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[375]  Mike in Salem, OR  Poor Service

1) Oil filter improperly secured; oil leak. Poor customer service; no refund offered, no follow-up.

2) Rad flush improperly done; brown coolant after 13K miles. Free re-flush.

[374] Ben in Chicago, IL  Employee

My name is Ben and I have worked for multiple heartland jiffy lubes in Chicago, IL.  I have a similar story as Tracy from Chicago which I have not met.  I was a Manager and the only reason I made it there because I ran 1 of the top 3 T/A's in the Chicago land area.  I would rip the customers off  for everything they had with telling them anything to make the sale.  The reason I did this is because I was threaten with my job every other day if the stores T/A was down.  I have 2 kids to support and could not afford to lose my job.  The district managers did not care about the employees and either did the regional manager Curt.

Working for this company was the hardest and most stressful point in my life, I would work 70 hours a week and have to hear the DMs down grade me and other employees. They put so many requirements on me and the other managers just to make sure every customer got "rape".  If they didn't it was our faults.  I eventually got so stressed out that I started to lose my touch with customers.   This pissed off the DM and Regional Manager so bad that the plotted this hole scam to fire me so I didn't collect unemployment. 

I worked on Friday but took Saturday and Sunday off.  Well Sunday afternoon I received a call from the DM on my cell phone stating that if I didn't return the $100.00 I took that he was going to call the cops.  I don't steal from anyone!  I did not receive this message till that night.  First thing in  the morning I went to the Jiffy lube to find out what was going on.  I ended up talking to the police and they said to find out where the money was at, look through my paper work  and call the back.  I did research and came to find out it was the DM who took the money on Sunday.  He says that I came in at night and took it using his codes for the computer but what he doesn't know is that I was at my friends wedding in Michigan who happens to be a Cop.  Anyway Jiffy lube Drop the charges but told me I could not come back to work for them because this hole ordeal makes them "uneasy".    Well one of the DM's for another store is a friend of mine and he said in a meeting they talked about firing me because I made to much money and the didn't want to pay me that amount and more.  The point of me writing this letter is to vent and tell everyone that jiffy lube is a horrible company to work for and to be a customer of.  I hope people avoid going there at all cost.  If they will do this to me they will do it to anyone.  This company is the nastiest, greediest people I have ever met in my hole life.

[373] Paul   No 5W-20

I havve been investinng in Jiffy Lube services since January 2006. I have been driving about 3000 miles per moth and have informed Jiffy Lube employees, every time, that my 2006 Mazda3 takes 5W-20 motor oil (as stated on the "oil cap"). The most reent time I took my v ehicle to Jiffy Lube, I notice them using the pump from the 5W-30 container. I immediately informed them that my extended Mazda warranty is valid only if 5W-20 oil is used. The employee handling my vehicle stated "We're out of 5W-20 on this aisle...There isn't a big difference between the two [oils]". I informed him that my warranty is void unless 5W-20 oil is added...I said this twice to him. He insisted on channging the oil out.  After replacing the incorrect motor oil with the correct grade, 5W-20, I paid and drove my car home. I always wait a couple hours for the motor to cool down, then check the oil level "JUST TO BE SURE". The level was at the minimum marker for my vehicle. I measured the dipstick level numerous times, called Jiffy Lube, and headed back to that store where I purchased it. The employee who checked it derived at the same conclusion I did--My vehicle was not filled competely with motor oil. In fact, my vehicle was filled with 2.5 quarts of motor oil. My mazda3 requires 4.5 quarts of motor oil. I have called The customer Service line 4 times, and there has been no feedback. I have waisted countless dollars here at Jiffy Lube.

[372] Gary in Websters Groves, MO  Bad Behavior

I arrived at Jiffy Lube #1451 in Webster Groves at 7:20am on Friday, July 14, 2006. There was one vehicle in each of the three bays and no cars in queue.  I noticed that it was 20 minutes before any oil was drained from one of the cars being serviced, a Honda CRV in the bay nearest the waiting area.  No work was being done on this vehicle for this duration. 

