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Personal Experiences


[1675] Sandi in Yelm, WA  Check Engine Light Scam Foiled

After what happened to me last night (10 FEB 2011) at Jiffy Lube in Yelm, WA I feel I must speak out. I was waiting to be in processed, when a service tech (Pat) came in and started asking me questions in reference my 2006 Chevy Cobalt SS Supercharge. He asked me first thing if I had my fuel system checked lately (my answer No), If I wanted new wiper blades (my answer No), If my air filter was recently replaced (my answer Yes), ect...

He told me my car would be done in approx 20 minutes and I told him, I would be back as I had some shopping to do at the store right next door.I came back approx 45 minutes later and my car still was not done.

15 minutes later Pat came in and said my car was done, but my "check engine light was on prior to service" (he even put that on my statement) I said, "No my check engine light was not on when I left my car here. Only my ABS light was on because it had not been reset after my son-in-law changed my brakes." Pat said, "Yes your check engine light is on and we can take a look at that for you if you want. We at jiffy lube like to let our customers know when things like this happen." I again argued with Pat that my light was NOT on and he must have made a mistake. I signed for my oil change "90.00" and went out to my car. Sure enough the CHECK ENGINE LIGHT WAS ON as well as the ABS light!!!

I was so mad! I went to my next destination just down the street and remembered that check engine light's WILL come on if you do not tightened the GAS CAP.. I went directly to my GAS CAP and guess what..... MY GAS CAP HAD BEEN LOOSENED!!!! I know that Jiffy Lube loosened my gas cap on purpose, so my "CHECK ENGINE LIGHT" would come on and they could charge me for a fuel system check... How many other people have they done this too?????

Please, if you are told your "check engine light is on" and it was not before you went in to Jiffy Lube, CHECK YOUR GAS CAP!!! I will catch Jiffy Lube in the act and God help them when I do!!!

[1674] Kim Too Expensive

I found it disturbing that I just spent $50 for a BASIC oil change for my 2001 Durango.  Thats too expensive and I would I would have known because I could have went up the block to a place that always charges $35. 
Glad I know not to ever go there again!

[1673] Justin in Roseville, MN  No Oil Destroys Engine

On 10/26/10 I went to Jiffy Lube #1382, Heartland Automotive Svc I (1585 W. County RD C, Roseville, MN 44113) and received an oil change. Last Thursday Feb 3, 2011, my oil ran out and seized my engine. Everytime I've gotten my oil change from my dealership, the oil has literally lasted 8-12 months but when I got my oil changed by Jiffy Lube, it literally lasted 3 months...and now I have to pay for a new egnine because the employees at Jiffy Lube aren't trained well enough to replace oil and that is why I am going to get my lawyer into the matter. 

UPDATE:  Thanks for posting! I just wanted to give an update: Jiffy Lube complied with repairing my engine. I literally didn't have to pay for anything to get my engine repaired.  Upon my success, I'd like to suggest one thing for people who have problems at Jiffy Lube: File a Better Business Bureau report ASAP (http://www.bbb.org/). This lights a fire under the company to help.

[1672] Bob in Countryside, IL  Trans Fluid Not Checked

When going to my jiffy lube in countryside il. I told the greeter that the trans fluid needed to be checked more so then the oil needed changing, he assured it would be. So I took a seat and gave em the keys. Upon paying my 75 dollar bill the manager went over the checklist and said the trans fluid was checked and found to be full! At this point I questioned him because I know there is a slight leak in the trans fluid, to which he replied" if they say it was checked and full then it's Been done". So I pay and leave, only to drive to a vacant lot and check the level myself. LOW AND BEHOLD I CANT GET A READING ON THE DIPSTICK.  Well I go back and raise holy hell to which they offer me ten bucks off on my next visit. HA what next visit?  Is there anyone I can contact to complain? Thanks bob in countryside il. Store # 226

[1671] Tony in Louisville, KY  Employee

As a former employee of Jiffy Lube, I can assure you the locations in the Louisville, Ky. area are a rip-off. They are NOT corporate stores, they are owned by Frank Raymer, AKA Bluegrass Lubrications. They core only about profit. To charge someone just to put air in their tires is absurd. I was reprimanded for asking a customer if they had a coupon. I have seen bulk oil poured into bottles to charge a higher price. Repairs being charged for, and not being done, the list is endless. Avoid Louisville Jiffy Lubes at all cost.

