and filled back up and now the truck can't keep an idle and runs like shit. I managed to get back down the street with the wrong oil  and not the 100 dollar synthetic I thought I just paid for. This truck is parked on the street in front of my house.   I am heading out of town for work and want someone to come fix this problem Sunday night when I return home.

This is my only form of transportation that was running great until I let Jiffy Lube touch my oil.  Please help

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