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Personal Experiences


[2025] Patricia in Miami, FL  Destroyed AC Unit

Jiffy Lube Store #1461, 9736 S. Dixie Hwy., Miami, FL 33156:

I went in for a routine oil change but then was informed I needed more work. My A/C worked fine, but I was told it would cost $150+ for A/C service because I was "low on freon." Recently, I had had my A/C repaired at Goodyear so I went immediately to Goodyear, eight blocks away, for a second opinion:

1. The Goodyear mechanic put in writing that the A/C had been "tampered" with.

2. I brought the $571 A/C repair bill from Goodyear to Jiffy Lube the next day, 9/17/12, spoke with John Leon, the manager "for the day," (the regular manager, Manny Martinez, could not be reached by phone 305-798-2701) and then the regional manager, Jose Velasquez, by phone 786-251-1268.

3. "Day" Manager Leon showed me how a tube was connected to my A/C (see attached pictures of John Leon demo), but he and the regional manager denied damaging my A/C.

4. After watching John Leon FAX three documents: 1) the Jiffy Lube receipt; 2) the Goodyear receipt; 3) Goodyear mechanic's statement to the Regional Manager Velasquez, I was told by Velasquez that I would be contacted once he reviewed the store video (recorded in South Carolina)! Yes, the local store has a camera, but the recording is done in the SC main office!

 To date, no one has contacted me. There are thousands of complaints nationally about the company and two others just for this store.

[2024] Dawn in Blackwood, NJ  Overfilled Oil

I took my 2000 Toyota RAV 4 for an oil change on Friday [September 28, 2012) around 3:00 PM.  He asked what kind of oil and I told him regular.  So far, so good.  He enters info into computer which states type and amount of oil specified for my vehicle (4 - 4/12 qts).  So they get done and I head home.  I get about 100 - 150 ft. and my car starts pinging like crazy.  Then as I hit the gas pedal it slows down.  The more I press, the slower the car gets.  Then the smoke starts pouring from the exhaust!  Are you kidding me!  I crawl back to the Jiffy Lube (Store #402, 1311 Blackwood-Clementon Rd.  Blackwood, NJ  856-782-8774).

They try to calm me down.  They inspect vehicle and explain they overfilled the tank by one quart.  One quart does THAT to a vehicle>??  I said "How does that happen, do you know pull my car up on the computer screen and read that it takes 4-1/2 qts?"   They proceed to apply a large suction hose over oil tank, apparently sucking out excess oil.  After all this my vehicle appears to be okay at THIS TIME>

 When I got home, I then called a part time mechanic who works at our shop.  He is an excellent auto mechanic but works full time as electrician and can only work on vehicles part time.  He stated there is no way overfilling by one quart would cause that.  He said they would have to put 2 - 3 times more oil in there than required!!!  And that any damage will not be seen for about a week after the incident, so now I am on the lookout for problems which are sure to arise from their stupid mistake!!! 

To make matters worse, they did nothing to try to make amends, no nothing!!!!  They should have offered me some compensation, such as free oil change, etc etc.  I hate these people and I would advise everyone to stay away from them.  Too expensive anyway.  You are paying extra for them to wash your windows and vacuum your car.  NEVER AGAIN!!!

Also, they put the wrong mileage on the receipt.  Instead of putting the actual vehicle mileage of 258,000 +/-, they put 251,000 +/).  This is a difference of 7,000 miles.  I brought this to Maurice's attention and he just dismissed it.  Now suppose i want to take advantage of the oil top off for the first 3,000 miles after oil change.  When I take it back and they look at the receipt and then look at my odometer, it's gonna look a little strange, don't you think?

This vehicle has never caused me any major problems in almost 13 years of ownership.  It has been well maintained and I have never had a so-called professional company behave in the manner that Jiffy Lube has.  You should really check into all your franchises and see what kind of incompetent people are working there.  This gives Jiffy Lube a big black eye and I will tell everyone I know NOT to go to any Jiffy Lube at all!!

