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Personal Experiences


[2200] Travis  Inadequate Service

I went to Jiffy Lube for a basic oil change I end up getting charged for a signature service of $36 they failed to check any of my fluids and top them off even though it says it's been checked off or that it is full and they spilled oil on my engine the total bill came out to be 77.92. I called the regional manager and he kind of gave me a loop, I asked about the Signature Service and all he replied with was if you got synthetic oil it usually runs around $50 when it  usually only cost $25.. If I would have noticed that the bill was 77 dollars I would have walked out but they already had my car up and oil drained.

[2199] Shane in Fargo, ND  Forgot to Replace Air Filter

so I go for oil change in Fargo and on The 4th of may and after wards  ended up driving around the country side for. Probably 200 miles on dusty roads..   I find out on the 9th of may that my air filter wasn't replaced back to make a seal in the  air box.    And that the air box lid isn't even on right so my. Diesel motors been. Running dusty gravel road.  The bottom of the box had  so much loose dust and sand I scooped it out..   I called to discuss this situation and was treated as if I was trying to pull one over.. My filter weighed 5lbs. Of pure dirt  3-4 days after it was presented to me as clean.. Or why wouldn't it have been recommend to change..    They filled my motor with dusty rocks and  told me I was crazy..    I'm sure glad I  paid them to ---- my ---- up.. 

[2198] Rachel in Blaine, MN  No Oil Destroys Engine

Please be advised that following the April 11, 2015 oil change at Jiffy Lube #2710 (Heartland Automotive Service I, 12403 Ulysses Street NE, Blaine, MN 55434), the oil filter was not fitted properly, causing the oil to run out of the engine on my 2011 Buick Enclave.  As a result of the oil leakage, the engine has seized.  As a result, I have incurred substantial expenses in diagnostic fees, rental cars and am facing a repair bill of approximately $6860.00. 

As the enclosed invoice from Complete Auto Service ,Inc., reveals the loose oil filter was the direct and proximate cause of the oil leaking out of the engine and as such the direct cause of the irreparable damage to the engine on my vehicle. 

Please contact me immediately upon receipt of this correspondence to advise me of how to proceed with this claim for reimbursement of damages including but not limited to repair fees, rental car fees, storage fees and other damages. 

[2197] Peter Expose From An Employee

As a long time employee of lucor , also known as jiffy lube,  I must admit the company does have its problems. Yes, there are many instances of poor service, damaged vehicles, and rude employees. People like myself who show up everyday, who treat all of our guests with courtesy and respect and take pride in there work do hear what people say and who do care. There are people who do care at Jiffy Lube. Trust me, we may be a small group, but we are there. The problem is the upper management. That’s it. Plain and simple. WE HATE THEM AND THEIR BULLSHIT!!!! They are gangsters and mobsters who use lawyers instead of hitmen and dead bodies to make their money. Yes, as a insider, I can truly say that their main motivation is money and only money. They do not care about anyone.  They refuse to take store upkeep and maintinance seriously. The rule is simple, “get the money any way you can. There are no excuses. You have a Quota to make every day. WE EXPECT YOU TO MAKE THIS OR MORE  OR ELSE YOU ARE HISTORY! The salaries that are paid to upper management are incredible and are at the expense of those who do the work. If any store employee complains or voices concern about the system they have in place, you have just signed your death notice with the company. Pressuring customers is expected and encouraged. If you get caught putting the screws to folks, no sweat, as long as you are making money for them you can do anything and get over. Trust me. I have seen it many times.

[2196] Paulette in Phoenix, AZ  Jiffy Lube Lied

Just got back from Jiffy Lube and paid for the oil  only  Now I am concerned that the oil was not changed or used oil was put back or the oil was the wrong weight.  This company has no integrity.  They stated, and I have in writing, that I needed a new battery, wiper blades and coolant.  I knew this was a lie.  The wipers were 3 months old, the battery was under 1 year and had a warranty and the coolant was slightly low.  I went to the good guys at O”Reilly Auto Parts to confirm that nothing was wrong with my wipers or battery.  I bought a gallon of coolant from them and I will add myself.  Please get these guys.  We no longer have corporate integrity in America. 

