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Personal Experiences


[1775] Rick in Long Beach, CA Coolant System Problems

My 20 year old daughter, took her car to Jiffy Lube for a routine oil change nothing more after her and I talked about things car owners need to do. She did not start driving until almost 19, and relied on others to get her from work and so on.
On July 8th, she went in to the Jiffy Lube in Log Beach, about half a mile from her boyfriends house, where she was "up sold" a premium oil, and coolant system reconditioning and a new cap for her "overflow", a usual oil change advertized for $19.99 cost her $154.00.
The car set parked for the weekend and she started driving again for work Monday.
On her way home, driving down the 110 freeway, again to her boyfriends house in Long Beach, she called me on the way home saying she saw smoke cominh from under the hood.
I told her to not get off the freeway, pull over and a cop or the freeway patrol would look at her car and determine the issue of where to go from the time she was stopped.
I arrived 30 minute after, where the CHP had pushed her off the freeway on to 223rd, and CHP called AAA before I arrived.
We did not restart the car and towed it to a local Pep Boys, where, it was determined the car overheated.  There was zero coolant in the reservoir, which when hot should have been full(of overflow).  Jiffy Lubes claims no responsibility. The car was in great shape, prior to changing the coolant, that was not even requested when my daughter pulled in.  I am still waiting to talk to the owners of the Franchise who are "unavailable" the manager has claimed "it not our fault"'.
The car has never had any problems, and what a coincidence that all of a sudden, three driving days after going to Juffy Libe for an oil change, and ended up coolant change the engine would overheat, to the point now Pep Boys says, " new head gasket", $1,800.00.

[1774] Connie in Albany, NY Engine Burning Oil

Wow. I wish  had read these complaints before going to Jiffy Lube, Western Ave. Albany NY.. Several months ago I had  fairly new engine installed in my 96 Camaro. It needed an oil change and I went to Jiffy Lube around 5/30/11 as  they have evening hours. Last week the 'low oil" light went on. I checked the oil and it read full. Next day, same  light went on and car is one qt.low on oil , which I then added. No oil puddles on  ground. Next day  low oil light off. Next day, low oil light on, car low another qt. oil, which I add. low  oil light  off, so I think the car is safe to drive.. Over next few days, oil low again, so I stopped driving the car. Odor of  burning oil coming from engine area. Oil leak noted around oil filter valve. I plan to have it towed to my mechanic tomorrow A.M. hoping this did not damage the engine. I left message this AM on Jiffy Lube's voice mail (before finding the leaky valve)reporting all of the above except  what was noted re the leaky valve. I specifically stated I was going to work, to please call me at my work number. Instead the customer service rep leaves me a message on my home phone stating he wants one of his staff to come over to look at the car before anyone works on it. He left his cell number, I called him back, and no return call yet. l So far I have spent $26.00 for cabs to and from work, and purchased the book of oil changes for around $60.00. All   for this! I anticipate they will deny any  error they made when they changed the oil. If it costs less than $50.00 I will argue with them  for full refund and  the accrued costs. If  their shoddy work  caused any damage to the engine, you can bet  I will see them in court. I am adding my name in the event they have staff reading these complaints.

[1773] Miss T Destroyed Engine

3wks ago got an oil change from jiffy lube, two days ago my truck overheated and had fluids running out everywhere, the next day my engine died :( got stranded on the side of the road with my child in the car, had to get it towed to my mechanic, my mechanic told me that jiffy lube didn't properly place the antifreeze cap, antifreeze was leaking for two weeks without my knowledge which caused gaskets to bust and overheat the engine(the engine needs to be replaced which cost over $5000), now i'm without a vehicle because jiffy lube is saying its not their fault.. They have lost me as a customer, i will be contacting my lawyer and the media to expose them asaaaap!!!

[1772] Lee in Durham, NC Wrong Transmission Fluid

I took my 2003 Honda to Jiffy Lube in Durham, NC t have transmission fluid changed.  The jiffy Lube put the wrong transmission fluid in my car.  After driving the car for approximately 210 miles from Durham to Greenville, NC I started to smell a burning smell like fish.  Took to the Jiffy Lube in Greenville, NC and found out that the wrong transmission had been put in.  They also stated that it had 1/3 too much fluid in it. I then had car towed to the Honda dealership who stated that I needed to have the transmission replaced due to the torque converter being fried.  I contacted the customer service center who stated that they needed to have the transmission completely broken down.  This is after the Honda dealership went into details about the problem the wrong transmission fluid caused. I have ended up having to get a lawyer and will be taking them to court in order to have my car fixed completely. The customer service representative doesn't seem to have a clue about Hondas and I refuse to have any one other than Honda perform the repair.  I learned my lesson on Jiffy Lube.