[2023] Consumer in Chicago, IL Destroyed Tape Evidence

Avoid Avoid Avoid I brought in my vehicle at the Jiffy Lube Service Center #199 in Chicago, IL on August 26 for service. I requested that my transmission fluid and radiator coolant be changed. Everyone was really nice, cordial and respectful. To the best of my knowledge, I never brought my car to this station before and I thought this was a pleasant experience. Unfortunately the services performed were extremely poor. When I left Jiffy Lube I went home and checked the fluid levels as I always do after bringing my car in for service (my old mechanic from a different state used to show me what they did before I would leave, which was nice).

I noticed that both the coolant and the transmission fluid were both overfilled. I brought it back the next day and told them about the situation. Even though they were a different group of guys, they were all very respectful like the crew from the previous day and stated they would look into it. After about 10 minutes they stated that the fluid was overfilled and they corrected it. I thought great, no big deal. So I drove away, but before getting too far I stopped my car to verify their work. They did indeed remove coolant and they brought it down to the appropriate level, but they did not remove fluid from the overfilled transmission. I could not bring it back because I had to travel out of state that day. Sometime into my trip, I was on a highway in Indiana where the speed limit is 70 miles per hour. Around the time I reached that speed I saw smoke come out from under my hood and from my fans inside my car. I pulled over immediately and lifted the hood to find that the transmission fluid had gushed out from the dipstick area and all over the engine, and when I looked on the floor there was a big puddle of transmission fluid. I let my car cool down a little and continued to drive to my destination hoping for the best. I made it to my destination ok.

Afterwards, that same night, I preceded to contact Jiffy Lube through the main website and through an email an employee of the Jiffy Lube contacted me and asked me to call him. I did. He was apologetic and offered me a free oil change and a refund for the service. I told him I had to think about it and possibly take it to another mechanic because I was concerned about damage done to the vehicle. A couple weeks later, after driving the car, I thought that it was ok even though the fluid level was still over (it was not grossly over as it was before -probably because fluid gushed out-). I emailed the employee and told him if he refunded for the service (like he had offered) we could resolve the matter (I also offered to take my car to an independent mechanic). He contacted me back and stated that he no longer was offering the refund.

His basis was that his store surveillance tapes showed him verifying the levels. Which to me is non-sense. For one thing, I asked for a copy of the tapes and the employee stated they no longer had it. Second, the reason I brought my car back to the shop the day after the initial service was that the fluids were overfilled. Like I mentioned before they removed the overfilled radiator fluid the next day and apologized for their mistake. If the employees were are all about verifying fluid levels then that mistake would have not occurred in the first place. Thus in my opinion the surveillance tape argument actually works in my favor, because it shows that they did a sloppy job during the initial service and that they had to correct it the next day. But they only partially corrected it by neglecting the overfilled transmission fluid. Anyways in short avoid this place at all cost

[2022] Kelli  Destroyed Engine

I unforunatly took my car to Jiffy Lube for an oil change 3,000 miles later the oil filter falls out yes falls out and drains my engine of oil. Needless to say my engine was ruined. When I went to Jiffy Lube they seemed concerned and receptive They towed my car to the shop along with the filter that fell out and within a few hours returned the car  to the house but no phone call. My husband called them and they said they did not beleive the oil filter fell off (essentially calling us liars) and the leak came from a rear main leak. They refused to give us anything in writing and refused to give us the oil filter back. All in all Jiffy lube cost me about $5,000 plus I had to get a new car. Steer Clear of Jiffy Lube!!!

[2021] Virgil in Rockville, MD  Police Called

Hi, I was at jiffy lube on Nickolson lane in rockville md today and experienced the manager Tony.Carter yelling an kicking a customers car the police were called...umm, not professional nor a good look for jiffy lube.

[2020] Brad in Beverly, MA Taking Advantage of a Woman

My wife just took our car to Jiffy Lube in Beverly, MA and they told her that her transmission needed service, because the fluid looked "burnt."  We just had our transmission system serviced at the dealership 3000 miles ago.  The service cost 220 dollars between parts and labor.  They then offered to fix a little chip in the windshield for which they charged 30 dollars.  They didn't mention that that sort of crack is covered by most auto insurance policies under glass coverage.  The insurance provider would have provided the service for free. 

