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[1300] Patrick in Fayetteville, NC  Blatantly Lying

Today I went to have a new fuel filter installed at your store 600 S. Bragg Blvd #1571 and I asked the tech how much it would cost. He told me $39.95. He installed the filter and when he rung up my total it came to $70! I asked about the price difference and he told me a coupon in a coupon book he had referred to a fuel system cleaning. He could not use it, but he will give me my military discount of 10% off making my total $57.98. A lot more than I was quoted. My ticket number from the bottom right side is: 0207446.
I was contacted by a Michael P. with the Team Lucor. He told me there was not much that could be done, but he could send me a gift check for $40 towards a service with Jiffy Lube. I agreed since there are a few things you could do for me and AutoZone was going to cover the labor costs since it was their fault I had to see you to begin with. Do not think that excuses your technician from blatantly lying to me and charging me more money. All I needed was for the receipt to show how much labor costs were involved.

Well, two things have happened. First, the gift check is redeemable ONLY for an oil change. I do that myself so it is not usable really for me.

And second, the biggest thing, the manager of that store has basically blown me off. I went to see him to get the receipt fixed (the labor and the part costs separated) and he told me there is nothing he could or would do. Never said I am sorry or wish I could help you or let me try to call someone. Some of the worst customer service I have ever had, especially since it was his technician and in his store that I was cheated.

Therefore,  I got his DM number and had to leave a message (which still has not been returned), but was told that he can't do anything either by the store manager.

[1299] Pamela in Arlington, VA  Wrong Oil Filter Installation

My husband went to have the oil changed at Jiffy lube.  A few days after the oil was changed we noticed the car was leaking a fluid, so we took our Chevrolet Silverado to the closest Chevrolet dealer.  Thay asked who changed the oil.  We told them Jiffy lube.  The chevrolet dealer told us that the filter was screwed in wrong. 
A simple oil change could have destroyed the engine.  Had to push just to get my money back.    
I would not recomment Jiffy lube to anyone!

[1298] MJZ in Huntsville, TX  Out Right Theft

My complaint is that I was told my windshield wipers were torn and was charged 14.99 for one and 12.99 for the other, $27.98 for parts, $2.31 for parts tax and finally $14.50 for the inspection.  I paid because I had no choice. I want you to know that this was out right theft. I will take my complaint to the authorities.

[1297] Jennifer in Lake Stevens, WA  Very Rude Employee

I was at your Lake Stevens, WA location on May 13th at 11am. I walked into the office and stood at the desk for over 5min and waited for the man at the desk to acknowledge me, he finally did as if I was bothering him. I told him that I was here to check in for an oil change(that is what I was instructed to do by the other man outside)then the man at the desk  spoke loudly and pointed to everyone in the lobby that everyone else was there also to check in and I have to wait. Wow, I am so sorry that I went to a counter to  check in, that is usually what you do in most situations. I was so embarrassed and I apologized for not knowing how things work there and I left. I couldnít believe that someone would talk like that and be so embarrassing. Well needless to say I didnít get my oil changed and I have been going to Jiffy Lube for several years.

[1296] Glen Ripped Off

I went to get my oil changed today and decided to give jiffy lube a try. I pulled in and their was only one car in front of me. The attendant told me it was going to be a 30 minute wait. So i said okay no problem, I was told that the oil change was going to run me about 35 bucks. Half way through the service they come in and say my brand new K-N air filter was bad. I told them not to worry about it. Then they come back and say my fuel filter is clogged "my truck ran fine before their service"  so i asked how much is the fuel filter and the guy said about 20.00. I gave hem the okay to change it and when i got my bill it was 120.00 wtf....  I asked why so much and he says that the fuel filter is about 80.00. Well thats not what you told me in the beginning............ so my 35 buck oil change cost me 120.00. These is a ploy by them to sell you stuff you do not need. I will not go back and let them ripp me off again

[1295] FT  Wrong Air Filter

I had a throttle go bad on my Infinity I35 last week---repair at the dealer was 800 bucks. They blamed it on an after market air filter that Jiffy Lube had put in the car. I'm going to research it a little more but am considering taking them to small claims court.

