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Personal Experiences


[2175] Peter in Martin City, MO Drained Transmission in Error

Drained my transmission fluid and added 4 quarts of oil to crankcase….11/25/2014

No apologies, no calls, even sent me a survey which I completely filled out and blew the whistle on the local store….just so happens that the store manager was on duty at the time and allowed it to pass through as is….the store was in Martin City Missouri just south of Kansas City.

[2174] Beverly in Charlottesville, VA Destroyed Oil Plug

I too had problems with Jiffy lube. I went to the store in Charlottesville, Va.  They changed my oil which by the way cost way more than any place else I had ever taken it which was 75.00.  When I went to have my husband change it he was unable to get the oil plug out. I ended up having to take it to a mechanic in Culpeper, VA who had to drill the plug out which cost me in labor over 100.00.  I contacted Jiffy Lube and notified them and emailed their Vice President who had a Manager of the store call me.  They called back offering a free oil change at one of their stores? ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? Why on earth would I ever take my car there.  I asked if they would reimburse the money it cost me to have the mechanic and was told no.  Please DO not EVER take your vehicles to Jiffy Lube.

[2173] Jessy in Brookhaven, PA Stolen IPad

I was at jiffy lube Brookhaven today (Sunday 12/14/14 at 2.31 pm est.). I went to get my oil changed. I had my Ipad in my glove compartment before I had the service. on the way home, I looked into the glove compartment, and my Ipad is no longer there. The tech who did service for my car stole my Ipad.

[2172] Payrick Erroneous Information

, some of the things people say on here are bullshit you don't have to take both off on transmission pan to do a transmission service so why would someone say the mechanic says the bolts look like in there been removed you don't remove the bolts to do it tech service like I said a lot of s*** on here seriously bullshit nothing but people have online except for problems starting s*** that's probably other companies that want the business to come to them

[2171] Prem Toronto, CA Frozen Washer Fluid

So I was in the jiffy lube sometime in Sept/Oct to get an oil change and they filled my washer fluid with water. I live in Toronto and now its -10c (water freezes at 0c) the entire content of my asher fluid dispenser is frozen over. I have contacted Jiffy lube what else can i do ? 

In October I was very excited when you have the $39.99 oil change special as your location is very accessible from where I live. 

I was very pleased to get the oil change done as it as quick and the people were great, but my experience has turned out very poorly. I'm writing to express my dissatisfaction with your the local Mississauga store on the corner of Thomas and Erin mills in hopes you can help remedy the situation

I had got my Honda's oil changed at the store and washer fluid topped up. Little did i know that they were using water (or some watered down version of washer fluid) instead of proper winter washer fluid. Its -10c today in Mississauga and the entire content of the windshield washer fluid is frozen over ! 

This is a an absolute inconvenience and down right dangerous,  ideally I should not have to worry about things like this as I take my car to professionally to get worked on not some kid with a wrench. 

[2170] Jeri in Portland, OR Left Oil Filter Loose

I took my vehicle to Jiffy Lube in Portland Oregon to get a basic oil change. Store 1099/33rd NE Sandy blvd.

They try to up-sale by telling you things are wrong that you distinctively know are not.

In this case they said i has an oil leak. I assured them I do not have an oil leak as i check my oil often, I have no drips on my driveway, and the engine has recently been replaced.

On turn to this they did not put the new oil filter on properly and of course my oul started leaking immediately.

This is such an enethical way to do business.

So to cut to the chase the oil filter worked itself loose and my car starred sounding horrible, like rocks in the engine.

I called jiffy lube and they put 4 quarts of oil in and said I would be fine.

The care never drove the same. This incident ruined my head gaskets and cost 2000.00 to repair.

Jiffy Lube's service, customer service, and Corp level management could care less about rhe customer and the huge inconvience/expense they cause consumers by their intentional neglect.

Jiffy lube (owned by shell) needs to be shut down by the state attorney generals office as this is a repeat pattern of  consumer fraud.