Long story short, these technicians saw a woman who didn't know better and they used her ignorance to take advantage of her for 250 dollars worth of unnecessary service.  Because my wife didn't know I had just had the transmission system flushed 3000 miles ago at the dealership and allowed these crooks to perform the service, I cannot even take the car back to the dealership to ask them to take a look at it to see if indeed that was the case. 

That is the last time I take my car to Jiffy Lube, dollar for dollar you get the exact same service at the dealership, and it is backed up by the dealership's self interest, because my car is under warranty.  That Jiffy Lube again was the one located at 477 Rantoul St. Beverly, MA 01915.

[2019] Rebekah in Austin, TX  Fire Destroys Car

I took my car in for an oil change May 11, 2012 to a Jiffy Lube in  south Austin Texas. While there, they suggested I do a radiator service as well because I was at 75k miles. I agreed to the service. I paid aprox. $130 for both services. I drove less than 5 miles to a DSW shoe store and while in the store my car caught fire in the engine compartment. I walked out of the store in shock. Needless to say, my car was totaled. I had just paid off my car 7 months earlier and was very upset at the thought of having a new car note again. Jiffy Lube has not contacted me, I called their corporate office, was on hold for 30 minutes until  I resigned to leaving a detailed voicemail. I still have had no contact from Jiffy Lube. I went by the store that performed the service later that day, showed a picture of my burned car to the manager. I still haven't heard a word from even him after he told me "Jiffy Lube will do everything in it's power to make this right".

[2018]  SS in Los Angeles, CA  Destroyed Transmission

I live in Los Angeles, and happen to drive a 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer.  It’s the first car I’ve bought since graduating college, and I depend on it a lot for driving to work and meeting with clients.

The car I drove around while I was an undergrad in college wasn’t quite as fancy or important.  I never used to have the dealership change my oil or service my car before.  I used to go to Wal-Mart or Jiffy Lube or Precision Tune, because they were cheaper.  I’ve finally started going to the dealership for oil changes now...

This past July, I bit the bullet and paid Mitsubishi over $400 to do 30K miles interval maintenance.  Nothing seemed to be wrong with the car, and I was wondering if I even needed to be there. 

About an hour and half into the work, the service technician walks into the waiting room and sits down next to me.  The first thing he says is:  “did you have some other place, like Jiffy Lube, do a transmission fluid exchange?”  My heart sank.  I did in fact let Jiffy Lube talk me into doing an Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange on my Lancer for a couple hundred bucks in February.

The Mitsubishi technician then explained to me that the kind of transmission I have is a sophisticated piece of equipment called a “Continuously Variable Transmission” or CVT.  It uses a special kind of transmission fluid that is green.  But to the techs’ horror, the fluid he had drained out of my transmission today was red—it was generic Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF), and it’s been slowly corrupting my CVT transmission all this time, unbeknownst to me.  I looked at my Jiffy Lube invoice from the exchange, and it says that they used 76-Multi-Vehicle Transmission Fluid. 

Mitsubishi drained out the ATF fluid and put in the proper fluid for me during the 30K service, and they printed their findings on my invoice.  This is what they said:

“Transmission had ATF fluid (red).  Incorrect Type.  Transmission is a CVT, transmission fluid is green.  May have issues in the future.  Put correct CVT fluid in.  Customer advised on wrong fluid.”

I have been since told by other car-savvy friends and colleagues that my transmission will probably start failing, sooner than later.  I asked my Mitsubishi service rep for a quote to replace the transmission, and it’s over $7,800!  Fortunately, I have my Jiffy Lube records.  The transmission hasn’t completely failed yet, but it's starting to. 

If any of you have any advice or prior experience with this, and know how to ask JL for a fair compensation, please do share it with me.  Please email me at JiffyLubeRuinedMyTransmission@hotmail.com

[2017] Lakeish in Lauderdale Lakes, FL  Blown Engine

I will have my lawyer involved they blow my engine at store 176.

[2016] Krista in Summerville, SC  Taking Advantage of a Woman

I took my 2005 Durango to Jiffy Lube on Trolly Road, in Summerville SC on August 31st for an oil change.  The manager Tom, told me that I I needed to recharge my air conditioning, at a cost of $129.99.  He also told me that I needed a new oil filter and a battery, or my car wouldn't run without the battery.  My husband is deployed on a peace keeping mission in Kosovo, with the US Army, so I trusted what the manger told me. 

