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[1100] Sonia  No Clue To What's Wrong

So I usually do an oil change myself but with school and work i didn't have time. I went to jiffy lube to get an oil change; I drove home with no problems. I turned my car on several hours later, but I realized something was wrong with my car, the exhaust was forced and the car would not accelerate properly, so I took it to a friend and he said it was the clutch, and the air filter sensor was loose, so he fixed that. The oil was fine, In January I had the oils drained and changed, the brakes changed, air filter, battery, alternator, tires, shocks, complete tune up, so Iím confused as why the car wont turn on. The check engine light comes on, I changed the oil from 10-40 synthetic to 5-30 regular but I did not think that was a problem due to the change in temperature.  I have no clue what is wrong with my car all I know is that itís related to that jiffy lube visit?
Any ideas?

[1099] Shelia in Warrenton, MO  Forgot To Tighten Oil Filter

My family has done business with the Warrenton MO Jiffy Lube at 719 E Veterans Pkwy since it opened years ago.  I took my farm truck in to have the oil changed about 5 weeks ago.  The following week I took my car in for an oil change.  Within a week the car's engine started to knock badly, a couple of days later, my oil light came on.  Fortunately I was very near a Jiffy Lube in Lake St. Louis, I pulled in and told them that my oil light was on.  They checked the oil and showed me that it would not register on the oil stick, they changed the filter and filled the oil.  Today I started on a road trip with the truck and horse trailer, I noticed an oil spot under the truck, I had also been hearing a knock that I thought was the muffler, fortunately I decided to check the oil even though I had only driven about 800 miles since the oil change, it barely showed on the oil stick!  I put 3 quarts of oil in and started the trip.  I stopped in Troy MO to get gas and when I looked under the truck-oil was streaming out!  I begged a gentleman to help me, he crawled under the truck and tightened the oil filter, he said that it was so loose that it was a wonder that it had not fallen off.  I then put another 2 quarts of oil in and went on my way.

[1098] Pat in Sparks, NV  Assult!

About an hour ago on July 19  I washed my company truck and proceeded to Jiffy Lube for an LOF. We have used Jiffy Lube for some time now and I have never had a problem with either the service or the personnel. There have been times when their computer system was having trouble with the credit card input, but the last time I was there I was told by Maria (?) that it was handled, our company was now in the system and I wonít have to worry about the card again.


After the service I told Chris it was a fleet service, but Chris (the attendant) was unable to find us in the computer. I went out and got the credit card from the truck and presented it to Larry (manager) saying that the little gal who works here told me this was taken care of and I understood the card wasnít needed anymore. The conversation was at that point very light and polite.


After checking Larry informed me that that particular card was no longer accepted and I'd have to pay another way. I told him I had no other means with me and I'd either have to go and get the money at the bank or he could call the office and we could get it paid that way. I offered him my business card.  Larry then told me they didn't have to do anything and I would have to call. I told him it was Saturday and the office was closed.  Larry, in an angry voice, told me it was my fault and that I should have told them it was a fleet credit card when I first came in.


I repeated to Larry what I had been told about the card and he went from polite to confrontive and began to try and bully me.  Larry then said, "then you can't leave." I informed him in no uncertain terms that I could leave (Larry is neither a law enforcement officer and has nor has any right to detain me).  I then attempted to leave, get the money from my bank and allow the situation to just settle down.   As I went back to my truck to go to the bank, Larry ran passed me and jumped into the cap and grabbed the keys. This key ring also contained other keys that allow access to sensitive areas and there are access cards to security areas. 


I blocked the door with my body, both arms against the sides of the door, told Larry he couldnít have the company keys and to give them to me. . Larry then lunged at me to shove his way by, using his elbow. I leaned into the blow and Larry went sprawling back into the cab. While regaining his balance Larry either tried to kick me or his entire leg was flailing, the kick and foot went harmlessly into the under part of the dashboard. I leaned in and again told Larry to give me the keys.


At that point all I saw was Larryís right arm coming at me. I thought he was throwing the keys at me so I moved slightly to the right; his arm went over my shoulder barely touching me.  When I ducked right I used the door jam to catch myself and as was pushing back off Larry tried to bolt under my arm. He ran square into it and bounced pretty hard.  I stepped back to see if he was hurt but he immediately jumped up and came at me again. My arm was still out and he stopped dead.