[2169] Joe in Austin, TX Oil Plug Gasket Problem

I took my niece's recently purchased 1892 Honda Civic in for an oil change here in Austin, TX. The mechanic broke off the oil plug gasket and blamed a oil leak on the Freon in the air conditioner later. Also, told us that the cabin filter was fine and to take the Honda to the dealership for an a/c repair. Honda found the oil plug gasket missing and no leaks on the a/c. They also found the cabin filter completely clogged. Honda charged us over $200.00 dollars for another oil change, a/c test, and cabin filter replacement. I contacted Ted Ward, the Jiffy Lube manager where the work was done and provided him with the paperwork from Honda. He faxed the paperwork to Heartland ( The company who owns the stores here in Austin) and can not get a response from them. This all occurred in August 2014 and here it is in November and still Heartland refuses to deal with my issue. I did check the BBB website for Heartland and found they have been downgraded from an A to a B because of 149 unresolved complaints of poor service and workmanship by Jiffy Lube.

[2168] Daniel in Howell, NJ Engine Flush Problems

My name is Daniel --. I am a repeat customer at Jiffy Lube. I brought my 2005 Hyundai Elantra into Jiffy Lube of Howell on Rt. 9 to have a standard service done on Saturday November 8th, 2014. An oil change for $40. At this point my car has been running fine since I've had it, 3 years. They brought me into the garage and made me look at some buildup in my engine. Told me it was bad and would really recommend flushing the entire engine. This is not what I had intended to do but they coaxed me into it anyway charging me $99. I wasn't sure that the build up necessarily needed to be completely flushed out of there, looked normal to me but every time I mentioned not getting the service the guy helping me out made a face and pretty much kept pushing to get it done and another mechanic came in to comment on how bad it needed to be flushed.. honestly seemed a little scripted but I just wanted to get my oil changed and get out of there so I said, fine flush the thing. They do the service, tell me it turned out beautiful. I drive home, which is about an 8 minute ride and park my car, everything seems fine. Later that night I make a trip that is a bit longer, about 25-30 minutes. I get to my destination and on the way back my car begins to smoke. The heat gauge is all the way up. Can't believe I'm over heating when I just had my car looked at. Pulled over open the hood to find anti-freeze all over the engine, as well as the reservoir cap was off and my air intake was laying in the engine not even on properly. I take it slow and finally get home which takes about an hour now since I'm stopping constantly to make sure the engine didn't get too hot. 

I call up the store and tell the GM Tommy what happened and he tells me to bring it in. I told him that his guys must have forgot to put the reservoir cap back on my coolant system and it got everywhere and my car over heated. I bring it back to the place and he checks everything out. At first he tells me they wouldn't have had left the cap open because they do not even check the coolant because I had a totally different service done, the engine flush. Which is not correct because they check everything to see what you "need" to get done to your car.. My girlfriend was there the same day and she had a mechanic call her out to the garage, showing her the bottom of her coolant reservoir cap pointing out there is water in the system and needs to be flushed, which may not necessarily be true, but we both decided to go with the advice of the technicians. Therefore they must have taken the cap off of mine to check as well as they told me I was fine with my coolant system and on top of that they flushed my radiator about 7 months ago, so I know for a FACT that they check that and they did at some point open my cap. I told him I understand he is trying to protect his guys but it seems too odd to me that my car has been running perfectly for years and the one day I bring it in here to get an oil change, you guys do something else on top of it and now the thing is over heating. Cannot be a coincidence. So he keeps revving the engine, checking everything out, making it smoke, and pouring anti freeze into it to get the system going again. Said there is air in the system and has to work it all out, so I get that yes. The thing is I did not have air in the system before I came to this place… my car was running just fine. After 10 minutes or so he calls me over and shows me that there is a fracture in the radiator and coolant is pouring out. I check it out and he is right, just did not notice this before.. So he tells me that is the problem, I need a new radiator. He has a shop up north that could put it in for me but he wouldn’t recommend driving anywhere so he tells me to stay somewhere close and get it fixed or pick up the part. So I just say I’ll probably just go get one and replace it than because it is a pretty simple job. So I slowly drive the car home and have a friend take me to buy a radiator. I spend $130. Later that night I install the new radiator get everything good to go. So I go for a short 5 minute ride and my car is right back to over heating. I pull over and pop the hood, and my brand new radiator is super hot already. The engine got super hot, super quick with a brand new radiator with no cracks. So it seems that the radiator is NOT the cause of the problem, but was damaged BECAUSE of the engine over heating, caused by them flushing my engine when all I wanted was to spend $40 on an oil change and be on my way! 