My $40 oil change, when all said and done, came to over $295.  After leaving Jiffy Lub with my toddler, on the way home, it was obvious that the A/c wasn't working.  It was blowing hot air, when it worked at all.  I  live less then 15 minutes from this particular Jiffy Lube.  Not only did the A/c not work, but in that short drive, my car stopped, in the middle of an intersection, twice.  Dorhester Road traffic is horrible, so I was in a panic, especially having my child with me.  When I returned home, I called my husband overseas to discuss my visit to Jiffy Lube. He stated that the battery we had in it, was less then a year old, and covered under warranty.

I phoned the manager following the conversation with my husband and told him about the vehicle stopping in the intersections, the a/c and what my husband told me about the battery.  He said to bring it back in.  Because my older two children were now home from school, I asked if I could bring it on on September 1st, the following morning.My husband also called from Germany to discuss what had happened with the vehicle.  On Saturday I loaded all of my children up to return to Jiffy Lube....on our way there, my vehicle stopped 5 different times (again, I only live less then 15 minutes from there!) and was still blowing hot air. After sitting there for 2 hours, with my children, they stated that they redid the A/c charge, and couldn't tell me why it keeps stopping.  Something it did NOT do before my visit there on August 31!  Tom also told me that he wasn't authorized to give me my money back on a $139.99 battery, even though it was under warranty.He stated that I needed to write an incident report and someone from corporate would call me in a few days (as of today, September 6th, I have yet to recieve a call from anyone affiliated with Jiffy Lube). He had no problem selling me services I didn't need, and doing said service poorly, but can't authorizea return of my funds?  

Since then, I have been a complete wreck, as anytime I attempt to drive the vehicle, it stalls out, and its 100 degree's here in Summerville so no a/c with 3 small children int he car is miserable, as I'm sure you can imagine.  With all of that being said, something needs to be done about my vehicle.  Myself and my husband both feel that I was taken advantage of, and that this should have never happened. I can NOT be without a vehicle, especially with my husband deployed. I am prepared to take any action I need to, to make sure that this wrong, is made right.  I want the money I paid for the battery back, as well as the a/c as it does not work.  I asked if there was a leak in it, and that's why it wasn't working, and Tom assured me that it had been tested and found no leak.  I absolutely refuse to return with my vehicle to this Jiffy Lube, as it's obvious that the individuals working there, do not know how to do their job. 

All I needed was an oil change, and now I'm driving in an unsafe vehicle with my children.  That is unacceptable.  Please get back to me via email, or by calling my home phone, ....  I would like immediate action taken to make my vehicle safe and driveable again.  I have had to cancel our travel plans for the weekend, because of this. I can't even drive it 15 minutes from home, let alone 2 hours.  If this problem is not resolved as soon as possible I will proceed with further action.

[2015] KC in Gig Harbor, WA  Contaminated Fluids

I have been in a year long battle last August i took my 2000 camero into jiffy lube in Gig Harbor WA 98329 i paid for an oil change and to check all my fluids....a week later my car was running funny when i looked down my thermostat was at 260 i pulled over and when it cooled down i removed my radiator cap to find my whole radiator full of what looked like mud....i called and argued with them till the finally agreed to pay for half of my radiator flush because apparently they mixed green coolant with my orange and it counter reacted turning it to sludge ...i wasn't happy but had no money to pay for the whole thing so i went . After they were done they informed me that my water pump was now leaking i started to cry and said what now. They said the could refer me to a good mechanic ....oh but they would pay for my whole radiator flush ...needless to say i was very unhappy I fought and fought with them to no avail ..so i replaced my water pump then my thermostat and my radiator was leaking for the last year i have had to put stop leak and continue adding water and antifreeze and now my radiator cracked down the side.I called the corporate office and talked to someone who said they would have Brian call me back from Gig Harbor it has been 3 weeks and i have called both places several times with no response at all..I am so fed up it has cost me hundreds for them to check my fluids.....SO DON'T EVER GO TO JIFFY LUBE...THEY WILL RUIN YOUR CAR AND THEY WILL NOT HELP YOU FIX IT!!!!!