Larry then yelled for help. To the call, 3 other employees did respond. I simple stepped back as Chris ran up and pushed me. I had stepped back to allow Larry to be seen, that there were no fists flying or blood or anything else going on.  At that time, instead of just moving away Larry went around me to the left, jumped on my back and tried to put a chokehold on me.  Under his weight I bent slightly forward. I took one of his fingers and bent it just far enough to let him know that if he didnít let go his finger was going to be broken.


Larry jumped off and I let go of his finger just before his feet hit the ground (being slightly bent over I saw when he landed).  I stood straight up and looked Chris in the eyes. He took two steps back, did some yelling and cursed me, but I did not perceive any threat. He saw there was no fight, no one was hurt and I think it took him aback for the moment.  The other employee ran to the aid, saw that nothing was going on and acted accordingly.


Larry ran around me towards the office yelling I had assaulted him. I yelled back, in no uncertain terms, that I never assaulted him, all I did was block him.  Larry was pale and obviously shaken, so I told him to call the police, adding I was going to do the same.  I then got back into the truck. Larry came out at the other end of the parking lot and told me I had to get off the property. I told him that was exactly what I was doing. He then said he still had my keys and I couldnít have the truck.

 I informed him I had another set, drove across the street and dialed 911.


When the police arrived Larry told them I had assaulted him, put him in a chokehold and Lord only knows what else.  I at no time laid hands on Larry, never even closed my fists. I was struck at twice, an attempt was made to choke me and I was pushed about a bit. Other than taking his finger, to get him off of me, no deleterious contact was made.  I have no problem with Chris and the other 2 employees as they were just responding to a call for help.


But Larry was offered my card, had my license number, knew who the truck belonged to, had records of prior services in the computer, had the data on the year, make, color and license number of the vehicle and was offered more than one solution to the payment problem. Larry has no authority to try and hold me. He also has no authority to take personal or company property, had an extremely confrontive attitude (as I became) and in no way attempted to be either helpful or communicative.  His attitude and demeanor made things worse. If he truly thought I was just going to skip he should have called the police, not attempt to physically restrain me or threaten me. His untruthful statements to the police officer about me do concern me about his honesty and personal ethics.


I realized the bill had to be paid and was willing to do so. Larry had all the info he needed to insure compliance but did not.  When the police showed up they simply escorted me to the bank while I retrieved the cash then returned to the shop to pay the bill.  As I am 6í3Ē and 260lbs it is rather obvious that if I had actually assaulted anyone there would be evidence.  As they saw there was no indication of harm to anyone and sent me home with a ticket to explain it to the judge.   


Store:    Jiffy Lube

                215 East Prater Way

                Sparks, Nevada   89431


Again, I have no problems with the other employees, as they were simply responding to a call for assistance. Commendable.  The police were very polite and professional and I do fully and completely admit that when Larry attempted to prevent my liberty I took on his attitude (rude and confrontive). But I as a customer have used the facility many times and was willing to get them paid. No effort was made to allow me to make this right.

[1097] David in Sioux City, IA  Broke Oil Indicator

Hi I went to have my 94 Jeep Cherokee oil changed at the Jiffy lube on Gordon Drive in Sioux City, Iowa. I went in early and they drove the jeep inside. After a 22 point check up they stated we need a new serpentine belt. I opted out of this as we are from Kansas and I did not want any trouble. They changed the oil all right. After haggling over a miniscule discount for early bird arrival, I picked up the Jeep. All was fine until I turned the key on, and then all HELL broke loose.  There WAS NO OIL PRESSURE. I am with the little woman and we are 550 miles from home. What the $%*! Is going on with the motor. When will it grenade and puke all that Jiffy Lube fluid onto the highway causing the back wheels to break traction causing this car to swerve into an on coming semi cow trailer killing us both! It was only a broken oil sending unit that the service tech broke while changing the Fram oil filter. Thanks for the memories. Not a return fool.

[1096] Denise in St. Louis, MO  Destroyed Radiator

I was in Jiffy Lube last year and had a flush and fill of my radiator. Well they flushed it but never refilled my radiator.  I was sent to a shop to have my engine looked at and they said everything was fine.  Well it isn't fine; I still have my car overheating constantly and now that I was going to get another flush and fill they told me I could not. The plug that would release the radiator was hammered into my radiator so it will never be able to have this service done to my car again.

My vehicle is a 2000 Oldsmobile Silhouette, maroon and the Jiffy Lube that did this service that screwed up my vehicle is: 9405 Olive Blvd., St. Louis, MO., phone is 314-567-5544.

