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Personal Experiences


[1925] Bill in Redmond, WA  Employee

I was employed by Heartland Automotive at their Jiffy Lube stores on Avondale Way in Redmond WA and 124th St. in nearby Kirkland between 11/30/10 and 12/4/10, as an "Assistant Manager In Training".  When I was at the 124th St. store, I was discouraged from taking a lunch break during an eight hour shift.  It was explained to me that the store was too busy to allow that.

This caused me some concern.  As a future manager, would I be expected to tell employees not to take the breaks mandated by Washington State law?  As a guy who's worked for his own business, and as an unsupervised employee working straight commission - who had the ability to set his own hours - I had chosen to skip breaks.  But, I did it of my own volition.  So, I didn't go back to work any more shifts; opting to take employment elsewhere. I did not give any reason, nor was one asked.

Since the stores in question were a fair distance (approximately 20 miles), I attempted to call them and ask them to mail the check.  I was put on hold and it was never picked back up, or I would leave voice mails that weren't returned.  It  was some time before I was able to go pick up my check.  And when I went, I was told, after waiting about fifteen minutes, that they couldn't find it.  I was told that the manager would call me. 

After a few more attempts to get someone on the phone who'd mail me a check, I just lost interest and followed more profitable pursuits.  But, it had recently come to mind that this pay was still owed me after a year, and I decided to try to find someone further up the 'food chain'.  So, I emailed the Heartland Automotive Jiffy Lube franchisee's legal department on Sunday.  And then this morning, when I hadn't heard back, I emailed them again.  Those emails are attached.  This morning, I tried to call the Heartland/Jiffy Lube corporate office in Redmond, WA, but the main voice mail gave me an error message; the office manager's voice mail is full.  And I was too busy at work today to try to mess with it.

A web search trying to find someone local to email turned up this website; I decided that perhaps the disgruntled customers of Jiffy Lube would be interested to hear the experience of a JL employee.

[1924] Rick Used Oil

week after jiffylube 'cleaned/scraped my oilpan of gunk (they said) a piston went thru my engine block. $7000 nice van dead/towed off.  a year later a piston went thru the block again on my sedan. i was 300 miles over the 3000 mi suggested due date. what gives with this company? after some research found that these places use YOUR old oil, filter it, maye add some chems, the same for tran fluids... huh?. talked to a friend who owns some jiffylubes. he told me thats how they max profits. Another friend told me they left his oilcap off but cleaned his engine. It damaged his engine. It croaked a few mo later. Can you guess number of people who dont email the public? crooks.

[1923] Cynthia in Alexandria, LA Drained Oil Before Price Quote

I visited the above shop today and check out at 12:01 p.m.  and left there absolutely LIVID!  I have never been to this shop before and they have no information on me or my vehicle.  The boy comes and gets me after I have been there for quite a while and lets me know that my car requires a premium oil that requires an upgrade and that it was going to be $75 but with the $10 off it was going to be $65.  I told him that I didnít have that kind of money and that I didnít want them to do nothing to my car.  I asked them if they had done anything to it and he said yes, that they had already drained all the oil out of it.  I asked he why they didnít say anything to me about the upgrade and the double in price before they had drained the oil out.  I CANíT LEAVE, I HAVE NO OIL WHAT SOEVER IN MY CAR.