At this point I am looking for a refund of my money that has been spent fixing this problem and dealing with it as well as what it will cost to get it back to running condition which is unknown at this point. I wanted an oil change.. I did not want any other services done, and I was wrongfully pressured into making them. Just like the guys offered to fix my windshield and clean my headlights on the side with their own equipment in the parking lot. I walk into Jiffy Lube and I feel like I am being jumped by your mechanics and it is not right and I see it happening to a lot of people. I am one step away from contacting my attorney. I need to take my vehicle now to a certified mechanic that is not an employee of Jiffy Lube to see what damage has been caused by your company’s technicians and I am not sure how much this is going to end up costing. I would like some sort of response to see how we are going to take care of this situation. I do not usually send any complaints about anyone and do not regularly participate in confrontations but in this matter I know that I have been wronged. Please let me know how you are able to assist. I will be looking at getting a mechanic to estimate the extent of the damage and the cause to the over heating of my engine. 

This article is very interesting. 


as is this website with people encountering the same problems as myself.


I think I have a court case here but I am not sure. I feel like the next step is I need to get to a mechanic to find out what exactly Jiffy Lube's flush did to my engine but I do not have the money because they've shammed me out of almost $300 already. Here is my story, I cannot figure out who to send it to but this would be my letter. VERY frustrated. I do not know the next step to take

[2167] Pam in Burke, VA  Fraudulent Service

I have a 2006 Toyota Highlander and have always taken it to the dealership for maintenance.  However, I was in a hurry for an oil change before going out of town, so I drove 1 mile to the jiffy lube in Burke.  Like so many other people, there were a list of things it had to have done prior to my trip out of town.  Not knowing much about it, I figured they were experts and knew what to do.  I had a rear differential service and a transfer case service done to the tune of $160 and I have now been told by my mechanic that the service was NEVER done.  I have pictures he took underneath my car to prove that the bolts, etc., had NEVER been taken off to perform this service.  Fortunately for me, I’ve not noticed any issues with my car, but I for one will NEVER trust Jiffy Lube again to do an oil change or any other service for me.

It is a shame one cannot trust this service.  Since my mechanic told me this, I have been doing research on Jiffy Lube and it is amazing this company is still in business.  

[2166] Stacey in Houston, TX  Erroneous Incident Report

Had my oil  changed this morning, never had the oil light come on before in my car and now it comes on when I brake and idle. Finally got district manager on the phone after listening to the employees tell me it was nothing they did and hand me back the keys and dismiss me, told me to drive home (I live inside the loop).  Now they are changing the filter, he says perhaps it's a bad filter....... Wtf?!?!   Hope they haven't damaged my car.  Avoid this place if you want your car to run. Horrible especially since the employees are saying it's nothing they have done. 

UPDATE 1 hour plus later - They re-did everything and the brake light now is off so OBVIOUSLY it was something they did wrong the first time; wrong type of oil, filter, who knows . . . . I drove about 30 plus miles today, again, I hope my car isn't damage from their mistake.  I did make it home (about 17 miles) without the light going back on.  The employees did not even say they were sorry, even when I told them I was supposed to be at my friends birthday party dinner instead of spending my evening there. 

The incident report I received from them wasn't completed either, only says "cust had oil changed on 10/17/14 left came back this afternoon and said oil light comes on when she slows down check car drainplug tight no leaks filter tight no leaks oil level full.  I told her to get it checked out if it is something we did we would take care of it"   It doesn't say anything about re-changing the oil, filter, etc.  It's great that they put in writing that they would take care of the damage they did to it . . . it's in writing on their "Customer Incident Report".

[2165] Vivek in Kansas City, MO Engine Flush Problems

I went to Jiffy Lube at State Line Road , Kansas City for an Oil Change. I was asked to get an Oil Upgrade, Engine Flush and Coolant Flush as I was told that My Car could face problem without them. I accepted the upgrade and Engine Flush but denied the Coolant Flush as it was way too costly and I had the same a year back. The same evening my coolant started leaking and now I am told my the other mechanic that I need to replace the Water Pump.

I know nothing mechanical about Cars and hence not aware what could have gone wrong but It started happening hours after the Oil Change was done. My Car was all good before I took it to them.  

[2162] Gerald in San Jose, CA  Tire Rotation

Your tire rotation policy ruined my tires after only 30,000 miles. Tires on front wheel drive vehicles have to be cross rotated. Your policy, at least at a store at Cypress and Stevens Creek in San Jose, CA is to simply move the front tire to the rear, and the rear tire to the front on the same side. This causes uneven wear. I had my tires rotated regularly. You need to change your policy to recommendations of the vehicle mfg. for front and rear drive vehicles. I don't expect anything to change with your policy, since doing it this current way is less time consuming, and less work for your employees. I had been a customer since I bought my vehicle, which was in 2003.

