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[675] Thomas  Theft

A Jiffy Lube employee stole my Mobil Speedpass from my keychain during my last (and final) visit to Jiffy Lube.  I didnít realize it was missing until I received a call from Mobil asking about fraudulent charges.  On the day of my oil change, someone racked up $227 worth of fraudulent charges.  I know it was stolen during this Jiffy Lube visit because no one besides had touched my keys since my last oil change 4 months earlier.  Mobil and AmEx will be investigating this fraud, Iím curious to know what their investigations will uncover.

[674] Karman  Improper Tire Rotation

I recently took my car in for a tire rotation and oil change. Three weeks later I found I had a flat tire (front driver side), so I took it in to a tire service center/retailer and had it changed. It turned out that my two back tires were worn almost completely out and that the nuts were put back on backward when my tires were rotated. As a result, the tires worn in an unusual manner and the nuts had almost fallen off. This would explain the shaking when I drove my car after my tire rotation.

After I had discovered this and had to buy new tires much earlier than expected, I told the manager at the nearest Jiffy Lube (21st & Broadway, NE) about how my recent tire rotation was incorrectly done. I asked to be reimbursed for the tire rotation only, though my lawyer suggests that I ask for the full amount as well as the tire cost. He stated that he was not allowed to reimburse me for my tire rotation.

I find this appalling as Jiffy Lube boasts of its good service. The tire rotation was done incorrectly and it could have become a dangerous situation for me, rather than just an expensive one. I feel that if I cannot at least be reimbursed for the tire rotation, I will have to move my business elsewhere and tell everyone I know that Jiffy Lube does not deliver what it promises. This is unfortunate as I have had a good experience in the past.

[673] Victim in Randolph, MA Theft

I brought my 2003 Toyota Corolla in for just an oil change and told them nothing else needed checking, I have been to this Jiffy Lube in Randolph Mass a few times before and had very good experiences, this time was different, when I left and went to the store I had noticed that the bag of quarters that I had in my car was much lighter as well as one of the new dollar coins had been taken from my change slot, I noticed because I had been out driving all day and after I left Jiffy the coins rattled as I drove which they did not do all day. I returned to complain to the managers who were so very helpful, after looking at me saying nothing for a minute they apologized, still with the dumb expressions and walked away doing NOTHING. I went and made sure others knew what had happened and left I just couldn't try to deal with these idiots, I think I may drop in next time I see some people in there just to bring it up again. 

[672] Dennis in Castro Valley, CA  Missing Skid Plate

I had a simple oil change performed on my Infiniti FX35 on June 6' 2007. All was fine until I had to take my car into Infiniti when the technician asked what happened to my bottom cover the protects all of the drive belts and assembly? To my astonishment it was indeed missing from the undercarraige! I called the Jiffy Lube in Castro valley California where I had the work performed. The manager is currently on vacation and no one can find my skid plate along with the 13 bolts that hold it in place. It is now July 17, '07. If I have to replace this part it will be $247.00 to do so & rendering the most expensive oil change I have EVER had done. I will keep the site abreast.

[671] Ramez  Employee

I spent more than 45 minuets reading to the  surprisingly complaints that people have, and trust me I know every single thing that happen at Jiffy lube. I worked at Jeffy lube for almost Half a year.   why?