[1670] Brian in Blackfoot, ID  Stripped Oil Plug

I purchased a 2004 Toyota Sienna when we lived in West Virginia, no issues. I drove it across the county to my home town here in Idaho. The first time I took it to Jiffy Lube they stripped the oil nut out. When I got it home it started leaking on the driveway.  It have NEVER leaked before. I took it back and they asked me if I had taken it somewhere else. I laughed at the "pass the buck" approach. They fixed it...then fixed it again. Yeah!  Fast forward 2 years and I am done with them. My wife took in the van to get the oil changed. I understand you have to make a profit but they charged my 4 times as much for a cabin air filter. Really? That is the last cent you get from us so hope it was worth it. Not to mention they charged 39.99 for the Signature Service, but I can go on to the local radio station any day of the year and get a $7.00 off coupon....why are you not charging that amount? really it is my responsibly, so I have decided to kill my marriage with Jiffy Lube. I hope you don't rest in peace and please stop ripping people off to make money.

[1669] Bryan in Omaha, NE Lose Radiator Cap

I recently on January 29th, 2011 took my Jeep Grand Cherokee into Jiffy Lube at 3715 North 147th Street Omaha, Ne. 68116.  The very next day I drove out of town for work and my Coolant Low indicator came up on my trip.  I returned to town Monday evening and took the Jeep back into Jiffy Lube at same address and the worker stated the Radiator cap was not screwed on properly and most of my coolant had leaked out all over my engine and front end and was almost gone.  He apologized and then re-filled the reservoir.  I am very concerned as to the damages that may have been caused by this and the fact that this happened.  I am very disappointed in the service of Jiffy Lube and had been using Firestone as of late and now feel that is my only option.

[1668] Robert in Andover, MA  Oil Not Changed

I took my wife's 2007 Lincoln MKZ to jiffy lube store #1315... 230 Andover St Route #114 Ma. On 12/31/10  My wife and I witnessed the window cleaner slide under a closing door covered in grease and salt and snow . At this time I told the manager I didn't want this clown in my vehicle. While cleaning the windows with a snow scraper he scratched the front left fender. I spoke to the manager on duty and he didn't care. After driving off my wife heard thumping noise from under the front of the vehicle. A week later we took the vehicle to Stone ham Ford. They stated that the cover covering the oil filter was bent down and drained oil from the filter. Then using a tie down strap instead of putting the bolt back on. The ford dealers also drained the oil in a glass jar and stated that this oil had not been changed.  I called 1800-344-6933 jiffy Lube district office  and was given a case no #588474. To this date I was never contacted by the district manager or any member of this company. I called and was told the claim was denied. Without any contacting us.  This company needs to be shut down. I will complete a full report to the better business burro. As well as advise all Military as well as all military personnel to stay away from all Jiffy Lubes across the United States. A copy of this e-mail is going to the Air Force times.

[1667] Emanuel in Huntington, NY  Air Filter Mistake

I have been a long time customer and for the first time, i had the worst and last experience.  On 1/30/11 I had gone to the location on 1809 E Jericho Tpk, Huntington NY for an oil change.  The tech stated that the air filter is very dirty and should be replaced.  I asked to change it.  The car service is completed and i am brought to my car.  The tech said "your car is reving up a lot... has this happened?  And you "Check Engine light" is on.."  I said that the night was not on prior.  I drove it for half a block and brought it back.  The car has a SEVERE stutter driving.  I brought it back and they took a look.  The tech said "the check engine light was on before.." I said no it wasn't.  if it was i would have told you and why did you just tell me now?"

They said it is nothing they did and if it was and it is not covered under the warranty, to let them know and they will reimburse me.  I took it to my Nissan dealer since i have a warranty.  They stated "where did you change your oil?"  I told them Jiffy Lube.  "Well, your air filter was shoved in and the cabinet was left open and the air flow connecter was never plugged in which is causing the stuttering."  They did not charge me for the fix, but did for a new filter and diagnostic exam.  I called the location manager "Bob" and he stated the following:

"Sir, i just can't give you $300.  I have to see the veichle.  Maybe Nissan is running a scam on you.  It cannot be serived or we cannot reimburse you."  How can i take my car anywhere if it doesn't run properly? Are you going to pay for the tow?  "I was not here when it was serviced so i did not see.  My employee said the light was on when you brought it in."  It was not, again, and it sure did not stutter. Nissan stated the light lite b/c of the air filter they mishandled. I gave him the name of the tech at Nissan, Justin and the number 631 361 9660.  I also over heard that there was a new employee. 