[2195] Millerk in Stanley, KS Incomplete Service

I purchased a 2014 Honda, first time I had oil changed, was very unhappy with the newer employees you have at the 151st store in Stanley ks. They changed oil and that was it (I watched). They didn't bother with fluids or filters. The guy told me with that new of a vehicle he didn't bother. I paid $3?.?? plus had bought a coupon from Groupon for $25.00 which totals over $55.00 and didn't get the service that I expected or had experienced in the past at same store just different employees. I expect each jiffy lube location to be professional and that is not what I received.  Had been customer at that location for over 5 years and I miss the previous employees and there professional services. VERY unhappy!!

[2194] Matthew in Orem, UT Problem Switching Accounts

I manage the fleet for my company. I have had an account with Jiffy Lube in the past, and we recently switched to the Enterprise (EP) Fleet Management Program.

A situation came up where one of my technicians was getting an oil change at Jiffy Lube Service Center #3381, and tried to use our Enterprise program. The Jiffy Lube denied the EP card stating that, “…there was something on our account that would not allow him to accept the EP card.” And I would have to give him a list of all of my license plates so he could remove our vehicles out of something in his computer system individually. I told him I would call the Jiffy Lube corporate phone number to have the account removed, which he seemed like he did not want me to do.

I got ahold of someone named Ashley who was helpful and put me in touch with Callen Harty. She e-mailed me (see below) and told me that, “…, it seems that your current Jiffy Lube fleet account should be closed so there is no confusion and everything gets billed through the Enterprise account.” If that worked, it have been fixed however it happened again yesterday at the same location. Also they added windshield wipers without asking. BOTTOM LINE IS WE SHOULD BE ASKED IF WE WOULD LIKE ANY ADDITIONAL SERVICES, AND NOT BE CHARGED FOR STUFF BEOND THE SCOPE OF WHAT WE WANT.

What I want resolved is:

1.      Being able to use our EP Maintenance card without problems.

2.      Getting services done without getting charged for extra services that we did not ask for or require without being asked.

3.      It may be prudent to contact the GM of store #3381 to ensure he does not over charge/add services to other customers.

[2193] Mark in Germantown, MD Engine Destroyed

Here's something that I've been trying to get resolved for a couple of months now but with no luck.  At this point, no one even bothers to reply, even at their corporate level.  Can you help with next steps and suggestions?  Do you have an email for their CEO?   

On January 14, 2015, I took my son's Chevy HHR in for an oil change at your Germanown, MD location.  While there, I mentioned to the technician that the thermostat gauge was not working.  It was always in the cold position.  The digital read-out on the dashboard also did not work.  Where it would normally give you the engine temperature, it displayed three dashes "---".  The technician told me that a radiator flush would fix that.  I took him up on it.  Turns out he was wrong.  He gave me bad advice to try to make a sale.  I went back and spoke with the manager (Nate Jarman) the next day and explained that I was given bad information.  Nate seemed puzzled as to why the technician would make that claim.  He issued me a refund for that service.  While Nate was going through the process of issuing the refund, I asked him why the car had to be taken around the side of the building to have the coolant changed.  I was told that the car ha to be running to get the old coolant out and they didn’t want any carbon monoxide issues.  I told him it didn’t seem environmentally sound.  In addition, I mentioned, small animals could drink any of the fluid that was not properly captured.

My main problem is not with the radiator flush, but the oil change that also occurred that day.  14 days after the oil change, the engine seized up on the car.  I had it towed to a local shop here in my town (Poolesville, MD).  This was January 28, 2015.  The repair shop called me on January 29th to tell me that the engine locked up and that there was a hole in the engine block where a piston blew through.  I immediately called and spoke with the manager (Nate) at the Jiffy Lube location where I had the service done.  I mentioned the circumstance to him and he took down the information for a report to his boss (Thomas Schawalter).  In addition, Nate agreed to meet with me the following morning at the shop so he can inspect the car on his own.