corrupted management ,and gangsta wanna be workers. and yes we didn`t do enough training, all we do is sit behind a screen and watch small movies,and and answer some questioned and if the manger is having a good day he will sign you off from what ever section you were watching, then  we will go on proficienty test and hands on  training also if the manger having a good day!!, and that is why maybe some of you finding issue with the performance of the employee, and which are mostly are under 21,.we had time limit  to finish each thing on a vehicle a minuet or tow for checking 4 tiers and fill with air if needed!!!! commoon if it was a nascar maybe!!! that's is why you have some tiers are low than other. about 60 seconds for checking all the fluids, and what about oil filters...if you have lets say a really old car, or an expensive car which they use a canister filter,not a spin on filter  ...trust me some time if we did`nt have it we will keep the old one ON...oh ya I know. air filter , we MUST show you the filter, some time will have hard time putting it back( ford truckes, and Chevy), and that is why you might have the air filter  housing is off, or even missing filter because we have to leave it at the podium for the customer service "advisor"!!  so he can show it to you .
if you have a skid plate underneath the engine which keep the dirt away from the engine/transmission ....good luck ,unless you have some one honest alil that will put all screws back, and trust me some Toyota ,BMW, Audi, or any really new cars have many many screws and few skid plates ...so if you have the energy I`ll check those as well!!
jiffy lube will hire any body ,and many kids they think they know so much about cars and they end up working on your cars. ,trust me I saw it all ,do you  know were I used to work they used to smoke marijuana on the site ,or some time underneath the bay ?! smoking cigarettes few feet away from the bay? come to work with hangover!!! how about getting service for cash " under the table ",trust me I can go on and on ....I`M GLADE THAT I DON`T WORK AT JIFFY LUBE ANY MORE,and by the way get your self dirty once in 3000 miles and change the oil by your self.

[670] Scott  Rate It Incomplete

Why would their system automatically generate "Completed" for any such service? When I asked the guy why the invoice said "completed" for something that wasn't done, that was his excuse. He further asked me (and I am not joking) "Why you wanna get all gangster shit with me" when I just wanted to get in my car and leave. The place sucks. Dont give them your business.

[669] Dennis in Stevenson Ranch, CO  Drained Wrong Oil

I had my 2002 Subaru serviced at the Jiffy lube in Stevenson Ranch, CA on 7/5/07.  They drained the transmission fluid instead of the motor oil and 120 miles later I needed a new transmission.  I cannot find the owners name and address in order to sue for damages.    When I Google the name of the owners the "Mizar Group" and "Paul Rocknipor", I don't find any information.  How do I get the name and address of the owners of this Jiffy lube?

[668] Perry Expensive Dirty Service

My problem at jiffy lube began with just a basic oil change they offered to check the fluids and clean the windows and vac the carpets I agreed  to start they never vac the car was so dirty from greasy hand prints and dirty windows which they said they cleaned I had to take it threw the car was and to top it all off the transmission plug was removed and never replaced the problems that transpired for that have been a joke and have cost quite a bit to repair and jiffy lube said they where not liable because I could not prove that they caused the problem. Wal-mart does a better job not to mention the $52  I had to pay just for the oil change which I was told would only cost $32

[667] Lisa in Humble, TX  No Coupon







[666] Julian in Wilsonville, OR  No Promised Service

I'll be brief but I absolutely despise this organization and will do anything I can to help bring them to their knees. That may be extreme but this is absolutely ludicrous. On July 7th, 2007 I went to a JL in Wilsonville, OR to get my oil changed, I just wanted my oil changed and for them to fill up my coolant. I had specifically asked that they fill up my coolant because it was low; the gent at the counter looked me in the eye and explained the importance of using a higher grade coolant that would cost me $6.99. I was in a good mood and was on my lunch break from work so I was like, sure, what the hey, might as well. Prior to even inspecting my vehicle, they told me I needed my serpentine belt replaced (I replaced it two weeks prior, I would've changed my oil myself but as stated above, I was on my lunch break and it seemed convenient), I called them out on that and wanted them to show me the wear on the belt they were describing, they said they could not as customers were not allowed in the service bays (never heard of that). I knew for a fact that my back right brake light had gone out the night before but they told me my back left needed to be replaced -- I corrected them and asked for the bulb. They provided it, but oddly enough, it was the wrong size bulb, yet my brake light does work so I can't take that away from them.

Anyway, so they finished up, and I went back to work. When I got off work, still in the parkinglot, I checked all of my fluids. They (JL) had filled everything but my coolant. I was p.... I have had crappy luck at every JL except one where my friends worked. The following day was a Sunday and I thought that JL would be closed. I noticed that a location near my house was open Sunday morning and I visited that location. I explained what had happened and with a slight smile the technician filled up my coolant, and rechecked all of my fluids. He also told me that, no, my serpentine belt did not need to be replaced (the f... belt was still a moist belt, it was that new). I laughed it off and then visited the Wilsonville location. I very angrily told them that they had failed to complete their end of the service agreement. Some manager asked me to leave after I had gone off at several employees, in particular, the dips... who told me my serpentine belt needed to be replaced. I yelled at everyone, I implored customers sitting in the waiting room to not trust these sadistic f.... When the manager said he was going to call the police I left.