"Sir I understand and i need a copy to send it to the central office." I am now waiting for the service to complete so i can get my veichle and give him a copy of the damages.

"Bob" was very rude, inconciderate, and not customer friendly at all.  Just as i have been a loyal customer with Nissan and NEVER had an issue i was a loyal customer with Jiffy Lube until this moment.  My wife and i have been going there for at least 5 yrs and now will no longer be there and will also let all of the Dix Hills Fire Dept members (as I know them all as i am a medic) and will tell them as well. 

I will give "Bob" and the district manager 2 weeks to reimburse me for the diagnostic exam and new filter.  If i do not, I will take this to the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

The service prior to this was outstanding, but since this horrible incident is being handled so poorly, i'm sorry to say we may never be customers there again.

Mistakes happen.  I understand, but i am a customer with EVIDENCE.  If an apology was given and assistance was given properyl, I might have continued to go to Jiffy lube, but this was just a nightmare.  I depend on my car for my career and my children.  I take care of my car w/ great dealers and service companies.  I thought Jiffy lube was one.  Please correct me if i am wrong.

[1666] Jeff Terrible Customer Service

As being referred to you guys by friends, this was must first experience at Jiffy Lube. I recently took my car to get an oil change around the first week of December, from one of your local garages and I must say that the customer service was terrible. Being a college student in a new place I've never been to a Jiffy Lube for an oil change and it saddens me to say that I will not be returning. The lady that assisted me was rude and expected that I've been there before so she was rushing me and forcing me to pick a certain type of oil and I told her I did not need that type. Overall I am not happy and therefore you will not service my car again. The only way I would even consider bring my service back is if I got a free oil change and nicer service.

[1665] Chris Employee

         I have spent the last 3 hours on the site, and can see some of the PROBLEMS. I am Currently employed with Jiffy Lube. The forgotten drain plugs and Certain filters i have seen both sides of the coin. How ever in retrospect unbiased from knowledge of the business, some of the customers i have dealt with in an honorable tradition.
         Side of the consumer:
             1. Most of you from this site, from what I have read DO keep vehicles maintained and in well working order prior to service. Negligence on Training and Knowledge i would not argue that IF we broke it We should fix it.
             2. UN-NEEDED services should not be forced.
             3. Work that is requested should be completed. Properly the FIRST time.
         Side Of the employee
             1. When it come to the Recommended services:
               A. Most of you said to have had it done elsewhere. About 20% Actually have.
               B. The other 80% percent haven't read your owners manuals for the car and gave up after manufacturer warranty expired.
             2. Flushes
               A. If you Have never Had it DONE ( transmission, coolant,) it Will Harm your Vehicle Quicker than not doing it at all. Your vehicle has already become accustomed to broken down fluids.  
         And My side:
             Yes there are some services we are outrages on and, there are others we are not. Oil service with filter. We are high priced but depending on shop, cars in front of you, and and your schedule, we can have you in and out under 15 min. If, you are not in a time crunch. Take you car to a full service shop. it will be cheaper. If you are in a hurry LISTEN and KNOW what your vehicle manufacture does suggest by reading you owners manual. before coming to a Jiffy Lube.
            In closing all of this is on here of My knowledge. Not jiffy Lube. I have Diesel certified experience and doing my own services on my vehicles. Thank you for reading this. I am not a manager i am a upper and lower bay tech. .

[1664] Jill in Grover Beach, CA  No Competition

wow. jiffy lube in grover beach, ca...$70 for signature service. they do take $20 off for jiffy lube customer, which is everyone, so they really make u feel like you are getting a deal. i asked why it was so expensive, the most expensive oil change ever, and they basically said there is no competion in this area and they can charge whatever they want. nice. they windows were horribly streaked from their super subpar window clean. i think i will be sure to check that my oil was changed properly. never again.

