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Personal Experiences

[900] Darren  Employee

Oh will you people get off it already? The buy one get one was through pennzoil quaker state, it had nothing to do with the jiffy lube stores. Jeez, get out once in a while and find something better to do with your time. Also, to the person that posted the comment "Had this happened to some women drivers (or men for that matter) who don't care to learn any more about a car than to go from here to there, this is not the place to take a car." If you dont know at least how to change a flat tire or check your own oil level, you have no business driving a car. People like you are the reason that corporations like this get away with ripping people off.

However, I can tell you that as a current employee of Jiffy Lube, not only are the apathy and incompetence claims completely true; but the subject matter of most of the conversations that go on between employees in the shop creates a very hostile environment for male and female employees. It is borderline sexual harassment. So not only is it a bad place for customers, but also a bad place to work.

[899] Steve in Harrisburg, PA  Confused Wife

Hello, my wife wanted to surprise me by getting the oil changed in her car. She was going to get their lower end serviceÖa simple oil change. When they found out the mileage on the vehicle (approx. 99,000), they insisted that she needed to have the special signature $49.99 service instead of the regular $19.99 service due to the excessive high mileage of the car (Elantra). The regular oil service would have been fine. They then contacted her via phone that the 'filter' needed changed (she assumed they meant the oil filter, turns out it was the air filter). However, they only indicated 'filter' on the call. Instead of getting an approx. $22.00 bill, it ended up being $74.18 (Signature oil service at $49.99 and a new air filter at $19.99 + tax).

Bottom line is they took advantage of my wife and her lack of knowledge with cars. They made it sound that the car could only be serviced with the high end oil signature service and that the lower end $19.99 would not work. They confused her with the term 'filter'. What started out as being a nice surprise for me in taking care of the car turned out to be a royal screwing from Jiffy Lube.

They've now lost a customer in me and my extended family. I also work for a large company that has 100's of employee's all of which are possibly current and/or potential Jiffy Lube customers. I will be doing very best to discourage my co-workers from using Jiffy Lube.

[898] Cassidy in St. Louis, MO  Transmission Line Hole

my girlfriend recently visited a jiffy lube in st louis and i recently noticed a transmission fluid leak,well i found the leak and by looking at the hose you would see no visible damage such as cracks or gashes. a small pin hole was causing the leak at the bottom of the hose where it attaches to the radiator.to anyone under the car,this would be the easiest place to reach. it may be a very odd coincidence,but ive seen hoses that were damaged plenty and this one isnt.....just a small not even visible to the eye hole only after getting her oil changed.....makes you think huh?

[897] Howard in Springfield, VA  Crankcase Pudding


[896] Michael in Newton, MA  Air Cleaner Problems

November 30th, 2007.  I had visited the store location Jiffy Lube Store # 01179 on 191 Needham Street Newton Ma 02164 most recently for my last oil change and air filter replacement on September 10th 2007. This location is relatively close and convenient for me and at least for the past year I have been bringing my 2003 Toyota Camry V6. This is the first time I have had an air filter replaced by Jiffy Lube, after assuming they had done the job properly, shortly after my vehicle was encountering problems. At least a week after the vehicle performance was decreasing since it became very sluggish on the road. It was becoming worst especially when it came to merging on the highway and making turns since the vehicle kept pushing back and forth when it came to accelerating after a traffic stop or making basic turns. Within 3 weeks it was becoming very annoying and I found it to be very strange that a 6 cylinder vehicle would have such drastic problems. Toward the end of September I had decided to contact Jiffy Lube by telephone where as they had brushed me away assuming that it was a simple tune up, in which only to discover their speculation is totally wrong.

2 days later I had decided to go into the location and speak with an associate and again they didnít want to take a look at the vehicle. Apparently they did seem very under staffed which is not the first time I have encountered such inconsistent service.  An associate had suggested that I go across the street to National Tire and battery and have them look at spark plugs among other things. Again only to realize that they didnít have the common courtesy to even look at the vehicle rather than to send me somewhere else which I find is the most convenient solution for them. I had visited several other mechanics including National Tire and battery/ Hoganís Tire, and my local mechanic. The first 2 mechanics only took a very brief look at the vehicle and they werenít able to diagnose it. I had gone to Frankís Auto repair and paid $70 for a diagnosis, and the equipment didnít trigger any engine light codes. Although he had test driven it and did find it in being very sluggish for a 6 cylinder especially since the car is not old. It was time to get an oil change and I took one last opinion which was to Firestone complete auto care. They had discovered after a meticulous observation that the air filter unit was not in place. Also the bolt was missing on the left side which is because the housing unit was stripped on the side and therefore the air filter could not be secured.

