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Personal Experiences


[1950] Kelly in Plaistow, NH Website Complaint Form Inoperable

First off I tried to do a complaint through the Jiffy Lube website and every time I hit submit it gave a runtime error. So no I got the is email address.

I got my car serviced on March 5, 2012 at the Jiffy Lube in Plaistow NH. They changed my oil and also my rear license plate lights. I since then got gas last night at about 5:45pm and check my oil when I finished. To my surprise my dipstick was reading almost empty. As you can assume I was very angry. I went right down to the Jiffy Lube that did my original service. The gentleman behind the counter was really nice (unfortunately I did not get his name) he really wanted to help me and understood my frustration. He went right over to Rusty (RPR1491 or MJM1491) who did the original job. Rusty came angrily through the door stating I never let a car out until it is filled. I just replied I just checked my oil down the street and it was empty. He refused to check it in front of me or let anyone else near the car as well as pulled it into a bay behind an SUV so I could not see what he was doing. He came back and said I checked it a few times and it is half full. And then very rudely spoke to me (demeaning me) and said "Do you even know how to check you oil, sweetheart?" Of course I know how to check my oil, yes I was on a flat surface. I said it cannot be half full, it was barely showing on the dipstick only a mile down the street. He then went back put oil in and said it only took a half a quart. I understand it is my word against his, and he is the technician, but I would not be as angry as I am if that was the truth, because you have the policy that if I need a top off before my 4500 miles is up you do it for free. I am angry because something bad could have happened to my car, or even worse to me or my family in the car. I understand mistakes happen, in the business I work in mistakes happen, and same effects bad things can happen when these mistakes happen. I wish he would of just apologized and said it was a busy night I must of overlooked it or something rather than just basically call me a stupid girl, because that is how I felt when I left, even more infuriated for this guy saying I do not know what I am talking about. Needless to say, me, my family or friends will not be going back to any Jiffy Lube in the future.

[1949] Cynthia in Alexandria, LA Promised Refund Unfilled

I am writing in response to a complaint that I have previously submitted.  The district manager followed up on the complaint and assured me that he would submit the required information that was needed in order for me to receive a full refund.  The service was performed on 2-6-12.  As of yet I have not received the refund and I am questioning  whether you received this information.  I am to receive a refund of $65.38.  I was hoping to have received the refund by now.  Please let me know what has been done. 

[1948] Mrs. L in Napa, CA  Flush Destroys Transmission

I took my lexus es 300 to napa. ,ca.  Jiffy lube my dip. Stick. Was. Broke. On. My. Lexus they. Flused out. All. My fluids. With. 220,000 miles. On. It. When. I was. On my. Way.  Home. My. Car. Went. Out. I. Called. The. Manger. He.  Came. Out.  To. My. House. The. Next. Day. My. Car. Would. Not. Go. Into. Gear. At. All he. Had. My.  Car. Towed. Back.  To napa. At.  A.  Auto.  Shop. He.  Knew. Very. Well.  They.  Had my. Car. From. The. 11th. Of. March.  To. The. 21st. Of. 'March. Then.  I. Was. Told.  They.  Was not.  Of. Fault. For. My.  Transmission. Going.  Out.  And. My. Car. Back. Firing. So so. The. Manger. Ben. Told. Me he. Would.  Not. Have. My. Car. Towed.  Back.  From. Napa. To. Vallejo. Never.  Understood.  Why. They towed. My. Car. So. Far. For. Starters. Now I. Had. My. Car. Towed. To. A. Dealer. Ship. That. Deals. With. My. Kind. Of car. They. Couldn't. Find. The. Codes. That. This. Shop in. Napa. Printed. On. Because. They. Were. Cleared.  Now. All. The. Transmission. Shops. Told. Me.