I asked him why he did not let me know before they did anything and he said that it is the shopís policy to immediately drain the oil as soon as they come into the bays.  I now understand why they do this, I would think this is their way of screwing customers out of money.  He told me that I could  put a cheaper oil in my car if I wanted.  I told him ďwhy would I want to do that, put the oil in it that is requiredĒ.  I donít need to mess up my warranty.  I had to pay $65.38 today.  I find it absolutely crazy that this is allowed.  If they had not drained the oil, I would have left.  After telling me that my bill has now almost doubled, one of the men had the gall to show me my air filters and tell me that they need to be changed.  They were fine (I personally looked at them) I told them not to do anything with them and to put them back where they found them. They had been changed the last time I had my oil change.  They were trying to get even more money out of me.  Seeing how upset I already was, letís just see how far over the edge we can get her.  While waiting for my car, I was talking with another lady in the waiting room and she was only getting her car inspected.  She said that they now have to drive the car to test the brakes.  While we were talking, the boy testing the brakes, came around the shop like a bat out of hell and slammed  the brakes on.  I believe that there is an easier and more professional way to check brakes.  Just one more reason not to return to this shop.  I just could not believe the unprofessionalism that was shown to me the whole time.   As I was leaving the shop I went to put something in my glove compartment and they messed that up as well.  They had no reason to even touch it.  Now it doesnít close like it should.  Iíve got to take it and get it fixed and pay for what they did.  I noticed in the waiting room that you have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, well, I believe this shop failed.  I left there with a 0% satisfaction.  I do not feel that I should have to pay for the service that I received today.  I just  could not believe how I was treated.  I live on a fix budget at this time and the extra that I had to pay for the oil change effected my grocery budget for the week.  That extra may not be a big deal for some people, but for me if itís not budgeted in, itís a problem.

1922] Stephen in Cedar City, UT  No Oil Destroys Engine

Following service the engine had a rod bearing failure just under 3000 miles following the services. A local professional mechanic found the engine to be over 4 1/2 quarts low in oil, no oil leaks, no signs of burning oil. His and my presumption is the engine was, for whatever reasons, not completely filled at the time of service. There appear to be no other or any other reasons for the lack of oil in the engine that caused the failure. There has been no service anywhere else. The local manager, John, while sympathizing with the situation checked records and was going to call back. He somehow , conveniently, lost my phone number requiring me to follow up again with him. He was going to have the area supervisor contact me for follow up. I have not had the simple courtesy of a reply from the supervisor or manager in over a week. Mistakes can be made, understandable. Not standing up to a problem situation or acting like it just might go away if ignored is something else. I would appreciate a national level escalation of this situation and a responsible resolve from Jiffy Lube, a company I thought I could trust for the past several years.

[1921] Manu in San Jose, CA  Don't Stock Honda Oil Filters

I know they close at 6. They are 15 minutes drive from my home and I got their by 5.45 pm.  They was their and one shutter was down and one was open. I parked in their and waited for them.  After some time an employee came to me and told me that they dont have Oil filters for my car ( Honda Accord).

I know that employee just made an excuse to me.  I decided not to report on sites like yelp because I love jiffy lube. Please report my issue so this dont happen to any other

[1920] Vaughn in Centreville, VA  Deceptive Business Practices

January 31, 2012.  I asked for a simple oil change and left with a $171.38 bill.    One of the representatives told me that I needed a power steering flush because the manufacturer recommended it. And, I was charged a High Mileage Supplement ($15) without my approval.  

The only reason I agreed to the power steering flush is because the Jiffy Lube representative lied about Honda recommending the flush.  This is not true, as I found out later, because the fluid is considered a lifetime fluid, and the Honda manual does not list this service item.

I would like a refund of the $89.99 paid for the power steering flush and the $15 for the high millage additive.    

[1919] Daryl in Lincoln, NE  Would Not Honor Rapid Cash

I am requesting to be contacted regarding a recent experience I had at Jiffy Lube on 5111 O St. in Lincoln, NE. As a long time customer, I bought some Rapid Lube cash during a recent promotion. Unfortunately, Rapid Lube was bought out not long after I purchased the it. I was glad that Jiffy Lube would honor it and used the cash on several occasions. Today, I stopped at the store just before five. I talked to two employees and told them that I would have to return later because I forgot my Rapid Lube cash. They said that would be fine.

When I returned at 6 pm, I was confronted by the manager who said that he would not accept the rapid cash because it was longer than a year after it was issued. The Rapid Cash has no expiration date on it. The assistant manager who I normally deal with had never brought up the possibility that it would expire. The two other employees did not know that the cash expired. I wasted an hour of my day traveling back and forth only to be told by the manager that he understood but would not accept the rapid cash anyway because he would "lose his job".