[1663] Michele in Charlotte, NC  Additive Destroys Engine

Hi, I recently went to Jiffylube store #2190 at 5610 South Blvd. Charlotte N.C. 28217 (704- 523-5336) to get my oil changed on January 14th of 2011. I drive a cream color 2005 Chrysler 300 and I take care of it because I LOVE my car. I make sure that there are regular oil changes 3 or 4 times a yearly since buying it brand new at the end of Dec. in 2004. I fill it up with gas once every week, and I get it washed and vacuumed once or twice a week and waxed twice a year to keep it clean. It looks brand new and I am so proud of myself for paying it off in Dec. 2010 and I just received my title on Jan. 2nd of 2011. 

Well, anyway I go to jiffylube for an inspection and oil change because my tag went out in Dec. 2010 and DMV gives you 15 days after the expiration to get it up to date and I also wanted to maintain the maintenance and get the oil changed as well to stay in routine with everything. They told me that they do not do inspections but they could change the oil and do a flush of the engine since my car had 129,328 miles on it so, I said ok and proceeded to the waiting area until my car was done.

The attendant came back in to offer some engine lube called TX-7 that cost an additional $24. to $28.  and I said no because I couldn't afford it. I just wanted the service that I came in for so that I could be on my way. So as they were finishing up the oil change the attendant called me outside to my car to listen to it. There was a small tick in the engine, he went over to the shelf and grab the TX-7 (that I didn't want) and poured it into my car motor to prove his point ( that the TX-7 works wonders) and the tick went away. I couldn't even tell that my car was still running because it was so quiet. I was impressed! The total was $55.98 with an additional discount of $8.00 per. the manager to help me feel better because I was sick with the flu. So, the grand total for their services was $51.20 for the descriptive signature service that was printed on my invoice. I paid and drove away to the gas station down the street to fill up with gas, and on to auto bell two buildings down from the gas station to get it washed and cleaned out for the weekend. After taking care of my car I went to Chick-Fila for a salad and drove home 19 miles away.

The next morning around 5:00am while driving to work, my car starts cutting back in power, the RPM drop to zero, and I only could go 20 miles per hour, my motor started a loud knocking sound, the check engine light comes on and my car stalls in the middle of the road. I called my AAA service to get my car and take it to an auto shop to check it out (diagnostic test $65.00). They said that the motor was locked and there would be an additional charge to pull the oil pan off to check the filter and oil pump to see the exact cause. I was shocked and upset. My car was perfectly fine before going to jiffylube and a day later it has a locked motor? I missed work and paid an additional $85.00 to have my car towed to my house.

The next day jiffylube calls with a survey of the services rendered and I told them what happened and they said the district manager would be giving me a call on the next day. He came to my house to see the car, pulled the stick, saw there was oil in the motor and wanted to send a tow truck to haul my car to a engine shop to see the cause of the motor fail. They picked it up, took it to a shop, and pulled the oil pan off, checked the filter (correct), and the oil pump. The engine DID NOT have build up (I saw it for myself) but the oil pump screen was clogged due to the gum out cleaner that jiffylube used in my motor.

The mechanic asked me for my receipt to see the actual services done and pointed out to me that they also installed the wrong type of oil. My car is suppose to have 5W-20 ( in bold white letters on the engine and oil cap) and they installed 10W30. The district manager asked me about prior work history on my car and if I had old oil service tickets to show that I have taken care of my car. I thought that that was really odd, who keeps receipts of oil changes for six years. So, I called around to the different Chrysler dealerships where I had taken my car previously and they gave me the information of dates/year and mileage of the many oil changes I have had done and asked why did they do a cleaner and use the wrong motor oil on my engine. I told Chrysler that I was a customer and jiffylube was the expert and I couldn't tell them the answer to the question. I also told them that I didn't know that the wrong motor oil was used until it was pointed out to me.

I also verified it on my receipt. I am struggling to find rides to and from work with other co-workers. I will be contacting the Dept. of Automotive Repair, the Dept. of motor vehicle complaints, the state attorney general office, all of the news stations in the area, and small claims court if they do not cooperate with getting my car fixed. I just buried my mother 63, father 65, grandfather 93 and fighting for my own life dealing with cancer for the third time since 2003 and without a car, how can I make it to my doctor appointments without bugging someone for a ride? Seems like there is something going on all of the time.