My fluids. Should. Have. Never. Been. Flushed with. That. Kind. Of. Miles on. It. I. Was. Never. Told. That. By. Jiffy. Lube. And. Also they. Was. Not. Suppose. To. Touch my car. With. Tha. Dip. Stick. To. My. Transmission. Because it. Was broke. So. They didn't. Know how. Much. Fluids. To put. In.   They. Had. Vallejo. Jiffy. Lube. Take. Some. Of. The transmission. Fluid. Out. In. Order. To. Get. Me home.  The. Next day I. Woke. Up. To. Go out. For. Work. And my car. Would. Not. Move.  Ben. From. Jiffy. Lube told. Me. Come. Write. Out. My. Statement. And. He. Would. Fax it over. To. His. Insurance. Compay. Well. It. Was. Never. A insurance. Company. He. Lied. And. He. Gave me a. Number to his. Coprate. Office. Nobody. Ever returned. My. Call. I. Get. A. Letter. In. Tha. Mail. 10. Days letter. Tellin. Me. They. Was. Not. At. Fault. So I paid. Them. To. Destroy. My. Car

[1947] Andrew in St. Charles, MO  Overfilled Fluid Destroys Components

Hi I went to the Jiffy Lube at 5940 S. Highway 94 in St. Charles MO last week and they overfilled my power steering fluid. There is a lot of fluid leakage out of the container. It is filled to the top although the dip stick indicated that it is way too much fluid.  It leaked onto my alternator which is directly below it and it no longer will maintain a charge. I replaced the battery before I noticed the fluid leakage but it did not fix the problem. I took it to a mechanic and he said my alternator was fried because of the fluid leakage. I called the manager at the location that did the work and he just said it was probably just an old alternator and offered no solution to fix the problem. He did not even offer to take the excess fluid out. I will never return as a customer until this is dealt with. A new alternator will cost me $150.00.

[1946] Robert in Sparks, NV  Sexual Harassment

This is a very serious issue we had at Jiffy Lube Friday, March 16, 2012.

Our daughter took her car for an oil change. This is the first time she has ever done this and the first time for her new car. I was told the person doing the oil change was Ashton. He was very inappropriate towards her. He kept making sexual comments about her looks and her body and asking her personal questions. He took her name, address and phone number from the invoice and entered it in his smart-phone. He kept trying to get her alone off to the side to talk to her. Our daughter just turned 18 and is still in high school. This man Ashton appeared to be about 30? This man kept persisting and making comments until our daughter began to cry. At that time our daughters friend stepped in to find out what was going on.

I came home from work to find her crying and upset about what happened. She is scared about what might happen since this person Ashton now has her name, number and our address. I spoke to the manager Jeremy and he had sent Ashton home after he found out what happened. He assured me Ashton would be fired. But the damage is done in my opinion. He has her personal information and there is no telling what he may do. We are going to contact the Sparks police department and at the least file a complaint. After that we will decide what to do next. This is a very serious violation of the trust we had in patronizing that business.

[1945] Ramses  Employee

I use to work for Jiffy lube I know for a fact that if they don't have the right oil filter they will say that they do an change it any way. They also do not give there employees the proper break times.

[1944] Doug in Sacramento, CA  Employee

I' am an employee of jiffylube.  I work in the sacramento, CA area,  this jiffylube is owned by "Broadbase."  Never have I worked for a jiffylube that is not owned by broadbase, but I will tell you I have been working there for about 3 years now and from the first day on the job ive had nothing but problems with how they run these stores.  First off....I' am a certified professional technician and certified in every category by Ford, which makes me the most experienced.  Though I' am not the manager which I still wonder why.  To get to the point Jiffylube is TRASH!!  Jiffylube recommends services such as engine flush's, oil system cleaners, powersteering flush's and also fuel system cleanings(which don't do what you would think they do) as a matter of fact, most manufacturers HIGHLY do not recommend engine flushs, and if one is performed it will void warranty.  I tell every customer service advisor about the services that they shouldn't be selling or "recommending."  Yet they will not listen because its all about money to them(at least the managers and higher ups in the company) and why would they listen to me, what do I know anyways right??  second...my first manager at the company verbally harassed(and more) every employee there.  The manager was fired previously from Jiffylube for harassment but got RE-HIRED after broadbase took over.  Later on I got transferred to another store.  I had no problems at this shop at all besides the regional managers.  The regional managers of BROADBASE are more than likely the worst people you will ever meet.  They only come to the stores to yell at everyone for pointless matters. I will not get into too much detail but they treat every employee like trash.  It is not just me who has this opinion as it is every employee at stores of broadbase jiffylube.  To top it off...most people would think of a car care franchise as being upscale and being able to pay their employees well.  Not the case, we get paid minimum wage maybe a little more.  I'm not complaining yes at least I have a job, but with what they expect from us which they EXPECT us to devote every waking minute to jiffylube and dealing with all of their BULLS**** minimum wage is not enough.  I honestly think it looks poorly against them and makes them more of a cheapy company.  Regardless do not give them you're business, they are a terrible company and they on the daily harass their employees and make us work like we are in a sweatshop.  WORST COMPANY EVER!