[1294] Elizah in Portland, OR Called Me A Liar

I went to Jiffy Lube last Tuesday ( 5/12/09) to have my car serviced...they changed one of my tail lights in my Volvo wagon and serviced the car in the usual manner.  Two days later,  warning light in my car came on saying the tail light needed to be replaced again.  I went back to the location and showed them the receipt and asked if they could make sure the light was in correctly.  Ryan helped me. He was very polite and nice, but said the other tail light was out now.  I asked him if he could change it for me.  He went about changing it, then realized he didn't have the right size in stock.  He brought the light around to the driver's seat and showed it to me.  I handed him the receipt and asked him to write the size of the light on it, and would go get one from Napa and change it myself.  I also asked him to show me where the light goes and how to get to the location.  He obliged me, and in the process of doing so broke part of the tail light mechanism that holds the bulb in place.  Then he pulled out a piece of metal that he did not have before and said it was defective and I would have to go to Volvo to have it fixed, or "I could weld it myself and fix it in a jif."  The he handed me to 2 pieces of the tail light, the bulb and the piece of metal I saw him break off, and said sorry.  I took the car in to Volvo the next day and showed them the 2 pieces of the tail ight mechansim and explained what happened.  They examined it and determined that Ryan applied too much pressure trying to insert the bulb casing into the tail light mechanism and broke it.  It cost me $172 to fix it, as theu had to replace the entire tail light.  I asked Volvo if they were sure that is what happened or if could have been defective like Ryan suggested.  Volvo determined that it was not defective as the plastic was not melted on it and the metal was in tact.  He just snapped it off by accident, but he did break it. Volvo gave me the old part and suggested I take it back to Jiffy Lube and ask for the money back.  In the mean time, I noticed oil leaking on to my gararge floor and that the under carriage was not properly reattached after Jiffy Lube serviced it. 

I took Volvo's advice and took my invoice from Volvo and my receipt from Jiffy Lube in, showed them the part Ryan broke and the manager was annoyed at me, but said he would look into it and call me.  He called me about 5 hours later and said his tech, Ryan said he didn't break it and he would not refund me the money.  Basically calling me a liar...lousy customer service.  I saw the tech break it with my own eyes.  It was an accident that cost me $172 to fix.  I own a business across the street from this location and I will tell my customers about this experience and advise them not to go there.  They did reattach my under carriage again correctly when I went to compalin about the tail light.  The manager should have met me in the middle...refunded half the money or something.  I know the tech did not mean to do it, but he did break it.  I should be compensated for their mistake. 

 I learned that I will never go their again.  They are not competant and do not stand by their work. 

[1293] Don in Seattle, WA  Radiator Blew-up

I'm so pissed off today that my car exploded that I actually went online to see if I'm alone.  Apparently NOT!  Oil change and radiator flush, 2001 Lincold LS, totally fine, I babied my car better then my girlfriend.  Went today 05-22-09, oil change ok, Radiator however blew-up on the way down the street!  I'm pissed! 
Embarassed, 1 year old was in the car, stranded at supermarket. 

[1292] David in Portland, OR Rubber Drain Plug Failed

I had my oil and filter changed at #3067 on 5/01/09. As I was driving into Portland Oregon for a business meeting yesterday 5/19/09 I heard loud engine noises and my low oil light came on and I pulled over. I popped the hood and checked the oil. Dry as a bone. At a Shell gas station across the street I purchased 2 quarts of oil and put it in. I watched the oil run out of the oil pan and on to the street. I discovered that the original drain plug had been replaced with a rubber plug that had failed. I jacked the car up, jammed a rag in the hole, replaced four quarts of oil and just made my meeting. I was a mess. The following day I went to Napa and bought an internal expansion plug to replace the rag and complete my trip. I'll assume this is not a normal business practice. I'll expect a response and a remedy.

[1291] Chris Wrong Air Filter

During a recent visit they put in the wrong air filter (a much smaller one than the car called for) and broke off three of the four studs that hold the cover in place.  If I hadn't found this (because of the oil dripping in my garage from other poorly performed service) it could have destroyed the engine driving in dusty conditions.  To my delight a REGIONAL MANAGER was on site when I returned to the store - AHHH....what fun we had then.  In 2005 I uncovered a scheme that involved billing for unadded coolant on fleet vehicles at a different store.

[1290] Bridjett in Lewsiton, ID Preying on Women

I went to the Lewiston, ID branch in the Lewiston Orchards for a basic oil change. They told me that I was due for a couple different things, but that what I really needed more than those was for the engine to be flushed.  Well, if it really needed to be done I guess I better do it.  Well, $75 and 50 minutes later not only was I late getting to work, but I had spent $50 more than I had in my pocket!  They need to quit preying on women and start charging reasonable prices.