Nate met with me on Friday morning, January 30th so he could look over the car.  He took some engine code readings as well as a couple of pictures.  I didn’t understand why he needed engine code readings—I’m sure every code known to man was being registered.  Not sure why he needed pictures of the engine block also.  He couldn’t see the hole in the engine from his vantage point.  Nate mentioned that he would forward this information (pictures and engine code to Thomas).  Nate mentioned that Thomas would call later the day that Friday or the following Monday.  Thomas did not call on Friday.  When he didn’t call by Monday afternoon, I called Nate to see if he knew why he hadn’t called me.  Nate said he would reach out to him.  Thomas did call on Tuesday afternoon, but I missed his call.  He did leave a voicemail on my cell phone.  I returned his call about 30 minutes after he called and left a voicemail.  I called again later Tuesday afternoon and left another message.  I called Wednesday afternoon and left yet another message.  Thomas finally did call on Thursday afternoon.  We spoke for about 15 to 20 minutes.  He explained that from the video in the shop, he determined that Jiffy Lube was not at fault.  He said that the oil dispensing machine was on the car long enough to meter the proper amount of oil.  I disagreed with him.  I asked what happened to the oil?  There was no sign of it leaking.  It is clear to me that not enough oil was added to the crankcase.  Jiffy Lube was negligent in what they did.  My visit that day was nothing more than a comedy of errors, between the oil change debacle and the bad information provided with regards the coolant fluid change.

I want Jiffy Lube to reimburse me for the new engine that I now have to buy because of their negligence.  It should be less than $2,000.  If I am not fully reimbursed, I will have no choice but to do everything in my power to pass on as much negative publicity towards Jiffy Lube as I can.  This will include social media and potentially picketing the Germantown, MD Jiffy Lube location if I can secure the proper permits.

[2192] Larry in Kelso, WA Incomplete Service

I went to jiffy lube July 7th in kelso Washington. Got there 29.99 special. He made it a point to yell out I didn't want to upgrade my oil to everyone. Then when it was done I asked if they checked the tranny and rear/front ends on the hummers and he said NO I didn't pay for that. I was pissed and in a hurry. Never again Jiffy ---- Me.. I could have paid ten bucks more in Centralia wa and had everything done vacuumed, windows done and a free car wash. I hope you all burn in HELL

[2191] John in Austin, TX  Theft of Ammo

On 4-7, at the 3704 Spicewood Springs Rd, Austin TX 78759 location, my car knife (the one that I leave in the car and never take out) was taken during my oil change visit. The knife was there the day before when I used it to cut open a package while at a red light. I have a different knife for personal carry and home use, so the car knife is never removed from the car.

I made sure to take my house keys and important papers out and now regret not taking everything out of the car for my protection.

I called the manager "Cal" who said he would get his district manager involved and call me back the next day - he did  not call back (Update got a call on 4-10).

483 BBB complaints and lots of hidden camera news stories... now I wish I had my own hidden camera.

Update 4-14, had a couple of conversations with a very nice and professional operations manager by the name of Brian over the last week. He conducted an investigation and said they had multiple customer complaints of items missing from cars and that he was able to piece together from the shifts which employee had been stealing and the employee admitted guilt and was fired. Brian said the employee had sold the items off and could not return them. Brian stated the corporate office was pursuing criminal charges. They offered me two free premium oil changes which was a nice gesture.

Brian made some statements like Jiffy Lube does not tolerate theft, would go to any length to solve this and protect the customer, Jiffy Lube learned from past mistakes and so forth – just what I wanted to hear! That is great customer service, well criminal background checks on employees prior to their hire would be better, but still I am happy!

Bravo Brian! At this point I am satisfied and was going to update my review to “resolved”. 

On 4-14, I happened to notice two Glock 17 magazines with 9mm ammo was missing from the glove box so I gave Jiffy Lube a courtesy call to let them know I was not seeking any additional oil changes or compensation but would be filing a police report and a detective would be contacting them for the terminated employees name and contact info. This is for my protection as my fingerprints are on these items.  Here is when things go downhill again.

