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Personal Experiences


[2050] Alexander Gouging

i have a new honda civic that requires synthetic oil 0-20w.  i asked the tech at jiffy lube if they had that oil and he said that they did.  he also said they did tire rotations as well.  when they finished i was presented with a bill for $100.38.  $100 for an oil change and rotation?  are you kidding me?  my local honda dealer charges $46 for the same service.  this is outrageous.  clearly jiffy lube is price gouging and i will NEVER spend another dollar there again.

[2049] Axel in Washington, UT  Just Say No

2049I decided to get my oil changed at store #2927 in Washington, Utah as I was driving from Las Vegas to Denver on November 28th, 2012. The service itself was fine, but they lied about everything else. My wiper blades were not worn out, and my coolant was completely full. I guess I looked like a sucker because I was driving a Toyota Echo with "Roxy Girl" decals. I politely declined the extra services offered and left. If you're a person who isn't too handy with a wrench and frequent places like this, you should familiarize yourself with a few maintainence basics so you don't get ripped off. Changing wiper blades and air filters is extremely easy, and you should never pay someone else to do it for you. You can do these two things without even getting dirty. All they do when they top off your coolant level is remove your radiator cap and add coolant. There's another thing you can do yourself. The $20 oil change can add up to over $100 pretty quick if you say yes to all of their extra service reccomendations. The next time I need to have someone else change my oil for me, I'll go somewhere else. I don't like it when honest faced people lie to me. 

[2048] Mike in McHenry, IL  Forgot to Replace Oil

On 11/17/12 I had my car into service at Jiffy Lube in McHenry. Upon leaving the tech said all fluids had been checked and that I was good to go. I have had Jiffy Lube maintaining the majority of the vehicles maintenance needs. This service they did rear diff, oil change, air filter change, replaced a light. On 11/27/12 I broke down on the highway going to Caledonia Wi. Had the car towed to Franklin Automotive and received a call from them that the front differential failed because of lack of gear lube in the front differential. They indicated to me at best there was a shot glass of fluid in the diff. They checked for signs of leakage. They indicated it had not been leaking. I confirmed this at work where I park and my driveway. On 11/27/12 I went back to the McHenry Jiffy Lube and explained my problem to the manager Martine. He went on the defensive and explained to me that they do not check the front diff because there is a shroud in the way that makes it difficult. Then he went on to explain that if I wanted to have it checked I would have had to have the 4x4 service and it would have been an additional $1.00. That was never mentioned to me at the servicing of my vehicle. I explained that to him, I think he was grasping at straws, and said for a dollar you don’t think I would have my vehicle checked. He had me wait and he went and put a call into his district manager Donavan Michaels. He came back and said that Mr. Michaels was going to refund my amount of service of $175.29 but after talking to Martine and discussing what a good customer I was they were going to bring it to corporate and get back to me. Martine let me know that Donavan indicated that maybe corporate would pay half for the repairs but that was all that corporate might do. Martine gave Donavan my info and said he would be calling me to discuss. And as a parting gift said how unfortunate it was that this happened. It is unfortunate that I had entrusted Jiffy Lube in the care of my car!

11/28/12 later if the afternoon no call from Donovan. Called McHenry Jiffy Lube and said I was expecting a call from Donovan and he did not call. Can I have his info. Assistant manager said he would call Donovan and let him know I was waiting for his call. Assistant manager called me back and relayed that he spoke to Donovan and I would be getting a call that evening.  No call from Donovan.

11/29/12 Spoke to Donovan he apologized. He thanked me for being such a good customer and insured me “that it will be taken care of”. I revisited the night with the Manager Martine and how it would cost another  $1 to have all fluids checked and that I was told it was too difficult to check because of access. Donovan indicated that the fluids should have been checked and that he was sorry for all the problems. He asked me to call Subaru to see if they would warranty the work because the car was only 200 miles out of warranty.

I called Gary Lang Subaru and explained my problem that with the differential ,did not mention Jiffy Lube’s involvement and asked what could they do. He said out of warranty nothing they could do.

11/30/12 Explained the warranty situation to Donovan, he seemed appalled that Subaru would not warranty. He said he was going out of town but that another district manager had some type of relationship with service at Gary Lang and that he would try on getting it warren tied. He was to get back to me when he got back in town the following week.

12/4/12 No call back from Donovan. Left voice mail to call me back.