My car was pulled in at 7:52am. An attendant whose name I later learned was “Deion” entered the waiting area and pointed at me and motioned for me to come with him over to my car, a silver 2004 Toyota RAV4.  He had the air filter laid out and told me it was “due” for a replacement, and said that “the recommended oil for my car was a synthetic blend,” which I immediately suspected to be an untrue statement.  I asked him if that was indeed the recommended oil for my car and he said it was.  I told him to use traditional oil, and he immediately became indignant that I had the audacity to question him.  He scoffed and began to walk away from me, saying, “Fine, put whatever you want in it.  You’ll get sludge.  It’s up to you.”

I then asked him plainly, “Well, what is the recommended oil for my car then?”  He said he didn’t know.  I walked over to my car and got the Manufacturer’s manual and began to look up what the recommended oil was, since he admittedly did not know, a preposterous and shocking thing for a fast lube employee to say.  As I leafed through the manual, I asked him again, “So you said the manufacturer’s recommended oil is a synthetic blend?”

At this point his annoyance heightened and he backpedaled, saying, “I did not say it was the recommended oil; I said that is my recommendation.  That is what I would put in it.”  I then pressed him, saying, “No—wait.  You said the manufacturer’s recommended…”  I could not finish my assertion because he so rudely and aggressively confronted me, saying, “I’m a grown-ass man!!  You ain’t be telling me what I said!!”  In disbelief I asked him, “You’re a grown-ass man?”

I then realized I could not speak to him any further due to his unbelievable and unacceptable behavior.  I asked him who the manager was, and he pointed to a man standing just a few feet away.  John Higgins is the manager of Jiffy Lube #1451 in Webster Groves.  He had been standing just a few feet away during the entire exchange, but had not said or done a thing, despite witnessing the entire fiasco. 

After waiting for 30 minutes, being lied to, disrespected, and cursed at by Deion, I firmly asked John if he had heard that.  He said he had.  I asked him what he was going to do about it.  He said “Nothing.”  I could not believe this.  Things had gone from bad to worse.  I asked John if this is how he runs his shop, if this is how Jiffy Lube wants his shop to be run.  He did not respond.  I asked him whom should I call to tell them how he is dealing with his staff.  I asked who the district manager is, and he angrily said, “Oh sure, call the whole world!”

Then he became irate at me, asking me who my boss is.  He pulled out a pen and asked for my boss’s name and phone number and acted as though he was going to write it down.  He said he wanted to call my boss and tell him what an “ignorant guy” my boss has working for him.  In sheer disbelief, I asked him if he was calling me “ignorant.”  He said he was.  He said he was!!!!  He said I was acting ignorant, so he was calling me ignorant.

I told him this was unbelievable!  I told him I had been there for 30 minutes, and that the car in that bay before me had sat there for 20 minutes before the oil drain was even started.  He cut me off, quickly and dismissively retorting, “This isn’t McDonald’s.  You can’t expect to just pull in here and get serviced!  We do shop work here!!!”  I told him this entire experience was incredible and to just put traditional oil in my car.

He quickly complied and the oil change began.  I stood there in silence by my car the entire time, fearing it would be sabotaged by any one of the people working there.  After about 5 minutes of silence, John walked over to me.  He spoke lowly, with obvious fear, and explained that he does not discipline employees in front of other employees, and apologized and told me my “VIP service” oil change would be free due to my “wait,” then, almost as an afterthought, added, “and the poor customer service.” 

When I walked to my car to leave, I glanced up and saw that Deion was menacingly glaring straight at me.  He was obviously trying to physically intimidate me.  I left the shop stupefied at what had transpired, and uneasy about the quality of work that had been performed and a little concerned for my physical safety at Jiffy Lube #1451.  I remain concerned that the oil change was done incorrectly.  I did not see them vacuum my car, and they did not change the reminder sticker in the front window, which leads me to suspect that other services were not performed.  Because of the delays, I was late to work.