[1943] Ashley in Columbia, SC  Significant Verbal Abuse
I went to location #1204 @ 2400 Augusta Hwy West Columbia, SC 29169 on Feb. 20,2012.  Upon arrival I was the ONLY customer at 10:00 a.m. and was quoted 10-15 minutes for a basic oil change.  During this time I realized that more than 15 minutes had passed when I noticed the technicians attempting to start my vehicle with no luck.  I then realized that my battery was dead and they were attempting to recharge it.  My battery is brand new. I have had not 1 issue with it until here.  I am assuming the techs may have had the ignition switch turn on and therefore drained the battery.  However, no one has even came in to let me know any of this.  I am now there until approx 10:53 a.m. (printed on the invoice) and they still never told me about this.  I just spent $45.38 for a poorly preformed job.  I then have to leave because I am now late for work.  I get home that evening to realize that the attendant asked if I wanted a new sticker showing the mileage of course I said yes just to realize they didn't even do that.  They never checked my tire pressure they never cleaned the outside windows they never vacuumed anything. none of the things on the invoice they said they did were NOT completed. 

I then contact a gentleman by the name of Adam Tatum.  It took a few calls to get him to call back but he did.  He assured me that someone would call me back that day and that never happened. I then called him back and he did have some manager call we with no resolution.  I was told he would speak with his crew about this. No I am sorry, please come back. NOTHING!!!!!  I then call the 1-800-344-6933 for the Jiffy Lube pledge of satisfaction.  Well, that is not the case.  I contacted them the 1st time last week after a 37 minute hold and the lady I spoke with was so unprofessional I was ashamed that I ever used this company.  The lack of care or customer service is the most unprofessional I have EVER experienced.  When I was told they would notify the franchise I waited until today, this being more than 7 business days since the last call.  Again, waited 27 minutes this time to speak to customer service person #3784 who should NOT be in customer service. She was belittling, rude and might I say the most poorly spoken induvidual I have dealt with before. She plainly told me that there is NOTHING she is going to do, that there is no supervisors in the office and what I get is what I get.  She told me that if I was still unhappy I should just call the BBB or file a small claims case in court.  WOW, all I wanted at the most was an apology and maybe a free change some time.  I will not continue with this but to sum it up she told me to stop speaking and she hung up on me.   I was never loud, rude or unprofessional at ANY point and to be spoken to in that manner is not right.  If I EVER spoke to a guest that way I would not have a job.  My case # is -- if it was actually filed.  I am so very disappointed and in awe that a company such as this is employing such workers.  Shame on HR, they may need to interview more thoroughly. I just hope that someone who may care reads this and addresses it.  I will make sure to not endure such humiliation and insults ever again.  I thank you for your time and I hope to see some resolution come from this.

[1942] JH  Employee

Jiffy Lube is one gruop of shop that needs to be closed down , because they hae a group of burger flippers who call themselves auto tech. . with mangers that have no concept of  leadership. The first thing Jiffy Lube need to do is ,put their mangers through some type of  leadership training .most of them could'nt lead a dog with a leash. And as a employee of the company it sickens me .I came to Jiffy Lube during the layoffs that many suffered in recent years ,I am a ASE Certified auto tech and to see some of the things that tell customers,are totally misleading.And to put someone with no automotive training under the hood of a costly vehicle is frieghting

[1941] Nagesh in Minneapolis, MN  Will Not Fix Problem

I went to Jiffy lube for the first time for oil change. The agent recommended few other services. Since agent convinced me to go for all the recommended services, I proceeded with the recommended services. However, I started getting noise immediately after service. Next day the noise was increased. I went to jiffy lube and requested to look in to the issue. Since I am getting this noise after service, there should be something wrong with the service. The agent looked into that issue, and told that it was not due to the services provided by the jiffy lube and there was some major problem and I need to go to full time service center. I showed my vehicle to different service center, they confirmed that the noise is due to serpent belt which was replaced by jiffy lube. I went again to jiffy lube and told the same issue but the agent at jiffy lube defended that it was not their fault and reluctant to fix the issue. I went to full time service center and fixed the issue. Iíve to pay double the amount without any issue.  I feel very bad. Kindly review this issue and do needful.