[2161] Dom in Morris Plains, NJ  Theft

Lodging a complaint to Corp Jiffy Lube. I have already spoken to the store mgr and District Mgr (Rich). Both very courteous but  could not offer me any more than the, 'I’m sorry but we will look into it'.

On 10/10/14 2:44Pm. I utilized the services of Jiffy Lube in Morris Plains NJ State Rt 10 #782. This was the first time using store. I am a past user of Jiffy Lube in Bridgewater/Manville and Nanuet NY for many years never with an issue. I pull in for a standard oil change. On the dash was a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses. In the driver side door pocket laid the empty case for my ray bans (on the dash)  and another case holding my Costa polarized sunglasses (a $200 value). When my oil change is complete (I am in the waiting room) I left the store less one pair of sunglasses (Costa sunglasses). Upon finding out (~10 min later)I called store immediately and informed them that they have gone missing(at $200 per pair) you would check as well to ensure your valuables are secured. I informed them of my issues, and returned with a threat to call the police, we reviewed the video tape with the manager with the guy who cleaned my car standing behind me (a little weird). Unfortunately for me, the camera angle had no advantage as it was positioned in front of the car and the opened driver door. A few employees (the cleaning guy, the mechanic and the greeter) all accessed the car. Some stayed in camera shot on that side more than others. No evidence from the poor viewing angle that can pinpoint someone factually swiping my glasses. That does not change the fact that I am short one pair of sunglasses, so what was to be a $40 oil change is now costing me $240+ and aggravation. The pair was bought 3 months ago, I still have the receipt and I wore them the day before (Thurs)returned them to my case so I know they were there when I drove in today. 

This is truly an unfortunate incident. Shame on me for allowing that to happen, I did not know I was dealing with Allibabba and the 7 thieves and I should have carried all of my valuables with me for a anxiety free oil change. If at Jiffy Lube you truly say, "At Jiffy Lube®, we believe you deserve to be free from the anxiety..." Than I anticipate that Jiffy Lube  will right the wrong done here to me. 

At this point, unless I hear back from someone from corporate HQ with a resolution soon (in the next 2 business days) my plan of action is as follows:

1)File a formal compliant with the local police department on the incidence

2) Never use or have any of my family and extended family use any Jiffy Lube in the Tri State area

3) I will inform all of my current and former colleagues in East Hanover, Parsippany and Bridgewater, NJ about this incidence and encourage discontinued use of Jiffy Lubes

4)Pledge to provide Jiffy Lube with all of the free Negative Publicly it deserves for allowing this behavior and sit back and hope it goes away attitude.

5) I will promote your competition

6) This would be obvious but I will no longer utilize Jiffy Lube #782 in Morris Plains and any other JL for that matter.

If Jiffy Lube corp cant right the wrong done here than you have earned a lifetime Negative press from me. Negative press costs 10X more than free press. My first stop is to talk to my company's fleet division to discourage use of JL for oil changes.  I respectfully seek a corporate reply.  A once loyal customer 

[2160] Amber in Saint Paul, MN  Prove It First!

Change oil light remained after service.Car Sputtered that day.The next day add oil light came on. That evening fluid is found coming from car, further inspection shows a rod hanging down and fluid on the under body of the car and on the pavement. I call to have them repair (pay) and the manager "SCOTT" speaks over me and says a bunch of excuses as to why it's not possible before sending someone who is "not affiliated with our shop" to look at the damage. This person wore a JIFFY LUBE UNIFORM and told me I could not prove they were responsible (what a shock!).After his visit, SCOTT the MANAGER OF JIFFY LUBE at 650 SNELLING AVENUE N., ST.PAUL, MN calls back and says Pay to have a shop prove it's Jiffy Lubes fault (on my dime) let JIFFY LUBE "verify", have no work done and "MAYBE" they'll pay for the damage. I guess auto repair shops are CSI now, they can tell me not only the damage but also WHO & HOW the damage was caused when they weren't there? Ridiculous, these guys did it and they know it!! What Jerks to not repair it off top!! 

The worst part is I'm a Handicap woman on fixed Income. That car served to connect me to basic needs such as groceries and doctors. Now I'm stuck all for oil change.