Firestone had claimed that it would be negligence on Jiffy Lube since they were the ones to handle it most recently. After discovering the situation, they had secured the air filter but they still needed to order a complete housing unit since it was stripped on the side and there was not a bolt that could go through it properly. I had contacted the manager of Jiffy Lube whose name is Patrick who was very un-sympathetic, along with the customer service personnel from Texas. It had taken 2 weeks to get the attention of Victoria who is the supervisor as she had initially promised that I would be reimbursed for the diagnosis and the bolt. But after it was discovered that the air filter housing was stripped, I had to deal with her manager Mr. Chris Chapman who was just as bad. They had asked that I fax the paper work and estimates, only to find out that I wouldnít get reimbursed for anything.

The vehicle drives much better now with the new housing unit, that was the only problem since the vehicle was updated with its services. There is no engine code that will be triggered in result of a missing screw, but obviously who would expect for something like that to be missing. Jiffy Lube does not stand by their pledge and I was very disappointed in finding that out the hard way. I had contacted Mr. Luis Scofone the President of Shell and he said he would investigate and someone else would get back to me. Their final resolution is that I either contact a mediator or go through small claims, they feel that they are not responsible in any wrong doing and that someone else could have caused the problem.

I would not recommend that anyone visit Jiffy Lube, I had to spend $524.00 for a new housing unit along with the diagnosis. They lack in providing satisfaction to their customers and they do not even perform basic services as required in a signature oil change such as vacuuming inside the vehicle which they have never done so. Based upon the poor communication on Jiffy Lube, I have decided to contact Better business bureau along in pursuing this in small claims court.  

[895] Christie in Catonsville, MD  Suspicious About Scams

Needless to say that I was not too happy with my experience getting my oil changed at Jiffy Lube. When I asked the man at the counter to get my Oil change he proceeded to tell me what they would do for $32.99. I agreed and they proceeded to change my oil. A man entered the shop went out on the shop floor with his cell phone and it looked to me that he was pointing the phone at my license plate - I can't swear to this. After a while the man who was working on my car told me I needed a cabin filter. I said ok. This filter was a little filter that couldn't be more then a few dollars. To make a long story short instead of paying $32.99 for oil change I ended up paying $65.20. A little hefty in my opinion. The man at the counter new my name before I even gave him my card which I thought was a little strange. He tried to enter my credit card but it wouldn't work so he manually entered the number. This also made me start wondering if I am being scammed. I don't know if I am just being parodied or if Identify theft and scam has been done. I problemly would have never gone to Jiffy Lube if I would have done some research on the internet first. If I am way out of line I truly apologize to this company. In the mean time I will monitor my credit card purchases for erroneous charges. I hate that this world has come to this that every one is so suspicious about scams and identity theft.

[894] Chuck in Erie, PA  No Fluid Checks

I had a problem back in the late 80's when I took my Chevy Z24 for an oil change. They said they top off all the fluids and I was glad to hear this because I know I have a power steering leak. I normally add fluid myself, but I said, 'what the heck'. The guy behind the counter was mean looking. When they were done I checked the power steering reservoir in the parking lot and it was empty! The tough guy came out, and after I explained, he brought out a bottle of fluid and poured it in.

[893] Matt  Filter Not Stocked

I took my daughter's car for an oil change. Its a Hyundai Sonata 2006. I waited for 20 mins to get in then was told they did not stock the canister filter. How does that happen. I will never go back. I drove down the street to Lube Pro's who took care of my needs.

[892] Robert in Virginia Beach, VA  No Rebate

I recently participated in the Penzoil-Jiffy Lube 2 oil changes for 1 this past Spring. I had both of my cars serviced the same day, filled out the rebate info slips and mailed them the same day to the same address, in seperate envelopes, all within the dates specified. The tag numbers are --- and ---, both Virginia and are in Jiffy Lubes records..

I only received one coupon back. When I called, and was redirected to the Shell rebate center, I was told that only one rebate form was received, so I would only get one coupon. Upon calling back to Jiffy Lube Customer Service, I was told that the records showed both cars being serviced, I should be entitled to my rebate, and a coupon would be mailed.