[1940] Wayne Evil Corporation

Jiffy lube didn't tighten the oil cap.  It cost 139 bucks at the dealership to fix that mess. Jiffy lube gave me a rebate that expired FIVE days after the service.  When I complained to the manager tabout this, he simply said if you had mailed it in before the due date, you would have gotten the rebate.  THIS is how this evil corporation does business?

[1939] Mark in Lowell, MA  Stole Cell Phone

A friend of mine went to Jiffy Lube in Lowell, MA.  Sheís been a going there for years.  Yesterday, she went in for an oil change.  She always drives her car into the bay.  Yesterday, the technician said he would drive it in, so she got out and went in to wait.  After the oil change, they tried to sell her all kinds of adders like a transmission flush, radiator flush, etc.  She declined, though they were persistent.  When she got in her car to leave, she realized her cell phone was gone.  She went back in and they told her she must have dropped it.  She had just used it when she pulled in and put in the door pocket.  She didnít drop it.  They stole it.  The police are looking into it.  Needless to say, Jiffy Lube has lost a loyal customer, and I for one will never go to any Jiffy Lube ever again.

[1938] Lars in Tacoma, WA Air Filter Unattached

I stopped spending my hard earned $$ @JL 6 yrs ago.I had my 96 Dodge"serviced"@the 72nd&Pacific,Tacoma Wa "Franchise"(oil&filter).  2 days later I began to hear strange rattling noises -from under the hood........& whattaya know my air filter housing is resting between the engine & wheel well.  Unable to reattach my AF housing,I discovered

[1937] John in Tigard, OR  Work Not Done

It's been three days since having Jiffy lube change my oil, my car has been driven very little since. Today I decided to check the oil anticipating a road trip, and I was surprised to find it 1/2 quart low. Being suspicious I checked the atf to find it was 3 pints low.
#1 they didn't fill my oil to top
#2 they lied or are incompetent, saying my atf was ok ( I specifically asked them during oil change)
#3 I know my differential leaks, but I don't know if they topped it
#4 what else did they not do?

For starters they're incompetence could cost me a transmission, for  100,00 miles they (Tigard) have changed my oil, does this mean my atf has never been topped up?

[1936] Bill in Boerne, TX  Untimely Delays & Broken Key

 I went to Boerne, TX Jiffy Lube location today at 11:00 AM for an OIL change. When I got to the location, there were no vehicles in the oil change stalls. I waited until an employee who was trying to solicit business with a sign on the road that goes by the location notice my truck. A five minute wait to even talk to someone. Then another 10 until someone calls me to a computer and goes through the sales routine -- AND all I wanted was an OIL change!!!! He finished by saying the car would be ready in 5 minutes -- total time so far 30 minutes with another anticipated 5 more minutes. AND to think there were NO vehicles in the stalls when I arrived. After a total time of 65 minutes, I am told my vehicle is ready -- it was driven out of the change stall 10 minutes earlier. Go to the cashier window and I am presented with my ignition key in two parts - someone dropped the keys and the key broke. The cashier did offer to get me a new key - I declined and the cashier did give me a discount (not sufficient to cover the cost of a new key). After I got to my house, I discover that the dashboard "needs air" light is on - so I have to go to a nearby gas station to  get air in my tires (one was well below the specifications - on doorframe) and then I discover 2 of the 4 stem covers are missing. This was my experience which can only be described as TERRIBLE  and also caused me two additional unanticipated jobs -- a requirement to get a new key made at the dealership and then a completely unnecessary trip to get air in my tires.