As soon as I mentioned ammo, Brian passed me to his boss Craig (sp) because it became a more serious issue which is understandable. Craig did not give me an opportunity to tell him why I was calling, he just flew into telling how suspicious it was that I was calling back a week later to report more items missing to get more money or something from him (like anyone can name all the items littered around their cars, right?). So after 10 minutes of him going on and on about how his people are honest and none of them would steal and how they have never had any complaints and that he personally spoke to all the employees and none of them stole my knife… ya, really he said that… I asked Craig, why did Brian tell me he got an admission of guilt from an employee for the theft and the Jiffy Lube had terminated him and the corporate attorney was working on presenting evidence to the police (or whoever). Well, Craig said something to the effect of that did not happen. I asked why was I told it did and Craig said he had no knowledge of any of that and he would speak to Brian, I asked him to get Brian on the phone now so we could all talk about it and Craig said no, he was working (was free 10 minutes earlier).
Craig said he is standing by his employees and I would not get anywhere with my accusations.

Craig (in an accusatory tone) said he read my review on line about what I said about him and said he did not know why I would want to return. I feel that was a hint that he did not want me to return to Jiffy Lube.

Something smells fishy, how could the general manager not know about the investigation and termination of an employee with corporate involvement?

At any rate the police report has now been filed with APD #155015688

[2190] John in Moscow Mills, MO Engine Flush Problems

My son took my ‘94 Olds to Jiffylube store #1046 in Ellisville MO. for a oil change in the afternoon of 02/21/15.  They sold him a unnecessary engine flush on this high millage motor, along with a fuel system cleaner.  Drove for about 10 minutes and began to hear a slight engine knock. Quickly become louder, and engine quit and barely got off the road in time.  Had to have the car towed home.

[2189] JoAn in Oceanside, CA  Cracked Oil Pan

Hello I took my care into Jiffy Lube in Oceanside CA for a routine oil change, came out with a cracked oil pan.  When they changed the oil they did have problems with the plug being stripped and put a new one in, also the oil filter had two gasket on it which they also fixed, they said my car had a small leak when I took it in, NO it never leaked nor did I ever have problems, did some running around, when I got up the next morning there was a puddle of oil under my car. I called them they said to take it in, so I did they said the seal/ringer that goes on the plug was carotid which if that was the case why wasn’t it noticed the first time, they said they fixed it, took it home and guess what yes still leaking just as bad, I took it back a third time, this time they said my oil pan was cracked which they said was like that NO it was not, I have never had problems with the care leaking oil, and they refuse to pay for the pan, I asked to speak to a manager and was told he would call me back, a few minutes later I get a denial letter via email.

They are rip off and I am not letting this go.  

[2188] Jim in Clarksville, MD Transmission Destroyed

Transmission no longer working.  My daughter took her car to Jiffy Lube in Clarksville, MD.

A Honda Accord with 187,422 miles and has never had her transmission fluid changed.  It was recommended that she have it transmission fluid exchange and they did it, she drives away and 5 miles later her transmission is no longer working.  Called the manager, the DM and they are denying any liability for any problems and the fact the transmission is shot.  Basically because they made a change in fluid when the vehicle has never been changed before, it caused something to get into the bump and break the transmission.

Not sure what the next step is and if I need to hire a lawyer?

[2187] Jason in Grants Pass, OR  Flagrant Dishonesty

I had been going to JiffyLube in Grants Pass, OR for oil changes due to their competitive prices, but had a terrible experience 2 years ago, and will NEVER go back to any of their shops.

Took my V6 Camry in for routine oil change (and refused all the 'extras' they tried to sell me), and I noticed a burning oil smell on my way home, but didn't worry about it at the time, as I know from experience that it's common due to the oil filter location being so close to the exhaust manifold.

The next few days the smell continued & I noticed oil on the ground where I park in my driveway. I looked under the car and could see a small oil leak which looked to be coming from the drain plug. So I took it back to JiffyLube & asked them to check the drain plug for tightness. After a few minutes I actually walked into the bay where they were servicing my car and ask the 'tech' if the drain plug was loose. He claimed to have checked it & it was tight and confessed he wasn't sure where the oil was coming from, but thought it might be  a 'main seal leak'. I thought it was strange that the car wasn't leaking oil (or any other fluids) when I had brought it in for the oil change.

