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Personal Experiences


[1125] Victim in Highland, CA  Will Not Honor Advertised Price

I went into the Jiffy Lube facility at the corner of Palm and Highland avenues in Highland, California.  I gave them my information ( name, address etc ) and we began the process of making my order.  When it came time to order the oil, I found out that it would cost me almost $50 to get what I wanted.  I told them that their sign which said "oil change $21.99" made no mention of the fact that oil would be extra.  I pointed out that I came into their establishment because the sign suggested a lower price for the oil change.  I told them that they were being dishonest.  They said they would decline service to me.

[1124] Mario Damaged Front End On Lift

I took my 2002 Corvette into my neighborhood Jiffy Lube for state inspection and had one of their moron employees run my front end into a lift in one of their bays. He immediately confessed to damaging my car. I then reported it to their acting manager and he ran it by their district manager. They wanted me to take it to some fly by night repair shop almost 50 miles away. I told them no. I provided them with two estimates and now they have denied any wrongdoing. Their employee is now perjuring himself and states he never confessed to the damage. I have faxed them notice that I was suing them and sent their home office an email stating the same. I don't think they care if their image gets further tarnished. I have also sent email to a local television station to see if they can help.

I will never go to another Jiffy Lube and will tell everyone they need to beware of this company.

[1123] Joanne in Blackwood, NJ  Improper Tire Rotation

The store involved is #438 5781 Route 42, Blackwood, NJ.

On 7/28/08 my husband and I took our car in for an oil change and tire rotation. We were about to drive to to Boston, MA & needed the oil change before we left. We initially asked that they rotate our tires diagonally due to the way they had been wearng, but the Jiffy Lube guy said no, they should be moved from front to back. We paid our money and left. The entire drive to MA was bad as it was difficult to steer the vehicle, there was an extremely bad pull to the left. Also, there was a bad vibration in the steering.
We did not drive our car for the 1 week we were in Boston, but for the drive back to PA we decided to rotate the tires back so as to get rid of the severe pull. We had a problem getting the rear passenger wheel off, we couldn't get the lug nuts off & actually snapped one of them in trying. Since we were already on the highway, and it was late Saturday afternoon, we couldn't get the lug repaired. We eventually took our car to a mechanic in Upper Darby, PA to get the lug stud replaced. In order for the mechanic to remove the wheel he had to snap two other lug studs!! The mechanic pointed out that the problem would be in the way the Jiffy Lube guys replaced the wheel initially. On his suggestion, we went back to Jiffy Lube to complain & request that they pay the bill of getting the new lug studs installed.
They refused to pay the bill, claiming that if we had of just brought the car to them they would have fixed it for us. I told the guy that I didn't think of it being their fault until all 3 were snapped which showed there was a problem other than normal wear on the studs. They did refund the cost of the tire rotation, $26, but the fixing of the lug studs had cost me $130.

[1122] Barry in Hampton, VA  Forgot To Replace Oil

On July 19, 2008 I took my 2003 Tundra to Jiffy Lube on Mercury Blvd in Hampton, VA for a Signature Service.  I paid my bill and left to run some other errands.  I made it a mile down the road before the engine RPMs dropped and all the warning lights came on.

I had the truck towed to the Toyota dealer and they indicated they would check it out Monday (This was a Saturday) and let me know what they found.  I told them I had just had a service at Jiffy Lube and suspected that as the root of the problem.  My wife came and picked me up and I called the Jiffy Lube Manager and told him of my problems and suspicions. 

Later that afternoon I was called at the house by a gentleman that identified himself as the Jiffy Lube Area Manager and asked if he could look at my truck.  I thought well good maybe they were going to do right here and told him where the truck was.

An hour or so after the Jiffy Lube Manager called, the Toyota Service Manager called and told me that a couple of Jiffy Lube employees had been there to look at my truck and that he and one of the Toyota technicians accompanied the Jiffy Lube employees while they looked at my truck.  The Toyota Manager told me there was no oil showing on the dip stick, the Jiffy Lube Employees poured oil in the engine and started the engine.  The Toyota Manager told me the truck was still two quarts of oil below full and had no oil pressure.

Shortly after Toyota called, the Jiffy Lube Area Manager called and said they put oil in my engine and cranked it up and it ran good and that the "Anti-Knock Sensor" saved my engine.  According to him I was good to go. He didn't say anything about no oil pressure.