[1289] Willie in Westboro, MA  Multiple Problems

The closest location once let some air out of all my tires after I just got through putting in the tire pressure I wanted a week before (paid 75 cents).  Jiffy Lube is supposed to ask you if you want your tire pressure checked but they did not on this instance.  The girl at checkout claimed it was the proper air pressure for my tires as noted on the side of the door.  I advised her that my tires are not stock and they had no right to touch my tires pressure.  This was a minor hassle made worse by their unwillingness to provide me a wheel retorque which they claim they could not do even though they offer wheel rotations.

After that experience, I went to the 2nd location available, a 15 min drive.  I had a nice conversation with the manager on staff who happened to drive the same make/model car as me (Honda Civic).  I informed him of my trouble at the other location and put in the system for them not to touch my tires.  Upon beginning the oil change, the manager informed me that they were out of the oil filters that my car uses!!  They sent someone on staff to the other Jiffy Lube location that I had previously banned due to the tire incident.  I waited like 20 minutes for the guy to come back.  The manager discounted me some $ for my inconvenience.

For the next oil change, I went back to the location closer to my job.  Upon beginning the oil change, the service person told me the screw to get to my engine air filter was stripped!!  Who can guess who's fault that is?  Yep, Jiffy Lube strikes again for the useless labor of trying to take it out to show me something I didn't have the money or intent to pay for anyway!

[1288] Suuegri  Wrong Oil Filter Destroys Engine

My experience is on going .  I had to have my 07 Hyundai Sante Fe towed from my house as when I went to drive it, the engine seized.  Hyundai told me the oil filter that was put on it by Jiffy lube was too small.  Hence oil leaked and seized my engine.  Any suggestions on how I should pursue this problem? As my warranty will not cover it because it was Jiffy Lubes fault and not the vehicle itself.

[1287] Rowan  Broken Hood Release Dangerous

I thought I had an ok experience until a week later. They broke the indoor toggle that opens my hood and threw it away without telling me. This is dangerous! I found out when I needed to get my hood open on the shoulder of a major interstate.

For good measure, when I got it open, I found a rotten sandwich on my battery. When I went back to talk to them, they assured me the sandwich must have gotten under the unopenable hood some other way because they do not eat under the hood.  Evidently it is more likely that somebody broke into my car, used pliers on my broken hood toggle and decided to put a moldy sandwich there without me noticing.  They said because the tab broke due to normal wear and tear they did not need to tell me about it.  In compensation, they offered to screw (no screwdriver necessary--just twist) the two pieces of the hood toggle together if I found the right part, bought it, and drove my car back to them.

[1286] Rick Ford Won't Warrant Jiffy Lube Filter

Iíve heard that Ford Motor Company has a bulletin out that says they wonít warranty their engines if a Jiffy Lube oil filter is used. Anyone heard this one?

[1285] Reporter in Austin, TX  $300K Fine for Environmental Infractions

Heartland was fined $300K for environmental infractions in a conviction...

[1284] Josh in Everett, WA  No Oil in Engine

I just bought an 89 Chevy C30 box van with 80k original miles.  Put new tires on it, new battery, and then off to get an oil and transmission oil change.  Well the idiots at Broadway Jiffy Lube in Everett, WA, put the oil into the transmission. Then when they did the transmission oil, they pumped out the new engine oil, and old transmission oil.

I'm on my way, thinking everything is OK;  traveling 152 miles (over the course of a week)  before I notice a noise, and turned down the music. Oh no, I need to pull over. As soon as I thought that, the engine stopped. I hit neutral and coasted into a safe spot.  With no money on me, and no towing on my insurance, my friend told me to call Jiffy Lube.  I called Jiffy Lube Everett, and they send out Jiffy Lube Lake Stevens  to add some Oil to my 6.2l Diesel.  They added a Gallon, and it just hit the stick.  I went to turn it over, when I noticed it was locked up.  

They Towed it to Striker Brothers, a mechanics shop.  I went down there to check on the truck and see if this mechanics shop is in Jiffy's pocket.  I was really surprised when they told me it had NO OIL IN THE OIL FILTER. Just had some old black burnt slimy oil. They basically told me "ITS JIFFY'S FAULT" .    Jiffy rented me a rental Van. 

They are not directly saying its 'their' fault. but are taking care of the rental costs.  Their mechanics report can be viewed from either side. But I'm sure its there fault.  What recourse do I have?  They want to give me $1000, my van back, and refund the Jiffy Lube oil costs.  I need a running van for business. 

I made a mistake and said that deal sounds good.  But no word about the rental.  Do I say that I need to keep the rental until I fix my van with that $1000?   Can I ask for $2000 and tell them to keep it?  Will they find a replacement van if I requested? 