12/5/12No call back left voicemail for Donovan to call

12/7/12 Spoke to Donovan asked for the phone # of Franklin Automotive and he would contact them.

12/10/12 Left voicemail for Donovan to call.

12/11/12 Left voicemail for Donovan to call.

12/12/12 Called Donovan and he picked up said he would call me back shortly. Up and that he was currently tied up.

12/12/12 Spoke to Donovan and he stated that corporate position was they were not doing anything about it because they did not service the front differential. He suggested that if I could get the car to Gary Lang Subaru that maybe they could help out in some fashion because the one district managers relationship with service at Gary Lang. I explained to him I was done with him and would handle in my own way hence contacting you.

In doing my own research and talking to Franklin Auto I have learned that

1)      No shroud around differential making it difficult to check fluid level.

2)      Fluid level on from differential is easy to check.

3)      I would have had a signs the differential was failing if leaking over time.

4)      Jiffy Lube’s web-site say “Check Differential Fluid” not check front differential and pay $1 if you want all fluids checked.

5)      Differential fluid has no othe4 components to leak into other than leaking out of the vehicle

That being said not only could of this been easily avoided if they checked the fluid level but based on the no signs of leaking and the service history of the vehicle there is a high probability that there service failed.

1)      It appears for whatever reason that they drained the front diff and did not put any fluid back. I have not brought this to their attention that I as well as Franklin Auto feel this is what took place. The oil drain plug in next to the front differential drain plug.

2)      Error on what service they were doing. Suppose to do the back but because of procedure failure drained the front as well

[2047] James  Another Victim

I have become a victim of your company with damage to my vehicle. Request who do I contact to start the process of getting this solved.

[2045] Mike  Unskilled, Incompetent

Jiffy lube stores across the us. Need to close there shops and let proffessionals work on vehicles. Jiffy lube does not employ proffessional mechanics they hire unskilled,incompent people that destroy vehicles .please help our vehicles live longer,close ur shops! 

[2044] Gulam in Rockaway, NJ  Did Not Replace Oil

I went to did Oil Change Saturday Morning [Dec 8, 2012] at around 9. 30 am , at Rockaway Jiffy Lube .He charged me 62 dollars . I was done with in 7-10 minutes.  I came back my house amused at how short time , they finished the oil change. I checked my Oil stick at house around 10. 30 and found The OIL was below the marked level in the oil stick. THEY HAD NOT PUT OIL AT ALL IN MY CAR AND CHARGED ME WITH 62 DOLLARS. I went again and complained to them, and they explained that there were oil leaks thats why the oil got low.. How can the OIL BECOME LOW WITH 1 HOUR WITH LEAKS AND BEFORE THE OIL CHANGE I HAD PERFECT LEVEL ON THE STICK. The OIL level was good when I went to change my OIL but after I CHANGED MY OIL , how can there be leaks. THEY ARE CHEATING PEOPLE AND CHARGING MONEY FOR DOING NOTHING TO YOUR CAR. Thank good ness , I checked it after I came home and realized it , before I started to drive. PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT GO THIS JIFFY LUBE, THIS IS A SCAM AND WILL CHEAT YOU FOR MONEY AND MAKE you car worse AND YOU WILL END UP PAYING MORE FOR DAMAGING YOUR ENGINE.

[2043] Bridget in Texas  Brake Light Errors

Once I took my car to jiffy lube and asked the guy if he could just put a brake light in since they were already working on my car (it's not like I couldn't do it myself, I just figured they wouldn't mind). He charged me for -- labor. LABOR TO INSTALL A BRAKE LIGHT. Just last week it went out and when I went to change it myself, I discovered that jackass had stripped every single screw in my back light and just used zip ties to rig it all back together. What a dumbass! He could have just said "No, sorry, I don't know how to do that. I'm a man with no testicles."

[2042] Robert in Culver City, CA No Oil Filter Destroys Engine   

Recently my vehicle was taken into your CULVER CITY location for lubrication service on September 20, 2012.  On September 21, 2012 when I was leaving my house I noticed that when I tried to start the motor it would NOT turn over, but rather just "click" once!

Thinking that the battery (which was only 1 week old) I called out the AUTO-CLUB for a "jump" - when the driver arrived checked and found that the voltage was fine, but the something was "binding"..!  So, I made arrangements for him to tow my van to my mechanic and have him look at it.  While loading the van onto the flatbed truck, the driver called me over to look at something.  I came over and he pointed out that oil was leaking from the lower section of the engine.  Upon further observation he showed me that the "leak" was coming from where the OIL FILTER should have been!!!!  Yes, there was "NO OIL FILTER!!!!!!