I find it appalling that Jiffy Lube would have a policy that they would be willing to lose a lifelong customer over $40 of Rapid Cash. I have two vehicles I bring in and several friends who I have referred to the business. I am at a loss for how a business could treat a customer in this manner, especially after the two employees had told me that it would be fine for me to return later and use the cash. Apparently no one at that location other than the manager himself knows about this policy, including the assistant manager.

I lost an opportunity to use the $40 in my last visit, which I certainly could have done. Now I wonder if that was the intent all along. By not informing me of the expiration date, Jiffy Lube would not have to honor the $40.  I look forward to a proper resolution to this issue so that I can continue as a loyal customer.

[1918] Drew in Beverly, MA  Stole $500

I just got an oil change this afternoon [January 31] from the Beverly, MA Jiffy Lube.  I had $500 cash in my glove compartment (which was locked) before my oil change.  Afterwards, the cash was nowhere to be found.  I spoke with the manager and even called the police, but they said with no hard evidence, there was nothing they can do.

A $500+ oil change?!! Ridiculous.   I am pissed.

[1917] Brad in Eugene, OR  No Oil Destroys Engine

Long story made short. They didn't install the oil filter correctly in my late model Mercedes 300sd turbo diesel. Lost most of the oil, shuddered and broke down within 8 blocks.  My mechanic said engine was compromised (obviously) and needed to be replaced. There mechanic said it is fine. Noticeable lower engine knocking developed immediately. It happened on Oct 6 2011 at west 7th J.L. In Eugene, Oregon.  Just hired attorney after no communication for nearly 2 months.  Do it yourself or have a mechanic do it!

[1916] Nina Taking Advantage of a Woman

I had the worst experience at Jiffy Lube! They changed my oil and put in a wrong oil filter. They did not tightin any thing properly and my oil was leaking out. I took it to the mechanic the next day and he said I would of lost my car if he did not see that. They told me I had to replace the belt and I didn't have to. They told me to flush rediator when I just did that. The manager was very rude and argumentive. He was trying to say they did not do anything wrong.

[1915] Tony in Anaheim, CA  $10 Special Better Than $25 Coupon

I had previous experience when the technician forgot to check the tire pressures. So I reminded them before starting the service, I watched over the service and never saw the tires checked, so when the service was complete I asked if they were sure the pressures were checked, they responded yes all was fine. When I got home I found 2 tires at 25 and 2 at 30, when I requested 35. It had not been checked, when back they apologized but offered no explanation.

They also told me they needed to replace 2 quarts (but I think they meant pints of tranny lube)but was still low. Since I had this changed just a few months ago, no leaks on the floor at home or leaks visible on pan. I took to my mechanic who did the work and found no leaks, the level was perfect. Obviously can't prove it was not low, but I check all fluid levels monthly so would have had to drop recently. Seems to be very shaddy, don't know who owns it but if they are concerned they will send an undercover customer there several times in the morning. I had a coupon for $25 service, they said the coupon isn't valid during their $10 off early bird special which would be more but they eventually gave me the coupon price. Seriously, have you ever heard for not accepting a set coupon price over a special timed price? I can understand a percentage off coupon not being accepted during a special offer but this was not the case.

[1914] Mitchell in Alexandria, LA No Priority

I went to the jiffy lube located on Mac Author Dr. Alexandria La. I arrived at approximately 940 am. All I wanted was an inspection sticker. The thing that got me is that people came after me they would inspect there vehicle before me. At 1030am I asked for my keys and left. I have a job to go to as well as anyone else. I will never go there again. They was not that busy anyways, everyone walking around looking lost.

[1913] Robert in Johnstown, PA  No Oil Destroys Engine

My daughter took her 1998 Toyota Camry to the Jiffy Lube in Johnstown, PA to get the oil changed before heading back to college. She had it changed on Thursday the 19th of January. On Friday the 20th on her way up the highway the oil filter came off. After calling Jiffy Lube, they sent someone down and took pictures of the hole in the motor as the connecting rod was pushed out of the motor. They called me today the 27th and informed me that they are not responsible for it and will not cover it. How they can figure that after they changed the oil the day before???? I have been a regular customer there for years, but needless to say that will end know, and I will make sure that people know what happened.