When, after waiting for weeks for this coupon, I called back to Jiffy Lube Customer Service, and was told the old story...they didn't receive but one rebate form, so I was out of luck.

The whole point of my having my cars oil changed that day was for the promised second oil change. I did my part and paid for the service. I mailed in the forms. The verbal contract, as stated by your employees, was for a second oil change after paying for the first, which Jiffy Lube will now not do. This has nothing to do with rebate forms or the mail. It is simply bad business practice to void this second oil change because of the rebate center. 
I feel you owe me the cost of the first oil change, as you have not fulfilled your end of the verbal contract.

[891] Lorraine in Palatine, IL Loose Radiator Cap

On November 9, 2007 I had my 2002 Nissan serviced at Jiffy lube 86 E. Dundee Rd. Palatine, IL 60067,#196.  One of the services performed was Top off antifreeze and mixed anti-freeze coolant.  The entire bill was 102.24.  I began trying to use the heat about two weeks after this service.  I noticed that the heat was not consistent or very warm.  I took my vehicle to the Nissan dealer in Buffalo Grove for service.  The found the coolant to be at a low level because the radiator cap was not tightened properly.  No other leaks were found.   Because of the loose radiator cap I had to pay a $143.40 repair bill.  The only people who worked on my vehicle were the Jiffy Lube people.  I want reimbursement. 

[890] Sam in Erie, PA  No Transmission Fluid

I am writing this with great dismay of the service my son received on 10/04/07 . Before reporting back to base ( Marine Corp. Quantico Va. ) he got his oil changed at a Jiffy lube in Erie, Pa. They changed his oil and told him there was a leak and they changed a valve . On the pink slip it states all fluids were ok including the transmission . Two weeks later traveling back to Va. his transmission burned up because the lack of fluid .The Hagerstown Maryland garage had to replace his transmission ( $2000.00) and said who changed his oil should have caught the low fluid level or when they replaced the valve they never replaced it.

[889] Renee in Raleigh, NC  Broke Hood Release

My son took his Honda to the Jiffy Lube #2719 at 10840 Wakefield Commons Drive in Raleigh, NC.  The technician broke the hood release lever off from inside the car.  He came out with it in his hand and apologized, but said there was nothing the store could do about it.  I called and talked to the manager of the store, who referred me to the toll-free number with the comment "but they won't pay for it."  After going up 2 levels, the last manager I talked to laughed at me and said I couldn't prove the technician overextended the lever.  I've never heard of one of those breaking before and I've owned a lot of cars in my lifetime.  He offered to send me gift certificates in the amount of the repair, but I don't plan to go back there again so they're worthless to me. I got the feeling that Jiffy Lube never pays for repairs because as the manager told me "things break."  Yes, things can break, but when som eone other than myself breaks something when I'm paying for a service, I expect them to pay for the repair!  I've contacted my BBB and Attorney General's office and have posted bad reviews on any website I can find that lists that particular location.  I'm stuck with a $200 repair bill, since the entire hood release cable has to be replaced!

[888] Steve in Bozeman, MT  $120 Oil Change

Today I tried to get my oil changed at our local Jiffy Lube here in Bozeman Montana. I have had this done before at this store and been satisfied with the service.  Today was a different story. They tried to upsell me to some premium service. Ir was stated that doing this premium service was normally 120 dollars but I could get it for 40 dollars. When the it came time to pay it was 120 dollars. It turns out they were charging me for the oil change and the premium service. I only wanted an oil change. I was so angry I left and walked to the auto parts store and bought the oil I really wanted plus filter. I wlll change it myself.