[1095] John  Mandatory Services Are Rip Offs

I have been to Jiffy Lube several times and each time was pressured to get all kinds of other services when all I wanted was an oil and filter change. However, I was told that these other services were mandatory and that I would have to pay for them even if I didn't want them done. Just questioning their obvious ripoff policy seemed to ignite a storm of disrespect. When I said I did not want anyone touching anything on my car except the oil and filter they acted like I had committed the original sin. And based on their attitude it even seemed like they may actually try to damage my car -- that's how vitriolic their attitude seemed. It is very sad that a major company like this can allow such ripoff, anti-consumer practices to continue and that they allow such poor quality of personnel to be hired. Shame on Jiffy Lube. My guess is that it is a very profitable business with such massive overcharges and charging such amounts for services that don't even need to be done. What a shame that the public and public officials allow them to get away with this.

[1094] Sunny in Long Beach, CA  Broke House Key

I took my 1997 Mercedes Benz to this Jiffy Lube in Long Beach. I have had problems there before with them not checking tires,etc. but I decided to give them one last try.

The man who helped me was rude to me when I refused to have them service my radiator. Then "someone" broke my HOUSE KEY (which, incidentally, has a plastic topper in the shape of a little house on it) clean in two, thinking it was the key to my ignition. I waited for 40 minutes and then asked how long it took for an oil change and they told me that they had just run out of my oil filters and had to drive to another store to get one. But they didn't have the courtesty to tell me, I had to ask. Also, they did not check my lights; I had a back brake light out and when I asked about why they didn't mention that to me and told me the lights were all okay, he mumbled something about "the manufacturer does that."

So I won't be back.

[1093] MG in Castleton, IN  Incompetence Leads To New Skills

Living in Indianapolis I went to the Castleton JL for the 3rd time in my life. Typically I would go to a local shop 1 hour north. I go in for a basic oil change and service. They tell me my fuel filter is in need of replacement. I said sure, $65.00 for a new fuel filter. For some reason they couldn't change my fuel filter on a 99'Ford Escort, so they referred me to a local shop down the road. Needless to say I never went to the guy down the road and decided to see if my buddy could do it. I paid $10 for my fuel filter and changed it myself with no tools. HUH? Why could they not fix it themselves. Well, some time goes by and I decided to try a different company for my next oil change the last guys at JL didn't make me feel too confident about their service. The other company refused to service my car because of the "temp" plug on the pan.  Turns out the guys from JL stripped out my oil pan plug & replaced it with a temporary one. Not only did they strip my oil plug but they wrenched on my two custom back tire valve caps so you couldn't get them off. My question is how can anyone strip all these threads on 3 different parts of my car in one visit.  All I can say is thanks JL, you taught me by your incompetence how to become my own mechanic.

[1092] Employee

I am a former employee terminated 6/16/08 by female store mgr. for following company handbook precedure to report theft & sexual harassment concerns.  Unable to contact Regional Mgr.  Filed charges with Shells Ethics & Compliance Helpline.  Workplace has also been "sexualized" to distraction by comments & behavior of female store mgr.  Filing additional charges.

[1091] Jim in Portland, OR  Service Not Completed

I stopped by a Les Schwab Tire store to purchase a tire gauge because my front left tire was low. A Jiffy Lube is next door and I was due for an oil change so I pulled in to get the oil changed while I went to get the tire gauge. I noticed on the receipt that the tires were checked and the pressure was checked at 34 lbs for each tire. When I arrive home I noticed the tire still looked low so I used my new gauge to check all my tires. My low front tire was 25 lbs and the others were 35, 32, and 28 lbs. Obviously the tires were not checked which make me wonder if the $4.99 they charged me to top off my coolant was actually done or did they just add water?