[1935] Tanner in Conway, SC  Broke Door Handle

I went to the Jiffy Lube, located in Conway, SC (store # 3343) to get a basic oil change and leave with a broken door handle on my driver side. I did not have a broken door handle until I let them pull my car into the garage, They said it was like that prior to me arriving but I have never had a problem with my door handle before then. I told them the story that it was not broke until they told me and the Manager said we cant do anything about it because it was broke prior to getting here and I could not hear it anymore that they would not believe me, so I just went inside to pay. And besides the door mess, my check engine light has not shut off since I left yesterday afternoon in disappointment. 

[1934] Jeff in Pembroke Pines, FL  Price Quotation Fraud

Screwed in pembroke pines Florida. Told I needed synthetic and that it would be $82 which is $40 more than the ford dealer but I agreed as I was traveling and short on time. However, at check put they charged an extra $22 for extra oil! Quoted one price and charged another.

[1933] Eddie in Indianapolis, IN Lied About Transmission Filter

I went to jiffy lube in indianapolis indiana at us 31 & stop 11 .ok called ahead about transmission filter and fluid change and he told me they done a full system flush tourqe convertor and the lines never said don't do filter. Well I paid $ 158.00 for a fluid change and had to go home dump it out and chafe my own filter told them to take fluid out of my car would not pay that for fluid you lied to me and the ass manager alex told me to take my price of shot car pay my bill and leave what a company this is I hope you ever one lose your jobs and jiffy lube needs to be shut down hard enough to survive with vultures like them praying off other people I want my money back and for your employee who wants to threaten and cuss at customers well clock out coward I called bbb and the police and corporate office this ain't over I will post signs in front ever night about this rip joint done got 8 people to leave you and I will get more have a nice day  (I want my money back).....

[1932] Jeffrey in Henderson, NV  Oil Overflowed Filter

After not following my wife's advice,  I took my one year old Hyundai sonata to the local jiffy lube on eastern ave in Henderson nv.   We had a problem there once before with my previous model Hyundai.   That car leaked after being serviced.  The oil pan nut was not tightened.  Since I was in a hurry and did not want to go to the dealer as my wife suggested, I went back to the same jiffy lube  Low and behold.  Oil all over my garage

I brought the car back and was told the filter had overflowed, of some other bs  I did not even get we are sorry.  Just that they had 2 cars in there system with the same license plate number  Obviously they can't even enter numbers and letters correctly.  A simple we are sorry would have ended this, but I guess that would be asking too much!!

[1931] Lisa in Naples, FL  Synthetic Oil Not Required

Hi I recently got an oil change at the jiffy lube in naples florida the tech told me I needed a synthetic oil change because I have a prius hybrid.  So instead of paying $30 I paid $75.  When I called the manager he told me Heíd send me a Ĺ off coupon.  In the end I was still be out of $40.  Why would I trust them again.  I feel I should have gotten a refund for the difference of the synthetic compared to the regular oil change. 

[1930] Michael in Middleton, RI  Fabricated Problems

I want to report an unethical Jiffy Lube operation in Middleton, RI (#1442).  I was just scammed for $70 and received none of the promised discounts (military, coupons, etc).  The schemers attempted to get me for more, but I quickly realized that all their "discoveries" of things "wrong" with my vehicle were completely fabricated. 

#1 they showed me METAL SHAVINGS on my rear differential drain plug, claiming it was because it hadn't been serviced for two years.  They also said the oil was very old and in poor condition.  But I just discovered that my wife has been getting the truck serviced elsewhere and that the rear differential was just serviced this passed August and the vehicle has had very little mileage put on since. 

#2 after I fell for the rear differential scam, they brought me my oil cap filled with "ENGINE SLUDGE BUILDUP."  the "mechanic" tried to convince me it had built up in my motor and wanted to sell me a flushing product.  I'm a Navy helicopter pilot.  I know what engine sludge looks like and the substance was clearly a white grease they had smeared into the cap.  The grease had been mixed with another petroleum based product, but it was clean, had never been subjected to any kind of heat or friction, and it was colder to the touch than the plastic cap.  It was at this point I realized that I had been had.  I told them I wanted the grease cleaned out of my cap and no other work done.

The "signature service" failed to vacuum anything or even check my tire pressure--which they told me was 35, but wrote 32 on the paperwork.  I watched them.  They never checked it. I didn't believe my wife when she told me about something similar happening to her in Jacksonville, FL, but now I do.