I would've done much worse if I went to that location before I went to the one near my house, I would have yelled until they f... reimbursed me for the bullshit. I'm not even someone who is strapped for cash, I just hate liars and I hate cheats. I think of how many times my grandma has used JL, same with my mother, and how many unsuspecting people have been f... over by them, I want to bring these ninnys to justice. Seriously, if I can do anything to help you guys, I will.

Despite my obscene way of dealing with things, I usually am very level-headed and don't show a shred of emotion, until of course I catch someone. I'll be going to Jiffy Lube again in several months with the intent of catching them in the act, I will not scream nor shout, I will however, insist they do the job correctly.

I would like to petition to have them take down that idiotic pledge they have at all their stores and on their website, it is completely misleading.

[665] Barbara in Bethel Park, PA Rude Condescending Manager

Jiffy Lube #1448
5158 Library Road
Bethel Park, PA 15102
Invoice #1448 406303 bay 2 
Transaction # 07060900406303
Employees: 1133JRA, 1878BAC, 1448RW, 1448RW  9134J
Today, I had a very upsetting experience with Jiffy Lube.  On 6/9/07, I went to my local Jiffy Lube to get an oil change.  During my visit, the tech said my air filter was dirty and it needed replacement.  I approved this service and was changed $18.99 for an air filter for a '99 Honda Civic. 
Today, my son was changing my headlights as a birthday present and I was helping. I noticed that the air intake container was unclipped and off center.  Imagine my surprise when I opened the air manifold and it was EMPTY!  No filter, nothing!  And the box was open to the elements allowing dirt & gravel direct access to my engine.  Wonderful!
I went down to the Jiffy Lube and asked to talk with the manager.  I did raise my voice but I was upset.  Mistakes are not always a bad thing but this was stupidity.  I explained what happened to the manager.  I was angry but I wasn't swearing.  I said I was very upset and didn't appreciate the potential damage to my car.  The manager told me that the previous manager had just been fired and the kids working there were screw ups.  He told me it wasn't that big a deal, everyone made mistakes and all that was going to happen was that my oil would need changed sooner.  It would be dirty.  Huh, you think?  How about grit and gravel in the engine?  Doesn't the air mix with the gas?  What if an injector had a piece of rock stuck keeping it from working properly?  Aren't air filters supposed to keep dirt, grit out of the engine because dirt isn't good for the engine?  I guess I am being just a girl about my car.  What do I know about that stuff, huh?  That is how I felt talking to the manager.  I was making a big deal out of nothing.  I drove 1000 miles with the air intake cover OPEN but it isn't a big deal. He chastised me for yelling at him.  He would be a lot more willing to help me if I wouldn't raise my voice. Poor baby! If I would have been a guy, I would have gotten the air filter for free!
I stood there for 30 seconds and he didn't say anything further and I finally had to ask what was he going to do?  He said replace the filter and he would throw in a free oil change.  I said that's it?  No, thanks anyway!  I told him I had been a customer for years but I wouldn't be back. That was the last transaction I will ever have with Jiffy Lube.  I was really p.o.'d by this time with his demeaning manner and asked if I  was the victim of a scam like I saw on T.V?  He said that wasn't Jiffy Lube...it was Pennz Oil.  I told him..Nope, Jiffy Lube.  He told me No, it wasn't, it was Pennz Oil and left the desk.  He got the last word but I am right about what I saw.  It was Jiffy Lube scamming customers...charging for services that weren't completed.  Maybe the tech was supposed to put back my old filter after I paid for the new one but someone forgot.  I will never know now.  The manager was gone for 5 minutes, I assume looking for a replacement air filter.  Then, it took another 5 minutes and another employee to assist him putting my air filter in.  I guess I was the topic of conversation since the employee kept staring at me through the glass.  
Is this how Jiffy Lube treats women customers?  I have been on the receiving end of an angry customer and do my utmost to turn the situation around and make them a happy customer.  It is a matter of pride with me.  I don't own anything except my car and I take good care of it.  I was angry that after all my care, a stupid mistake could potentially cost me more than I could afford if something goes wrong with my engine.   The manager was a rude cretin, projected a condescending attitude towards me and cost you a few more customers.  My entire family did go to Jiffy Lube for minor maintenance and oil changes.  No longer.  We will find another shop that will appreciate our business. 