[1662] Bryan  Dumb Comments

I have read some of your complaints on your site, and some are legit but a good portion of them are very ignorant. You are posting what I and others see as very DUMB comments like " I paid $60.00 for a conventional oil change and an air filter, I am pissed"   I can't imagine why you would post such asinine comments on your site. We sat and read a good portion of the comments and had great laughs at some of the silly things people have to vent about to destroy other peoples livelihoods.

I dont work for Jiffy Lube, I am Canadian and that is probably why I dont understand your Ignorance.

[1661] Tracy in Greensboro, NC  Caused Squealing Belt

I visited Jiffy Lube back in May of 2010 to get a simple oil change. (2625 Battleground Avenue, Greensboro - (336) 545-0599)

I received the oil change and the young lady that changed my oil advised me that my fan belt needed to be replaced. So one of her co-workers removed the belt to show me, the belt was already removed when she began talking to me.  The belt was fine for about a week. The following week each time I would start my card it would squeal, so after a few days I went back to Jiffy Lube and of course the first 2 times my truck didn't squeal. I went in a third time, this time they heard the noise so I had the same young lady that informed me that I needed a new belt look at it. I was told that the belt was a little loose and they tighten it up. I leave, about 3 weeks go by and it starts up again, so I go right back over to the same jiffy lube to have them look at it again. This time another employee looks at the belt, he told me that he didn't see anything wrong but, he would put lube on the belt and this will stop the noise. That worked for about  a month or so. It's now august, the truck is still squeaking I go back to jiffy lube. NOW, I want to speak with the manager. I speak with Kenny (Kenneth) he looks at the belt,  of course its not squeaking but they all remember me  repeatedly coming back. Kenneth didn't do anything that day he told me to come back when its making the noise and he would look at it. The problem is after it runs for about 5-10 minutes you don't hear it. I come back to see Kenneth about 3 more times, all he would do it lube the belt. I asked if it was a new belt, when they got the belt from and why id it doing this. My truck NEVER made this awful sound  that its making right now....

NOW, its December, I decided to stop at the jiffy lube on Randleman Road, very nice guys. (2938 Randleman Road, Greensboro - (336) 273-8377)
 I requested to have the belt replaced but, considering they didn't make the major error they would not. They could see my frustration so, they told me that all they could do was put more lube/oil on the belt. I thanked them for that and left.

SO now up to Jan. 2011, I call and ask to speak with a manager, funny I get Kenneth he doesn't remember me. So assuming I'm a new customer he says you should've brought the truck back to be checked. He was informed that I have been back on numerous occasions. I ask him how much it would cost the get the very very embarrassing  noise taking care of. Kenneth told me that he would not charge me. So I go by on Thursday the 13th to again let him hear the noise and to order the belt as he agreed to do. As of  1/18/2011 @ 11 am the belt has not been ordered.

My gut feeling, I DID NOT NEED A NEW BELT, this was their way of getting over. I think they had a belt they took off another car/truck and showed me that one having me believe that it was from mine. I was ripped off.

I need this replaced for FREE , I paid for a professional services and  I demand to have the proper belt put on my car.

[1660] Bill in Sarasota, FL  Rude and Intimidating

I took my car to a Jiffy Lube in Sarasota for an oil change. They had a special for $24.99 for their premier service, a $10.00 savings. They said the service included oil, filter, all fluids, vacuum inside, etc. Once they had my car inside, they came out and tried to intimidate me into purchasing extra services, including things they originally said were included. One of their employees virtually ordered me to come over to a computer terminal an look at a presentation which allegedly showed all the things the factory said were needed on my car which Jiffy Lube wanted to do at considerable cost. I refused this and the employee became rude and even more intimidating. When given the bill for the service, it was almost $40.00. They had added a bunch of extra charges that I was originally told was part of the published price. I thought Jiffy Lube was a reputable outfit but found out otherwise. I would not ever go back to a Jiffy Lube or recommend it to others

[1659] Virginia in Orange Park, FL Great Service

The Jiffy Lube at 634 Blanding Blvd. in Orange Park, Florida is a perfect example of what all service centers should be. I have been having my car serviced there for several years, and they have spoiled me for any other place!