Needless to say I was shocked!  So at that point I had the tow truck driver to the van back over to JIFFY LUBE and show them.  While on the tow truck, the manager(Jimmy) had been making some calls to see what to do with the vehicle.  I was told by Jimmy that I needed to take my van to a repair shop of JIFFY LUBES (AUTO PROS @ 8535 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90034) to let them inspect the vehicle for JIFFY LUBE.  I had the driver take the vehicle there, met with Sam (the owner) and that was that!  This was done on September 21st - and I have heard NOTHING yet about my vehicles condition!

Since that time I have contacted the Bureau of Automotive Repair and filed a COMPLAINT against JIFFY LUBE for their lack of concern & attention that I have been shown. I have also been without a vehicle for over 5 weeks now - am  becoming very agitated about this whole situation!!!  The WORST PART is that I have taken ALL of my vehicles to have service done at that particular location over the years - and to be treated with this much DISCONCERN  and DISRESPECT is indeed very frightening!!!

[2041] Keith in Bonney Lake, WA  Wrong Filter Causes Fire

Jiffy lube, Bonney Lake, WA 98391 put the wrong filter on my care during an oil change.  Toyota told me it backed off, ran the engine out of oil and caught the car on fire.

New Toyota Solara.  Total LOSS.  Jiffy lube did NOTHING.

[2040] Tonya  Wheel Problems

This morning [23 November 2012] I blew out a tire on my Chevy Cobalt. I was just passing Jiffy lube and figured I would get a quick tire change .... I was wrong. I went into Jiffy Lube at 11:20  AM. I know this because my fiance texted the tire numbers to me when we arrived. I had to keep reading off the numbers to them because they wouldn’t write down the numbers. They told me it would be an hour wait, and then twenty minutes to change the tires. So I wait. At 12:20, I check on them, and 4 employees are just standing around. I decided to just stand there and stare them down. They finally got to work on my car at 1 PM. At 2 PM they are done (so I think.) I get into my car and after driving 3 seconds I hear a grinding sound coming from my tires. My fiance got out and said the tires looked too big for my car. We went back inside Jiffy Lube, and sure enough, they had put on the wrong size tires!

So round 2. At about 3 PM they get around to changing my car tires again. While I’m waiting, I had several conversations with other customers. One woman explained that she had come in for her drivers side tire to be replaced and caught them changing the passengers side tire. At 4 PM, they are done. I get into my car and AGAIN I notice a sound coming from my tires. This is after 3 seconds of drive time. Meaning that whatever employee had driving my car from the car bay to the parking lot had willfully chosen to ignore the sound. I had to reverse to go back to the front of the store, and my car SHUDDERED. I was so scared. I immediately stopped and went back inside. They looked at my car again and said that the wheel weights for tire balance we rubbing up against my Struts. That was what was causing the sound. They explained that they would put the weights on the inside of the rims. The assistant store manager explained they would graciously refund $8. What a laugh!
I was finally able to leave at 5:30 PM. I can not tell you how terrified I was that I was going to have an accident because of some negligence on the part of Jiffy Lube.

I had to fight to get my full refund. I basically refused to pay. I have no idea what kind of damage might have been done to my wheel well or struts, but I will be calling the Regional Manager. I am going to request he pay for me to go to a certified Chevy mechanic and see if they are liable for any damages. I am absolutely disgusted. I will update asap.

[2039] John in Lawrence, KS  Transmission Nightmare

In response to Jiffy Lube Complaint [1379] BP in St. Lawrence, KS  Transmission Nightmare