The Jiffy Lube is located at 41st and SE Powell Blvd., Portland, OR

[1090] Lily in Sacramento, CA  Liars, Thieves & Immature Mechanics

I've been a Jiffy Lube customer for years, and have come across two instances where crime and fraud occured.  My husband is a certified auto mechanic, but because he wasn't home, I went in to have my oil changed by Jiffy Lube.  He had instructed me to have the air filter changed as well, but when my husband got back and inspected the car, he noticed that the air filter was as dirty as ever.  He brought the car back to Jiffy Lube and accused them of not changing the filter when it was clearly charged on the invoice.  Jiffy Lube denied it and insisted that they had replaced it with a new one.  My husband then challenged them to open the hood, and once their excuses fell like stone, they had no choice but to replace the air filter.  If this isn't attempted theft, I don't know what is. 
Another instance: As most people who read this site are aware of, Jiffy Lube employees pressure customers to pay for extra uneeded and often overpriced services and parts.  When I said "no" to all additional services to my car, the young man who was in charge of my vehicle slammed down the product box he was previously trying to sell me, and stormed off to my car.  At this point, I was only thinking about what a terrible attitude and service he was giving me, and not about what he may be doing to my car.  The oil change was completed and I, charged twice as much for the service than if I had brought in my car to my own model's dealership.  The car sat in the garage over the weekend, so a few days passed since the Jiffy Lube service before my daughter used it to drive to school.  On the freeway, she was stopped by a concerned pair, who noticed that her car was leaking something bad.  On inspection, they determined it to be transmission fluid--All the transmission fluid had drained out for the transmisson stopper had come undone somewhere on the freeway.  The car is only 3 years old, and it has never had a problem before, as we keep it well maintained. 
Parked in a safer area, and advised not to turn on the engine, my daughter called Jiffy Lube to see what they can do to help.  My daughter had to wait 20 minutes while the employee conversed with the manager on how to handle her claim that Jiffy Lube was responsible for the loosened stopper (I had told her that I saw the bad-tempered young man touch many areas under the car and ask if I wanted it replaced).  The employee had promised to call back, but they never did, so my daughter called them again, which she was fed an excuse that the calls they tried to make had been auto disconnected.  Jiffy Lube finally sent two guys over to inspect the car (an hour later, when it should have only taken minutes) and proclaimed they held no liability for the damage among other groundless excuses.  However, they offered free service the next day to replace the fluid with oil that we will have to personally pay for on the condition that I do not continue my charge against them (because they will lose their jobs).  Sounds like a good deal to them and an awful deal to me, but I endured and accepted their offer. Two tow truck drivers, a gas station manager, my husband, and a car parts dealer all claimed that the story of a tranmission fluid stopper falling out on its own is highly suspicious, as it is something not loosened very easily. 
Because Jiffy Lube had already closed for the day, I had to call AAA to tow my car back to my house, which incurred another unnecessary expense for the amount not covered by my plan.  The next day, I drove my daughter and I to the Jiffy Lube station where we got the oil change to look for the two who promised to help replace the transmission fluid.  One of them was there, but the other who promised to come with us, was hiding away in the basement.  Their manager was hiding among a group of employees outside trying to be annonymous.  They had changed their minds about the free service.  I lost my temper and once I brought up the topic of lawyers, the guy I talked to yesterday quickly changed tactics and told me he would contact the manager, who was conveniently away and will be back in 10 minutes to see what he can do.  He ran outside and after a lengthly waiting time, he came back and said the manager agreed to send a guy over to add in the transmission fluid.  He added that the guy is off duty at home and stressed that they are doing me a great FAVOR doing this for free for something they are not liable for.  Of course, none of this I believed.  I even witnessed the said guy who was coming over to our house, emerging from the underground basement of their shop!  Jiffy Lube had made the mistake of admitting their mistake in their attempt to find loopholes in their warranty, which is another thing I must complain about.
Jiffy Lube's Warranty was writ to protect themselves, not their customers.  Saturated with false concerns for the consumer, it seems highly interperatable to benefit the company itself.  Nowhere on the warranty says they will replace free of charge, mistakes made by the company resulting in lesser quality of your vehicle.  Only that they will replace the items on the invoice.
After this experience, I wish to spread the word on how Jiffy Lube is ran by liars, compulsive thieves and immature "mechanics" who know as much about mechanics enough to damage your car.  I will never, ever go back.  How a company with such poor customer support and uncompetitive service charges can still manage to survive for this long is beyond me.

[1089] Aaron in Earth City, MO  No Oil Destroyed Engine

My car ran fine until I went in for an oil change.  An employee from the 8000 Page Ave Jiffy Lube stated that they didn't put any oil in it.  When he called the place with his opinion he was told to get back there and someone else would arrive with oil.  The 1-1/2 quarts I supplied showed up on the dipstick where none showed before.  The manager who changed my oil insisted that the oil stayed at the top of the engine the entire time but when we added oil later only it went to the bottom.  My engine is destroyed and I have no car to get to work.  I had to leave my car at the Jiffy Lube and when I called this morning, he said that the oil pump was bad.  It wasn't bad before he changed the oil and I drove three miles without it.  This was a bitter experience.

[1088] Bob in San Mateo, CA  Rudeness & Lack of Procedures

Drove out with a rough idle. circle their street. Came back and was told it was impossible to their fault.  It would go away.