I had Toyota evaluate the engine - Their diagnosis after disassembly: the bearings were shot and I needed an engine.  Fortunately for me, my insurance company covered my damages under the other than collision provision of my policy and they are having the engine replaced.  They will be going after Jiffy Lube for payment to include my deductible.  I have been without my truck now for 6 weeks.  I just couldn't trust Jiffy Lube to replace an engine (providing they agreed I needed a replacement) if they couldn't even perform a simple oil change. 

[1121] Michael  Caused Leak In Cooling System

i went in for an oil change on a friday noticed them fumbling around, i think they put the wrong filter on first( a little scary) they corrected this but the next day on my way to work i looked at my temperature gauge and it was peaked out. Pulled over there is a leak about 2 inches from my oil filter in my coolant system. Yeah coincidence sure, not sure how to approach this but it has got me in a tight spot right now and I am quite curious.

[1120] Chase  Tire Rotation Scam

I went to a local Jiffy Lube location just yesterday [23 August 2008] for a scheduled oil change.  About a month prior to this appointment, I went to a local garage to have two new front tires put onto my car.  The tires were then rotated to their assigned locations through the winter season. 

Once going to Jiffy Lube for my oil change, an employee informed me of the extra services my car requires.  One of which was a tire rotation.  I hesitated and told the employee that my front tires were brand new.  After he insisted that the computer was correct, I decided to allow for the rotation because I want a safe car for my travel to college in the near future.

That night, I learned that the tires were in fact supposed to be as they were before my trip to Jiffy Lube.  The next day, I returned with my receipt and explained the situation and requested the tires to be returned to their original positions and my money back ($19.99).  The employee said that he could put the tires back, but will not give me my money back.  I asked why.  They said that it was brought upon myself that I got the tires at a different company and accepted the recommendation for the rotation.  Also, that it is not their responsibility to inspect tires.

I believe that all that is unacceptable.  I got the tires where I did because it was of the best price and in today's world, cheap price and good performance is hard to come by.  Jiffy Lube's computer showed that I was in desperate need of a rotation but that was based on intervals of the car dealer of which I bought the car.  So, according to Jiffy Lube, if I go to another company for any service, it messes up the report of the computer.  How is that my fault?  It's not.  Jiffy Lube should have to punch in information about the car as it's being serviced to provide updated information about the vehicle.  As for the employee stating that inspecting tires is not their responsibility, that's a lie.  Anyone would say that a mechanic would do a basic inspection of tires before rotations.  Also, any basic mechanic should be able to look at a tire and know if it's new or not.  There are many people who are not mechanics and can tell that.

In conclusion, I believe that the employees of the Jiffy Lube location were either lazy, inexperienced, or both.  The fact is, they tried to make quick money by taking advantage of my age and knowledge.  That is unacceptable.  Jiffy Lube's main focus should be pleasing the customer instead of concerns about profit.

[1119] Bassem  Unneeded Cabin Filter

We took our car in, they told my wife she needed synthetic oil instead of regular since the dealer recommends it, and then claimed that the air cabin filter needs to be changed every 10000 miles, though the dealer stateed it`s done only at 15000 so they ended up charging 105 for what was supposed to be 20 $ oil change.

I calle their public relation and complained, my next step is small claim court.  I would recommend every one to fight it and not get tired or bored.

[1118] Laura in Downers Grove, IL  Overfilled Transmission Destroyed

My husband took our car to Jiffy Lube in Westmont, IL on Sunday August 10, 2008.  The car was in great shape, just wanted to have the trans fluid flushed before leaving for our family trip to the mountains.  Monday morning my car would not go in gear.  I sat there for a while in disbelief then tried again many times, finally I gave it some gas and it went in to reverse and I was able to drive a few blocks and back home.  My father in law came over to check it for me and said there was way too much trans fluid in it.  He sat with the kids while I went back and the manager apologized that there was too much fluid and they drained some out.  He showed me the stick showing a good level but I think it did not go through all the gears because once again the next day when I tried to drive, no gears!!  We ended up having it towed to AAMCO Transmissions on Wednesday and they have it apart right now but surprise . . . the Jiffy Lube inspector says that the transmission failure has nothing to do with them over filling it!  I guess it's a sheer coincidence that they did a transmission flush and the next day the transmission failed!