Which happened in Lawrence, Kansas store 492 (not St. Lawrence, KS), I was the technician working underneath your vehicle that day. I was working lower bay, for about the third time ever, and Subaru has a setup underneath the vehicle which from front to back goes Transmission drain plug – Oil drain plug. It was early and we were busy and I was rushing through cars and I popped your drain plug for the transmission and while it was draining another employee was downstairs and asked “Why are you draining this guys transmission?” I was like “Shit”, ran over and plugged the drain and asked the guys to add transmission fluid back into your vehicle. I asked them to please do so on numerous occasions and once your vehicle left I had asked again and the upper bay technicians just laughed and said “-- it, we work at jiffy lube who cares.” I specifically remember your car because It was the first time and the last that I had ever made that mistake working on a Subaru, and yes it was YOUR vehicle. Jason was our Store Manager, I could even tell you who was on duty that day. Justin, Randy, Chris, John, and Jason. I know this because I unintentionally F’ed up your vehicle and I feel like shit because of it because in all honesty, Jiffy Lube put me in that pit with little to no knowledge of what I was doing, and I continued on that path for another two years. I’m really sorry about what I did to your vehicle and it was an honest mistake, but I know that an apology doesn’t put the money I cost you back into your pocket. The bottom line is, for everyone, don’t take your car to Jiffy Lube and especially don’t take it to store 492 in Lawrence, KS. They’re the biggest pieces of sh*t and they don’t care what happens to your vehicle, they just want to sit there and get paid without having to “work on cars” and every time the bell rings the employees are like “Oh my god, go to -- work” or “Great, another mother --” and they come out and pretend to be happy and care what you’re there for and to meet all of your maintenance needs, but in actuality they just want to get through their 6 hour shift and get the F out of there. Everyone at store 492 is a back stabbing, sh*t talking, slacker who sells out the next employee in order to keep his or hers job. Have fun working for $8/hour sweating your nuts off worrying about big bad Tim Butler coming in and firing you bums everyday you go to work, treating employees like pre-schooler’s watching your every move. Make sure you have your bump cap and safety goggles handy! All the dealership technicians are wearing them!! Hahaha what a joke. Kelly, Go f*ck yourself you dead beat. “I drive a camaro cause I work at jiffy lube and I’m going through a mid life crisis and still wanna look cool”. No wonder your wife left you and your kids don’t respect you. YOU WORK AT JIFFY LUBE. And Dave the little midget fagg*t with the fat ugly wife with the butter dribbling off of her chin probably makes up for where your ex-wife left off huh Kelly? Sucking at the head of the Deek until you’re satisfied? Hey Dave, if you ever read this, your wife is a fat ugly bitch and you’re a little dwarf that obviously wont amount to shit in this lifetime, fagg*t. I bet you beat your shit alone in a dark computer room every day, at least four times daily; one could only assume with that fat piece of shit blonde that you brought around the shop. HAHAHA. Feel bad for yourself Dave, you walked around Jiffy Lube like a master technician like you owned that place, the sad realization is that its Jiffy Lube, and your Wife, a complete failure. Oops, I meant to say *Life. My fault. Tim Butler – Great DM. No complaints. Keep it up. Sorry, I AM REALLY SORRY ABOUT THE SUBURU THOUGH. I WORKED AT JIFFY LUBE STORE 492, I WAS THE EMPLOYEE EMPLOYED AT JIFFY LUBE WHO WORKED ON YOUR CAR ON THAT VERY DAY AND I DESTROYED YOUR ENGINE BY DRAINING YOUR TRANSMISSION ON ACCIDENT. I am also sorry about the inappropriate stuff I had to say about a few other employees at store 492, just take your cars to the dealership. Jiffy Lube wont warranty work that they fuck up, meaning, you lose an engine because of an employee error, you lose your car. Don’t take the risk at jiffy lube. Dave, murder-suicide, wife yourself. Just a thought. The world would be a better place.

[2038] Jim Engine Damage

I just brought my 2009 truck into the Ford dealership because of some problems (Noises) that I have been hearing…  They asked for copies of my service records as theirs were only spotty… I told them that I used my local jiffy lube and they are now trying to not honor the extended premium warranty that I have with them…

Apparently there is some serious damage to my engine –  They say that Jiffy Lube

§  Used the wrong filter that was only ½ the size it should have been

§  Did not use the right fluids in the radiator after the most recent flush

§  I also have transmission problems – I have not checked my records yet to see of JL also ruin this…

I would like to hear something back as to how, if I am hit with these costs that Jiffy Lube will make this right –  I will not hesitate to pursue legal action if the findings are that a JL location destroyed my vehicle…

[2037] Misty in Portland, OR  Destroyed Radiator

It is May 17th.  My drama with Jiffy Lube started on April 17th when they talked me into doing a radiator flush.  On the 24th on the way to a concert my Jeep overheated into the red.  Mind you Jiffy Lube has serviced my vehicles for about 10 years and have complete records as to a working radiator system.  I went to the closest gas station and lo and behold there was no fluid in the radiator reservoir per both gas station attendants.  We put radiator fluid in and I went to another Jiffy Lube in Tigard that checked the car out for "hot spots" because the Sherwood location told me I was supposed to bring back the car to check for hot spots within 48 hours.  Everybody knows that if the job is done right the first time, there is no need to do a 48 hour check which was confirmed by their Tigard location. 