[1771] Terry in Valley Stream, NY Transmission Hose Disconnected

We went to a jiffy lube in valley stream, ny and spent $500 to get  Transmission svc, fluids rear differential svc oil change signature service etc.  Down the block the transmission hose came off and all the transmission fluid spilled on street.  Jiffy lube came and corrected the hose that was not properly put back on and refilled the fluid.  They took $20 off the service. 

My problem is now I am going to have to take it to my mechanic to make sure that everything else was done properly.  I believe that we should get refunded the $159 for the transmission service!   Do I need to go through small claims?

[1770] Kay in Conyers, GA Untrained Personnel

I took my car in for an oil change to jiffy lube store 477 in Conyers ga. When I left I automatically returned because my car sounded odd. When I told the guy my car sounded differently he stated that's a VW that's how they sound and was very rude. I called corporate and spoke with a guy by the name of Ryan I explained my experience and never received a call back. Finally it was time for my 60,000 mile service went to the dealership who advised me my oil pan was over torque. My fiancé  Called once again and spoke with chuck who advised him to send in receipt go back to store and fax with claim form. Later received a call from chuck who claimed I was overdue two oil changes in between and I could have changed the oil myself. Therefore they are denying my claim. Went to court to file my claim waiting on my date. This whole jiffy lube thing is a scam and they have people working on cars that obviously are not trained to service certain vehicles. Beware!

[1769] Linda in California  Incomplete Service

A week ago I went to my regular Jiffy Lube for an oil change before I left for a 350-mile trip. 

As always, I remind them that I want them to check everything they say they check. I've been saying that every time for the last few years because once, after they finished, I asked if they check steering wheel fluid and I was told yes they did, and according to their checklist, mine was fine. 

Since my steering wheel had been making noise, I went straight to the mechanic, who told me I had NO steering wheel fluid! I knew then I had to keep my eye on Jiffy Lube.  So this time after I reminded the guy to check everything, I told him I had no windshield washer fluid. He assured me they would check it all.

When I got to my destination, my windshield was covered in bugs. I ran the washer, and all the bugs got smeared across my dry windshield. No washer fluid! I couldn't believe it! In fact, I thought the device must not be working.  I opened the hood and uncapped the washer fluid. The attached dipstick came out bone dry. Now I knew it was not my pump! Yet the receipt said "Added." If they didn't check the washer fluid that I *told* them was empty, what else didn't they do?

There were no Jiffy Lubes in the area. A week later, I returned to my Jiffy Lube and the manager immediately blamed my car: My pump is probably not working. I showed him the bone dry dipstick and he said I must have a leak -- that would have to be some gaping hole to drain the entire store of washer fluid in a few hours. I think I would have noticed! 

He also said he remembered how I had come back last week after they finished my car and he had personally filled the washer. That was a complete lie; I never came back until that moment.   He said he would fill it, and I said I wanted him to check everything because obviously I can't trust anything they say. The rest of the day, I looked for leaks under my car and saw nothing. 

Even though they fixed it, I don't think I will go back to Jiffy Lube. I can't patronize a place I can't trust to do the simple things it says it will. 

[1768] Greg in Glen Burnie, MD  Transmission Problems

I took my ’02 Mercury Cougar to Jiffy Lube in March to get an oil change.  I was advised to get a Transmission Flush because my fluid did not look good.  I agreed.  Since then, I have noticed that it has been hard to shift.  And my check engine light came on.  I took the car back to Jiffy Lube, they checked under the hood, said that they found nothing wrong with the car, and turned off the engine light. 

My next service was June.  I get my oil changed, everything’s fine.  A week later, I notice my transmission acting up.  It feels like I’m towing a boat.  I put the car in drive, and it revs up, but it doesn’t move.  I took the car to AAMCO, and they told me that I needed either a transmission rebuild or replace.  The estimate, parts and labor, was close to $6000. 