So I took the car home (after going to Spears Cancer Center for my daily radiation therapy, as I was fighting Lymphoma at the time age 44), dug out my car ramps, as with most Gen. 4 Camrys, you can't crawl under them due to lack of clearance, and what do I find? The oil drain plug would just spin freely with my fingers. It was so stripped that I didn't even need a wrench!!! So the 'tech' had lied to me!

The next day I return to JiffyLube with my findings and confront the person in charge. Of course they apologize and installed a 'pig tail' drain plug and gave me a free oil change. The 'Pig Tail' plug slowed the leak but didn't stop it completely as they had stripped the threads in the oil pan. My personal mechanic later installed a fiber seal ring to the 'pig tail' & stopped the leak, but the only true repair is to replace the oil pan. JiffyLube refused to pay for this & denied responsibility, claiming the oil plug could have been previously stripped. When I pointed out that they had performed the last 4 oil changes on vehicle, they just apologized & gave me a coupon for another free oil change!

What upsets me is their flagrant dishonesty. I worked at a tire shop that performed lube, oil, filter (LOF) service when I was younger, and I know that these things happen some time, but you fix the problem when it happens, not pretend like everything is good and send customer off in a vehicle that's been compromised due to shoddy workmanship! The whole incident could have been rectified by simply admitting that 'hey we made a mistake & stripped the threads, so we're going to install a new 'pig tail' assembly (& install it properly!) & if you have any problems or leaks, just let us know.'

JiffyLube flagrantly lied to me more then once, sent me off in a vehicle leaking oil everywhere, (which could have resulted in engine failure), & when I confronted them on their B.S., did a half assed repair. If I didn't have a mechanical background or (no offense ladies) was a woman, JiffyLubes little lie/oversight could have caused major engine damage that would have to be fixed at a real mechanics shop & would have been very expensive!

Grants Pass JiffyLube, all I can say is you should be ashamed of yourselves, ashamed of your dishonesty, and ashamed for taking advantage of your customers who depend on you to service their vehicles properly and to send them on their way in a safe, properly maintained vehicle.

[2185] Clinton in Port Orchard, WA  Stripped Oil Plug

I was there to get a routine oil change in my 2012 Audi A3, it was draining my oil to empty about every 2 weeks I took my car to the dealership, they told me I had a oil stripped plug and told me to bring it to jiffy lube and have them fix it. Jiffy lube said that they would fix it and then scheduled an appointment for them to fix it. The day they took it in, they told me they "chased the threads out, and it doesn't leak anymore" they topped off my oil and told me I had a bad coolant leak. Then gave my keys back. I received no invoice for this visit.

Since that visit it has been a few months. Since that time I have been to oil can Henry's in the car. I do not take my vehicles to jiffy lube anymore. It started dumping oil again to the point my oil light is coming on after about a week on a fresh topoff/oil change the last month or so. My driveway is flooded with oil. I took my vehicle back into jiffy lube they took the car into the bay looked at the sticker on the window and looked at the leak and asked me if I had the invoice at Oil Can Henry's if it stated that the invoice from Oil Can Henry's said it had an existing oil leak they might do something about it. If not they won't help me out and that Oil Can Henry's will be held responsible, and offered to possibly buy me a new oil pan at best but I'd have to pay someone to get it installed. I am not going to hold Oil Can Henry's responsible for this matter because my oil pan was never replaced, this is a pre exsisting issue since they worked on my car. I am very dissatisfied with my experience and time wasted every visit I take time out of my busy day to take care of this unresolved matter just to get run around. I will be bubbling this matter up in some way and won't stop till my oil pan gets replaced and paid for.

[2184] Christopher No Oil

Got my oil changed a bout a week ago and engine started making sounds checked the oil and dipstick is bone dry

[2183] Christian Ghetto Talk

Only myself and another customer are in waiting room. I go up to counter to make sure they try not to take advantage of me, and handing me a bill of $108. Instead of Manager saying "Hello may I help you, I get, you're not next in line".  Customer service is at its worst at many locations. Managers and staff are always "Ghetto" and talk "street" to customers while they  try to sound like oil experts. Telling me what oils I need to sky rocket prices. Jiffy lube is just another corporation taking over your neighborhood shops and your wallet. No professionalism. Terrible, terrible, business. Maybe a letter or call to BBB is necessary instead of emails.

