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You are not alone!  Too many people have had problems with Jiffy Lube.  Add your experience today  to help identify and expose these problems.  This will also help us create a critical mass which can create appropriate changes.

It seems like both the local and corporate management attitude at Jiffy Lube is that the individual consumer has very limited power to encourage management improvements.  In fact, the Internet has given you a significant amount of power, especially when you combine your interests with others. 

Of course, you probably have already stopped patronizing Jiffy Lube and stopped buying Shell Oil owned corporate products.  You are also likely telling others about your problem.  Now, tell us in an e-mail about your experience. 

Please attempt to keep the description of your Jiffy Lube experience as short as possible.  This will help encourage readers to learn about more situations.  We add most experiences to the website.

HELP US form a critical mass which will encourage Jiffy Lube to make improvements...

Note:  Jiffy Lube's "Feedback Form" was broken...

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