[2012] Haley in Olympia, WA  Stripped Drain Plug

I have had my 2000 VW GOLF serviced at Jiffy Lube for my past few oil changes.  I had an oil change on August 18th and I now have an oil leak caused by a stripped oil drain plug.  It was noted that my car had an oil leak upon arrival and that is the first time I was alerted to an oil leak, my last two oil changes were completed by Jiffy Lube, at the same Black Lake location.  During the August 18th oil change I was informed that a replacement plug had been installed and it would hold fine until my next oil change.  I was instructed that I would need to have it replaced at my auto mechanics, but it was suggested I wait, because they would need to drain all of the oil before replacing it, causing me to have to pay for another oil change. 

Unfortunately, the temporary plug was defective and my car was leaking oil.  I took it to Gary’s Olympia Automotive and informed them of the above information.  Upon inspection it was determined that they would need to replace the oil pan.  The mechanics stated that the threading around the oil plugged had been stripped, which rarely happens, and is caused by over torqueing during the oil change process.  The estimate for this repair is $423.00 and I am asking that Jiffy Lube take responsibility for the damage caused by their service department and cover the cost of the new oil pan.   As I need my car for employment purposes, I have already approved the work to be completed.  Should Jiffy Lube find a lower estimate, I am prepared to accept a payment at that rate. 

[2011] Drew in Monticello, MN Unneeded Service Work

I went to jiffy lube in Monticello MN and they sold me 700 dollars worth of services I did not need I told my dad and he said all the services they said I would need or my car would brake down I will never be back and I will tell every one about how All they care about is selling a big service to every guest that comes in the door.....

[2010] Ashley in WI  Overfilled Oil

I went to Jiffy Lube before my drive from Wisconsin to Florida. During the drive through the Tennessee mountains you could smell the oil burning off. We stopped and checked the oil and it was overfilled. We then stopped in Georgia for 2 days there was a puddle of oil under my car, probably 4 inches and 1/4 in deep. My dad said to not worry and checked the oil it was still overfilled. So I drove to Florida. Now I have about 6 piles of oil on my garage floor. The oil is still at a normal level but I'm still loosing it. I have never had a problem with an oil change before like this. It what these people do all day long! There shouldn't be problems. I want my money back.

[2009] Frank in Asheville, NC  Broke Dipstick

I went to Chammie’s Car Wash/Jiffy Lube in Asheville (near the Biltmore) on July 26 for an oil change. When they had finished, I drove two blocks and pulled over to check the oil level. When I pulled on the dipstick, the handle came off,leaving the dipstick stuck. I returned to Jiffy Lube, and showed them the problem. Whoever broke off that dipstick had to know what they had done. Instead of telling me there was a problem, they tried to conceal it. This is completely unethical, dishonest, and unacceptable! They ordered me a new dipstick, and two days later, it took them an hour to remove the broken dipstick and install the replacement. The manager apologized and gave me coupons for five free car washes. Needless to say, I would NEVER patronize Jiffy Lube again! The funny thing is, I had read about all the problems with Jiffy  Lube, and thought they were isolated incidents, and nothing bad would happen to my car…wish I had heeded the warnings!

[2008] Steven in Clackamas, OR  Broken Bolt Delays

I went to your "Happy Vally"station in Clackamas Oregon on the 21 of august this year.While there,a "tech"showed me cracks on a belt that needed replacement.As I considered $270 for 15 min. work ,I told them to repace the lower belt[the worst]and I would deal with the other two[the "courtesy"person dropped the price 20$as a giveaway to hook me on the sale,70$was high,but the bottom belt on a 22re engine is a pain to replace.]  All well and good,until the "tech"broke the bolt on the adjusting screw on the idler arm on my air conditioning.

I had waited nearly an hour while the belt was changed,and was wondering what the hangup was... when the manager came in and,in a gruff voice,annoused they had broken the bolt on my car and were going to get another...I then waited nearly 20min more,until the manager came out and said they had the wrong bolt,and that I would have to come back tomorrow to get it fixed.He did this in a very intimidating manor,as the man is extremely large,and physically imposing.His manor was "if you don't like it,lump it...this is how it is."He stated he would call me when he had the bolt.