[371] Ali in North Brunswick, NJ   Won't Start

I'm writing regarding a recent trip to Jiffy Lube at 530 Georges Rd North Brunswick, NJ 08902 (732) 828-3828 (Feel free to call up and complain some more to Frank the manager). My car is a 89 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera. 180k miles on the car but still runs perfect, until my friend decided to do me a favor and have my oil changed at Jiffy Lube on 9/03/06. Now, I don't live in North Brunswick, but 30 miles away in Jersey City, so I was a little upset the car broke down that far from my house so it wasn't until the 5th when I could go see it and find out what was wrong. Anyway, 2 minutes after getting the oil changed, the car will not start at all, as in the starter is completely dead. I've driven the car for 1 month prior to that and if anything, the starter was one of the strongest parts on that car.  After a couple minutes arguing with the ignorant manager, he decides it is the starter and wants me to get it changed as well as a radiator flush, new serpentine belt and new transmission oil. I did not want to hear one more word out of this guys mouth. Who do these guys think they are? Worst service I've ever encountered. On top of that, I had to pay $80 for a tow back to Jersey City and now its sitting waiting to be fixed. Those guys can go screw themselves

[370] Adrianne in Tempe, AZ  Locked Out

My name is Adrianne and this past Sunday 09/03/2006 I drop my car off for an oil change at approximatly 3:30 and one of the employees told me my car was going to be 40minutes. Their were 6 cars in front of me. So I walked down the street and came back in 40 min. and they were closed with my car locked up and I had to wait until Tuesday to get to my car. And this was labor day weekend and im from New Orleans and I don't know anything about Arizona, so I had to walk all the way home (2 miles exactly). And when I picked my car up they made me pay for the oil change in it's entirety! Im very unhappy with the service and it's management. And I will no longer need Jiffy Lube services, this won't be the last time they will hear from me. I will be contacting the cooperate office! That Jiffy location was... 2014 S. Rural Rd. Tempe, AZ, 85252

[369] Kay in Fountain Valley, CA  Cover Up

When all my oil had leaked out the morning after an oil change at Jiffy Lube, I went back all upset that they hadn't closed the cap correctly. They told me it wasn't the cap, but that I had a bad part. My husband bought the part from the Chevy dealer and Jiffy Lube supposedly installed it.  A few days later we took the car to our mechanic for another problem and mentioned what had happened at Jiffy Lube. He pulled the  part (that looked exactly like the one we had purchased) and it was obviously old enough to be the original.  My mechanic said he had heard many other complaints from his customers about JIffy Lube. Those crooks just lied to cover up their mistake and didn't even install the part they had us buy! I'll never go back to Jiffy Lube.

[368] Kenneth in CA  Unneeded Services

Jiffy Lube Tried to sale me the 30,000 mile service. Stating one needed Radiator, Transmission Flush and Filters.  Of course anything that would add up costing you $400.00 to $500.00 dollars.

I guess their greed got the best of them. BECAUSE  MY CAR ONLY HAD 23,000 MILES ON IT.

[367] John in Cedar Park, TX  Stupid Rules

I've used the Jiffy Lube early bird special a number of times. I've always used my own oil & filter, & it's always cost $19.99, until today, when I was informed unless I used their oil & filter, it was gonna cost me $29.99. I told the manager that was the most idiotic stupid rule, I'd ever heard. They'll never see me again.

[366] Robert in Lombard, IL   Broken Promise

I am writing to let you know why I, my wife AND daughter will no longer be customers at Jiffylube.  I doubt I will hear from you or that you even care about my situation, nevertheless I will explain.


On 7/09/06 I visited the Jiffylube at: 1 east Roosevelt road, Lombard. IL 60148 Jiffylube #194  Along with an oil change I had my radiator flushed. Shortly after I left Jiffylube my check engine light came on. I took it in to the dealer and they explained Jiffylube caused an air pocket in the system when they performed the work.  It cost me $110.00 to fix the problem. 


I went back to the Jiffylube on the next Wednesday 07/12/06 and explained what happened. The manager acknowledged the problem and told me to write the district office for a refund.  He then suggested he give me 3 free oil changes to settle the matter. I thought this was fair and agreed.  The problem seem to arise from the fact that a new manager is in place at that Jiffylube


My wife went and got 1 free oil change on 08/30/06. I went 2 days later on 09/02/06 and after much explanation and arguing got my 2nd free oil change. I then sent my daughter a few hours later to get the 3rd free oil change and they refused to do it stating the free oil change applied to my car only not my daughter’s car---this after they had already done one on my wife’s car.


I went back the next day and spoke with Al the asst manager and he refused to budge. This whole affair has been nothing but aggravation and life is too short to argue about 1 more free oil change so I’ll just forget the last free oil change on my car and just not go back to jiffylube anymore.