[1912] Edwin in Brunswick, NJ  Oil Shortage


[1911] Salvador in Los Angeles, CA  Fries with Your Oil?

I am a part-time mechanic. That is my hobby, not something I am forced to do. I have taken classes and have disassembled and reassembled motors. I am currently studying for my ASE test.  My story begins with my work truck, I was in a rush and was headed out of town, was overdue for an oil change and I didn't want to get into in myself so I took the truck to the drive-in Jiffy Lube.

The manager came up to the truck while he was on the cell phone, I explained to him that the needle reading for the transmission was off (meaning if it is in "N" for neutral it is actually in park).  After they got the truck in the bay, I told him NOT to touch my air cleaner. I explained it was a KN lifetime and I just cleaned it so there would be no need to change it. He told me it was policy and they had to check it.  He said my oil was low and that he couldn't offer a warranty with the oil change, (what is an oil change warranty, for the oil? Doesn't make any sense). 

So I went out to check on my vehicle and the worker was trying to force the lever for the transmission into place, pulling on it really hard. I told him not to pull on it and explained to him the same thing I told the manager in the beginning before the service, while I was doing this another worker approached me rudely and said "we can't have you back here Dawg!" I stayed back there long enough to make sure moron #1 didn't destroy my transmission. I paid $55.00 and took a look under the car a few days later. My old oil filter and after I changed the oil, dirty oil mixed with the oil they "topped off" added. And the only task that they were capable of doing, washing my windows and vacuuming my carpets, they didn't even bother to do. 

I called Jiffy Lube and filed a complaint and I was told I would receive a call back, of course I never did. So my experience, coming from a REAL automotive engineer is, changing your oil at the Jiffy Lube drive thru is the same as driving thru Mac Donalds, at least there you get fries to go with the oil.

The workers are not in any way experienced in anything automotive, they are salesmen looking at recommended milage interval service plans and it is with out a doubt the WORST AND MOST INSULTING PLACE ON EARTH TO BRING YOUR VEHICLE FOR ANYTHING. 

They didn't change the oil, they just added oil. Moron #2 couldn't even get my air filter back on properly, why did he touch it in the first place. It's policy to check the air filter but no change the f---ing oil.  Everything else that was recommended, I had already done to the vehicle, I'm a REAL mechanic remember, but yet they were still explaining to me why it need to be done. The oil needed to be changed, that's why I went there in the first place and it wasn't done.

I will tell as many people as I can to stay away from that place. I will explain in full detail so that they understand and spread the word.  BOYCOTT JIFFY LUBE,

[1910] Nicholas in VA  Employee

I stumbled upon your site and being an active employee at Jiffy Lube, I'd like to share my personal testimony with your readers. Feel free to post my email address, as I have no problem helping people out with any additional information I can provide.

I work for a Jiffy Lube somewhere in northern VA. It's true that more shops than not are less than optimal, however, I have a few tips I hope your readers will find helpful.

1. First impressions go a long way. Simply pulling onto the lot will give you valuable information about the employees and management of a given store. Per JLI policy you're required to be acknowledged within 10 seconds of pulling onto the lot. That acknowledgement should promptly, if not immediately, be followed by a greet by either a customer service adviser or courtesy technician. Read your greeter's face; do they look happy to see you? They should. Do they look like they enjoy their job? They should. If they don't, turn around.

2. Again, first impressions go a long way. Look at the shop itself. If it's dirty, in disarray, cluttered or generally unkempt, it's probably not run by a very good company. If you're not working on a car, you're cleaning. That's how things are supposed to be. Unless the shop has cars packing the lot, the shop should look immaculate. I've heard from two customers that they can get oil changes cheaper elsewhere, but they come to our shop because of its cleanliness. That may seem silly at first, and most people probably don't even notice, but that's a very important factor. A clean shop is a disciplined shop.