As I left,the "tech"told me they would have the bolt by noon,and to swing by and they would fix it quickly.  When I returned the next day,I waited until 2 pm to make sure the bolt would be there.It was not,and the attitude of the person who "greeted"me was "we told you to wait for our call"...I told him that I had been told to come back at noon....I then explained I was supposed to be steelhead fishing with my grandchildren at this time..instead of waited to get my car fixed...His response was telling..."Its not my problem,and not my fault".As I had my grandchildren with me,I went to a wait at a movie.I swung by again at 4pm..and the response was even more obnoxious.

It was after 5pm when I was given the message that the Toyota delivery service had dropped off the bolt.I arrived at the shop at 645pm and waited another 25 min for the repairs to be started on my vehicle.

 Here is a little background.I am on vacation from my job as a Radiation Protection specialist in the nuclear power industry.By doing business with your firm,I lost nearly a day and 1/2 of my vacation time .[Its a 2hr trip for me to get to this business location,so my travel time was such I had to stay in town once I came in to complete this chore].It seriously disturbed me that the manager of this station used his physical size to attempt to intimidate me.The treatment,lackadaisical attitude and overall incompetence of the staff of this station is breathtaking .I am used to dealing with people who are a little more serious about what they are doing.

If the people I work with in the nuke biz were this boneheaded,we would all be glowing.  Not only did they break my car,they stole my vacation time,and killed a fishing trip I promised my grandkids....Thanks You jiffy lube.I will ensure every technician,worker,and supervisor I know, knows this story by heart...

[2007] Tim in Austin, TX  Inspection Problems

I live in Austin, TX, and have been taking my cars to Jiffy Lube for routine oil changes and automobile inspections ove the past few years.  The primary location I use is located on Hwy 620 at Lake Creek Blvd. The week of August 12, 2012, I took my car to this particular Jiffy Lube for an inspection.  I was informed they were out of a certain gas that is used to perform inspections.  They suggested I try another Jiffy Lube a couple miles down Hwy 620.  When we arrived at that Jiffy Lube, we were told there was a wait of about 45 minutes and they suggested we come back later.  The next day we returmed and were told that one of the instruments used to perform the inspection was broken.

Today, August 20, I was in downtown Austin and stopped at the Jiffy Lube located at 3401 N Lamar Blvd.  They told me it would take about 15 minutes.  After 30 minutes I asked an  employee, who I believe was a manager, when the inspection would be done.  He told me my battery cable was loose and the car just died.  He said he was charging the battery.  I found it very odd that a running engine would die because of a loose battery cable.

Another 15 minutes later I returned and asked how it was coming and told him that I had to be somewhere else in about 10 minutes.  He asked another employee if he had completed the inspection.  The other employee said he was working on another car and hadn't begun my car.  I told the manager I didn't have time to wait.  The manager told the employee to pull my car out of the garage.  The employee just went back to work on the other car.  So, I told him I would pull the car out of the garage myself.  The employee said "okay."

When I got back home I noticed that the Jiffy Lube staff had kept my insurance card.  How  ridiculous!!  Interesting, there's a poster in the Jiffy Lube store that says their service is FAST, FRIENDLY, and INFORMATIVE.  Not even close.

[2006] Rufat in Austin, TX No Oil Destroys Engine

I had an oil change in south Lamar blvd in Austin, TX. Juicy Lube technician forgot to make the oil cap tight and my engine leaked oil little by little and as a result my engine damaged and now I need a new engine. I called the district manager called Mike and that irresponsible guy never answered my calls. There is a corporate manager called Charrol or whatever who handled my claim and she denied the claim even though I provided her all the required documents. I am a president of fraternity at my university and I have meetings with thousands of students every week and I will do my best to make sure that students don't go to jiffy lube. If many people stop going there, they might be fair to their customers.