I then went to Glen Burnie Transmission to get a 2nd opinion.  They also suggested the rebuild or replace.  They gave me an estimate also close to $6000.

I continued to shop around and went to Suburban Transmission.  They told me that some “Drum” may have been cracked, and that some “Valve Body” had to be replaced.  They also offered to rebuild or replace the transmission.  Their quote was around $2800. 

All of the transmission shops checked the transmission fluid and said that it was dirty.  They also test drove my car, and plugged the machine to get codes off of it.  4 codes popped up.  Two for the TCC, one for gear ratio 1, and the other for 2.

I finally decided to take it to the mechanic at the gas station down the street.  The mechanic told me that the transmission fluid was dirty and smelled like it was burning.  At first, he thought that there was an issue with the sensors, so he replaced them, just to begin with the little things first.  The sensors had no effect on the car. 

The day that I got the car back, I went to Jiffy Lube and talked to the manager.  He checked the transmission fluid and claimed that nothing looked wrong with it.  He then told me that the fluid that Jiffy Lube uses is MERCON.  I called the same shop the day before, and was told that the fluids that they use are either Dexron or Wolfshead.  They said that they do not have MERCON. 

I think that something is shady about this place and I plan on contacting Jiffy Lube Int’l to further complain about this situation. 

[1767] Kathy AC Fraud

I brought my son's car for an oil change.  We had a coupon.  We received a call stating that the radiator and transmission needed to be flushed.  I was offered a price of $300 to do this work and to re-charge the air conditioner.  I was told that they checked for leaks in the a/c but could not add freon because it took a132 freon.  I was charged $322.

I brought the car to another mechanic the following day.  I was told that the a/c had not been checked because no fluid had been in the system for a long time.

I then requested the service records on the vehicle from the previous owner and saw that both the transmission and the radiator had been flushed 7000 prior.  I believe I was taken advantage of.

[1765] Attao in Boise, ID  AC Leak

Our Town and Country has a service at thi location. They told me that we needed 2.5 liters of free-on added, but did not mentioned that it had a leak.  We agreed that we will pay of that was needed.  Next few days, the AC was not working again, we brought it back in and we told them maybe it has a leak.  The tech guy came back and said yes you do have a leak.  When we asked why did they not tell us that in the beginning, he said yes he did--Do they think we are dumb?  Why would we say yes, put the damn thing in with a leak. Hello?  So the tech guy called his manager and he did not want to admit anything or refund anything.  he stood high and mighty and said he did tell me it was leaking.  What is wrong with this guy? he was in his office the whole time and now he will stand here and tell me that he told me. They Cheat their customers, they lie and charge for bad service.  I will not use them again!

[1764] Debbie in Streamwood, IL  Broke Door Handle

I took my car in to Jiffy Lube in Streamwood Il. and when they opened my back door to clean they broke the handle latch, they attempted to fix the problem but could not. My door now has a bunji cord holding the door closed and would not even give me any discount. The district manager has not called us back so now am going to corporate. The part will cost $165.00 from the dealer, that does not cover instalation. All i asked for was a discount on the oil change and received nothing so far.

[1763] Ralph in Gig Harbor, WA  Oil Filter Fell Out

I Had my oil replaced at Jiffy Lube Gig Harbor, WA, yesterday (July 3rd) and today on our way out of town for the 4th of July weekend the oil filter fell out of our Mini Cooper.  Called Jiffy Lube and they said "Have it towed and inspected (at your coast) and we'll let you know what we're going to do"

We are stranded on 405 at Exit 7 almost 40 miles from our home. They don't care to help. I've asked for the owners name because the manager (Terry) refuses to help based on company policy.  Do you have any owner contact information?

Spoke with Terry (Jiffy Lube Mngr) again and asked him to help. We're stranded. His response this time was "You can't even prove we had anything to do with this" ... "Get a written inspection from a certified mechanic" ... "If you can prove its our fault" ... "Maybe you'll get reimbursed you for your costs" (I hit record on the cell phone recorder)

What ever happened to people doing what's right?   A simple "I'm sorry, we'll send someone from the closest Jiffy Lube to help" would have been nice.