The manager, a lady at the present time, is able, efficient and on top of everything going on in the shop.  The service people are neatly dressed and very pleasant and professional.  It is a pleasure to watch them as they service a vehicle.  They appear totally intent on what they are doing.  It seems that each vehicle is very special to them and they seem to take their work as seriously as a surgeon performing an operation.  It is not unusual to see a service man stepping in to assist others – still quietly working together to see that the vehicle is serviced to the best of their ability.

On my last visit, one person in the waiting room told me that he was from out of town, but that he came to this particular Jiffy Lube because their price was better than any he had found and because these were “good people”.

“Good People” sums it up.  In fact, if they had a motto, I think it would be: “We are here to help others”.

I am writing this because I feel that a place such as this deserves the highest commendation for their ability, their professionalism and their effort to thoroughly check the needs of the vehicle.  They make you feel very much at home with them as they all jointly wave goodbye to the driver of the vehicle as it leaves the shop.  This is a rare shop indeed!

[1658] Chas in Hamilton, NJ  Air Box Dislocated

Just before xmas had oil changed. They said at 60,000 my transmission fluid should be changed. I was at 70,000. Shortly there after car ran very rough. It eventually lost all power. AAA towed car to mechanic who told me it looked like a transmission problem.

A1 Economy Transmission picked up car for me. Due to holidays it was my bad luck shop was closed for Xmas and New Years. When they found problem for me they told me it was an air box knocked off in the area of the transmission.  THEY FIXED THE PROBLEM FOR ME FOR NOTHING. He asked if I had anything done down there and guessed it was Jiffy Lube. Unfortunately, I needed to continue to work and due to visiting that comes with the holidays I rented a car for $901.00 total. Took all receipts to the Jiffy Lube on Rt 33 in Hamilton NJ where work was done. Was told they would forward to the regional office where they would call me. Been 2 weeks now and no call. Will notify better business bureau and join with whoever wishes to bring this company down.

[1657] Erik Weird Sounds

Super bummed. I spent my last $275.00 on getting a transmission flush, oil change etc...at Jiffy Lube in the Bay Area. Upon leaving my car made a weird sound in the engine and smell that was not a good one. I went back 20 minutes later and they said everything would be fine by the AM. It wasn't brought it back the next moring same noise and same bad smell. They again said everything would be fine and the smell would go away. Well it didn't, bought it back for the manager to inspect and he stone walled me saying nothing they did could have caused this. Today my car's waterpump blew and had to replace it and the belts.

I will be taking them to small claims court. I'm so angry.

[1656] Regina in Bremerton, WA Broke Hazard Light Switch

On 1/07/11 I took my 2003 Saturn Vue to Jiffy Lube Store # 2227, as I had taken it and another vehicle to several times over the past few years. As I sat in the waiting room, I then get the typical questions on oil type, if I wanted a filter changed, even was told my radiator cap looked worn and should be replaced. I agreed to all. I also asked if while checking my lights during their inspection if my front headlamp was ok?

They were not able to replace the radiator cap because they ran out just a “few cars ago”. I asked if it was an issue, and she said no, which I found odd because they made it sound like it was a huge issue. After casual conversation with a couple employees when they were finished, I left. As I was leaving I had to stop around the building to readjust my steering wheel that was moved, I noticed my Hazard Light Switch completely missing and pushed into my dash column. I was shocked!

I proceeded around the building, pulled back up to the business and the owner Gene met me by my car. I told him we had a problem with, and showed him what someone had done to the Hazard Light Switch. He acted like he didn’t even know, and said wait a second while he got a tool to try and pull it out. He was unsuccessful in pulling it out and THEN had the audacity to tell me it was “loose” and that’s how they check all the lights. I told him it was not, and certainly not like that. I asked him what were they going to do about it? He gave me two locations to take it to a mechanic and have it looked at. I immediately went to the one location, and they were unable to fix it and had to schedule me on 1/11/11 to do so. The company then proceeded to call Jiffy Lube manager to ensure after it was fixed, I could be sent on my way and he agreed.