[1283] Glen  Bait & Switch

I went to get my oil changed today and decided to give jiffy lube a try. I pulled in and their was only one car in front of me. The attendant told me it was going to be a 30 minute wait. So i said okay no problem, I was told that the oil change was going to run me about 35 bucks. Half way through the service they come in and say my brand new K-N air filter was bad. I told them not to worry about it. Then they come back and say my fuel filter is clogged "my truck ran fine before their service"  so i asked how much is the fuel filter and the guy said about 20.00. I gave hem the okay to change it and when i got my bill it was 120.00....  I asked why so much and he says that the fuel filter is about 80.00. Well thats not what you told me in the beginning............ so my 35 buck oil change cost me 120.00. These is a ploy by them to sell you stuff you do not need. I will not go back and let them ripp me off again

[1282] Dwight in Santa Fe, NM  Violates Pledge

I paid the $100.37 for the synthetic motor oil that is my doing.  I do not mind the price but what I do protest is the return visit in 10 days for a top off due to a long fast driving road trip that put 3500 miles on the Pickup Truck. I was down 1 quart of oil. Now the explanation of the top off service 3000 miles or 90 days which ever comes first.

Per the manager The pledge you are given reads as follows "However, if during that 3000 miles/ 90 days you feel that you are running low on any fluid (including oil) that Jiffy Lube services, just come by and we'll check it for you. If you're low, we'll top it off FREE. That's the Jiffy Lube Pledge."

I will never change oil in a jiffy lube ever again  What happened to America is that we have a bunch of money hungry folks who do not know the customer or care about the customer.  The day was in the past you knew who was changing your oil or caring for your car.  It was their livelihood not just a pay check.  The fellow owned the business  Kiss me goodbye Jiffy Lube

[1281] Joy in Wenatchee, WA  Too Black Oil

I am a senior citizen I had my oil changed at jiffy lube  in Wenatchee Wash 2,000 miles ago just had it changed again the oil was black said no way that oild was changed. I even looked at the oil could hardly believe how balck it was.....

[1280] Bobby in Fairfax, VA Tire Caps Missing

Sunday, March 15, I had my car serviced at Jippy Lube (Adams and Fairfax).  I have used this location for over four years.  Included in my service was a tire rotation.  On yesterday, I noticed three of the caps that cover the nuts that keep the wheels attached were missing.  When I checked the other tires, it turns out that of the 20 nut caps that were on my car only three were replaced.

I went to JL to advise them of the loss of the caps and they told me to go to the dealer, purchase them and they would reimburse me.  The guy would not even check to see if someone had reported them and put them away.  It is easier for me to go to small claims court than to go to a dealer and pay in advance.  I am very disapponted in JL.  More importantly I will have to find a new source of servicing for my car.

 [1279] Bryan in Thousand Oaks, CA No Oil Destroys Engine

No oil in my engine after a Jiffy Lube oil change resulted in a seized motor.

My 1987 Chevy S10 pickup was taken to Jiffy Lube in Thousand Oaks, CA for an oil change and paid for the oil change.  I drove away and 23 miles later on Highway 23 in Thousand Oaks my engine stopped and would not restart.  The engine would not rev at all.  I towed my truck home that night.  

The next day I towed my truck to Shelly's automotive in Thousand Oaks to check out my truck.  Shelley's said the engine seized and would cost at least $2,500.00 to repair it.  There was no oil on the dipstick and there was no oil drain plug in the oil pan. 

The next day I towed the truck to Jiffy Lube and the Jiffy Lube manager said they have no liability because their certified professionals never fail to reinstall the drain plug.  The Jiffy Lube manager accused me of removing the oil plug and driving the truck to make my motor seize. 

After 6 phone calls, the Jiffy Lube District Manager spoke to me once and refused to meet with me.  After that first phone contact he would not take my call again.  I called the Jiffy Lube Manager and the Jiffy Lube District Manager 34 times in one week. 

The site manager said I had to tow my truck out of their parking lot or it would be towed and impounded.  I towed the truck to my house where it sits today with a seized motor.  The rest of the truck is in excellent shape. 

I am out the fees for all the towing charges as well as the Jiffy Lube oil change that caused all these problems.   I am surprised to find no help or guarantee of any kind from Jiffy Lube and it seems I have no recourse except to pay for an expensive lawyer as my loss is solely the fault of Jiffy Lube due to poor workmanship.