[1762] Vic in Missoula, MT Flush Destroys Transmission

Took my company van in for an oil change at 721 Mount Ave. Missoula, Montana. 59802 in May of this year of course they start to pressure me with this and that usually I decline this time they talked me into a Trans flush, big mistake. The next couple days I noticed a leak dripping from some where, took the vehicle to our mechanic and he showed me where it was leaking, from the Trans line at the radiator suggested I take it back to Jiffy Lube so I did, I was greeted like I had a disease after I told the tech the problem I had. He said  "it leaked like that when I brought it in" funny I never had to had fluid to it before. He played with a hook on the line added nearly two quarts of Trans fluid and said it was OK,  Well its not,I have to add fluid daily, now I have to take to my mechanic and have it repaired at my cost. We have 7 vehicles in our fleet, they will lose our account if this matter isn't taken care of.   

[1761] Connie in Round Rock, TX  Windshield Wiper Scam

I had the worst experience on June 5,2011 at the Jiffy Lube in south Round Rock, Texas.  My daughter, grandson and I went to Jiffy Lube to have my state inspection done.  Even though we were the first people that day, we were told it would take 40mins. . We walked over to Walmart for an hour and when we return to Jiffy Lube I was informed my car had failed due to a passenger windshield wiper. I told the guy behind the counter that I would pay to have the wiper changed and he said it would be an hour or so because the car had to be inspected again.   I asked the guy why, if the car had only failed due to a passenger wiper blade? The man behind the counter said he didn’t know he was not from Texas.  At this time the shop was packed so I told him to forget it and I would come back later.  He informed me at that I could not leave until I paid for the failed inspection.  As you can imagine, I was not happy at this point, but I stayed. Coincidence or not, a pickup was pull up  behind my car for the remainder of my stay. While I was waiting, another customer came in and stood at the counter for over 15 min., all the while watching the workers talking in the bay area. At that time,  the customer preceded to call Jiffy Lube to let SOMEONE know he was standing inside to check in. 

After waiting 40 min. for someone to put a blade on my car and inspect it AGAIN, I saw a Jiffy Lube employee go to my car, put on a wiper and bring it around to the front.  NO 2nd INSPECTION!  Then the guy behind the counter said I owed $44.98. All I want to know is WHY someone could not put a wiper on my car when I asked? Instead I was made to wait another 40mins. and was treated very badly.  I paid the $44.98 and left feeling very bad about the experience I had there and will NEVER go back!!!! I will let people know about Jiffy Lube's customer service.   I wasn’t going to say anything, but I think you should know of the bad service this place is giving.

[1760] Jon in Chehalis, WA  Broke Air Flow Sensor

When I used this store they broke a wire to my mass air flow sensor. I ended up finding the wire my self after the mechanic at Centralia Shell that they said I had to go to could not. The manager Jeff Martin is not a man of honor as he stated he was in the past. He said that since I did not have a license to repair cars he would not pay for the mass air flow sensor his mechanic said was bad. Please anyone in this area do not use Jiffy Lube.

[1759] Bob in Rockaway, NJ  Oil Drain Plug Gasket Missing

Add Jiffy Lube to the list of places I will never do business with again.

Since my last oil change, 5/3/11, my 2001 Nissan Sentra has been dripping oil all over my driveway, causing me much grief.  I took it to another shop and, lo and behold, the gasket on the oil drain plug was missing.  So I got it replaced and there is no more oil leak.

Maybe if Jiffy Lube spent more time concentrating on doing things correctly, instead of trying to sell me things I don't need, we would  all be a lot better off.  Every time I go there, they want to sell me a cabin filter and/or air filter.  To get to the cabin filter, you have to take the glove compartment out via two hinge pins.  They never put them back correctly.  Having the glove compartment fall on the floor when you're driving is not fun. 

So I have to constantly yell at them, "DON'T TOUCH THE CABIN FILTER!!".  Do they listen?  No.  You have to watch over them like hawks.  I can change these things myself for a fraction of the cost.  I simply don't trust them to put everything back correctly.

Then there was the time they broke my dipstick.  OK, the top is made of plastic and the rest of it was stuck down inside the tube.  They were very arrogant about it and told me they weren't responsible.  Gee, you're the last guys to touch it.  Fortunately, I was able to suck the old one out with my shop vac.  I got a new one from a Nissan dealer.

After this latest oil drain plug gasket incident, I'm finished with them.  There are plenty of shops around that will do an oil change.