[887] Ed in Schereville, IN  Wrong Oil Filter

I went for an oil change on Oct. 5 at the Jiffy Lube in Schererville, IN(store# 1573). About a hour after leaving my car broke down while driving due to the wrong oil filter application. I was stranded on the side of the road for about 5 hours trying to get the store manager to come help me. Even as my car was being towed away the store manger Tom Reis insisted that it was my vehicle and not something they did. I had it checked out at Lube works in Highland, IN and the engine was locked up, but Jiffy Lube wanted a second opinion. I had to have it towed again to Smith Chevy in Hammond, IN and checked out to find the same result. 4 days had gone by with no help from Tom Reis, and I finally got the number for the corporate office and got a rental. Then I was trying to get a hold of Jeff Benefield for another week or two before he called me back. He then had to send out a rep to see my vehicle and by the time this happen a month had gone by. They refused to fix my vehicle and only gave me blue book value. After finding out I could not take legal action I agreed to the settlement and my rental was taken away. But when I went to have my car towed for a third time to another shop, I couldn't because Jiffy Lube had not paid their bill for the second tow. I made a countless number of phone calls to Jeff Benefield again with no calls back, and when I did talk to him he said he did not get any of my messages or faxes. He also told me that they would pay the bill but should have to, even though they wanted the oil pan dropped along with the second opinion. Jeff also told me it was taking so long because of a delay on my part. The only delay was when Jeff would never call me back. (The communication in his office must be pretty pathetic.) After 3 more weeks, without a vehicle I finally got the check in the mail on Nov 24. 50 DAYS!! had gone by since Jiffy Lube ruined my engine, and 21 of those days I had no car. Jeff Benefield simply did not care and dragged his feet on everything he did. I have never had such bad service in my life. Then I saw the website Jiffylubeproblems.com, and see how much this happens and what Jiffy Lube is really about. Since then I have also heard of about a dozen similar experiences from just people I know. What a Joke.

[886] Dan in Birmingham, AL  Total Engine Death

About 6 years ago, I took my Camry to the dealership and had two brand new axles installed, and had a receipt with the VIN on it for that work. Next, four brand new tires, the receipt also had the VIN on it. Next, car cleaning supplies, and last, an oil change at Jiffy Lube. Needless to say, this was a car care day for me, and I spent over $1,000.00 BEFORE I got to Jiffy Lube. The attendants were too busy playing and laughing to properly do their job, and didn't put the drain plug back in. On the way home, I though that my tire had thrown a small piece of gravel up under the car, but it was the drain plug, as I found out a few miles down the road. The engine seized up, and I got off the highway, and black oil was still coming out of the engine. I had the car towed to my mechanic, who confirmed total engine death. I contacted Jiffy Lube, and obtained their DM's name and number, and left him several messages, which he never returned. Finally, I contacted Jiffy Lube Headquarters in Texas, and faxed their rep all of the receipts that I had from that day, complete with matching VIN, proving that I was not trying to fleece them by destroying some old junk car and then blaming it on them. The rep insisted that the DM (who STILL had never returned a phone call) had been out to where my car finally stopped, and could not find a loose drain plug anywhere. I assume that he thought it had hopped down the highway after me. He continued to infer that I was trying to rip them off, even after all the documentation that I had sent them. I contacted the CEO by e-mail and informed him that: A) Small Claims court is free to citizens, B) I would be contacting the Bureau of Consumer Affairs AND the Attorney General's Office for both Texas and Alabama, and C) I resent being called a thief and liar, and D) all I wanted was my engine replace, not the whole car, no punitive damages, and no other money at all. The next day the rep called me back and told me that he wasn't trying to infer that I was lying, and that he would be glad to replace the engine in the car, but only if he made the check out to the repair canter doing the replacement. Again, I took this to infer that he was calling me a liar. And then, he offered me a free oil change coupon!
Eventually, all of the Jiffy Lubes in Birmingham closed down, and I can't say that I'm not surprised. I also found that I am FAR from the only dissastisfied former customer of this business. The fact that your website exists is proof that this is not an uncommon thing for them.