[365] Jason in Jacksonville, FL Undone Services

One month ago, in July, I went to the Jiffy Lube on Old St. Augustine Rd (across from Winn-Dixie) in Jacksonville, FL.  I requested the standard oil change, which includes topping off my liquids and adding air to my tires.  The technician ran through the list of "services" performed, which specifically stated on my invoice that they filled my tires to 35 PSI and filled my windshield washing liquid reservoir.  I paid my $32 (which was $5 more than three months earlier) and got in my car.  My instrument panel tells me exactly what the PSI is in each tire.  I checked it, and low and behold, the PSI in each tire was 28...exactly what it was when I pulled up.  To top it off (no pun intended), I had the same warning pop up that my windshield washing liquid was low, which means they didn't do a darn to fill it!  Bye Bye Jiffy Lube!  

[364] Bruce in La Palm Desert, CA   Failed Tests

I have a Chrysler Sebring Convertible and I took it in to the Jiffy Lube in La Palm Desert California for the high end service where they do all the fluids and all the check list items. After they finished in record time I asked about the battery because out here the heat is hard on batteries. They told me they checked the battery for water levels and visually inspected it for swelling etc. I know for a fact that you have to remove the battery through the wheel well on that model to even see it! I watched and they never went near it!! So as I checked around I found they by passed several of the agreed tests and check points still charging me max price of course. I will not go there again. This is actually the second time they messed up. The first time they left the oil filter loose and it puked oil all over my driveway. I fixed that one myself. That work was done by the one in La Quinta California a few blocks away from the above location. 

[363] Jim in Simi Valley, CA   Don't Work Here

I personally had a run in with them at the Simi Valley Jiffy Lube on Los Angeles Avenue west end, next to McDonalds.  I drove in, walked into an office that was filthy with trash all over the floor, a public restroom that was not fit for my dogs.  That started my visit.  I have a diesel VW Beetle.  The crew there had no idea how to change the oil filter on a diesel VW as they had never seen one before!  I had to perform the filter change for them!  They had a hard time figuring out where to put fill the engine with oil after they drained it.  I was not reassured at this point.  As I am overseeing this 10 minute job which took 30+ minutes, a young teenage girl (approx 16 years) came over from the McDonald’s next door after she got off shift. She saw my car and immediately walked over because she hadn’t seen a VW Diesel Beetle before.  She is interested in cars and wants to be a mechanic.  I explained diesel engines and how they are different then gas engines.  She said her goal was to quit McDonald’s and work at Jiffy Lube so she could get experience and become a mechanic.

As she was talking the Jiffy Lube Manager who was in his late 30's early 40's walks over to her and makes a gesture grabbing his genitals through his pants and makes a statement to her about what she would have to do to get a job there!  I was stunned.  She was shocked, disheartened and shattered because this was a place she wanted to work.  The look on her face was indescribable.  I apologized to her for his actions and said that was unacceptable behavior on his part.

That in itself did it for me.  As far as I was concerned my car was finished.  I didn’t want them to do another thing.  I walked in to the office to see the idiot manager and told him that I wouldn’t be coming back, that I was contacting corporate, and that I wanted to pay him for what little service they had performed.  Even though I brought my own diesel engine oil and VW oil filter they STILL CHARGED ME the full rate!  Why? Because this manager couldn't figure out how to reduce it in the computer for customers with own oil and filter.

I did write corporate from their website and I got a phone call from the biggest jerk ( a regional manager) I have ever heard.  He was exactly like the idiot in the NBC video clip.  No recourse.  No refund. No resolve and now NO BUSINESS FROM ME OR MY FAMILY!  I have 3 cars and a truck. 

[362] Kelly in Dallas, TX Huffing Freon

My son took his car to a Jiffy Lube in Dallas a couple of years ago and walked in on 2 employees huffing Freon!!!  I haven’t been a customer of theirs since.

[361] Kelly in Madison, WI Transmission

I took my Hyundai Accent to a Jiffy Lube in Madison, WI. (The one on PD).  I was told before my oil change that my transmission fluid needed to be changed and a flush was recommended.  They showed me brown transmission fluid and knowing that is not the right color, I had them change the fluid and do the flush.  A month or two later, I try to leave work.  My car won’t reverse.  I finally get pushed out of my spot and drive over to the Hyundai dealership at about 10 mph, praying that my car would make it there, feeling the transmission not working, and hoping that the smell is just a coincidence.  After the mechanics looked at my car, I find out that I have to replace my transmission-which is more than the car was worth at the time.  I asked them what went wrong-they had checked the fluid and…IT WAS THE WRONG FLUID!  Thanks Jiffy Lube, because of your idiocy, I got to buy a brand new car!  And it only cost me the $69.99 for the flush plus the $21,000 I paid for a new car.  What a deal!   