My awesome family car is now junk!  STAY AWAY FROM JIFFY LUBE IF YOU LIKE YOUR CAR!!  We're pretty much out of luck here.  Without a big time lawyer to fight this big time screw up we have no car.  Thanks Jiffy Lube!  We paid you to ruin our car : )

[1117] Bruce in Portland, OR  Will Not Honor Battery Warranty

In April of 2006, I purchased an Interstate "PowerVolt 72 Month Warranty" Battery (S/N 721112771250) from Jiffy Lube Store Number 1004 (dba "Doorknob Enterprises, LLC").  I was given a written warranty which indicated it would be replaced FREE OF CHARGE if it failed within the first 3 years, and the replacement was prorated up to 72 months from date of purchase.
On August 18, 2008, that battery was diagnosed as "dead" by an ASE mechanic at Pacific Car Care.  The manager at Jiffy Lube #1004 refused to lift the hood, and dismissed me by saying they no longer install or warranty batteries.  TOUGH LUCK!

I called Jiffy Lube #1010 (which still performs battery replacements and is owned by the same LLC as #1004) and was told that my warranty can only be honored at store #1004, which refuses to do so.  Jiffy Lube (Corporate) customer service representative offered to "file a claim" but said there is no mechanism to compel Jiffy Lube #1004 (an "independent franchisee") to honor the warranty.  I called two local Interstate Dealers who said they are unable to provide warranty service on Powervolt batteries because that was Interstate's "private label" brand.  The Les Schwab Dealer offered a similar opinion, with a smirking ("you should have come here instead of Jiffy Lube") face.  I am inclined to agree at this stage.  I got screwed by Jiffy Lube and Interstate Batteries.

[1116] Allen in Kansas City, MO  Oil Plug Stripped

We live in the Kansas City/Independence area and have taken our 1995 Cevrolet, Cavalier to Jiffy Lube in Independence for an oil change in January 2008.  We decided to change the oil ourselves this August.  The car is not used daily.  The bolts were so tight we could not remove them.  They were stripped.  We attempted to get the JIffy Lube to correct their problem, still having their filters and everything else on the car, showing they were the last to work on it.  They tried to tell me there were problems with the filter casing and other things, which would not make a difference as to how tightly the plug had been torked to the stripping point.  I ask what they were going to do, and he said, absolutely nothing.  It had been past the warranty limit ( I ask what that had to do with it) and that we probably stripped it ourselves.  Very poor attitude on their part.  The manager wanted to put the blame on us and refuse to take responsibility for their poor work.

[1115] Ian in Glen Allen, VA  Did Not Replace Oil

Do NOT take any vehicle to Jiffy Lube unless you are getting an oil change.  A close female friend of mine took her Durango in Tuesday to the Short Pump location  (4227 Pouncey Tract Rd, Glen Allen, VA 23060) to have them change the headlight-we did not have the appropriate tool to undo the bolts to remove the headlight.  she was not there for an oil change. 

they pulled her truck into the service bay and the person in the "galley" below changed the oil filter and drained the oil-working under the assumption she was getting her oil changed.  the individual upstairs changed her headlight and did not put any oil in-as she was not there for an oil change.  so the truck starts making weird noises and a light comes on the dash.  she takes it to the repair shop she normally uses this morning.  they give her a call around noon and tell her that there is NO oil in the engine, it has a new filter that they did not install (they were the last place to change her oil and this was not the filter they installed as it was new) and that there is a mark on the oilpan that only jiffy lube uses.

so when she went in to have nothing more than a headlight changed, they drained her oil and changed the filter and drained the oil-but did not put new oil in.  so she needs a new engine in her 2003 Dodge Durango that has only 70k. 

the mechanic joins us at Jiffy Lube with their oil filter.  the assistant manager and a few employees remember her and her truck.  as they did the work for free, there was no receipt or invoice provided.  they acknowledge that the oil filter we have in our hand are the ones they use.  the assistant manager calls the manager Ann Marie-to discuss this. soon, my friend is on the phone.  she talks in a condesending manor to my friend, then when talking to the mechanic-screams, insults, makes racial slurs, and behaves like an idiot.  she refuses to give any information about the corporate office or their contact info.