[885] Carrie  in Ithaca, NY  Too Tight Lug Nuts

This weekend [Nov 17, 2007], I decided to put my snow tires back on my car for the season. My friend has access to professional tools, making this task very easy usually. A nd I prefer to do routine maintennece on my car because I enjoy it and it saves money.  We got the front passenger side tire off no problem.  Next we tried the drivers side front tire.  We were using an impact gun with no luck at all - none of the 4 lug nuts would budge.  We moved to the rear drivers side tire to take a break from struggling with the front and all 4 lug nuts were immovable back there too.  We tried using a breaker bar (a long extension handle put on a normal socket/ratchet set) to see if some leverage would help, but what happened was that we broke the socket adapter piece instead.  We didn't even try the passengers side rear tire beacuse our tool had broken and we were very frustrated. 
I was amazed that they were on so tight, given that I usually clean the nuts/bolts and apply "No Seize" every time I change the tires and also take care not to overtighten them.  Then I remembered that I had been to the Ithaca, NY Jiffy Lube for service, including an inspection, two months ago.  At least one wheel is removed for them to do a NYS inspection, so I assumed that their impact gun was stronger than the one I was using and that they had overtightened the drivers side last time I was there after removing the wheels for the inspection.
The next day I went to my local Jiffy Lube and asked them to finish putting the on snow tires for me, which they agreed they would do at no charge.  They were able to change all but the rear drivers side tire, although there was a lot of banging going on and it was not a "jiffy" process to get any of the drivers side tires off. In the end they got it so that I had three snow tires on my car (the one I got on and two more) but the drivers rear side tire was still not changed and now had one stripped lug nut - it was COMPLETELY circularized, not merely rounded corners.  They told me they'd need a special "extractor tool" to get it off, that I should come back that afternoon.  When I called later they told me that they had been too busy to go get the tool, but that they'd have it in the morning.  At this point I was still satisfied that they were going to rememdy the problem that they caused.
The next morning I called - still no tool, and after a few more calls throughout the day they took my number and told me they'd call me when they got it.  The next day, when I had still not gotten a call, I thought I might be getting the run-around so I decided to drive down there and see if I could get more progress in person. When I got there they told me that they didn't get the tool because it was too expensive and that they'd have to get "a whole set" (I presume of 4 lug nuts) that was going to cost them $30 that they couldn't possibly afford to spend and that they were too busy to take care of me anyway.  This angered me since I was in this position all because of their ineptitude first at putting on the tire too WAY tight, and then destroying one of the lug nuts trying to get it off, so I told them I'd never go back there again.
I then took my car to the dealer who tried to help me, ended up breaking the same tool, and made the stripped lug nut even worse in the process,. They told me that they might be able to torch it off, possibly destroying the wheel in the process or maybe they could drill it down so that it could be broken off.  They had me make an appointment for next week so I could leave my car there FOR A DAY OR TWO!!!!
I don't know how this will all turn out - I'm sure glad I didn't happen to get a flat tire on the drivers side (and hope I don't before this is over) - but after this experience,  finding a website like this, and the news stories about the Jiffy Lube scams, I do know that I will NEVER go back there, no matter how convenient they may be.  They are NOT mechanics and apparently are not even qualified to perform the simplest of tasks on a motor vehicle. And the moral of the story is to make sure your lug nuts are not overtightened so much that you can't get them off in an emergency!

[884] Mike in Boise, ID  Fluid Shower

About 1 month ago, I went to the Jiffy Lube in Boise, ID at the Broadway St location to have my transmission level checked.  The technician removed the dipstick and determined the level was low.  I got out of the car to see the reading on the stick and was standing at the drivers side of the engine compartment.  The technician tried to add trans fluid but the machine delivered it too fast or he didn't have the nozzle in the tube far enough - the end result was a transmission fluid shower for me mostly, but also the entire engine compartment.
Last Saturday [Nov 17, 2007] at the same location, I went in for full service.  I stayed with the car (Suburban) and watched new oil and oil filter being added.  My attention was directed to the cash register where I paid and was told I was ready to go.  The entire service took about 15 minutes.  On Sunday, I crawled under the car to see if they actually applied grease to the fittings.  None was evident as all fittings are dry and dust covered.  I called the vender and informed them of the problem - they said, "oh sorry, can you come back in?"

[883] Sean  Outrage

I have felt on many occasions that unnecessary work was suggested(rather forcibly I might add) to my and my wife's car and that both of us have agreed to unnecessary repairs costing hundreds and hundreds of $'s.  Now I see a NBC expose showing that not only do you talk to unnecessary repairs, you don't even do the unnecessary repairs even after I pay good money for them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is an outrage of monumental proportions.  What are you doing about this?  Please answer me as to why should I continue to be one of your customers after finding out your travesties?