[360] A in Cary, NC No Oil

About two years ago I took my 1998 Gallant in for an oil change, reluctantly. I had had bad experiences with Jiffy Lube before (IE, constantly pushing more services, showing me an air filter that wasn't mine, etc) but it was close to my house and I was in a hurry. This was the Jiffy Lube on Walnut Street next to McDonald's, in Cary, NC.

Drove out, everything seemed on the level. As I continued to drive, I noticed a bit of a shudder but nothing horrible. I did do a little driving that evening, not much but enough, as it turns out. The next day I drove my car to work, and noticed more shuddering! This time it was something horrible. At one point my car actually shuddered and cut off. I did a 180 and headed immediately for my dealership. After about an hour they came out and told me that:

A. My oil pan had been drastically overfilled. The mechanic said it looked like 4 quarts had been poured over top of whatever was left when I took it in

B. My transmission had been COMPLETELY DRAINED OF ALL FLUID and not refilled. I had been driving around on a dry transmission for a solid day. Now I ask you, how in the heck does a person mistake oil for transmission fluid? I'm no mechanic and even I know the difference!

They asked if I had recently gotten an oil change and I said, yes, at Jiffy Lube! A look of familiarity crossed their faces, and they told me they got this a LOT.

My dealership said they'd try a flush and see if that would fix the problem. After that I immediately went back to the offending Jiffy Lube to complain. I was treated rudely and directed to a customer service person's phone number. I contacted him and after a long period, he contacted me back. He agreed to pay for the flush and reimburse me for the oil change. Great, right? Happy ending?  No.

The flush did not work. I was informed my transmission would have to be replaced completely! Long story short-after DAYS of not having phone calls returned from me or my dealership, after wrangling back and forth about the price of a new vs. a refurbished transmission (they would only pay for a used one), after Jiffy Lube did not contact my dealership in time for them to get a part by the weekend, after over a week of me having to use a rental car, while my car languished at the mechanics-finally my car was fixed. I was like a possessed harpy; Jiffy Lube had to pay for every single thing. The rental car, the comprehensive insurance for the rental car, the transmission, and the labor, everything. All told it ended up being over 2,000 dollars, every dime of which they paid. The customer service gentleman was polite and unsurprised, although slow about returning phone calls. They are lucky I did not go after them for lost wages on the days I had to miss with the to and fro of the entire matter! Luckily for me, I knew an attorney who had his engine destroyed at a Jiffy Lib. Let's just say he woulda worked pro bono.

Later on a person who shall remain nameless told me, Jiffy Lube customer service starts AFTER the car is broken. It's all about volume, people. SO many people go there that it is cheaper to let untrained employees break cars and deal with it after. People are either too uniformed or hesitant to insist Jiffy Lube pay, or Jiffy Lube finds a way to get out of paying, or, in rare cases like mine, they DO end up paying. But it's still cheaper than training employees well or hiring professionals on a grand scale. Nothing is going to change there, nothing. Your best bet is to avoid this place like the plague it is.

[359] Dan in Scottsdale, AZ  Kickbacks

I had just moved to Arizona from California and wanted to register my car. Before I did, I wanted to change the oil and air filter at Jiffy Lube and then get it tuned up somewhere else prior to the car being inspected.  I took the car into a Jiffy Lube in Scottsdale AZ (Jiffy Lube #1931) and the car was in perfect running order. I picked up the car later and drove it the 2 blocks home, where I parked it overnight. The following day I got to my car and saw that there was a large puddle of oil underneath the filter. I started the car and the car began to shake violently, my oil warning light and my "check engine" warning lights were flashing. The car was suddenly underpowered...one of the cylinders was not firing.