[2182] Cassandra in Baltimore, MD No Oil, No Filter

 I am a loyal customer of Jiffy Lube and have been since 2006. I usually go to Jiffy Lube Store #27, 4112 West Northern Parkway, owned and operated by P&P Lube Inc, John Way, Proprietor. The store is located in Baltimore, Maryland 21215.


On Monday, July 13, my son took my Toyota Camry in for a standard oil change, something I have done for years. Everything appeared to be okay. I drove the car in the city (no more than 20-30 miles per hour), and had no problems. On Wednesday evening, when driving to Jessup, MD, we took the beltway, to which we drove 65 MPH. My son parked the car and went into work, 10 pm - 6:00 am. When he returned to the vehicle, it stalled a little before started, so he turned it off, and waited a few minutes, started the car again, let it run for 1 minute and drove off. Only about 3 minutes into the ride, he noticed the car shaking and then the oil light came on and the maintenance light as well as the check engine light. He began looking for a safe place to pull over but hardly made it, leaving the tail end of the car in the middle of the road. He was able to safely move it out of the way by pushing the vehicle.


When he checked the "dip stick" he noticed it was no oil in the car. Now remember, the oil was changed along with the oil filter on Monday late afternoon. Its now Thursday morning and there is no oil in the vehicle. We had the car towed back to the store #27 and the technician Kia told us that there was no oil filter on the car. We were shocked. What happened to the oil filter.


After inspecting the vehicle by a guy name Jesse who did not do the actual work on Monday, he stated that someone must have crawled under our car and taken the filter out in the night. Really? He began questioning my son asking if he had enemies.


I drove immediately to the store, and yes Jesse continued with his story convincing us that we had to physically remove the oil filter or that someone removed it maliciously. At this point, the owner had not arrived to the store.


I arranged to have a towing company tow my vehicle home so we could arrange for a diagnostic by a certified mechanic. Once the tow company arrived the owner, Jack Way came running out the store stating that he wanted to take my vehicle to his diagnostic center. I replied no. He then went on questioning me and my son stating that we drove the car while it was distress stating that it could have been a bad oil pump and caused the filter to blow off. Or, just maybe someone did remove it. At this point, he was just talking nonsense.


Once the vehicle was lifted by the towing company one could easily see the oil all under the vehicle. The engine at this point is totally damaged. And the owner takes absolutely no responsibility for the work done of the filter just a couple days prior.


Jiffy Lube cannot continue to do business in such a manner. At some point, the owner Mr. Way literally laughed not even understanding that damaging someone engine and car is not a laughing matter. He was confident that I had no right to talk about paying for the damages done to my vehicle.


At this point, I have a certified mechanic looking at the vehicle and assessing all the damage. I will forward this report to Mr. Way and his associates and demand payment.


As a corporation I thought you should know that I will work extremely hard to make sure that Jiffy Lubes are closed down permanently. This level of incompetency makes your entire organization look weak and uncaring.


How interesting that Mr. Way has a sign on his building boasting that he is a Veteran Owned Business, yet he is damaging people vehicles.


My suggestion to Mr. Way is to take the care of other vehicles very seriously. This is no laughing matter. Destroying someone's vehicle prohibiting them from going to work, school, and simple things like grocery shopping is no laughing matter.


This business should be closed today.

[2181] Andrew  Overfilled Oil

I just had my oil changed at jiffy lube a day ago, this afternoon I checked my oil and it's about 1 quart over full and I was the only customer I will never go back again I'm very upset it's not that complicated

[2180] Eric in Houston, TX  Cabin Air Filter Scam

Last weekend, I took my 2003 Honda Civic to a Jiffy Lube location to have my oil changed.  The tech came into the waiting room and tried to sell me new cabin air filter(s) for $50, saying that they were missing from my car.  Knowing that I could pick up a new set from the AutoZone down the street for $20, I politely declined.