[664] Brad in Boca Raton, FL  Gundeck Everything

I have had about enough of Jiffy Lube. Again, I took the chance on going in there with my GMC pickup. I went to the service manager and explained the issues I had in the past with JL (right next door). The manager, Ed, told me that this was his store and things are different. I watched the tech..(so called) pull my oil filter, air filter and drain the oil. They of course tried to sell me an air filter, (even tho mine was fairly new) and windshield wipers, (which had been replaced a week ago). I watched the entire process, and NEVER was the lube gun brought out to lubricate the truck. The rear netting was never removed to get at the lube points aft of the engine itself. They also never checked my tires, and I stopped, after my shouting match, with the service manager and put air in 2 or the 4 tires. This isn't the first time I have had problems with a Jiffy Lube. They seem to gundeck everything, to the point, if you don't actually watch them doing it, I'll bet they don't even change your oil!!  They are quick to try and sell you overpriced parts, and I wouldn't even mind it providing they did they service that I am paying for.  I'm out $36.50 and now I have to go and get the whole process done again by someone qualified!
I am pretty much done with Jiffy lubes and Shell oil products. after reading some of the other problems on this site, I am surprised that Shell hasn't taken action of some type. Doing nothing is not acceptable. I am emailing my Better Business Bureau in Palm Beach and filing a complaint with them. Aside from that.. just not giving them any more business is about all any one can do. 

[663] Michael in Overland Park, KS   Long Time

I visited your Jiffy Lube location #2217 at 10201 W 75th Street in Overland Park, KS on Saturday July 14th at 12:20 PM.  I was told that my oil change would take 30 minutes.  I went inside and waited.  I requested Quaker State for my oil (no one told me that this was a $10 up charge).  After waiting for an hour I was told that there was a rookie working on putting the skid plate back underneath my vehicle.  Finally after 1 hour and 20 minutes I was told my car was ready.  I asked the person for some sort of compensation for my wait as it was almost 3 times as long as I had been told coming in.  He gave me the "Early Bird price" which knocked off a whopping $4.  He said this was the best he could do and then told me he would give me a VIP card and marked it off to $10 off my next visit.  I do not ever plan on going back to this or any other Jiffy Lube location EVER again.  Paying $34.49 for an oil change is rediculous and an up charge of $10 for 5 quarts of oil which don't cost $10 to begin with is just insane.
My invoice #07071407462144  Transaction # 35440 34131 34131  Employees 40010 36774 35440
As a manager in the service industy this should have just been compted and written off.  The service sucks.  I'm going back to Wal-Mart or a 10 minute oil change place from now on.