[1278] Kate in St. Paul, MN No Oil in Engine

Thanks for your work on this helpful website. Both incidents happened at the Jiffy Lube on Snelling Avenue in St. Paul.

Incident #1 happened around last December. I took my car in, waited, and paid and drove away. After I got about two blocks away, I noticed smoke coming out of the hood of my car. I pulled over, opened the hood, and noticed that the wiper fluid cap and the coolant cap were both open; the lids were resting on flat surfaces of the engine. What's more, none of the fluids had been filled--wiper fluid, coolant (or whatever that pink stuff is), oil, everything. I immediately drove back to the store, spoke to the manager, and watched as they filled up my fluids and replaced the caps. I was assured it would never happen again. In retrospect, I am kicking myself for not asking for my money back, but I was in a hurry.

Incident #2: Because I drive a lot for work and am often hustling from one place to another, I decided to give them another chance about three weeks ago. I got the oil changed without incident--or so I thought. I just took my car into the dealer today for a full checkup before I go on a long road trip this weekend; the service tech at the dealership hurried back out to me about fifteen minutes in to tell me there was NO OIL in my car. Nothing on the dipstick. Now, I know that my car isn't leaking any fluids because I check it frequently. I can only surmise that Jiffy Lube failed me again.

I will be writing a letter to customer service and copying the district manager, and in the future, I'll also be driving half an hour out of my way to go back to the dealership. The oil changes there are cheaper anyway.

[1277] Paul in Portland, OR  Adversarial, Pushy Business Model

I have been using your services for quite a few years now.  I feel the need to write, as I have serious problems with the adversarial, pushy business model you've developed for your company.  I find that I dread taking my vehicle into your company, and I invariably leave feeling angry and frustrated.  I know that your employee training and business practice involves upselling products to customers so that you can make more money.  When I arrive at one of your stores, I am immediately hustled into the position of being a pawn for your agenda - there is no question about what I am interested in having done.  I'm whisked into the waiting room so that your employees can go over my car and tell me all the things that I need to have done.  If I tell an employee that I just want to have an oil change that day and hold my ground, the employees become huffy and make me feel like I've done something wrong.  I must tell you - I'm your customer, and I've done nothing wrong by stating exactly what I'm expecting to have taken care of. 

A few examples:  I try to make it a habit to check all my fluids before I go in so that I know the status of my vehicle.  Invariably I'm told that something is wrong or the level is low on at least one other fluid besides my oil.  I've had air filters changed at your firm only to be told on my next visit that the air filter needs to be replaced, at least until I remind the employee to check your records.  With the shady, opportunistic practices you evidently train your employees to use, I cannot trust anything that is being said to me.  How do you expect people to become steady customers when each visit is such a hassle?  I've used your services because they're close to home, but unless I can expect to be heard and respected when I set foot in your establishment, I have no desire to do business with you in the future.  I understand your desire to sell other services.  I understand that you tell your clients that you perform a vital service by checking all the fluids, belts, lights, etc. on the vehicle.  It's convenient that those checks also happen to coincide with your desire to sell more goods and services.  But, what infuriates me is the fact that I cannot come into your business, state my need simply and have it respected without having to go through a long, drawn out process of being subjected to your employees' sales agenda. 

Do you not see how short-sighted this practice is?  Do you not see that, when the time comes that I need anything else done to my vehicle in the way of maintenance, I will look anywhere else but your company to have those services performed, as I value trust more than I value your business model?  This "You will do what I've been trained to sell whether you need it or not" practice is insane.  Please tell me you're stopping it!

[1276] Jim in Arnold, MD  Missing Hubcap

 I recently took my car to the Arnold,md. location, it must have been my 3rd or 4th time at this location. the work that was done to my car is fine. But after the tire rotation I believe the mechanic forgot to put one hubcap on my car. I have a 92' Buick Riviera that has lock on hubcaps that uses a tool to remove or attach hubcap. The manager Kirby Carmichael assures me that he saw the mechanic put on the hubcap. Well if he did, he put it on wrong because my hub cap is gone.  mr. Carmichael insisted that I drove up the road with all 4 hubcaps. Then returning back past the shop 10 minutes later with only three. Again if this is true the mechanic is at fault. mr. Carmichael said he would get me a new hubcap. That was 3 weeks ago and I have not heard back from him even after I have called there for some information about the hubcap. I have spoken with his assistant manager who knew nothing of the incident and could not help me until he hears from his boss ( mr. Carmichael ) I am still waiting for news, a hubcap or some positive response to my calling.  I will not be taking my car to this location anymore.

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