Here is what bothers me the most!! They didn’t even tell me it happened!! Had I not immediately seen it, god knows what would be said!! When I just tried to call the manager to let him know how I have it scheduled and I am very upset they never told me, the employee said I am sure they told you, etc. etc. That makes me so mad beyond belief! Even when this is fixed, I will never go back there because god only knows what else they will break and act like it never happened until confronted.

Update:  I wanted to say that all has been resolved in the fact Jiffy Lube didn’t disclose to me of the hazard light been broken. Gene, the Manager (VERY WONDERFUL) had  apologized, stated it was not intentional and just wants to make sure it is all fixed. It is getting fixed as we speak by Cooper in Bremerton (also very nice people).

[1655] Vic  Broke Taillight

Why did I think a company that cannot change oil with screwing it up can change a light bulb.

The tech came in after changing the oil and said you rear taillight is out.  We can change it for you.  I thought for 2 seconds and figured a ticket from a cop would be a real hassle.  Sure

15 minutes later they are still piled into my truck.  I go out and they say - when we opened up the taillight area we notice the light bulb holder was broken.  I look in the the area and I see a piece of plastic on the bottom area.  Same size as the chunk that is missing from the receptacle  that holds the light bulb for the brake light.

Well looks like you guys broke it - see the piece there on the floor.  Seems pretty unlikely that someone else broke it since it has not been changed since the car was purchased.  Oh no we did not break it - it was already like that.

BS.  So tomorrow I'm going to go to the Mazda dealer and see what this is going to cost.  It looks like the receptacle will have to be replaced and that means probably running a new wire from the wiring harness under the dash  since it appears the receptacle is a single unit.

Never again will I go there. 

[1654] Ottis in Wilmington, NC  Forgot to Replace Cap

My daughter goes to the Jiffy Lube location in Wilmington NC. (#1776)  She asks for an oil change for a 2002 volvo s40 with 240,000 miles. When they are through, the bill is $83.23. For an oil change. Oh, but she also got a tire rotation for $19.99 that she didn't request and did not need. But this is not the real problem. -- On her way home the oil light came on and when she arrived home we checked the car. The oil fill cap was not installed and still laying on the fan shroud. No oil registered on the stick. She had driven over 50 miles since the "so called" oil change.  This franchise is owned by the S&S Group of Wilmington and is located at 6713A Market St. in Wilmington, NC.

[1653] Gail in Norwell, MA  Bad Service Indeed

What do I have to do, watch the Jiffy Lube guys actually do their job to make they are doing it right?! Seems that way.

I brought my car in this week to the one in Norwell, Mass for an oil change only. I specifically asked if they could add more window washing fluid..the guy I spoke said "oh absolutely--that's part of the service." Well it wasn't done...not only that, they charged me extra for tire rotation BUT DIDN'T ROTATE THE TIRES! The manager caught onto this as the car was already brought around to the front. I said "forget it, my brother's a mechanic, he can do it, take off the extra fee." I was not amused. The bill originally came to $88 and change--I came in for a simple oil change! You guys really like to add up the bill with all the Goddamn extras I didn't ask for. A little greedy aren't we?

Four days later, my engine light goes on. Funny how this happens after I take it Jiffy Lube. You lost my business. I'll never go to Jiffy Lube again after such shoddy service.  And tell your guys to pay the hell attention.

[1652] David  Outrageous Cost

I just paid almost 60 dollars for a conventional oil change and an air filter!  That is outrages and I am pissed off!

[1651] Rod  Automotive Aftermarket

I would like to say I enjoyed your website on Jiffy Lube and was amazed at some of the complaints
I did, however, find it interesting since I have been in the automotive aftermarket for some time and
dealt with dealerships on a regular basis for sometime.

After reading the article I called the dealerships in my area to if they offered any of the services
in question such as fuel injection cleaning and engine flushes and would you believe Ford, Honda, Gm, Chevrolet and Toyota all offer fuel injection cleanings !! One Honda dealer even said they offered engine flushes for 30$  The other said that they would just recommend you change the oil drive it around and change it again costing 55$ or so.  The fuel injection service that the dealers offer is anywhere from 40$ to 50$ more than what you would pay at any quick lube in the area. I found this rather bizarre given this is one of the services listed that they do not even recommend you perform on the car.

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