[882] Dan in Santa Maria, CA  Theft

 RE: HP (Hewlett-Packard) R927 Digital Camera $285.99 + Tax.. The police have the model #, Prodect # and serial # which i also have in my file.  Police report # 2007R 13244 Santa Maria California Police Department
Dear Manager Derek.  As you are well aware that the above mention camera was stolen from my sonís car after your JiffyLube Quality Inspector J. Villasenor inspected and/or serviced my sonís car: Please find a copy of the invoice attached with the following information.
Store # 609 @ 1860 S. Broadway, Santa Maria, CA 93454 Phone # 805.922.1948  Date of Service: 09-17-07 about 2:05 p.m.    Invoice # 609-1505039 Bay5     Employees: ICE2 EIL2 MRM2 HLW3 EMH2      Work Order # 20
Derek You as a manger are very rude Lies and about this whole issue. i have tried all good faith things i know of to settle this matter. i am very upset about the lost of my camera with my kids photo's in it.
Now to get right to the point, I want my camera back, or I want you to replace the camera with the same model and make, or I want the money it will cost to replace the camera. May this letter serve as my attempt to make prior arraignments before I contact file is small claims which cost very little money, sue you and JiffyLube for mental stress, contact the local paperís (all papers) with letters to the editor,
I contact the better business bureau, any and all internet and websites that I can post comments too that states the following; Donít trust your vehicle or personal belongings to the JIFFYLUBE in Santa Maria and the surrounding area. Their employee or employees Will steal things from your auto.  If you have ever had your oil change done there check to see if anything is missing from your auto.
Derek please, you are the manager and all I want is whatís right. You stated to me that you have Video, where is it? Then your staff tells me there is no Video. Whoís Lying?
I will not let this die and I have nothing but time on my hands to work the courts, the internet and the press and the better business bureau. There are or were family pictures on there, My oldest son was shot and killed last year in Michigan and some of his photos were on there. That causeís me physical & Mental stress.
No one can or should feel safe trusting you, your staff or JIFFYLUBE with their auto or personal belongings in them.

[881] Xi in Charlottesville, VA  Theft

I am a customer of Jiffy Lube. On Nov. 3rd 2007, My wife and I went to Jiffy Lube ( 2088 Berkmar Dr, Charlottesville, VA ) for a oil change. My wife left an apple ipod on the floor on the passenger side before she get off the car. When we get back into the car after they changed the oil, we found the ipod was lost. So we talked to the manager, Kirk, there and he showed us the recorded video. Actually, we could not see anything from the video, because it was played so fast and the video window was so small. Then the manager told us that he would watch the video slowly and carefully after jiffy lube was closed after 6:00 pm. When we get back after 6:00 pm, Kird told us that he watched the video and still saw nothing and he also told us that the district manager would saw the video next Monday and gave us a call. When we requested him to show us the video, he rejected. But till now I have not received any call from Jiffy Lube yet. I need a answer or a solution to this problem.

[880] Vanessa in Chicago, IL  Forgot Air Filter Replacement

I am writing this letter to express how unsatisfied I am with the work that was done to my car on 11/04/07. I have heard through emails and other people not to trust Jiffy Lube and now I can understand why.
I had an oil change on  11/04 invoice no.593 396612 bay 9 transaction no. 07110400396612 which cost me $41.98. I had a new air filter put in which cost $8.99 WHICH THEY NEVER PUT IN. They  took out the old filter and said it was dirty and said I needed a new one. I rusted the mechanic so I told him to put it in. Not only did they not give me a new one but they left the air filter box open which I did not realize at the time. I did not find out until 10 days later when my engine shut down while I was driving on the express way . I was doing 60mph when it shut down- did you ever try to get to the side of the road with cars speeding by you as your car is dead? It almost cost me an accident. My job came and towed me in because I didn't know what happened with the car shutting down. It could have been major . The mechanic showed me where the air filter was supposed to be in and it wasn't there! I told him about bringing the car to Jiffy Lube for an oil change and filter change and that's when we realized the mechanics never put a new one in.  I went and bought a new filter and put it in myself. I bought it at Murray's auto stores part no. 1304604 ca7365. I am letting you know all this because this accident could have caused HUGE problems.
 I have had trans. fluid changes and my car winterized at Jiffy Lubes in years past but after this happening I will never go back to jiffy lube again; nor would I ever recommend J.L to anyone after this happening to me. I paid good money and expected to have a professional job done. I hope this will somehow make a difference so that this will not happen to someone else. I know accidents happen, but this could have really damaged my car or caused an accident.

[879] Tom  Bad Management

I will never again use you company your company should pay the price for bad management and go out of business.