[2005] Kristen Wrong Brake Oil

I would like to warn EVERYONE not to take your car to JIFFY LUBE. I took mine for oil change and they placed an oil based fluid in my brake system which caused a complete brake failure resulting in over $2,000 damage. They gave me the run around for two weeks , left me without a car and put my life in danger as well as my 2 year old and everyone else on the road... Along with their complete lack of compassion and willingness to work with me in correcting the issue , They've given me the run around and decided NOT to take responsibility for what they've done!!! BUYER BEWARE!!!

[2004] Lee  Overcharged Wife

My wife went to jiffy lube today for an oil change mostly because we are AAA members and get a discount. When she called me and said she was done and going to finish her errands I asked how her trip to jiffy lube went. She informed me she needed an engine filter. I said an air filter? No not that an oil filter? No. An fuel filter? No she said an engine filter.  Basically they charged my wife 70 bucks for an air filter that the dealer sales for 21. Bucks. So my discounted oil change cost $123 bucks. They also charged her 5 bucks to add anti freeze. Thanks jiffy lube!!!  You will never see my car again.

[2003] Kenton in Redding, CA  Stripped Oil Pan Threads

2 months ago [June 2012]  I got my oil changed at one of your service station (905 Hartnell Avenue, Redding, CA).  I just went to get my oil changed today at Big O Tires and I now have to replace my whole oil pan because your workers over tightened the nut on the oil pan and stripped the threads (I had the Big O worker show me).  This is going to cost me $400 simply because your workers were irresponsible and rushed there work.  I would like compensation for this.  Please get back to me ASAP.

[2002] Jessica in Sandy, UT  Differential Destroyed

On 6/26/12 I brought my 2003 Jeep Rubicon during my lunch hour to the Jiffy Lube Store #2007 (10620 S 700 E,Sandy UT 84070) for safety/IM and standard fluid level checks. Shortly accepting the Jeep a service person came in and showed me the old differential plug and recommended replacement. I agreed to the differential service. After an 1 ½ hours I saw one of the service men pulled the Jeep out of the bay and proceeded to drive the jeep forward and backward lengths of 5-10 feet several times.

The store manager (Josh) then called me over to receive the vehicle noting the only concern is that my inspection had failed due to oversized tire extending beyond the fender flare. He walked me over to my Jeep and as I got in I immediately noticed that the dashboard rear locker light was flashing. I checked that the vehicle was in 2 wheel high knowing that the lockers cannot be engaged unless in 4 wheel low and immediately voiced my concern to Josh who stated “I do now know why the light is on, maybe someone bumped the button”. I told him that I could not drive the vehicle with a rear locker engaged as it was not safe and could cause mechanical damage.  He responded with “I am not a Jeep guy” claiming they had “not touched that part”. I corrected him stating that they had serviced the differential and that is where the lockers are housed.  He then stated he would give me his card “in case anything goes wrong”. He returned with his card with his mechanics number handwritten on the back.  

Josh did a visible inspection and informed me there was nothing more they could do and feeling there was no other choice I proceed to leave and upon leaving the Jeep’s tires made a chirping sound as I turned out of the parking lot onto the road. I then drove the vehicle less than 1 mile and under 20 miles per hour to return to work. When I turned into my work parking lot I heard very loud metal popping sounds and tires screeching, co-workers ran to the Jeep and exclaimed that it sounded like the axle was breaking in the rear. I immediately called Josh and he said he would come over.  When Josh called me 15 minutes later and said he thought the rear end was blown and stated he would take care of the problem and had the vehicle towed to Precision Auto for repair.

The next morning I called Precision Auto and spoke with Craig who knew of the situation and assured me that Jiffy Lube sends many of their “oops” and they are quick to take care of the cost and repair.  Almost two weeks later of no word from Jiffy Lube, on 08/06 Josh informed the the Jeep would be ready that day or the following.

On 08/07 I called Precision Auto to get a detailed list of the work that had been done and received a return voice mail from Craig stating that it had been taken to Rollover Motorsports who verified the rear locker had failed, due to “it happens all the time” and that Jiffy Lube could not have done anything to cause it. I was informed that I was now responsible for the over $2500 cost of repair. Contacting Josh later that evening he confirmed I would have to pay to fix their mistake.