3. Don't just see, but listen! This will probably tell you more than anything whether you have a good shop or not. It should sound like it's a faction of the military. Bay calls should be made loud, clear, and in a professional manner. Your CSA should speak in a friendly tone and at a comprehensible pace. Most importantly, you should NEVER feel pressured into buying ANYTHING. Period. Customer service advisers are NOT salespeople, they should be there to advise you, not sell to you. This is taken VERY seriously by shops with good management. (At my branch; if you pressure a customer, you're fined $50 per item sold).

4. Pay attention to the employees. All shops have large windows into the bay area for a reason, we (shouldn't) have anything to hide. Use that window, watch the employees work. Stand right at the front of the bay and have a smoke if you want. Do the employees look like they enjoy their job, or do they look like their in the seventh circle of hell? If it's the latter, they're probably not going to take much care or pride in their work.

5. Most importantly, take notice of the general running of the shop. There are several things that every shop is supposed to do in regards to customer service. The 'No Handles Policy', the '5-Foot Rule' - these are, again, JLI (corporate) policy that ALL shops are supposed to adhere to. You're not allowed to touch a door handle (including your own). Every door should open for you as if it sensed you approaching from the moment you pull onto the lot to the moment you pull off. You should be treated like a celebrity with brittle, glass fingers. Furthermore, every employee that you come into talking range to (that's not busy) should greet you with a smile and a nod, at a minimum. This is especially true when departing. At my branch it's not uncommon to hear "Enjoy the rest of your day!" three times from the front door of the shop to your car (Literally). I personally would find it borderline annoying from a customer's perspective, but that's the way it's done nonetheless. The No Handles Policy in particular is taken incredibly seriously at a well run shop.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this is a franchise. Like any franchise, you get good owners, you get bad owners. Like any franchise, corporate is bound by the franchise license and there's very little they can really do when it comes to individual stores. It's not that corporate doesn't care about you (believe me, they do, you're the ones paying their bills), it's simply that their hands are tied. Our branch is 1 of 16 that's owned by one of the best franchisees in the nation. We average anywhere from 80-110 cars per day (national average is around 42) and our customers are very loyal. There's good shops, there's bad shops. We're not perfect by any means, but damage claims are taken care of extremely quickly, I've seen more than one customer survey in which they praised our shop in regards to our handling of their damage claim, and they continue to come back. We're human, we make mistakes, the difference between us and a bad shop is that we own up to our mistakes and fix them as quickly, and with as little headache to the customer, as possible. It kills me to read so many comments of "Avoid this company at all costs!!!" when it should read "Avoid this BRANCH at all costs!!!" because we're the same as anywhere else you're going to go, unless of course it's a shop run entirely by robots. The reason Jiffy Lube catches so much shrapnel is because we're one of the bigger, more popular lube shops.

This is getting long, but I'd also like to address some of the employees that have posted on this site. Shame on you! What are you still doing at these shops if they're run like this? Why did you spend so much time there? To make ends meet? How does that make you any different than the managers you're ragging on? If you're working for a crap shop, you're clearly not making any money (Almost all employee's primary income is commission, with the exception of the cashier), so why stay? I just don't get that. A post on this site complaining about the shop you worked for doesn't absolve you for taking part in it. And for the employees whining about not getting breaks, not only is that entirely untrue, but it's (at least in Virginia) illegal. You're entitled to a break, it's up to you if that break consists of clocking out, or getting a few bites in between cars. It's true that staffing makes breaks hard. Tough. Deal with it or quit. It shouldn't come as a shock that your business wants to keep labor down, that's how businesses make money. Do you expect them to call in another employee to run your shift will you go get a bite to eat? As for your crappy pay, again, deal with it or quit. The upside to commission is that your earnings are proportionate to your work ethic. The downside to commission is that your earnings are proportionate to your work ethic. If you're unsatisfied with your pay, work harder and get paid more. Simple as that.