i call my dad to get him to surf the internet-he can't find any info on this franchise's corporate info.  i call henrico police-non emergency as we are getting nowhere and Ann Marie (the manager of this jiffy lube) has told the mechanic (the mechanic who met us there) to get off of the property immediately or she will call the cops.  i tell him to inform her that i've already called them and they have been dispatched to us.  she thinks we are playing and continues tomake racial slurs to the mechanic-calling him a LaLa Monkey or something.

this is already after she was yelling at my friend and talking down to her-and not letting her or the mechanic finish a sentence.   the assistant manager and 2 other employees remember seeing my friend and her truck.  the manager instructs us to have the vehicle towed to the shop-at her expense-for a compression test.  the mechanic's shop called my friend at work this AM to tell her that there was a new oil filter on the engine and NO OIL in the engine.  the filter on the engine was not the one that her shop uses-they were the last place to change her oil-and there was a marking on the oil pan that is normally done by Jiffy Lube.

All in all-my friend asked for Jiffy Lube to change a headlight and was not there for an oil change-and now needs a new engine in her truck because of Jiffy Lube's negligence because they drained her engine of oil and did not put any more in.  (the galley employee drains the oil and installs a filter when someone gets an oil change-which she was not there for)

as the manager will not provide any information about their corporate office to either my friend or the mechanic-I ask the cop to get on the phone with the manager and to identify himself as a police officer and obtain the information for the corporate office.  finally we got this information-but only because of henrico's finest interacting. 

we are now at a point of trying to get a lawyer.  they want to tear down the engine and see if it was due to high mileage, lack of maintence (we have a papertrail showing that is not the case) or damage from lack of lubrication.  a remanufactured engine in her truck is estimated as being $6200 not to mention the rental car cost...

[1114] Horia in San Leandro, CA  No Oil Plug Blows Engine

PLAIN AND SIMPLE! I took my 2006 honda civic with about 35k miles on it to a jiffy lube located in san Leandro ca. got an oil change and nothing else about 3 weeks later (800 miles) I drive home from a local café and notice that my oil light turns on. About 5 seconds later my car freezes and makes all kinds of different noises. It was 1130 pm at night and I couldn’t see anything underneath my car because it was too dark. (about a week before my car blew I took it to the local Honda dealership to have them inspect/ run a diagnosis on the car but they refused saying it’s a new car and waste of there time and it’s a Honda civic and that they don’t have problems The next morning I had to push my car to the local dealership about half a mile away…After inspecting the car the found that my oil plug was missing. I made about a million phone calls to Jeff from Houston headquarters and said they weren’t going to take responsibility for the 5500 dollar engine replacement bill…I filed a small claims case…I had one trial including defendants Jiffy Lube and Autowest Honda located in Fremont ca. the judge decided to extend the case because on the first trial Jiffy showed up but Honda didn’t. then the second trial Honda showed up but Jiffy didn’t. Now the third trial the judge wants Honda motor corp to be there. So now I have to fight against 3 defendants to get my engine replaced along with other fees. I haven’t had my car for four months now and it will be 5 in September 2008 (next court hearing). I ENCOURAGE EVERYBODY THAT HAS POSTED ANYTHING ON THIS WEBSITE TO SUE SUE SUE!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON’T JUST SIT THERE! THEY HAVE WRONGED US ALL!! WHETHER ITS 1 DOLLAR OR A MILLION!!! SUE SUE SUE!!!!!! THEY WILL LEARN THERE LESSON!!!!!!!!!

[1113] Bob in Irvine, CA  Upsell Lesson Learned

Went to the Jiffy Lube on Main St in Irvine, CA to get an oil change. Within 3 minutes of pulling my car up, they had the cabin air filter and intake air filter out to show me that they were dirty. And then tried to upsell me on other filters, transmission oil, coolant replacement etc. I fell for the cabin air replacement, they charged me $54.99 to replace it. I check the price later on, and could have bought it for $12-15 and it would have taken me about 5 minutes to replace it myself after watching the instructional videos on Youtube. I went back to complain but they told me it was too late to do anything. Lesson learned. I will never go back to Jiffy Lube.