I limped it back to the Jiffy Lube and the staff claimed they couldn't find anything wrong with the car! They suggested it was a vacuum problem, but I told them about the oil leak. They told me to take it to a mechanic in the same shopping plaza, so I did. I knew the filter was improperly installed, but I didn't want to have these guys touch anything in the car anymore. I took it to their neighbor who charged me 400 dollars to get the engine running normally again. I have a feeling there are kickbacks between this mechanic and the Jiffy Lube guys in this shopping plaza. Although I never mentioned the loose oil filter to the mechanic (I wanted to see how honest he was), it was fixed but he never told me about it or put it on the invoice. He also told me he has no idea how the oil change could have damaged the car that way. Another reason I believe they are taking kickbacks at this Jiffy Lube from this mechanic.

I then called the Jiffy Lube district manager to see about them paying for the damage and repair. I spoke to her and she claimed the car was in rough shape when I brought it in (the inspection record they gave me stated otherwise) and that they were not willing to refund or pay for the repairs, but she would get back to me after running it by the legal department. She never did. I called her two more times and left a message, but got no return call.

I was going to take civil action against the Franchisee, but believe that I have little hope of winning it because the mechanic I took the car to appears to be taking kickbacks and told me he's not willing to say anything in court. I have instead joined a class action suit and am trying to launch an investigation into the kickbacks between the Jiffy Lube and the mechanic next door.

[358] Mike in Severna Park, MD Filter Fell Off

Brought my brand new toyota corrolla (approx 7,000 miles on it) to Jiffy Lube in Severna Park, Maryland. Less than 1200 miles later the filter fell off. Within a minute of the oil light coming on, the car engine stopped and well you can guess what happend. $7,000 later I had a new engine. Jiffy Lube took no responsability and refused any assistance. Fortunately for my wife and I, GEICO picked up the tab and said it had a whole file just on Jiffy Lube problems. Never thought I would feel gratitude towards my insurance company.

[357] Jose in Overland Park, KS  No Service

I have had THREE bad experiences with the Jiffy Lube located at 10201 W 75th St in Overland Park, KS.  In one instance, after my vehicle had the full signature service performed, I had a near wreck in my vehicle.  While driving a short distance, I needed to clean my windshield after some road mist and slush had soiled it (during the winter), there was not a single drop of windshield wash fluid in my reservoir. Since the wipers come on while the wash fluid is shot onto the glass, all that happened was a bad situation became much worse. I had to struggle to see and almost ran into a vehicle that had cut me off in traffic.  All this on a vehicle that had been serviced AND DOUBLE CHECKED BY THE TECHNICIANS.  This store FINALLY lost my business after I trusted them to perform a tire rotation.  I drove maybe 1/4 mile when my left rear tire almost came off due to the lug nuts being missing. Later, I discovered that I was sold a TRANSFER CASE SERVICE on a vehicle with NO TRANSFER CASE.  This was pointed out by one of their HONEST technicians---- one who does NOT WORK at the Jiffy Lube in question.

[356] Joe in Salt Lake City, UT  Air Filter

I brought my SUV to Jiffy Lube in SLC for oil change.  They showed the dirty filter and recommend the change; which I authorized.  3 months later, I took it to another Jiffy Lube, also in SLC area.  The attendant showed me a really dirty air filter & recommended the change.  When I asked him to pull out the record, he concured: it was "changed" 3 months ago.  Now I know why he was acting awkward, because he knew exactly what the other branch did (or didn't).

Thank you nbc4.tv, I'm never going back.

[355] Reco in Memphis, TN  Employee

I previously worked for Jiffy Lube (HEARTLAND AUTOMOTIVE) in Memphis, Tn. store #1940 Covington Pike.I worked for Todd Jones and Shawn Curtis.These guys are very greedy.Todd Jones, was my District Manager. I experienced pretty much everything other manager's have and I just want  to let the public know that in Memphis,Tn. these guys only want your money.I was told in a manager meeting recently that the Memphis market is the worst in sales and at all cost the company wants improvement. That means to managers at Jiffy Lube (sell everything to get the $66 dollar t/a (ticket average per car)or ripp off all women, elderly,and any fleet company to get your numbers.Well,I have this thing that I don't want to loose and it is INTERGRITY.I have been in this Lube business for about 8yrs. and reputation will follow you everywhere you go. I was fired for not following the direction of management Todd Jones and Shawn Curtis. Anyway,The managers at Covington Pike are very charming and may talk you in too stuff you don't need so watch out.Some name tags to look out for will be Chris,Drew,TJ,and Anthony. Hey,I like these guys and I am sure you will too.I do my own car maintenance. DON'T SEND YOU'R MOTHER, WIFE, GIRLFRIEND,OR KID'S THERE.