About me: I've been with Jiffy Lube for almost a year now and am about to enter management training in a couple months. I've had a lot of good days, I've had a lot of bad days. One things I've always felt lucky for is the management. My managers are excellent at what they do. They train hard-working employees and weed out the weak. In the months I've been there, I've stayed well after close accepting late customers and I've seen my managers go above and beyond in regards to customer service. One event in particular really let me know I was in good company. We had one customer come in with a leaking transmission pan. He had bought a new pan and wanted us to install it for him. Not only did my manager accept his car and replace the pan (which ended up taking over an hour of bay time), but he refused to accept a cent for it. My mind was boggled.

Again, there's good shops, there's bad shops. I was lucky enough to get into a good one, and I hope that what I've learned about how a good shop is run will help some of the visitors to this site.

[1909] Gregory in Claymont, DE  Customer Needs to Follow-up

My recent experiences with Jiffy Lube leave much to be desired.

Last March 25 at Jiffy Lubeģ Service Center #265  had Signature Service. They overfilled oil by about a quart. They set tire pressure to 32 lbs (calls for 30 lbs on door panel).

December at Jiffy Lubeģ Service Center #368 had Signature Service, and tire rotation. Tires set pressure to 30 lbs, but while hot, so cold pressure was 28.5 lbs. But the valve cap covers (Lexus ES350 OEM) were apparently not tightened, or not replaced (tire pressure monitor came on after service, - I wasn't concerned because it takes a little while to detect a change in pressure). A few days later I discovered two covers were missing (front), and the rear covers were loose, and tire pressure was wrong.

1. QC:  Make sure oil is not over or under filled.
2. QC:  For things like leaks around oil filter, drain, loose or missing valve covers (the Lexus OEM ones are not cheap).
3. Common Sense: Do not adjust tire pressure on warm tires, check with customer on miles driven in past few hours before service, advise that cold tire pressures cannot be accurately adjusted - maybe even providing warm pressure readings for each tire to indicate if there may be a problem to customer - if uneven, or potentially underinflated or overinflated - I would be much happier with that advise. Also: Check spare tire and inflate to proper pressure, advise customer if found drastically out of spec.

[1908] Victim in Tehachapi, CA  Poor Customer Service

Today I went to the Tehachapi, Ca jiffylube, as a repeat customer.  I was clear upfront that I was only getting an oil change, and was bombarded repeatedly with a salespitch to add other services which totally stressed me out.  I was told my brake fluid was low but they didn't refill it, and referred me to Autozone who checked it and it was barely below the capline.    When I left I noticed my tires were missing the valve caps.  I felt the customer service was not up to my previous visit, and don't expect to be a repeat customer. 

[1907] Melinda Unnecessary Charges

My son took our car in for an oil change. The car has 19,000 miles. I was surprised when he showed me the receipt, and it was $77. He said they told him the air filter was filthy, and they charged $45 for the air filter, which seemed outrageously high to me. I looked up the brand on the internet (Cabin air filter), and it is about $10. I also checked our paperwork and the oil filter had just been changed at 14,500 miles. I will NEVER patronize Jiffy Lube again.

[1906] Roy in Auburn, WA  Did Not Perform Stated Services


[1905] JN in Niagara, Ontario, Canada  Aftermarket Oil Filter Leaked

My wife and I had some problems at Firestone so we decided to take our Honda Civic to Jiffylube to get an oil change. We already had a small oil leak when this was done. We noticed a short time after that our oil was leaking even more. So we started to budget to get it fixed. Then our car died, something to do with the battery (power). We had it towed to the Honda dealership. They fixed the problem for $2+labour of course. So since it was cheap I asked them to take a look at the oil leak and fix that. Again it was pretty cheap.   But when we took it home the leak continued and now there was a big puddle under our car. We took it back. They said everything was fine and there is no leak, however, the oil filter was an after market one and it was leaking pretty bad. So they replaced it with a honda oil filter for free. Jiffylube put an aftermarket oil filter that caused the car to leak bad. We now go to the dealership for everything.