I am contacting my credit card company to stop payment on the $69.99 charge for the rear differential fluid that didn't need to be serviced.  If you don't fix this problem within 72 hours, I will 1) file a complaint with the BBB, 2) inform all 2520 of my personal contacts via Facebook and email to ensure that everyone of them knows what a scummy organization Jiffy Lube has become, and 3) I will also file a complaint with the Navy's Regional Command to have this store put on the local off limits list.

[1929] Ernest in Alhambra, CA  Destroyed Differential

We have several concerns with the way our situation is being handled by the Alhambra CA location. First complaint is the negative & insultave attitude of the store manager.  When we followed up with the store manager about the damage to our car we were immediately met with defense and argument.

The car went in for a regular oil change. The technician sold Ernest a service to the differential. Less than a week later the car started making a grinding noise from the back. I noticed that the inside of one of the back tire's rim was covered in fluid. Ernest took the car back since it appear to have something to do with the recent service.  Ernest waited while the technicians look the car over. After a considerable amount of time, it was explained that someone had tampered with the differential and let out the fluid. They said they re-filled and the car is ready to go. They never showed Ernest the tampered seal.

The next day the car started the grinding noise again. At this time we noticed puddles of fluid on our driveway. In one of the puddles we found small pieces that appear to have come from the car. We took the car to our mechanic and he determine that is most likely that the tech who did the original service did not seal it properly. Even though the fluid was replaced and re-sealed the second time we went back to Jiffy Lube, the damage was already done and caused a leak.

A complaint was filed and the store manager called our mechanic to obtain details of the situation. When we followed up on 02/15, the manager stated that he himself determine that they are not liable for the damage. When I asked for an explanation he said that it was suspicious that the fluid leaked after they re-filled it the second time. I asked how that was relavent and did not receive a clear response. I then stated that it was irrelavent since the damage was caused by the original service not being done correctly.  The manager insisted that someone had malicously tampered with it after the original service.  I protested stating that was highly unlikely.  If someone wanted to be malicious they are easier more discrete ways rather than take the extra time to go under the car with tools. I also find it hard to accept that it would be a coincidence that someone chose to tamper with the differential after it had just been service. Manager insisted that was the only possibility and he has made his final decision. If I didn't like it I can sue him.

I demanded that he gives me a reasonable excuse for him not to take liability for the damage caused by not properly performing the service. He repeated the same arguments. When I mentioned that of someone wanted to be malicious it would have been easier to put sugar in the gas tank. His reply "I bet you know all about getting sugar in your tank." He also implied that I was wasting my time since he already made his decision and I can take him to court if I'm not happy. He argued that he knew for a fact that the seals were tampered with and it is not possible that there was any error on their part. I question him why when the car was taken back didn't they mentioned the possibility of damage from the lack of fluid. He stated they don't make those sorts of recommendations and that they are not experts in repairs. I responded that was because they were not going to make a profit. He replied "Just to prove you wrong, we run diagnostics and provide information on repairs that may be needed that they don't perform."  I pointed out the contridiction in his statement. He then said that anyone with any level of mechanical knowledge would know if the fluids were low there could be damaged. I asked him again why his technicians did not mention this since they should know as he just explained. He said it was Ernest responsiblity to know that. That they don't look at anything else than what the service requires.  I explained that Ernest is not mechanically inclined and that they took advantage of that. He stated that Ernest has had the differential services various times in the last 5 years.  I believe that was excessive. He replied that manufactures recommendation is every 15k miles and that he went more than 30k miles in between services. I looked it up, recommendation is 40k/2 years. Regardless this would not be a valid argument supporting his decision not to accept liability for not performing the most current service properly.

The manager said he didn't have to talk to me since I am not the register owner of the car. He kept asking what was my relationship with Ernest. I strongly feel that not only is that personal it is irrelevant. Ernest was present during the call over the speaker.  The manager had already stated  it was his determination they are not responsible for the damage. Later in our conversation he said it wasn't up to him and his hands were tied. That I am wasting his time carrying on with this argument. When I asked to speak to someone else he said to call the number we had already called. I asked for a specific name, he replied that he just gets an email and he doesn't know who sends them. After I continued demanding a name he finally gave me his manager's name & number but the number was not valid.