[662] Jenne in Victorville, CA  Pulled Wrong Latch

July 13, 2007 Jiffy Lube, Victorville, CA  I recently took my car to Jiffy Lube for an oil change, my first visit and my last visit.  I have a Toyota MR2, which is an unusual car in the fact that it has 3 deck lids and 3 latches to pull, and the motor is in the rear.  The battery and windshield washer fluid is in the front, under the hood. The latches for the lids are on the drivers side.
Not more than 5 minutes after I left the facility and my car started to pick up speed, my hood flew up and smashed my windshield. It totaled my hood, windshield, hood latch, two dents on the roof above the windshield, and the plastic piece under the windshield.
I took the car back to JIffy Lube, and showed them what happened.  The manager, Smitty, immediately took responsibility, and (he) drove my car to one of their auto repair shops that they use all the time (his quote).  4 days later, the manager Smitty said they were not going to pay for it since after watching the tapes, it showed they never opened the hood.
First, they may not have opened the hood, but they pulled the latches. 
Second, they never went around and checked the car to make sure everything was closed, because they also left the trunk lid open (my "door ajar" light was on which led me to discover that the trunk was open). This further led me to believe they pulled the latches or why was my trunk left open?
Third, the Invoice they gave me had a list of items that was completed- two of them being checking the battery, and adding fluid to the windshield washer container. Both of these items are under the front hood.
When Consumer Affairs questioned them on this, their reply was there was a computer glitch that automatically checks these items off.  Funny, why wasn't I told this when they gave me the invoice? They led me to believe these items where taken care of. This also showed me how dishonest they were.
The girl that worked on my car was very young, and new to the job.  She had probably never seen a car like mine, and didn't know which latch to pull, let alone that the engine was in the rear.  Maybe the mechanic did it, I don't know.  All I do know is someone there pulled the latches, and could have gotten me and my grandson killed.  We were fortunate there were no cars around when it happened.  As it was, my grandson had nightmares for 3 nights.
The tapes show nothing except the girl touching the side of the hood, then walking away.  No one ever went to the front, tried to lift the hood, or looked to see if there was a release latch.  No one ever went to the front and pushed down on the hood to make sure it was shut.  Then other tapes show me and my grandson opening and shutting our doors, because the "door ajar" light was on, then me getting out and walking to the back and shutting the trunk.  Your manager insinuated that either me or my grandson pulled the latches when we were checking the "door ajar" light.  I would not be stupid enough to pull my own hood latch because a door ajar light was on.  I also would not risk any harm to my grandson.
All I asked for was my car to be fixed.  I did not claim injuries, I didn't try to make a big issue of it, just please fix my car.
I believe the staff was negligent in the fact they did not go around and check the hoods, especially after pulling the latches.  That is evident in the fact that the trunk lid was also left open.
 I had to pay for the repairs myself, which totaled $1500.00.  The car was undriveable, and had to sit in the Auto Body shop for 4 weeks before I could even get it out.  I am a single woman who doesn't have a lot of money, and this just put me in the hole.
Consumer Affairs is penalizing them with a fine for lying on the invoice, but I will have to take them to small claims court to get my money back.  My mistake was trusting them when they said they would fix it, and not getting any statements in writing, even though the first repair estimate from the Auto Body shop was made out to Jiffy Lube.

[661] Russ in Barrington, IL  Charged Twice

On July 2nd my credit card was charged twice for the same visit.  I notice the charge when reconciling my bank account.  The bank was notified and the bank suggested that we call Jiffy Lube together to resolve the issue.  When we called the Jiffy Lube in Barrington Illinois on Route 59 I was told that there was a credit card problem that day and the charge would be removed once caught by accounting in the next couple days and this was not an uncommon problem.  Now it is 11 days later and the double charge still has not been fixed.  I wonder how many times they have used this tactic to increase their company revenues!!

[660] Leslie in Kansas City, MO  Oil Filter Leaked

Let's see where to start out... I was at a Jiffy Lube a few days ago, I haven't been many other places since then because they ruined my brand new 2007 Mercury Mariner Hybrid(a $33,000 vehicle). Apparently, by asking for an oil change, I asked for them to screw up an oil change by not putting the rubber o-ring back on the housing for the oil filter and causing all the oil in my car to leak out causing the friction created by no lubricant to practically destroy my engine. Since then I have been w/o a car because Jiffy Lube won't rent me a car. I know what you're thinking, "why don't you just rent the car and have Jiffy Lube reimburse you for it or have them pay for an enterprise rental car like they say they will?" Because, I'm 19 and as such can't rent a car because I'm unemployed. And, I could be looking for a job if I hadn't had my car ruined by Jiffy Lube. I still haven't heard back on my car yet. Thanks, Jiffy Lube!