[878] James in Aventura, FL  Twisted Transmission Filter

Around Oct. 11th this year, my wife and I were riding in her car, a 2006 Subaru Forrester, when we noticed the vehicle reacting oddly when I pressed the accelerator. It was a delayed reaction. This happened a few more times throughout the day and the following morning. It finally dawned on me that the transmission was slipping. But I wasn't worried about that, because there was a top-to-bottom manufacturer's warranty in place. We took the vehicle to the dealership where it had been purchased, and they examined it. I assumed whatever was wrong we'd be fine. I was wrong. When the dealership called us back they said that our transmission was shot and that because it was damaged by an outside auto shop not authorized by the manufacturer to lay hands on the transmission, it would not be covered by the warranty. Apparently someone had used a wrench to twist off the transmission fluid filter and then hastily put the filter back on, puncturing it along the way. Immediately I knew what had happened. In the year or so we've had the car I've never lifted the hood. I don't have time. And the only people who've ever laid hands on my car were Jiffy Lube techs for oil changes. I checked our records and three weeks prior to the transmission slipping we'd gotten an oil change at our neighborhood Jiffy Lube, in Aventura, Florida. The dealership theorized that in their haste the Jiffy Lube techs had removed the transmission fluid filter, realized after the fact that it wasn't the oil filter, put it back on, puncturing it in the process, and then proceeded to change our oil, assuming their mistake would never be noticed. Well, in the three weeks following, our transmission fluid had been slowly leaking out till the day we noticed something was wrong. Right away I called the manager of that Jiffy Lube and he told me to bring the car back so he could look at it. I told him no way, because I didn't want him to try to claim later that the damage was done when I drove the car back for his examination. So he agreed to go to the dealership and examine the car there. After he did so his regional manager visited and examined the car. A short time later, I received a call from a customer service agent at Jiffy Lube headquarters in Houston. She said they acknowledged causing the damage but still weren't sure the extent of it and so they were unwilling to pay the dealership to replace our transmission. First, they wanted the transmission dismantled and studied by a neutral party. I agreed to that, and that's when the downturn started. First, the customer service agent asked - nearly a week into this process - if we had a rental car, in lieu of my wife's car. I said yes, and she responded that she hoped it was an Enterprise Rental car, because they're the only agency Jiffy Lube works with. I answered that yes it was Enterprise, but it was only a coincidence, because no one - not the local or regional managers and not the customer service agent - had said one word to us about Jiffy Lube's rental car policy. And we only went to Enterprise, because it happened to be located on the grounds of our dealership. Next she asked about the price of the rental. I told her, and she said it was too much, that it exceeded Jiffy Lube's rate. I told her too bad, because neither the local or regional managers had bothered to tell me in advance about the company's rental policy. If they hadn't ducked my calls in the beginning they may have been able to explain the policy to me. So she insisted that I go back and get a cheaper car. I told her that we had requested the least expensive car on the lot and that we were not going to alter our work schedules to drive around town, seeking out another Enterprise office where we could get a cheaper rental car, since we were without a car in the first place, because of a Jiffy Lube mistake. Next, she conceded a bit and said she'd contact Enterprise and have the rental transferred from our credit card to Jiffy Lube's corporate account. She promised to do that right away. I called her an hour later and asked if she had. She swore to it. A week later I received a call from Enterprise demanding to get their rental car back or to receive payment. The Jiffy Lube customer service agent had apparently not taken care of anything. And because they were so angry, Enterprise had charged nearly $1,000 to our credit card and was refusing to remove the charge, regardless of whether Jiffy Lube came in after the fact and made things right. Ultimately we were able to coax Enterprise into removing the bulk of the charges, but not all. Next, the customer service agent said that Jiffy Lube would pay to have our car towed to the "neutral" transmission shop that I had selected. Again, she said it would be done right away. Again, she lied. A week later, I received a call from the dealership saying our car was gathering dust, and was anyone coming anytime soon to pay for the exploratory work they'd done and to tow the car away. I called Jiffy Lube, and as with the rental car, the customer service agent blamed the dealership. She said she was waiting for them to tell her what Jiffy Lube needed to pay to have our car released. I called the dealership, and they said they'd given her all that information a full week prior, the first day she'd promised to take care of things. Finally, caught in her lie, the Jiffy Lube customer service agent paid the dealership and had our car towed to the neutral zone, where it was a week-and-a-half before the transmission shop was able to