[1758] Steve in Encinitas, CA  Incomplete Service

On June 19, 2011, I visited Jiffy Lube at 221 El Camino Real in the city of Encinitas.  During the visit, I received the standard oil change, plus an air filter.  While checking out, the cashier who was closing out my transaction showed me all the items they checked during the vehicle's service.  I noticed that two of the items, windshield and vacuuming indicated "customer declined."  Since I never decline anything with the staff I questioned him about the lack of service.  The cashier said, "Well, your car looked pretty clean to me, so we did not clean it."

Since I was running out of time, and my vehicle was driven out of the bay, I left, but pissed off that staff decided for me on what to clean.  I paid full price for the service and I should receive that service.  If this is Jiffy Lube's policy of conduct, the customer's expectations should read, “We might check it, then again we might NOT check it.  It is our option."

Today, I spoke to the manager about the problem. He was argumentative and said,  "cleaning is a courtesy to the customer, it's not part of the price."  ....  I do take care of my vehicle, and I had it cleaned last week, but that does not justify the actions of the employee(s).

[1757] Evan in Deer Park, NY  Broke Car Window

I had never gone to Jiffy Lube in my life. I decided to go there for a quick oil change. Boy was I wrong! I wound up having to wait several hours because the incompetent workers locked my keys inside my car! They spend most of this time trying to get my door unlocked. The way they went about getting my door unlocked was probably the worst thing they could have done. They were prying my door back and bending it the wrong way causing damage to the paint job, during this process they somehow pulled the glass window off its "track" and it would not function properly anymore. Fortunately the manager at the Deer Park, NY Jiffy Lube was kind enough to give me a full refund and send me to a mechanic in my town, Patchogue, to have this issue resolved. Wonderful, I thought to myself. I got this taken care of after a few days and my window was once again working. About one year later my window decided to fall of the "track" again. I gave Jiffy Lube one more call, bad idea. While on the phone with the Assistant Manager I explained what had happened and he seemed like he was going to help me out, however instead of helping me he passed me over to the store's Manager. I explained the issue to this gentleman in full detail, turns out he remembered me from the first time I had this problem. He proceeds to inform me that they are not responsible for the window anymore because they have not had their hands on it in over a year. Now correct me if I'm wrong but is Jiffy Lube not the original cause for the problem? Would this issue be happening if they hadn't broken it in the first place? NO! So explain to me why I am now sitting on a car with a broken window and no solution to the problem other than digging it out of my own wallet. This is completely unacceptable and I do not know exactly what to do!

[1756] Georgie in Sacramento, CA  Wrong Tire Put On Car

Yesterday my son used my car and when he brought it back, showed me the tire on the back drivers side, which has a different rim that the other three tires.  This was strange because I purchased a matching set of rims about a year ago.  Jiffy Lube # 2354 was the last place to do anything to my car and they had been told previously to NOT rotate the tires.

This morning I woke rather early with the situtation on my mind and reallzed that taking this to the attention of the shop, will probably not get my tire and rim back.  Which is even more irritating because that means that the matched set of tires and rims I purchased now has to be replaced.

I pulled some of the old receipts and in checking them against the Motor Vehicle registration card, I am now wondering who's vehicle your records are for because the Engine Number on the receipt didn't match my car and the annotation indicates that it is a 2002 fuel injected 2 wheel drive Forester, when in fact my vehicle is a 2003 4Wheel drive Forrester. 

I will be taking my car to the Jiffy lube I have use for several years now this morning to let them know of the problem.  I also expect to be told that
1.  They didn't put the wrong tire on my car
2.  There is nothing they can or will do to correct the problem.

The problem with the first argument is that no one else has had access to the car and when I had the last oil change performed there was white Forrester in the bay next to my car.  I have a tendency to think that my tire was put on that car.  I will have an additional comment after I have talked to the people at the shop.