It is our strong belief that the during the original service the seals were not tighten. The seals from the service perform a prior year were broken during this recent service and not re-sealed. This would explain why the seals were broken when we return the car with low fluids the week after. The technicians should have immediately shown Ernest the condition of the differential prior to re-filling and sealing if it in fact had tampering. That it is highly unlikely someone would chose to tampered with the differential after it had recently serviced. Jiffy lube Alhambra is the only location that has ever performed service on the differential. Jiffy Lube had serviced the differential only one week before the damage. The Alhambra location has talked Ernest into numerous unnecessary services. Proper customer service dictates that the technicians should have mentioned the possibility of damage due to the lack of fluid. Ernest ignorance of mechanics was taken advantage of by not doing so and by selling a service that was not needed. The store manager made several rude  remarks and provided no reasonable explanation for his decision or any other of my inquiries.

We kindly request that this matter be resolved in an expedited manner. We request that we be reimburse for the cost of repairs, rental car, and a refund for the service. Due to sales goals & job pressure, Jiffy Lube employees have a tendency of taking adavantage of those who are not mechanically inclined. Ernest has had several services done that were not needed. Although he has been a regular and loyal customer due to these services he was not treated as one. I strongly suggest due to the treatment he received that additional amends be made on top of the reimbursement. 

We would appreciate your urgent attention to this matter. We would like to have this resolved within 3 days so that we may avoid any further action.

[1928] Bill Delray in Beach, FL  Overfilled Oil Destroys Engine

I write this letter in desperation and due to the lack of response or action by Jiffy Lube. Currently many attempts to contact or to receive response on this matter have been left unanswered. Several attempts have been made to Jiffy Lube management personnel to correct this problem caused by Jiffy Lube. To date and after several inquiries no action has been taken to correct this situation even though promise after promise has been made. I appeal to you for help before making this into a legal matter for the courts. If it is Jiffy Lubes position to continue to be nonresponsive then I will have no other choice but to seek reimbursement for all costs incurred, due to Jiffy Lubes negligence to my vehicle during this service visit. Below again is a brief encounter of events:

On August 15th 2011 at 2:30pm Mr. Justin Tomson brought my 2005 Mercury Mariner into Jiffy Lube Store #1753 in Delray Beach for service, after a short distance the vehicle started acting bad so he pulled over and had the vehicle towed back to Tallahassee. After the vehicle arrived back to Tallahassee it was taken to Bobís Auto Repair to find the problem. After the inspection it was found Jiffy Lube had overfilled the oil by 3 quarts. The engine had a total of 8 quarts installed by Jiffy Lube thus causing the engine to fail. A notarized statement from Bobís Auto repair and Mr. Tomson had previously been sent to Jiffy Lube along with a report from United Appraisals but nothing seems to get done.

At this time Jiffy Lube has left me alternative but to refer this matter to the court. We have tried in vain not to end with this option. My on interest has been to have my vehicle repaired. If there is any way you can help please let me know.

[1927] Mark in Burien, WA Damaged Transmission

Whent to jiffylube for routine maintenance they overfilled my transmissing and now it is damaged. Tried to resolve matter polity corp was pretty freindly manager of the burien jiffylube was a total jerk evertime i would try to say anything he would speak loudly over me. I just want it replaced I've been with out my only vehicle for almost 2 months. FEDUP WITH JIFFYLUBE!!!!!!!!

[1926] Boris in San Francisco, CA  Car on Fire

On January 25  2012, after work my son went to change oil and coolant in his 2004 Honda civic,to place called JIFFY LUBE in Richmond district in SAN FRANCISCO. they did service fast, but about 10-15 min later car got on fire, my son was able to drive from jiffy lube to 15th and Balboa when it started, ONLY 10 BLOCKS away  FROM SHOP. he stop the car, run 1 block away and dial 911. the car was in perfect condition before the fire, with all the maintence done when it should be. cutting story short. car total loss, everything melted under the hood. the mechanic from insurance company, called us next day and sad that the car is not repearable. now the insurance company hired an investigator from fire department. investigation is continues. the main outcome , that my son stop the car on time and run away to be safe... do you wanna go there ???


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