Needless to say, they tried to flush the system again to no avail.  I missed 2 vacations with my daughter, and in the end spent over $700 to another mechanic to replace all the issues that occurred because of the flush.  In addition, the vehicle kept overheating for a month while Jiffy Lube was scratching their heads.  They referred me to their mechanic of choice who charged me diagnostic time to tell me he couldn't find anything wrong with the car.  Duh.......the needles in the red??????  Nice try though.  So, more money lost.  

The store manager refused to own up to the fact that they changed the fluid improperly for the age of the car, so the old fluid gunked up the radiator and ruined it.  He tried to rest his laurels on the fact that they tell customers to bring back the car in 48 hours to check for hot spots.  A completely irrelevant point being that "hot spots" were not the problem, and I brought back the car in 48 hours after the 2nd flush just to prove that point.  

In the end he said  he is not going  to pay for the damages.  He also had the audacity to say that he was trying to be nice and cordial about it all this time.  Excuse me, I am trying his patience????  I gave them a month to figure it out and they did not get it fixed.  Meanwhile, I am driving around with my heater on high to get the temp down, missed 2 vacations, almost missed a concert for with tickets for $200, and now am stuck with a $700 bill.  

I have contacted their Corporate and will be pursuing small claims if indeed they do nothing.  And I will sue for much more than the damages that I had to pay if indeed they do not make it right.  Will keep you posted.

[2036] Kevin in Fort Lauderdale, FL  Damaged Part

Went in for a simple oil change on a Friday morning.  The attendants damaged a part on my car and replaced it damaged.  I disocvered the damaged part 10 minutes after leaving. I returned to the store and they initially tried to deny damaging the part.  After 20 minutes of arguing, they agreed to replace the part.  It took more than a week, 3 stops and numerous calls to finally get the part replaced.  Avoid this and all Jiffy Lubes

[2035] Jean in Fenton, MO Did Not Change Oil

On 5/18/12, 3:34 PM, I took my '07 Pontiac G6 for a regular oil change.

#1 an employee broke off the gold part of a tire valve while doing air pressure check.  I waited while O'Reilly Auto Parts, Fenton, Missouri, brought them a part.   It was replaced.  I can only hope this has corrected the problem & not brought on another one.   If I have any problems with the tire, I will contact Jiffy Lube immediately.

#2 I began to notice that the "Change Oil Soon" light remained on.  It also said "Oil Life 0%."    An old sticker was still on the windshield. It has always reset itself!  I took it back today & requested an oil change be done, because it was not done yesterday, & I was charged!  The bill was $39.99 minus $10.00 for the inconvenience of the valve stem repair.  However, I feel I was ripped off!


Fortunately, I have the capability of knowing.  The one guy said it was definitely changed because he did it.  That is a bold-faced lie!  Another guy then said the oil was clean.  That is another lie!  Anyway, the oil was changed, & the car was not driven outside for me.  I slid on the garage floor, & it's a good thing I did not fall.

Oh & the one employee must have called a female friend of his, to be on-site, for some reason.  She wore a badge on a blue uniform, so I'm thinking she may have been a police officer.  I believe the purpose was to intimidate me, not to go any further with this.  When I drove away, the "Change Oil Soon" was gone, & the display said "Oil Life 100%."!!!!!!  This employee, & the one who was with him yesterday, need to be held accountable for their actions.

I am a single mom, & I believe they were trying to pull one over on me.  Fortunately, my display is in wonderful working order, & this particular Jiffy Lube was caught red-handed.  When I got in the car, the guy not standing with the cop, said "you now have new oil m'am."

[2034] Victor in Mechanicsville, VA Oil Pan Threads Stripped

I had my oil changed at Jiffy Lube # 1146 in Mechanicsville, VA on Friday 18 May 2012.  Upon reinstallation of my vehicle's oil plug, the mechanic stated that the

plug was stripped.  Mark, the head mechanic told me to order a new plug and that they'd install it on the next oil change.  Turns out, my plug is perfectly fine.  See attached photo.