examine it. The shop found that indeed several significant parts of our transmission were seriously damaged because we had been driving the car with low fluid, due to the leak that Jiffy Lube caused. So the shop owner ordered his techs to rebuild the transmission with new parts, etc. That leads us to Monday, Nov. 12th. I called the transmission shop and asked about the status of our car. The owner said he was nearly done and that he had alerted Jiffy Lube to that fact as well. I called Jiffy Lube, and our assigned customer service agent said she knew nothing about this. I called her Tuesday, the 13th, and she said she was just waiting on the shop owner to fax her the paperwork so Jiffy Lube could pay him. I called Wednesday, the 14th, and she said she was just waiting for a check to be cut and she'd overnight it to him, so that he'd be paid by Thursday, and we'd have our car back. I called Thursday morning, Nov. 15th, and the customer service agent snapped at me and said Jiffy Lube would not be paying a penny toward our car's repair! She admitted that she had known since Monday that our car was ready and basically that she had been stringing me along. She was rude and almost taunting. The excuse she gave was that the owner of the transmission shop failed to wait for her phone call giving him permission to go ahead and repair the damage he found. That made his work unauthorized, she said, and therefore not Jiffy Lube's problem. I called the shop owner and he said that he had followed protocol and that after finding the damage he called the customer service agent at Jiffy Lube four days in a row asking if he was cleared to proceed. She did not answer his calls, nor did she return them, he says. Considering her performance with the rental car and other aspects of this matter, I believe the shop owner. Finally, after about four days of no responses, the shop owner says he called Jiffy Lube and left one last message with the agent: that he was losing money because my car was sitting on a lift in a bay in his shop that could be used for other cars and other repairs. So based on his professional judgment and his instructions from Jiffy Lube in terms of payment, he was going to proceed with the work, because he had not found anything unexpected. I called the Jiffy Lube customer service agent back and related what the shop owner had said. She didn't even try to deny it. But she still told me, in so many words, good luck getting my car back from him, because it was no longer Jiffy Lube's concern. She then tried to hang up on me. But I stopped her, reminded her that most of those customer service calls are recorded, reminded her that she wasn't dealing with the little old lady who drives her car only on Sundays, and reminded her of what I did for a living (I'm in the media). She scoffed at me and hung up. So I promptly got out my rolodex and called one of Jiffy Lube's corporate communications bosses and related everything I've written here. She seemed appalled and said she was leaving her office and headed down to the customer service department to meet with the service manager and this particular customer service agent. Maybe it was an act, but by the time I left work Thursday evening I had received a call that Jiffy Lube was backing down and would indeed be paying the transmission shop owner no later than the next morning, Friday, Nov. 16th. Sure enough, by the time I got to my office Friday morning, the shop owner had been paid. My car had been released. And I had gotten an apology from Jiffy Lube. I'm not done with them though. I'm still considering a civil suit for all the hassle. Plus, there's the matter of the rental car. Apparently the incompetent customer service agent told Enterprise Rental Car that Jiffy Lube would only be paying for our car through Nov. 7th. Why she picked that arbitrary date I'll never know, since at that point, the transmission shop had just begun work on our car. So now, even though we're getting our car back repaired, with a warranty, and with the shop owner paid in full, I'm still going to have to fight Jiffy Lube to get them to reimburse me whatever amount of that rental car remains on our credit card.

[877] Mark in Thousand Oak, CA  Stripped Oil Pan

I got an oil change at a Jiffy Lube in Thousand Oak, Ca.   No problem with the service from what I knew at the time. However, many months later when I went to get another oil change at a different oil change company, the mechanic said they could not do the oil change because the oil plug had been replaced with a temporary butterfly clip oil plug. I saw it, so I know he was not trying to scam me.   Apparently Jiffy Lube stripped the threads of the oil pan, so they had to use a temporary plug that does not need to screw in.  The crime here is that Jiffy lube did not tell me they did this.

To remedy this problem I had to install a new oil pan.  I decided to do this myself.  IT cost under $50.00 for parts.

[876] Sadie in Reno, NV  Oil Stains

I was in Reno, Nevada yesterday at the franchaise location on Moana Lane. Jiffy Lube store  #2545. My oil was changed and after I left and was on my way home I discovered that there was oil all over the driver's seat and the passenger seat. I had a white sweater laying on part of the passenger seat and it was also covered in oil. I live 100 miles from Reno and was halfway home when I discovered this issue. I think Jiffy Lube needs to be more careful when getting in and out of customer car's especially one's with BEIGE interior!

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