[1112] Aaron Stripped Drain Plug

I own a 1967 Ford Galaxie that I normally change the oil on myself.  Well, I’m getting ready to take a 4000 mile roadtrip, so one of the things I wanted done was have the radiator flushed.  So I took it Jiffy Lube.  I figured while I was there, I’d let them change my oil.  Big mistake.  I come back an hour later, and my car is still in the bay.  I ask what’s wrong, and they tell me that whoever changed the oil last must have over torque the drain plug.  I tell him that can’t be possible, since I change my oil, and I don’t use power tools.  He shrugs . . . and proceeds to tell me that the best they can do is a rubber, expandable plug.  So, I had to go home, order a new oil pan for my car online, and have it overnight shipped so I can get it swapped out in time for my trip.   So, aside from the oil change itself being a rip off, it ended up costing me an oil pan, and air freight charges.

[1111] Michael  Too Light Weight Oil

My girlfriend took her Chrysler to Bozolube. Immediately after the oil light starting coming on at idle. Thank God she has an honest mechanic. The idiots had put an extremely light weight oil in. Changed it and put it 10W40, worked like a charm.

[1110] Bethany  Female Bias

I needed to get my oil changed, and thought to myself, "Instead of driving across town through after work traffic, I'll just stop in the Jiffy Lube down the street from the office." Biggest mistake I have ever made regarding my car.

My car is also due for an inspection this month. I had planned to take care of it this weekend, but when the gentleman who approached me initially at Jiffy Lube said they did inspections, I thought, "Great! One less trip!" and agreed to let him do both an oil change and an inspection.

There were three mechanics working. There was one other customer ahead of me in line, and they were alreay working on his car. I was immediately warned that it would be a while, as there weren't many mechanics there. Nevermind they outnumbered the customers at this point...

[Some details are omitted.]

I've finally reached my limit at this point and say--admittedly rather sharply and cutting Josh off mid-sentence--"Can we just stop the inspection? Is it possible for me to just get my oil changed because unless the owner's manual is in the glove box, I don't have it with me." Josh replies that he can stop the inspection part of my order ("Well, I guess so. I hadn't put it into the computer yet...") and do the oil change.

Josh finishes servicing my car, and while he's doing the "complimentary" vacuum, that day's acting manager starts the check out process. Now, my total would have been just over $118 bucks, but since they cancelled the inspection for me, he decided to go ahead and give me $30 off the ticket price. So I paid my $83 for an OIL CHANGE and got in my car to get out of there ASAP. As I am headed to the freeway to get home, I start getting angrier and decide to call my dad to double check if my wiper blades in fact had a lifetime warrantee (and to rant about the service to a willing ear).

[Some details are omitted.]

As Josh and Ron try to reattach my lifetime warranty wiper blades, Josh mutters (almost constantly) that they won't pass inspection and "We'll just see how well they work." Again, I lose it and say to Josh, "Josh, I used my wiper blades this morning. Not only did they clear away the washer fluid with no problems, they cleared away the dirt too." This finally gets Josh to be quiet.

In that quiet moment, I ask what they might have done to my car to make it die in the middle of the freeway. Neither Josh (who has slinked away at this point) nor Ron have any idea, maintaining that all they did was change my oil. When I point out that my oil light was one of the ones that lit up, Ron agrees to check under the hood. Lo and behold, the cover to my intake vent wasn't snapped down! Upon further inspection, we quickly see that the $25 air filter I requested WAS NEVER PUT IN THE CAR. Luckily, there was a piece of grating that trapped most of the larger pieces of leaves and muck, and so probably saved my engine from seizing. At this point, Ron agrees to refund all my money.

Moral of this story? If you are female and you want a running car, DO NOT USE JIFFY LUBE. In particular, the location in question is store #2926 on Spicewood Springs Road.

You know, even if you're a guy, don't use Jiffy Lube. Your car will thank you for it.

[1109] Tracey from Charlotte, NC  Headed For Small Claims

I took my car to Jiffy Lube #40 on South Blvd. and that is where my nightmare began. Took my car in on 7/25 and today my car is at the Volks Wagen shop. Long story short they botched the oil change, oil was pouring out everywhere, on to the manifold and the undercarriage, car was smoking and hasn’t driven well since. Mind you my vehicle is a VW Passat with less than 80K  miles and was in excellent condition when I took it to Jiffy Lube.