To complete the message I sent on Friday, June 17th.  There was a message on my answering machine when I got home from Work on Friday asking me to call and make an appointment with someone named Chris (Brian was who presented himself as the manages that morning).  The message indicated that they need additional information AND pictures of the wheels on my car.
I went in on Saturday about 4:30 p.m.  Asked politely to speak to the Manager Chris. A man came to the counter and said he was Chris and I again gave my name.  He acted like he had no idea why I was there.  When I explained that I had an appointment he response was, "Oh that" I need a clip board.  He went out to the car took the name of the tires but didn't seem to write down anything about the one rim that didn't match.  He when asked rather condescendingly what do you want us to do.  I said that since it was not one of the rims I had purchased in April 2010, I wanted my tire back or replaced.  He asked how do you expect us to know where that wheel might be.  Then I said that there had been another Subaru next to mine that day.  The person named Chris said he had looked it up on the computer and that there was not another Suburban there.  He then asked so what do you expect from us? I stated my wheel or a replacement.  I have a copy of the receipt when I purchased them.  He said “Well your not going to get that.”  I told I was not afraid to pursue this through the department of automotive repair or consumer’s advocates.  He shrugged and said so.  Joe will call you he is customer complaint.

I left, called my Cousin who has a tire shop about 40 miles from Sacramento – drove to where I had purchased the original rims and was told that they didn’t carry the odd rim and that the tires were a common brand and were available in several tire shops.  I then drove to my cousin’s shop. He checked it out and told me that the odd rim was also an after market but not the same manufacture as the other three.  He made a couple calls.

Found a rim that matched the others I had purchased and GAVE it to me, I paid the labor of having it mounted.  Today, I got a call from Joe in Customer Complaints.  I told him what happened and his attitude was then it is resolved then.  He said that Jiffy Lub wouldn’t do anything because it had been 9 months.  I really didn’t think I needed to double check the care behind the people at Jiffy Lub because I had been doing business therefore years and had referred numerous people to this particular.

I did tell Joe, that my intended was to let all my friends know about that happened and the it was not a good PR situation for this station.  He said thank you for being honest.  So now I am out the gas it took to get to my cousins as well as the labor cost to have the rim replaced, but I have 4 matching rims back.  I also went to the place I bought the rims and tires originally and they will honor the full coverage I purchased for the set on the three tires they know to be the original ones,

Am I happy – NO,. do I intend to ever go into that Juffy Lub again – NO,  have I decided to not use any Jiffy Lub – just about., and have I or will I tell everyone I know – it has been done.  Including the friends on the Genealogy Club face book page.

[1755] David in Happy Valley, OR  Service Engine Soon Light Problem

I drove in for some oil change service and got sold some extras including fuel system service and  cleaner charged, total  $245 and now a new SERVICE ENGINE SOON LIGHT problem came on.   Outrageous

[1754] Marion Flush Destroys Transmission

I finally got my car back and it runs good after the bad service I got from having the transmission flushed.  I still believe that if the service man have told me what would happen I would never had the service done.  The final cost is $1900.00 to completely rebuild the transmission. 

I am rest assure that the service people need to be educated in what to tell a customer about the service the customer wants.  This would save a lot of time and expense that I had to put out on my car.  I just wanted to tell you my felling and hardship I had after getting it repaired.

It has been 7 months and you people have not done anything about the half ass job that was done on my car that cost me a transmission to be repaired.  The more I thing back about that day, your manager at Jiffy Lube said that the Power Steering was over serviced and they had to drain some out.  The reservoir  for the Power Steering isn't very large and it should haven't been OVER SERVICED.  One thing for sure I shall NEVER have MY SERVICED at JIFFY LUBE  and I shall pass the work about them.

[1753] LaMoyne in Norman, OK  Manager Yelling & Pushing

I, like most, ran into Jiffy Lube because I was preparing for a road trip and couldn't make an appointment with a more respectable company.  So I got into all this trouble, just to save time.  Hindsight, right.  Well on Saturday, I went to Jiffy Lube for an oil change, they ran my car into their service bay, and in a few minutes a "salesman" came in with filters in his hands, and said "these need to be changed, these two are completely blocked and the other, it needs to be changed out also," he didn't quote prices or anything, I should have asked, but told him to get it done, I had to be somewhere else in 1 hour.  So when completed, I was called to the desk, and was in shock, when an oil change and these filters were $174.00. 