If my plug is fine, this means my oil pan is the one that's stripped.  I've always had my oil changed at Jiffy Lube, but not at the same store.  Mark is telling me this was the fault of the previous Jiffy Lube I visited.  He wants to assume no responsibility.  I don't care who takes the blame.  I just want Jiffy Lube to honor their Pledge of Satisfaction and my loyalty by covering the repair costs.

[2033] Dan Air Filter Deception

Deceptive. They switch air filters. Show you old dirty ones.  There is a reason they put you in the office. While they do te work.  Left oil all over car seat.   Will never go back

[2032] Jive  No Bulk Oil Available

Just wanted to say how disappointed I am after all these years that I have been a customer at 'Jiffy lube'. Took my vehicle in for a $19.95 oil change and lube.  Was first told that they didn't have my oil in bulk in the overhead system and that it would be an additional charge for that.  Then I had to pay extra for the oil which they didn't have enough of to do my oil change after telling me that my oil dip stick must be wrong as it was not showing any oil on it after their filling it. You'd think that they would have manuals on the vehicles that you service to know how much oil should go into them.  To top it off I asked how many grease zerks there were when they greased the vehicle and I was told "15".  I thought that strange as there are more than that.  I got home from the service and crawled underneath my vehicle and saw that there were definitely more than 15 and they had only greased 6 of the zerks.  This on top of the additional $18.00 charge to my bill.  I was so mad that I didn't and WON'T go back to any of the Jiffy lube locations EVER again.

[2031] K Rose in GA  Caused Oil Leak

I got a oil change at Jiffy Lube in GA  my Invoice # is ---.   I was thinking that I went in for a basic oil change, they charged my $176.07 for any oil change, of which I believe I should of paid something like $40.00 for.  Thinking that I’ve done a good thing  left me speechless when my check engine like came on an hour after the oil change.  I returned to Jiffy lube the next day and the put some machine under the dash board and the mechanic tool me that they did not calibrate the car correctly.    The very next morning the check engine light came right back on.  I went back again to be told that the oil change had nothing to do with my check engine like coming on and was told to go to auto zone (really).  How unprofessional.   I believe your company has taken advantage of me.   NOW  because of what you did or the lack of your workers knowledge and not doing the right thing to my car.  This will cost me up to $600.00 to have my car repaired cause now there is some sort of leak  which  I believe is due to your company mechanic short coming.       

[2030] Mike in Provo, UT  Guinea Pig

I have a 2000 VW pasatt with auto transmission. I have been taking it to jiffy lube locations for over 200,000 miles.  They have always put n/a next to front differientail and many locations told me my car did not have one.  In short they are wrong. I just found out I do and found out jiffylube computer shows that I do and lists the oil weight. You can guess the shape of my oil after being neglected for 13 yrs and 200,000 miles because they said I didn't have one. I informed them I did have a front different and wanted it changed.  They did so. Guess what. My gear slipping that I have been fighting for 50,000 miles is now gone.  I spent 800 to have two shops check codes and pull valve body and flush auto trans to find why it slipped. All in the trans was fine. Turns out problem was front differential.  I asked the manager of the provo utah ( bulldog Blvd) why they put n/a when it should be serviced.....get this...the manager tells me and " when a drain and fill plug is hard to get to we usually just put n/a bu that item... WTF?????  THE DISTRICT MGR SAID this a a good training exercise and they will learn from it.    I AM NOT A GUINEA PIG I AM A PAIN CUSTOMERS. THE CUSTOMER WHO EXPECTS PROFESSIONALISM. NOT LEARN ON THE JOB AT THE EXPENSE OF MY VEHICLE. this car is 13 yrs old and VW produced million. How could they say they didn't know it had a front differential when its listed in the computer yet every jiffy lube in 2 states for 13 years had it wrong and now I have a damaged car which jiffy lube does nothing about

[2029] Joe in Liberty, MO  Oil Selection Fraud

Saturday October 20 I went to the Jiffy Lube in Liberty, Missouri for an oil change. I was taken into the garage and asked to look at a computer screen to select the oil my car used. I told him I did not know what kind of oil I used I usually rely on the Ford dealership to help me with the decision. He selected one that was “recommended by Ford”. At checkout I owed $78!!! A “full service” oil change at my local Ford dealership is $38 and includes a car wash, etc. When I complained he showed me the price list which is inside the building and told me he gave me the oil I selected. I told him HE selected the oil not me and complained about an oil change that cost $78. He said I selected it so it was not his problem. I left extremely disappointed and will NOT be going back to Jiffy Lube. I will tell my family and friends not to use Jiffy Lube.