[659] Linda in South Bend, IN  Free Change Not Honored

Today I visited a jiffy Lube at 425 Dixie Way No. in South Bend, IN. After my oil change was complete on my 2002 Ford Escape I presented, Jonathen, the attendant with a free oil change certificate from the manager, Ron Hooven. I had been given this certificate because the previous visit they had overfilled the oil and when I drove away huge clouds of black smoke were coming out of the back. I had to turn around and go back - fifteen minutes later they told me my car would have to towed to the dealership to have the problem corrected. More phone calls and discussions ensued and they finally decided after a call to the owner that draining, refilling the oil would be the remedy and they wouldn't have to tow it. After the excess was drained Ron drove it for 10 - 15 minutes to "burn off" any excess oil. This turned into a 1 1/2 hour nightmare and several gallons of gas. For this, Ron gave me a certificate for a free oil change on my next visit. When Jonathen saw the certificate signed by Ron he said "This is no good. He doesn't even work here any more." After explaining the circumstances that earned me the free oil change he just kept repeating that he didn't have to honor it. It was rude and embarrassing! When I told him I didn't bring any money to pay for my "free" oil change he spent about 10 minutes on the phone and finally returned saying since it was already done and he couldn't undo it that I didn't have to pay - but not to come back with any more free oil change certificates with Ron's name on them. Again, humiliation.
This man possess no tact or clear idea of what constitutes costumer service! He was rude, treated me like I was trying pull something over on him and really didn't communicate in any kind of intelligent manner. I hope he feels good about how he treated me because I will never go there again - and like any dissatisfied customer will retell my story to as many people as I can to protect them from this kind of behavior.

[658] Frankie  Ink Stains

The person that drove my truck in and out of the building had an ink pen in his back pocket with the open tip sticking out.  I had two 6 inch ink lines on my driver seat.  Took hours to remove the ink.

[657] Aurora in Rancho Cucamonga, CA  No Promised Discount

July 8, 2007 @ 10:52 AM (was our service @ Jiffy Lube).  My husband and I went to get an oil change for our Truck @ Jiffy Lube #3090 in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. The first thing the mechanic asked my husband was the Odometer my husband replies and the mechanic takes his word, what a geek (my husband was just guessing). Then he told him that he needed to work on the transmission, husband said OK. Mechanic from Jiffy Lube said cost is $137.48 it's a discount, My husband told him on your computer it's not showing a discount it's showing full amount. Mechanic replied discount will show on receptionist computer.
Later on, receptionist tells us car is ready. She charged us full amount $152.94 I said wait a minute the mechanic just told us that there would be a discount and she apologized and took my word for how much it would cost (without verifying with mechanic & here computer showed same information than from the mechanic's) not only that they should have there computer system fixed, if it's going to be a discount it should show on the computer.
After all that my husband and I went to run some errands and went back home. Before getting off the car, my husband noticed that the seat and ceiling was all greased up. Seems that a monkey went inside the car. Is Jiffy Lube going to clean up my car? Obviously there is no professionalism.
[656] Dennis in Stevenson Ranch, CA  Destroyed Transmission

My name is Dennis and I had my 2002 Subaru Outback oil changed at the Stevenson Ranch, CA, Jiffy Lube on 7/5/07.  The Jiffy Lube invoice number was 1411 50255 BAY8.  Employees JM1 and IE1 worked on the car.  They drained the transmission instead of the oil, added oil and 110 miles later my transmission was destroyed.  I called the manager, Lenin Sanchez and said he would accepted no responsibility.  Lenin said that it was impossible for them to make a mistake even though on this car the transmission and oil plugs are next to each other.

Lenin accused me of lying and just trying to get my car fixed and have Jiffy Lube pay for it.   Lenin refused to paid for the repairs or even check out my story.  Lenin said he would refer it to his district manager, Juan Perez.  Juan said he would look into it and call me back be he did not.  I feel the owner of the store should take responsibility by paying for the repairs.  I have not been able to reach Juan and talking to Lenin does no good.  I guess my next step is to pay for the repairs and take Lenin to small claims court.  Any help in this matter would be appreciated.

[655] MK Bait & Switch

I was driving by Jiffy lube and there was a sign that read $19.99 for an oil change. I drove to the corner and turned around but by the time I got to the business the sign was gone. I had the oil changed anyway thinking they would only charge me $19.99 because of the sign. They refused and charged me $39.99. When I questioned the price, they said they only put that sign out there if they weren't busy. They also said I needed a new air filter so I said put one in. They came back and said, "Oops sorry we're all out." I wrote the company and got no where. Today I drove by the business and now there was a man standing outside with a sign that read, "Oil Change 19.99." I guess they're still at it.