[354] Joe in Lansing, MI  Wrong Plug

Hello, I recently took my Volkswagen Passat to a Jiffy Lube on Cedar St. in Lansing, MI. The reason I went there was because of a poor experience at another lube station in town, and against better judgment, I chose Jiffy Lube.... again. The reason I say "again" is this: the last time my family went to Jiffy lube, the ... gentleman who vacuumed out my wife's car decided that it was necessary to vacuum my wife's expensive make-up and other personal belongings into his pocket. No, I didn't take the car to the same Jiffy Lube, I'm not that mindless, but I was trusting in a company that has been around for a while not to have two bad apples in the same city. Boy was I wrong. This time, after a ten minute wait, the car attendant came to the waiting area and said, "may I have a moment of your time sir?" My heart grew sick. The man told me that he didn't know who previously changed my oil, but they left half of the bolts out of the skid plate and over tightened the drain plug. I was naturally furious, because of my negative experience at the last oil change place (not Jiffy Lube), and I bit their soon to be found nonsense, hook line and sinker.

I soon stormed into the previous place and demanded to see a manager. It just so happened that I met with the guy who contributed to my negative experience previously, and spewed my version of his negligence. He stood there for a moment, and proceeded to tell me that I was wrong with my accusations. Ask yourself, is this what I wanted to hear? Um, no. I only got more angry. Finally he said, "let me prove you wrong." I said, "well no one else in the city seems to want to fix your mistake so go ahead, I will be watching." I had unknowingly set myself up for utter embarrassment. He went under the vehicle, and after pulling the skid pan off, apologizing for the missing bolts and replacing them, he loosened the drain plug with one arm. Now, mind you, the Jiffy lube expert stated that he had "hung on " the wrench to try and loosen the plug without results... what happened? Jiffy lube never even removed the skid plate, whether it was because they could not figure it out or because they were lazy, and they were attempting to remove the transmission plug which is not supposed to be removed. What an outstanding establishment Jiffy Lube isn't. Regarding the first experience, the outstanding employee was fired and my wife and I received three free oil changes without incident. As for the most recent occurrence, I have contacted the Jiffy Lube corporate offices and am waiting for a response. We will see what happens. My anger turned into embarrassment, but hopefully justice will be served.

[353] William in Humble, TX  No Lube

I have had my truck serviced at Humble, TX Jiffy Lube exclusively. Only two exceptions to this rule and one was a Jiffy Lube in another city. Took truck into dealer for service, rattles in steering column and over-all body. Dealer lubes with extraordinary number of pounds of grease before my very eyes! He states the vehicle has not been lubed in years!

[352] William in Acworth, GA  Bad Behavior

Being a business owner myself, I am disappointed to share this information with you but it is not a one time incident and felt it should be brought to your attention.  Two of your employees are continuing leud and disgusting comments, whistling and cat calling at my spouse and another of the employees located nearby.  They are not doing business with your store nor have they ever.  I phoned the store (which address I will provide below) and after a very harsh round of unacceptable comments, a spanish or mexican man told me to "go F**K myself". 

I obviously became irate and he hung up the phone.  I called back to obtain a corporate contact (knew I most likely would not be successful) and was again terminated by a female employee with the same male employee in the background coaching her.

This is a despicable way to conduct ones business and apparently an ongoing form of entertainment for this store.

[351] Melvin in Superior, WI  Tightening Filter

I was on a trip from Wash. to Wisconsin, with my RV. A 5th wheel trailer and a 1997 Chev. 2500 with a 454 cu.in. engine. I went to Jiffy Lube in Superior, Wi. and when trying to change the oil filter, the mechanic down in the hole was having a problem getting it unscrewed. Well I finally went down in the pit, and found that he was tightening the filter, instead of unscrewing it. He had it completely crushed and had a big pair of water pump pliers on it trying to twist it. Fortunately he wasn't able to strip the threads. When I pointed it out to him that he was turning it the wrong way, he was amazed when it unscrewed  turning it CCW. So was I, and relieved it didn't damage the engine threads.

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