Experts have documented that a common cause of locker failure in a Dana 44 Jeep Rubicon can be attributed to over tightening the differential fill plug or using the incorrect size as there is minimal clearance distance between the plug magnet and the locker mechanism within the differential. The error of overtightening can cause locker to be engaged, causing the locker light notification to come on when in 2 wheel high (impossible under normal conditions). Worse case scenario being total destruction of the lockers requiring complete replacement of the rear end resulting in thousands of dollars in repair.

I am requesting the entire rear assembly is replaced with a new factory part. Craig stated this part is $1800 in cost and Larry H Miller Jeep Dealership can order and have it within 1 business day. Craig also said there is a 7 hour labor charge to install, I want all the labor and installation cost paid for at a Jeep Certified Dealership or Teraflex (Jeep Specialty service shot) those with a B or better BBB rating. Also any additional cost necessary to install and repair the Jeep should be covered (bearings, rear dif. oil, etc.) I want the install and part warrantied to the full extent possible.

I want a refund for the defective Jiffy Lube service that caused the damage to the rear lockers of my 2003 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon totaling $270.06 charged on my American Express.

I was also supposed to be given a rental vehicle for the 2 weeks in which Precision Auto had the Jeep, I was not given any rental nor compensation.

Settlement:  Please go ahead and close out this case, we are going to be paying to have repairs done @ Precision Auto and the customer is fine with that. We will also be reimbursing her for the service.

[2001] Robert in Fort Wayne, IN  Watch What They Do

My name is Robert and I live in the Fort Wayne Indiana area.  I was reading these complaints and decided that I too need to chime in.  I understand automotive maintenance and care, and I keep tabs pretty close on those things.  This incident took place about 5 years ago so I don’t recall people’s names anymore, but I took one of my cars into Jiffy Lube on South Bend Dr. right off of Jefferson Blvd because they quoted me a price over the phone for Mobil 1 oil change that was less expensive then Wal-Mart which is where I normally took my cars.  Everyone was quite friendly and simply told me to wait while they complete the change.  About 5 minutes go by and the tech comes in saying I needed a few things, my air filter was dirty, the transmission oil was brownish red, and the wipers were due to be changed; they then showed me the air filter and the trans oil...and that’s where I got a bit upset, you see I had replaced the air filter about 3 months prior and there was no way that filter would be dirty like they showed in 3 months because the last filter was in for 2 years and it looked cleaner then the one they showed me.  So I started to walk out into the bay to look at my car and they told me I couldn’t because of liability reasons, but from the outside I could tell they hadn’t even opened the air filter box! 

Evidently they took an old filter from another vehicle and tried to pass it off as mine!!  I also knew from 3 months before that my trans fluid was clean because it was changed about 9 months prior to me checking it which meant the oil was only a year old.  Where they got the dirty oil from I’m not sure.   The wipers were questionable which I knew that fact.  I told them at that point to forget the oil change but they informed me they had already drained the oil, so I was stuck paying them for their service, which I did pay for it of course but refused any other work.  When this happened I stepped outside to watch them to make sure they put Mobil 1 oil in, because I had feeling if they could get away with it they would dump some other crap in and sell it as Mobil 1.  Then then had me sign a work order that listed the items that needed to be done saying that I refused to do the work, hinting at releasing them from any liability which I didn’t care.  Unlike others, when they pulled the car out of the bay I checked the trans fluid it looked nothing like what they showed me, I then checked to make sure the oil was in the engine, there were no leaks, and my dipsticks and radiator cap were secured.  But I learned something, I will never go back to Jiffy Lube, I got the district managers name and filed a complaint by e-mail but never heard anything back, which didn’t surprise me.  So I now go back to Wal-Mart...but even there it’s extremely wise that you watch to make sure they put the oil in you requested by watching them, then check to make sure there are no leaks and all caps and dipsticks are securely in place, because they do tend to forget stuff, all one has to do is look at the driveway going out and you’ll see past major oil leaks where they forgot the oil plug!  Even though they will pay for an engine replacement IF the vehicle has less then 100k miles, but it’s a major hassle to get that engine paid for by Wal-Mart or anyone else for that matter.  But at least Wal-Mart won’t try to sell you a bunch of crap you don’t need.

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