I drove 3-4 mile home and it seemed better.   That evening on way to dinner the "check engine" light went on --- signaling a problem, not emergency in the emission/carb/electrical controlling system.  Called the station - a polite manager says come in we will check it with the "code reader."   Go back to the station - a rude mechanic claiming to be an certified mechanic (no manager around) checks "vital" fluids, tells me it will cost to have the "code reader" electronic diagnosis. And the needed equipment was taken home by one of the crew. Go to your mechanic.

I call the 800 number to register the complaint, 2-3 minute wait (not bad) get a case number and told go to my own "certified" mechanic,  call us before you get any work done, if it is ours we will pay for it.

Light still on and idling rougher.  I go to my regular mechanic, now embarrassed that I tried to save a few dollars at Jiffy.  He smiles opens the hood looks at the engine. smiles again, removes and retightens the oil filler cap on very top of the engine.  A minute later the engine smoothes out.  They reset the dash lights and everything is back to normal. Net, net the emissions system is air tight and the misaligned cap was leaking air into the oil chamber.

The oil expert working on my car forced and cross-threaded the oil filler cap. Dumb accidents happen, to untrained  service attendants, but one mechanic had an attitude and then also failed to look at the cap, hand check it... The company did not have a simple solutions check-list procedure, for this after service issue.  Apparently there is common to get a "check engine" warning light after service. Fuel and oil caps, oxygen sensors, vacuum lines, air leaks by the filters etc. Weak training, rudeness and lack of procedures means poor management from the top down.

[1087] Kevin in Chicago, IL  Not Receptive to Concerns

On Thursday, June 26th my girlfriend went to get an oil change and other services done at Jiffy Lube at 5601 Ashland, Chicago, IL.  The next morning the engine made loud banging noises and the RPM gauge violently went up and down.  When she finally got a hold of the assistant manager, Leon, he was not receptive to her concerns, but did tell her he would tow it later in the day.  At COB on Friday, they notified her that they would come and get the car on Saturday morning.

We are hoping to get some positive attention, rather then calling repeatedly and having to remind Leon of the problem.  We request that this be taken care of more expeditiously, some financial considerations be made, and a letter of apology be made to avoid litigious action.  Thanks for your service of helping the little guy, and I look forward to your response.

[1086] Charlotte in Glen Burnie, MD  No Oil Destroyed Engine

My carís engine needs to be replaced after having what I thought was an oil change. I was told by my mechanic after he looked at the car that there was not enough oil in it to run the car. I asked why that was? I just had an oil change at Jiffy lube days before. He stated being that there was no damage to the engine or cracks it was his professional determination that there was little to no oil put in my car.

It all began on June 10th I took my car into the shop for a coolant issue. A small piece of the intake manifold had come off. This piece was called the water inlet assembly. The shop I went to did a diagnostic check on 6/11/08. The machine that they hook up to my engine told them the only thing that was wrong with the car was the water inlet assembly. They took a day to put on I returned on 6/12/ 08. They had done a visual check and inspection as well on 6/12/08. They determined that the fan for the ac/ radiator wasnít working correctly. They replaced the fan. I had this work done at All tune and Lube 7100 N Richie hwy Glen Burnie MD. 21061. On 6/12/08 it was determined by the shop my car was in tip top condition. As soon as I took my car off their lot I drove to my local Jiffy lube (across the street) to have my oil change done. I have had my oil changed there a couple of times before. I went to the Jiffy lube located 7101 Richie hwy Glen Burnie, MD 21061. (410)-760-0183.

I told them I wanted an oil change. I ask if they could let me know if anything else may need to be done such as air filter ect. I went though the oil change process which was a little different from the other times I took my car there but I pay no attention, I thought they knew what they were doing. Over the course of a couple of day I noticed my carís engine working a little harder than usual. I just went back and fourth to work and said I would take it into my regular mechanic on Wednesday ( DJís auto repair 3619 Fort Meade Rd Laurel Md 20724(301) 490-2556 ). Tuesday June 17th my car shut down. I had it towed into my mechanic on Wednesday morning. They mechanic determined the issue was the engine shut down due to lack of oil. He concluded that there were no cracks or leaks in my cars engine that may have made the car have a loss of oil. I told him that was impossible because I just had an oil change at Jiffy Lube on Thursday. He said well they must not have put any oil in it or little to no oil. He continued by stating that this was his 3rd jiffy lube car that week. He said they (the jiffy lube in laurel not the one I went to) were pretty good about taking care of any mistake they may have made. I then felt a slight bit of relief because I thought they would take care of what their tech did wrong.