[654] TC in Logan, UT  No Coupon Loose Plug

My long term and locally owned lube shop in Logan, UT was bought out by Juffy Lube, sad to say.  I figured I'd give them a chance and they offered me a "free" oil change on my next visit.  I notice oil spoting on my garage floor immediatly and took it in.  The man said it was loose drain plug and tightened it up and offered apologies.  So eight weeks pass and I take my car in for another oil change, the "free" one.  NO WAY would they touch it, I have to wait for corporate to send me a coupon.  EIGHT WEEKS has passed remember.  He became a total jerk in front of my daughters who were with me.  So, I change it out myself this morning.  The oil drain bolt was only finger tight (Honda specs it at 33 pound feet torque) and the filter took NO effort to loosen, it was barely making contact.  NEVER AGAIN will I go to a Jiffy Lube, what a bunch of inept jerks.  Anyone want a "free" oil change coupon, if it ever comes?

[653] Akash in Wheeling, IL   Back-Fire Damages

I took my car, a 2003 ford focus SVT to jiffy lube 10 east dundee road, wheeling. il.60090 on 7/7/07.
They performed a 2 step fuel system cleaning service on my car. When they started my car there was a loud bang with a lot of smoke, all right in front of my eyes. The car did not start after that. The intake manifold and potentially other parts were damaged due to this incident. They took the intake manifold apart along with the air intake system and lots of other parts to see if they could fix the damage. Since they were unable to fix the damage, they towed the car to one Whips automotive nearby. I later met with the mechanic at whips and he told me that they put in excess fluid in a wrong manner. Due to their neglegence he said that he would have to replace the intake manifold or all the manifolds. Also they got the car to run on 3 cylinders and said that due to the damage, the 4th cylinder was misfiring as some wires had been damaged during this process.
He also said that they will only be able to start work after further authorization from jiffy lube. He also said that only after he has fixed the initial problem, will he be able to say if the motor has been damaged, and to what extent if any.

I spoke to Nick at jiffy lube and he said he can do nothing as he has filed a customer service incident report with corporate. Only on authorization from corporate will the mechanic repair my car and assess the full extent of damage. They further told me that I would have to pay for the repairs and later file a claim with corporate. He even refused to provide me with a rental car saying that all i need to do is speak to corporate customer service.
He even refused to write on the report that the car is in their possession. All he wrote in the report is that the car was towed to Whips automotive.
jiffy lube even admitted that it was their fault but they would do nothing for me except say sorry.
This is the worst customer service I have ever received from anyone. I have lost my entire saturday during which I had to study for an upcoming CPA exam besides having to deal with this harrowing experience.
The economic damage is my CPA exam. Anyone can quantify the economic damage of being a CPA vs not being one.
The other major economic damage is the cost of repair which is currently going to be minimum $1000 ( incl labour and parts).If the motor has been damaged, the cost could be much higher.

[652] Scott in Chicago, IL No Deal

It's been almost two months since I had my oil changed under your buy one get one free deal and I still haven't received the coupon for the second free oil change.

This Jiffylube dealer: Jiffy Lubeģ Service Center #2503, 810 W 31ST ST., CHICAGO , IL 60608-5829 US 312-225-2911 had me fill out a form that the manager then put it in an envelope and told me he would mail it.   Did you ever get it? How long do these things take to process?

[651] Heather in Portland, OR  A/C Hot Air

At JL #1011 2025 NE Broadway, I paid 49.99 for AC service plus 37.49 for refrigerant. I was told all checked out fine, AC is working. After I left, I had nothing but hot air. Nearly $90 for absolutley nothing!

I returned to complain and ask for a refund, and was told that refunds are not possible, because "It's 49.99 just to touch the machine, regardless" (!) and that "There is no guarantee that your AC will work after paying 49.99 for service. You must have a vacuum leak."

Well, then why proceed to add refrigerant and charge me an additional $37.49 if my AC is "not working" as would have been found after the so-called "service." In fact, this sounds environmentally irresponsible and possibly illegal in Oregon to put this material into a system that could be leaking.

I am requesting a refund of $87.48 from the corporate office, so that I can turn around and pay my mechanic to properly activate my AC. I am doubtful that it will come.

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