[2159] Lisa Engine Flush Killed Car

I took my car in on March 8th for an oil change before heading on a 400 mile road trip.  They stated I needed to flush my engine and RECOMMENDED that I do this!

I spent the additional $90. and did this...the next day I drove my car less than 30 miles and the Check engine light came on and my message warning said to turn off engine immediately.

I took it to Jiffy Lube and they said it was not there problem.  I took it to my mechanic who immediately drained the fluid and said it should never be flushed because it pushes all the "gunk" into the engine.

The next day I had to drive my car to Los Angeles and it died on the freeway with 3 children in the car at night...it seems the engine flush killed the car...$3500. later in mechanic charges, car still does not drive the same and over $%00. to have the car towed and travel expenses (rental car) to get back home...over $4000. one bad trip to Jiffy Lube cost me...

I want to take them to small claims court to get my money back...and I still have a car that is ruined forever....they should have not recommended the engine flush as it is actually stated that they should NOT do this by the cars manufacturer...they rip people off just to make money and hope most people want follow through.  Very frustrating!!!

[2158] Karrlee in Kennewick, WA  Oil Leak Destroys AC

On Aug 14, 2014 I went to Jiffy Lube on Clearwater in Kennewick, WA to get a routine oil change.  Not only did the attendants try and sale me on everything, they tried to charge me to top up my fluids which are included in the oil change.  I told them I would be traveling to CA the following day and wanted to make sure everything was in good condition.  The next day as I'm driving through the desert with my 1 year old daughter my air conditioning goes out, so I stop at the gas station in Las Vegas. I get gas and notice a large black oil leak under my car, which I determine my car was leaking it because I saw the dripping myself.  I move my vehicle and realized by my dipstick that Jiffy Lube botched my oil change and put used oil in my car and I only had maybe a quart left. 

To make a long story short Jiffy Lube towed my car 158 miles to the nearest jiffy lube and promised me reimbursement to all my out of pocket expenses. This was before finding out that due to them not putting the oil plug back right and putting the wrong oil filter on my car that this was the cause of my air conditioning to fail. The oil leak went everywhere causing the compressors shifter to slip and build up pressure that in return caused the hole ac system to fail. Now both the store and district manager are avoiding my calls and haven't reimbursed me any money which is well over $2,000. They said I must go through warranty department but they have failed to call me as well. I'm getting a lawyer and suing  them.

[2157] Matthew Suffocating Air Filter

Took my Chevy 1500 to jiffy lube when I first bought it for some information and check on everything.  They didn't engage me as much as I would have liked on everything, not very friendly in their responses to my questions.

Anyway jiffy lube put in the biggest cheapest air filter in my truck when I had dual exhaust and it suffocated the truck.

I love that truck and it has been sputtering and not starting on and off for 4 months and I finally figured it out but wow not very supportive or did they engage me in knowledgeable aspects of proponents of improvements and maintenance that I inquired to them about time and time again..

But I went to O'Reilly and met the most knowledgeable and helpful person ever

[2156] Leean in Selma, IN  Brake Problem

I have tried to contact you by phone but did not get anywhere.  Please call me at 765-284-9417 or 715-292-7312.  I have always been happy with jiffy lube but have encountered my first problem concerning a brake inspection.  Please call thank you so much.

this has really caused a problem,  I hope all the bad revues are not true on the web.  We have always been happy for years with your service. 

[2155] Venkatesh in Alpharetta, GA  Destroyed Alternator

On 2nd Aug 2014 I came to your business facility to get my Toyota Sienna 2006 serpentine belt fix (in my car serpentine came out and the car was running without serpentine belt) for that you have given me an estimate of $50. When I handed over my car to you at that time battery light was ON in dashboard. During fixing serpentine belt, you have broke alternator bolt that needs removal of alternator set completely to fix the serpentine belt. Standard procedure needs to be followed to remove an alternator, I was present during the removal of the alternator and I saw mechanic was directly alternator and removing it  and there was a spark emitted in alternator and then he disconnects the battery. As per alternator removal process first battery need to be disconnected there after alternator removal process need to be carried out (attached is the standard process for alternator removal). Standard alternator removaled process didn’t followed and my car fuses blow out and incur other damages. After Jiffy Lube service, the car was not in a driving condition, all light were on in the dashboard and there was no electrical supply inside the car. Jiffy Lube mechanic drive my car to Express oil change location to for further investigation, my car still in Express Oil change location.