I called and spoke with 2 mangers, a young lady and a man. One by the name of Jay, Jay was the son of the GM/owner. Jay told me he would review the tapes of my service. H took 7 days to follow up with me. When I spoke with him he told me that he ha to look over some video that they use in the shop. After those 7 days he told me he thought they were not liable. I asked how he came to that determination. He told me that he wasnít able to look at the video but there were some circumstances that made him think that it wasnít their fault.  I asked what they were. He stated that I had gone 500 miles between 7/12 and 7/17. I stated I do corporate housing all over MD and West VA. I work 7 days a week. I havenít done any more driving than I had done any of the other times Iíd gotten oil changes there. He said it is possible to lose 3-4 quarts (out of 5 that my car takes) of oil over 500 miles. At that point I felt as though my intelligence was being challenged. He had done no investigation, he didnít go to look at my car, he hadnít contacted his INS company for them to investigate all he did was make some stuff up and hope I would fall for it.

I stayed calm and collective and stated; ok Jay, this is what happened. I took my car into your shop for an oil change after having my car worked on by an accredited shop. I bought it to you for the oil change because you have always done my oil changes. Before I left the accredited shop I asked, made sure and received paper work stating my car was in tip top shape when I drove off their lot. This mean when I drove onto your lot my car was perfect. The mechanic that has my car now says there was little to no oil in the car and my engine shut down for that reason alone and I have paperwork to prove it. There are no other explanations. I said I have been very patience and understanding under the circumstances. I havenít had regular contact with you for 7days. I have had to borrow other peopleís cars to just get back and fourth to work. I have called to follow up with you several times. Every time you said you would get back to me the next day I patiently waited. For you to call me after doing nothing in regards to finding out what might have happened and for the fact that your company has a pattern of this happening; for you to state that you donít think it was the fault of your shop is outrageous! He then offered to have HIS mechanic come out and break down my engine to prove it wasnít their fault. I told him none of his people were authorized to touch my car. I told him do not patronize me, you will send someone out to ruin what was left of my engine not to see who was at fault but to get yourself off the hook. He said at this time Ms. Watkins we will have to agree to disagree. I said well thank you for nothing, not even any empathy. I then called the Jiffy lube I went to and politely asked for the name of the GM (Jim) and I then realized they had the same last name. I then said ďso Jay is Jimís son?Ē At that point I knew I wasnít getting far if the GM was his father. I called that same day and left a voice mail at their regional office in Millersville MD. By 11 am the next day I had no call back. I called it again and asked for more information. I asked who was above Jim. I was told no one. I asked for their name of their INS Company, he said he could disclose that information.  I asked for a manager to call me back, he said jay would give me a call back. I told him I didnít want Jay to call me. I asked him to have Jim call me. I called back a couple times today June 24, 2008 and was unable to reach anyone. This email is to ask for help with this situation. I am unsure of what to do other than have litigation in court. I wanted to avoid court at all cost by it seems that may have to be the way to go. If someone can touch base with me on this issue it would be greatly appreciated.

[1085] Pam in Sturtevant, WI  No Oil Filter Destroyed Engine

We took our 98 Chevy pick up to Jiffy Lube in Sturtevant, Wi on Saturday. My son Jeffrey Works there so he insisted that we bring it since we just didn't have the time to doit here at the house. I have done it before but ALWAYS paid for the service. when Jeff called me from work and told me to bring it there I told him I hadn't gone to the bank for any cash and he said not to worry about it because this is part of his perks. I thought well for this time I will take him up on it because we jsut don't have the time to do it ourselves right now and it is overdue for an oil change.

My daughter drove the truck there and I picked her up  with my truck and my girlfriend who was also with us. We continued on our way. We returned and picked up the truck and I continued home leaving Casie there at the traffic light. We got home and Casie was right behind us by about 5 minutes and she parked it. Later about 7:PM she was leaving to go out and she drove out of the driveway went about 1/2 mile and the truck just died. My husband and myself drove over to her and Dick ( my husband) immediately picked up the hood and checked the oil and there wasn't a drop in it. I called jeff and he came over and he looked underneath the body and saw there was NO oil Filter. He said there was oil in it at the shop but he was working on top not under the bed.