What in the world costs $174.00, did you put liquid gold in there. I figured about $30.00 for the oil change, and maybe another $30 for the filters, $60.00 right. Well ma’am you added the high mileage oil, and there was ... and then the filters, so that's $174.00.  OK do you give military discounts, well; I can work with you, how about $153.00, that's a $21.00 discount.  Well, I guess that's better.  I paid the bill, got my ticket, and left.  On the way to my next errand, I heard this terrible groaning upon acceleration and a whine when I start my car.  I talked to my husband who is out of state right now, and he said take it back tomorrow.  Sunday they are closed, so Monday after work I went back to the Jiffy Lube and tried to explain to the guy who waited on me, and asked him to ride with me and hear the noise.  He said OK, and when my back was turned, he was with another customer and another man came to my car window.  He said "I am the manager here and what can I do for you", I said, "No the other guy waited on me, and I asked him to," "Ma’am I am the manager here, I will help you," I told him that my car now is whining and groaning upon acceleration and I wanted to know what would cause that, He said "Do you have your ticket", as I handed it to him, "what did we do here that might cause that, I don't see anything that we did that might cause that," "I figured you would say that," "Ma’am, if you are gonna yell at me, I won't help you at all,"  So I reached out and grabbed my invoice from his hands, and rolled up my window and left.  As I was leaving, I could hear him say, she's done, that's it, and she’s done.  Well my car still whines and groans upon acceleration. 

I have never been treated that way, to refuse to help me with the complaint. To blame me for their shoddy work, or their carelessness with their clients that they depend on.  What has happened to customer service?  But as I look at their complaints, I know what their problem is.  I won't go back, that being said, I will do everything in my business, my power, my contacts, to make as much noise as I can, to see to it they never do this to a customer of mine, my friends, my family, ever again. 

I thought about calling corporate office, but don't know if they are franchises, or corporately owned. But I will find out.  Never, Ever go to a Jiffy Lube with one of your most EXPENSIVE and prized possessions.  YOUR CAR

The end the of the story, is I paid for a real mechanic to find out why my car now whined and what was causing that.  When the real mechanic finished, it turned out Jiffy Lube left out the $33 air filter I paid for out of the car, and left the lid open. 

So I went back to the location and walked into the store office where they have waiting clients, where I was lead the last time, and the obstinate manager met me at the door, and pushed me out of the door. I stood my ground but he continued to push me with that barrel belly of his, and pushed me out, I said, what's wrong you don't want waiting clients to hear that you left out parts that you charged me for.  He said I am not doing s--t for you if you are yelling at me.  The conversation continued to lead to a louder argument, I continued to demand he put in the air filter, and he refused, asked to me leave, and then called police.  So I told the officers I wanted to charge him with assault, and they replied that it would be my word against his.  I said I would welcome the opportunity to get this in front of someone else to hear my side of the story.  So push come to shove, the manager put in the filter, didn't shut the lid of my car, and left.  He even refused to tell me the owners name and address.  What manager does that.  But I just called another Jiffy Lube and they told me, and I called him explained the behavior of the manager of that store.  he was sympathetic, and in the end agreed to send me all the money back and even the $35 for a real mechanic to look at my car for diagnosis.  I have never seen a manager act in this manner, ever.   This guy doesn't deserve to be in management of any kind.  He knows nothing of customer is most of the time right, or mediation or even of kindness to listen and then try to solve the problem, whether is client is yelling or not.  OMG  Jiffy lube advertises for a manager of their stores, especially the one in Norman on Alameda, I googled it,  and salary is $1000 a week, sounds like one hell of a job. you don't have to do much, just dial 9 1 1. 

[1752] Eugene in Concord, CA  Good Service

My experience with jiffy lube at the one in Clayton rd Concord CA is one of the best service I ever had. The manager was very friendly and all the employees too. Especially the manager name Mathew, that's one the reasons I keep on coming back to this Jiffy lube its all about the customers services. Thank you and keep up the wonderful service

[1751] Richard in Perry Hall, MD  Coin Theft

I was at your store on June 13th 2010 in Perry Hall, Maryland to get an oil change. When I left the place I noticed a valuable coin I had hidden up under the mat of my truck had been stolen. I was taking it to a coin shop to get it appraised and forgot it was there. I turned around and went right back but of course they denied taking it. I know I am not going to get it back, but I wanted to let people know if you do go to the Jiffy Lube in Perry Hall make sure all of your valuables are taken out of the vehicle.

I thought I was doing business with a reputable establishment. I now know better. I will not be going back and I will tell everyone I come in contact with not to do business with them.

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