When I complained they offered me $46 and to clean the oil from my brand new driveway, yet so far it has cost me a rental car, a day off work, a botched planned weekend, and a car that doesn’t work anymore due to engine damage. I am so hurt and disgusted with the disservice that I have received. I am headed for small claims court, yet another charge I’ll incur due to the botched oil change. I say lets boycott Jiffy Lube and start a class action suit – lets get rid of them so that no one else has to suffer like we all did.

[1108] Michael  Don't Make The Same Mistake Twice

Just wanted to let you know I live my life by the credo that when I make a mistake I learn from and move on.

Last year I bought a Jeep Wrangler. One of my thoughts in doing so was that it is about the simplest car on the planet to do minor maintenance on such as oil changes and I would do that myself. Well, I got busy and decided what the heck, I’ll just take it to Jiffy Lube and get the 19.95 oil change.

I get there and as is usual I get the hard sell. “You should put in the synthetic, it’s not that much more and much better on your engine”. I agreed and told them to also check the air filter. I turned down the other $300 plus things they said I should do like the transmission and radiator ad infinitum.

They get done and my bill for a simple oil change with the synthetic oil that “is not that much more’ came to $104.62!  My basic 19.95 oil change was now $35 (because it is a 4x4) and the little extra for synthetic was another $30. Plus $25 for the requested air filter.

Next time I will buy my oil filter and oil at Walmart and take 20 minutes and do it my self and save $60.

Live, learn and don’t make the same mistake twice. Now I understand why on a Saturday I was the only idiot there.

[1107] Mike  Will Use A Real Mechanic

I am very quickly getting fed-up with Jiffy Lube!

I’m in sales and drive fleet vehicles approximately 50K miles a year and have patronized Jiffy Lube for many years.  I don’t believe I have had any problems over the past 20 years of patronizing Jiffy Lube until now.

4 weeks ago, I stopped by a “company owned” Jiffy Lube for an oil change.  I have been to this particular shop four or five times and the service is always quick and courteous.  But this time I noticed my car leaking oil on my driveway a week or so later.

So last Friday (4 days ago) I attempted to stop by to see if they could take a look.  Maybe something hadn’t been tightened enough.  Guess what?  The place was closed…permanently.  Completely empty.  No tools, no computer/cash register, nothing!

So I got on the phone with Customer Service who told me I could go to another “company owned” Jiffy Lube and they would check out my car.  When I asked for an address of a shop close by, I was hung up on.  This just happened to be exactly at 7pm Pacific Time.  Which just happened to be the exact time the customer service phone lines close.

So I got on the customer service email support tool and wrote out my problem.  They said they’d be back to me with-in two business days.  Well that time has just past with no response.

On top of that, I called another Jiffy Lube I have frequented dozens of times near my place of work.  The person answering the phone was courteous when telling me I would have to speak to the manager about my situation and to hold on while he retrieved him.  No one picked up the phone after that and I finally hung up after 15 minutes listening to these guys talking and joking in the background.

My car is still leaking oil and I think I’ll take it to a “real” mechanic now.

[1106] Soakie in Acworth, GA  Excess Transmission Fluid

I have a strong complaint against store #818 in Acworth, GA. I have been trying to get in touch for the past month with the jiffy lube headquarters concerning my 1998 ford. I had an oil change done at the store mentioned above and they "messed up" my transmission. The gentleman that was doing the oil change in my car "accidently" put excess transmission oil, that and was not necessary, in my vehicle causing it to have transmission failure. All i demand is for the damage to be fixed, and i be reimbursed for all the money that i have wasted in tow trucks and car inspections. I've tried talking to the local store manager, and he promised that he would talk to the district manager about it.. this and that. Well frankly nothing is being done and as much as i hate to do this, i am going to have to seek legal action.

[1105] Dave in Kent, WA  Stripped Threads

Jiffy Lube in Kent, WA stripped the threads on our Jetta's oil pan, and put in some kind of plug to keep it from draining out.  They didn't bother to mention that they'd stripped the threads when we went over what was done at time of payment. 

A couple days later I noticed a small amount of oil on the garage floor and went back to JL to have them look at it.  They told me then that the drain plug threads had been stripped and that a plug had been put in its place.  Then, they said "this inevitably happens with aluminum oil pans that use steel drain plugs."  They put in a bigger "universal" plug, and said it was fixed.  Not knowing what had just happened I let it go to my despair...now without documentation and it being more than 3 months ago, they don't warranty their work...the management has even changed since my fateful visit.