The idiot that was working under the shop obviously didn't screw the oil filter on tight enough or didn't put one on. I told Jeff ( my son) to approach the owners Jeff and Brian and they both said too bad. There isn't a receipt to support their claim and besides that this is a conflict of interest. Is this how Jiffy Lube does business? First it is a perk and then it is a conflict of interest when the crap hits the fan? I have gone into forum after forum and I am finding out that we did definately make a mistake by going to them and believe me this will never ever happen again. Jiffy Lube should own up to their responsibility and pay the 1500.00 that it is costing us for a rebuilt engine. We kept it as reasonable as possible. Even if we had to go half on it but for us to pay for their mistakes and they just blow it off is a big joke. I am spreading the word all over town NOT to use Jiffy Lube. If you satisfy this accident then I will stop and let everyone know that you did take care of your responsibility, but until then I will hit the forums everyday. This isn't a threat, this is a promise and believe me I am an EastCoaster by birth adn I know how to be a bitch.

[1084] Steve in Wichita, KS  Wrong Oil Filter Destroyed Engine

I took my car to the Jiffy lube at 5550 South Broadway in Wichita Ks.my car had the wrong oil filter put on it and it pumped all the oil out and ruined the engine in my car and even tho they sent a man to my house to check it and found out that it had the wrong filter on and was about to fall off  and no oil in it they will not fix it. I am a Handi cap man on a fixed income and changing my oil is not somthing I can do. Please do not take your car there and have any work done it will cost you in the long run. I also caught two of the employees one was the manager Eldon drinking beer on the job at 4:00 when I went to check if they were going to fix it. Maybe if this was not going on cars would not be getting messed up. He would not give me the persons name in management that I could talk to or the phone number to get a hold of them.

[1083] Liz in West LA, CA  Already Conned Me

Yesterday, I went to the location on Santa Monica Blvd in West LA to get the standard oil change.  Being a lone 24 year old female, I had already assumed that there would be an attempt to take advantage of me.  Surely enough, the service man informed me that my 20-month old  07í Toyota with 10,600 miles on it needed a replacement air filter and listed it as being in ďpoor condition.Ē  However, Toyota itself recommends replacement of the engine air filter every 30,000 miles or 36 months, both of which Iím clearly not near.  I politely said no thanks and didnít mention the fact that they already conned me into doing the same exact thing at 7,000 miles. 

[1082] George in Zion, IL  Public Be Dammed!

My wife just had her car into the Jiffy Lube in Zion, IL, which is owned by some very rude person who I think owns three other Jiffy Lubes.  I told my wife not to take her car to that Jiffy Lube because of the problem I had in the past, e.g., improper transmission fluid change.  I asked them if I was getting a complete transmission flush and they said I was.  After I had it  done, my transmission did not appear to be running right.  I told my car to Midas and they did a full flush and told me that Jiffy Lube had lied because they, at least at the Zion Store, were not equipped to do a full transmission flush.  I went back and questioned this Jiffy Lube and they then admitted that they were not equipped to do the full transmission flush and had only drained the transmission and filled it up.  I demanded my money back and was basically told to go to hell. My experience with many of these fast service type franchises, including Midas is that many lies are told and the public be damned.  60 minutes should do another undercover investigation of the abuses and the Federal Government should step in and fine the hell out of these outfits and close many of them down and throw many people in jail.

My wife had her 2003 Hyundai in for an oil change and we noticed the following day that it was leaking oil.  I will have her go to a another Jiffy Lupe that is Corporate owned where I have had good work done in the past.  This Jerk who owns the Jiffy Lupe in Zion should have the Jiffy Lupe franchise taken away from him.

[1081] William in Reno, NV  Employee

First of all, I am a manager at a Reno Nevada Jiffy Lube, I found this page and wow all these complaints are the same as the stupid -- customers that come in to my shop. Honestly how am I supposed to take these serious when every other complaint is spelled worse than my 5 year old nephew could do.People complain they don't wants penzzoil, well look at the signs all over the shop that say penzzoil! Then theres " well my car ran fine before it got here" well guess what it didnt, you have never done anything to take care of your car except change the oil and the tires well guess what jasck-- there is more to taking care of your car than that, and when you havent done anything and your car has more than 100,000 miles on it, yeah -- starts breaking at random times, so if you just got your oil changed and all of a sudden your fuel pump takes a -- or your transmission goes out, i dont wanna hear it, and if you think jiffy lube is so bad and they ripped you off stop coming and change your own -- oil, it takes 5 minutes and a monkey could do it you damn --!