I request you please reimburse all the other expense, not limited to car repair expense that occur in  my car. I look forward to your immediate reply. You can contact me at my home telephone number at 678-.... I have already give hard copy complaint at the above location, asIf I don’t get any response I will be sending this complaint in register post and thereafter will log this complaint under the united states laws.

[2154] Summer in Santa Fe, NM  Broken Extension Destroys Engine

On April 2014 my husband took my all three of our cars in for their routine oil changes to the local Jiffy Lube in Santa Fe, NM. Shortly after I noticed my car started idling funny periodically. Then one hot day, while running errands and the AC on my car it began to stall. Not completely but like it had ran out of gas and then would rev really high and be ok. I was out of town and it was the weekend so I couldn’t take it in to get looked at. I didn’t have the problem with my car anymore that weekend. But the following weekend my son noticed that my car was idling funny and shaking. He looked under the hood and noticed that the valve extension to my engine was just sort of floating there and completely broken off.

The last person to touch this part was the technician at jiffy lube. I called them and explained to them the situation. The store manager came over and looked at the part. I explained to her that during the oil change, their tech either over tightened the oil cap cracking the extension or while untightening it cracked the extension. Because it was a plastic piece, it probably cracked more and more over the weeks due to the heat of the engine and expanding. Eventually it completely cracked off. She said she would be willing to replace it.

She then called me later and said they pulled the footage and don’t see the tech breaking it. I told her that I didn’t say he broke it off completely, but that he did crack it causing it to break. She referred me to their customer service manage George who said he would look into it and call me back. He called the next day and told me that he watched the footage and it did look like their tech cracked it and offered to replace it. He referred me to a local mechanic to get it replaced. I dropped my car off in the AM and picked it up in the afternoon. Immediately I started to hear a loud ticking noise and feel some shaking throughout the car.

My Audi now sounded like a lawnmower. I took my car back the next day and the mechanic told me that he wasn’t going to touch it and to take it somewhere else. I took it to a shop that specializes in Euro cars. After diagnosing it, they found that the Rocker arm was bent and the cam lifters were broken. He said that the computer was showing signs of misfire which is what caused the damage to my engine. He said that the valve extension being broken allowed for extra air into my engine causing the valves to misfire and eventually break. I immediately contacted George to let him know what was going on. He proceeded to tell me that he had agreed to fix the original part as a courtesy to me but that he was washing his hands of my car. The cost to repair their damage……$3176.36. Money I do not have. So I am left carless, affecting my ability to get to and from work. I have reported to the BBB but have yet to hear anything.

[2153] Michael in Christiansburg, VA  Work Not Done

A few months ago, I stopped at the Christiansburg, VA Jiffy Lube and requested an oil change. After a few moments, they advised me to get a flush and fill, as well. I agreed and in less than 15 minutes they told me they were finished. Struck me odd at the time, but I thought--maybe they're just that efficient.  Wrong.

The sticker recording the mileage for my next oil change was scratched off; another red flag. Sure enough, my car was driving rough and not only did they not change the oil, I was nearly a quart and a half down a few days later.

Everybody makes mistakes, so I chalked it up to an oversight. However, yesterday my car overheated. When we checked the coolant tank, it looked as if it had been filled with mud. It was so think that it clogged, causing it to overheat. Luckily, I was able to make it to a more reputable shop and they were able to fix it. However, that could have just as easily ruined my radiator.

No only will I never do business with that station again, I'm advising all of my friends and family to avoid it, too. There's no excuse for this; it's just plain laziness and thievery.

[2151] Schakra  Two Months to Repair Their Problem

If you have decent car or any car for that matter anyhalf-decent car that you care for, don’t take it to Jiffy Lube. I took myMercedes E430 for an oil change.  During thework, they replaced a front light bulb but couldn’t care to properly close thelight cover at the back.  When I took thecar for a wash the next day, the light bulbs got filled with water.  I took the car back to Jiffy Lube, they triedto dry the bulbs, they couldn’t do that all the way but in the process ofinstalling the light bulb cover properly, after nearly an hour of sweating itout, they lost 3 clips of the air-filter hose which they had to unplug.  So, they took two months to get the clipsfrom the manufacturer, and when they installed it, they did it in the most carelessway. When I asked if there would be any consideration like a free lube job, theguy was furious and talked to me like I was the guilty party.  That the 3 trips I made and the missing partswere really my problem.

So, I am NOT going back to any Jiffy Lube ever.  If you are any smart, you shouldn’t either.

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