[2028] Rod in Gainesville, FL  Used Wrong Oil Filter

Took our Honda to the Jifflube on Newberry Road in Gainesville, Florida on 10/10/12 and much of my oil change ended up on my driveway (new pavers/new home by the way).  We took the vehicle to our Honda dealer who said the wrong oil filter was put in and redid the oil change as a courtesy to us.  Contacted the franchisee who said they would not refund the charges because Honda did not charge us - supposedly per manager and regional supervisor. Gave them the name and number of the Honda service rep but they didn't care. Offerred us some free "services".  Seriously?  Outraged!  This is a matter of principle!  My wife is a web designer and we will be putting a page up about this next week.

[2027] Tim in Silverdale, WA  Stripped Oil Plug

I've been a loyal customer of the Silverdale, WA Jiffy Lube located at 9584 Ridgetop Blvd NW for many years - going to them exclusively for oil changes and routine maintenance (radiator flush, manual transmission service....etc)  A year or two ago, while going through the details of an oil change on my car (2000 Honda Civic Ex), the tech nonchalantly informed me that the threads were stripped from my oil pan and that they had to use an oversized plug, and that the car had "come in that way". 

I pointed out that I had been taking my car exclusively to them for over a year, so if it had "come in that way", it was because they stripped the threads on the oil pan during my previous visit.  They then went to check with a manager, who said that if I had indeed been coming to them exclusively, they would be responsible for any repairs that needed to be done, BUT they had a wide range of oversized plugs, so I wouldn't need to worry about oil leaks or getting the oil pan replaced because it wasn't necessary at this time.

Fast forward to this past weekend - I had my oil changed and transmission fluid replaced.  After being escorted into the waiting room to wait for the work to be completed, I overheard the tech in the oil change pit yell something to the effect of "watch out for the oil cap on this car, its barely hanging on", which would imply that they are fully aware of an issue with my oil pan.

Upon completion of the oil change/manual transmission fluid replacement, the tech going over the list of services rendered on my car again nonchalantly mentions that I have a leak in my oil pan. 

I have not been in any accidents, or have done any damage to undercarriage of my car.  One can see that by inspecting it.  I have not performed any maintenance on my car personally.  I have paid Jiffy Lube for years to do that for me.  It would stand to reason that if there is any damage to my oil pan, it was damage that Jiffy Lube did to my oil pan and I expect satisfaction. 

I reported this issue on jiffy lubes customer service form and am waiting to hear back from them.  If I don't, i will be taking these actions in the following order: 1) pay the store a visit and discuss with a manager what jiffy lube will be doing to make this right 2) contact the wa state better business bureau 3) post this issue on jiffy lube social media pages ie: twitter, Facebook 4) go to small claims court

[2026] Virginia in Freeport, IL  Dangerous Gas Line Disconnect

On October 5, 2012 @ 12 noon I went to Jiffy Lube in Freeport, IL to have my oil changed, and felt everything went well.  They changed the oil, put a new filter in and I was on my way.  I went back to work immediately and remained until I left work at 3 PM. 


The following day Saturday, October 6, 2012, I left home to run some errands and as I was driving I smelled gasoline but ignored it because I thought it was other cars around me.  I get to my destination and discovered gasoline running from my SUV as if it were running from a faucet.  I became alarmed and returned home.   I phone Jiffy Lube in Freeport (I live in Rockford) spoke with the manager he said he needed to speak to his manager because he couldn't make a decision like that. 


He called me back say "his manager said he couldn't imagine anything they could have done and if in fact they had, they would take care of it.  Well, obviously I couldn't drive the truck with gasoline flowing so I had to wait until Monday, October, 8 to determine the problem.  Thanks to my brother-in-law, that could put a piece there until I got to a mechanic.  Bove's of Rockford determined that the clamp to the gas line was knocked off.  I lost an entire tank of gasoline.  This could have been more dangerous than it was. 


I have been to Jiffy Lube many times before with no problems but after this experience, I will no be returning.  My children and I could have been in serious trouble if someone had not noticed that the gasoline was flowing from my truck.

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