[1080] Mike in Fort Wayne, IN  Damaged Air Conditioner

In March of this year I took my 2003 Sable in to Jiffy Lube of Fort Wayne for service. The attendant remove the engine air filter and the cabin air filter to show me the condition (good sale idea). About two months later, the air conditioner/heater blower motor failed. Lincoln-Mercury dealer repaired for $513.00. Service writer stated the cause was water entering the cowling at the base of the windshield (that cowling has to be removed to get to the cabin air filter). Service writer showed me the old cowling with a broken tab that was supposed to hold it in place so it sealed at the windshield. Also, water was visible in the old blower moter that was replaced.  I contacted the Jiffy Lube that had last serviced the car. The manager said he would "file a report" with his office. Two days later, I got a call from a "District Manager" who said he would "look into the case". After two weeks, I called the District Manager to find out what he had learned. He asked me if I had gotten the check yet? He said they were going to pay the damage as they were "not able to prove they did not damage the car". That was two weeks ago and no check yet. The District Manager has been very polite as was the store Manager. I have not apent the check yet!

[1079] Jean in Paradise, CA Jammed Drain Plug

I went to the Jiffy Lube in Paradise, California for a lube and oil. The oil filter was left loose and they jammed in the drain plug incorrectly then tried to seal it with silicone.I had to have my car dealership redo the lube and oil and I had to get a new drain plug.  This was my first, last and ONLY time going to a Jiffy Lube.

[1078] Dwight in Jacksonville, NC  Damaged Oil Plug
I am contacting you from Jacksonville, NC.  This is a huge Marine Corps town and Jiffy Lube #845 should be off limits to all military, in my opinion.  I have been going to this same Jiffy Lube since 2005.  Well, they striped my strew for my oil pan, but they are saying it is my fault.  First of all, it took at least 6 different calls and visits to finally see the store manager.  They plugged my oil pan, but now they are saying that the oil pan may have been damaged by me from bottoming out on something.  I do not even drive this car like that.  By the way, I have two other vehicles that I drive on a regular basis also.  The manager and her employees were very unprofessional when the dealt with me.  All of them are in need of training, that will help them deal with the customer.  I say this because I was not disrespectful at any time while I was dealing with them to correct this problem.  But, they simply lied on three separate occasions when they were suppose to call me back to try and correct this problem that they caused.  I am now forced to go to another mechanic to get my oil pan fixed or replaced.  These actions have been totally unacceptable and unwarranted. 

I have been in the Marine Corps over 21 years now and they treated me as if I did not matter to them as a customer.  If it was done to me, I can only imagine that other young men and women,  in the military are being taken advantage of.  Some changes need to be made for the better with this Jiffy Lube #845 in Jacksonville, NC.

[1077] Jeanne in West Long Branch, NJ  Missing Hub Cap

I went to the Jiffy Lube in West Long Branch, NJ to change my oil and rotate my tires.  A couple of days later I noticed one of my hub caps missing and the other one was loose and I was able to pop off with my hand.  I connected Jiffy Lube and they wanted to visit them again which I did.  Only to tell me to locate and purchase a new hub cap and they will re-imburse me.  I know this probably sounds minor but I like to consider my time valueable and didn't expect to have to take my personnal time to resolve what Jiffy Lube caused.  With the price of gas now-in-days it cost money to go and get another hub cap and then go back to Jiffy Lube to re-imburse me.  I guess my email name truly lives up to the name.  I just don't feel this is right and therefore I'm writing you this email.

[1076] Pat in Fayetteville, GA  Hate & Racial Discrimination Are Alive

please investigate the jiffy lube in Fayetteville GA. as soon as possible. hate words and racial discrimination are alive and thriving in that shop!

there is also speculation that the manger is living in the room behind the shop and is also doing drugs with some of the older white employees that are taking part in the slavery of ethnic groups employed there. it is also noted that if you are of any ethnic group they do not bother to tell you if there is a head-light or fuse blown in your car. there has been laughter about the failure to treat ethnic groups as well as they do white groups. the N word is a common word used daily and laughter about if they have offended anyone. please check this place out and I also plan on telling this to the Fayette police and have them look for drugs.

I am a concerned grandmother and I know this first hand because my grandson was just fired from there after he refused to wipe up the floor again , sweep up cigarette butts that the whites throw down and my grandson is not a smoker, as well as he was told to stand in the hot sun holding a sign out front and not given a break,  while the others sat in the cool laughing.

this is not going away so please help me resolve this racism and hatred before allot more people have to get involved.

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