I've made an appointment to see if the VW dealership in Auburn can fix the problem by retapping the drain plug threads and put in a larger steel plug.  The cost of their dishonesty and my own ignorance: between $120 - $450 if I have to replace the pan they stripped.  Never again!

[1104] Eddie in Catonsville, MD  Wrong Mileage On Reminder Sticker

Had my oil changed at Jiffy Lube on Frederick Road in Catonsville, Maryland yesterday. Bought synthetic oil for our 1999 Toyota Camry with 78,500 miles on it. The sticker they put on the windshield sez I am due back in January of 2009 but the mileage is the present mileage. Shouldn't they have put the mileage I am due back? I think so.

[1103]  Victim  Code P 115

I went to jiffy lube about a week and a half ago for a oil change and I got the oil change and they also took out my air filter and the pvc value and right after I left my check engine light came on needless to say I took my car right back but they did a engine diagnosis on it and said it was a code p115 and that had nothing to do with what they did.  I now have to take my car to a shop because my car stalled while I was driving and I have to get it repaired.   I believe they did something wrong and won't admit to it needless to say I will never go to jiffy lube again!!!!

[1102] Nancy in Folsom CA  Air Filter Scam

I had a filter scam pulled on me today (07/24/08) @ Jiffy Lube, in Folsom, California during lunch.  Lucky for me Jiffy lube does not carry my air filter.

I was standing at the counter, and she said she was waiting on info on my car and it would be a few minutes. So I sat down, she called me to the counter, and started processing the info to get an oil change. She showed me this air filter and told me I needed a new air filter and would I like them to put in a new one? It was once a white filter now all black with leaves, and clumps of stuff I could not even tell you what it was. As she was processing my order, she informed me that they did not carry my filter.

When I was done signing the paper work I went out to my car and asked the guy where the air filter was on my car. He showed me the location and opened the filter box… I expected it to be empty since no one had gone in or out of the office yet. There was my filter all nice pink and only slightly dirty… not a white filter all black and filthy!!!

As I walked in to pay, I noticed the same filter under another paper work sheet, after I paid I walked over to the lady of that car and told her what had just happened to me.

[1101] Eric in Hilliard, OH  Mistakenly Drained Transmission, Added Oil

I had my oil changed along with a tire rotation and air filter change. The location was 3840 Main Street, Hilliard Ohio 43026 (store # 3126). Unfortunately, it did not go well.

My car ran great prior to entering the Jiffy Lube center, but when I left, there was white smoke coming from the exhaust, the transmission was slipping, and the car was idling rough.  I did not get a few blocks from the service center and noticed that there was something seriously wrong with my car after the oil change. I called the store back immediately and talked to the Manager Paul. He said he did not see how they could have caused a problem, but, he would look at the car if I brought it back.

I arrived back at the store 5 minutes later and we popped the hood. The car was idling rough, but Paul stated he could not see a problem since all they did was change the oil and air filter. He turned the car off to check the fluids in the oil and transmission and noticed the oil level was very high, but the transmission level was very low.  He then said he would pull the car in to a bay to check everything again, but when he tried to start the car, a large cloud of white smoke emitted form the exhaust and the car stalled. He could not get it to start again. He then ordered all of the other technicians to push the car in to a bay to check it out.

Once under the car, he inspected the underneath with his technician who completed the underside part of the oil change and they both realized a large error. The technician drained the transmission pan, not the oil pan previously. They did not add any transmission fluid back in to my car, but added an additional 3-4 courts of oil on top of the original amount. This is why I was and still am having engine issues.

They drained the entire oil pan and filter, added new oil to the car. They also filled the car with transmission fluid.  They tested the car at this point and it started and seemed to idle better. I asked the manager to document the occurrence on the invoice and sign and date it (see attached). He apologized for the error and talked with his technician.

I also received a document from him with his district manager’s phone number so I could discuss the issue with him. I called his district manager, Adam Webb to discuss the issue. He apologized for the issue and said I should go get the car checked out at a shop. He said that he would pay for the check up. He id not take any of my information down nor did he offer to give me this service in writing.

I am extremely frustrated and disappointed in jiffy Lube. This is absolutely unbelievable that they let this happen and are not concerned with the performance.

I do not know where else to turn.

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