A few hours later, I remembered that I had gotten my previous oil change at the same Jiffy Lube location, and they tried to sell me new cabin air filters the last time too -- by showing my my existing ones and saying they were dirty (they had been replaced just months prior, and looked fine to me.)  I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that they just "forgot" to put them back in the first time. I don't want to believe that they deliberately "stole" my cabin air filter so they could sell me a new one next time around, although, that's really what it looks like to me.

Whether it was deliberate or not, as a result of Jiffy Lube's negligence, my blower fan now has a leaf caught in it (makes an annoying clicking noise) and my A/C coils are saturated with dust/dirt. Now I am going to have to break down the entire fan assembly and shop-vac all the crap out.  The most annoying part is: In both instances, I specifically asked for "just an oil change." I never even wanted them to check my air filters.

[2179] Nancy in Bridgewater, NJ  Diluted Washer Fluid

I got my oil changed and fluids topped off at the end of October, 2014. The temperatures here in NJ over the last couple days have been below freezing, and will continue to fall. Yesterday, during some snowfall while driving an hour and a half to work, I was completely without wiper fluid. After some investigating, it turns out Jiffy Lube in Bridgewater had filled my wiper fluid with water, or some diluted version of wiper fluid, not the full strength kind designed to withstand temperatures to -20. So, naturally, it is frozen.

This is not only a complete rip off, it is positively dangerous. In the mornings, between the salt from the roads, the kick back from the cars and the glare of the sun, you end up with a thick white film completely blocking your view. My only choice driving in was to tailgate some 18-wheelers to get enough kickback from their tires to be able to clear off the white film. Real safe in NJ, on one of the most busy and dangerous roads in the state, during rush hour! On my one hour drive home, the fluid still did not thaw and now I am dealing with the white film and the glare of headlights and street lights. This practice is 100% fraudulent, irresponsible and puts Jiffy Lube 100% liable for any accidents that may occur as a result of this negligence. Should I ever be so desperate to use a Jiffy Lube again, I will absolutely DEMAND that they NOT fill my wiper fluid and do not charge me for it. 

[2178] Michelle in Rancho NM Crippled My Car

I went in for an oil change in rio Rancho New Mexico.  I was told my engine was dirty and my health report was a 2.  They wanted to "clean my engine " for 129.99 Of course I said no way & they said don't you care about the ozone?  You will be sorry & you will be back.

Well a mile down the road my car died ... It ran very sluggish .... I crippled home.  My husband opened the hood that evening and found my air intake hose completely off at both ends and my car was not getting an air flow.  Pima sure they thought I'd turn right around and spend the 129.99--wrong!!!!

I will never ever ever go to jiffy lube again!!!!!

[2177] Karlee in Kennewick, WA Towed 158 Miles

On Aug 14, 2014 I went to Jiffy Lube on Clearwater in Kennewick, WA to get a routine oil change.  Not only did the attendants try and sale me on everything, they tried to charge me to top up my fluids which are included in the oil change.  I told them I would be traveling to CA the following day and wanted to make sure everything was in good condition.  The next day as I'm driving through the desert with my 1 year old daughter my air conditioning goes out, so I stop at the gas station in Las Vegas. I get gas and notice a large black oil leak under my car, which I determine my car was leaking it because I saw the dripping myself.  I move my vehicle and realized by my dipstick that Jiffy Lube botched my oil change and put used oil in my car and I only had maybe a quart left.  To make a long story short Jiffy Lube towed my car 158 miles to the nearest jiffy lube and promised me reimbursement to all my out of pocket expenses. This was before finding out that due to them not putting the oil plug back right and putting the wrong oil filter on my car that this was the cause of my air conditioning to fail. The oil leak went everywhere causing the compressors shifter to slip and build up pressure that in return caused the hole ac system to fail. Now both the store and district manager are avoiding my calls and haven't reimbursed me any money which is well over $2,000. They said I must go through warranty department but they have failed to call me as well. I'm getting a lawyer and suing  them.

[2176] Christopher Forgot to Replace Oil

Got my oil changed a bout a week ago and engine started making sounds checked the oil and dipstick is bone dry

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