[1904] Rob in Houston, TX  Taking Advantage of a Female

I told her not to. My daughter said that she was going to Jiffy Lube (Houston-South Shepherd) for an oil change. I told her if she didn't know where another quick lube place was she should be prepared to say "no" to all of their suggested recommendations. $80 later she had only an oil change on her 04 Volvo. Unbelievable. I quit going to these folks years ago and by the complaints of others I have read, they haven't changed. Before I quit them I continually watched them try to push customers (especially females) into purchasing all sorts of other products. My final visit was when they showed me the difference in color between new transmission fluid and a sample from my car as evidence of my need for a transmission fluid change. Problem: I had just changed it a few hundred miles before. All oil that goes in a vehicle looks different once it is run in a car for awhile. It doesn't mean that it is bad. Unbelievable.

[1903] Victim in Baytown, TX  Employee

Watch out in houston....from the distric manager and up.  These guy's will lie, cheat, and steal, from employees if they want you out.  It just happend at a store in baytown, tx.

The district manager just took out three in one "unusal break in" three people were fired and five had keys.  The DM being one of the key holders, and a girlfriend had the other.

Jiffy when Shell owned them was a great place to work, now if your honest you can't work with this new company

[1902] Eric in MA  Employee

Hmmm, I donít know if this is the place to talk since I work at one owned by Heartland Auto in Mass. Going on 7 months. OMG!  Oh well, I feel like warning you all. I do the lower bay primarily work and Iíll give you the skinny. Even though at $8 an hour I shouldnít, I actually give a rats azz. Iím not allowed too though.

I have quite a bit of experience in the mechanic world although limited in documentation. Most of it was under the table contract PT and I have never taken any of my 15 or thereíabouts heaps (free or very cheap) over the 30 years, to one.

JL is about bay times and sales of extra services. Being jippy, I mean Jiffy and selling stuff thatís not needed is the key.  If you have a front wheel drive car with a sealed chassis you get charged the same as if you have a 4WD truck with 15 grease fittings.  What makes up for that feeling of getting ripped off is the comfort of knowing the 4WD owners wonít get half of what they say they did done.

They wonít add fluids (I do when upstairs lags behind me but stopped bothering to tell them since they donít care).  Usually all I get is pressure to close it up and there is NO way to get 15 fittings, rear and front differential and transfer case and the oil change done properly in the expected 4-6 minutes for lower bay. Hell, I let my own oil drain longer than that when I do it!

For all you newer, front wheel drive car owners, I say thank you! You make my day easier. For all you 4WD owners, I apologize. My hands are tied and the job market is slim. Heck, Iím sorry to anyone who goes to JL.

On a post note, they screw me as an employee too. Little pay, no benefits, and recently trying to screw me out on a 50Ę raise after completing the certification test (what a joke those tests was). Most employees take a month or more to finish it. I did it in a week while at work and only watched 10 minutes of the 10 hours of video garbage. I wish it was mentioned in the first month I was there, I had no idea. I could have been making $8.50 all that time.

I could rant more about the burns, cuts and general hazards of the unsafe environment, lack of tools to do the job and exposure to chemicals in the workplace or the broken EPA and OSHA rules for such little pay but I think the massage is clear, THEY SU&#! That's why most people last less than a month, I myself don't care now. There's another reason, no one at JL does. It's Corporate first, customer's second, employees last. I think that's the order but the last two may be reversed.

[1901] Emily in Katy, TX  Multiple Mistakes

I went into Jiffy Lube in Katy,Tx on Provincial for a simple oil change because they were doing $10 off. They broke my oil dipstick, tried to sell me a $60 air filter, claimed they checked my coolant levels all the basics, and noted on the invoice there were transmission and oil leaks and a broken dipstick PRIOR to SERVICE lol. Stupid jerks. They had punctured a hole in my hose to my coolant and I was driving on it for a week OVERHEATING. Took it back they charged me again for THEIR mistakes and here we are again with no coolant and broken hose. They WILL reimburse me for ALL work, replace everything broken and empty or my attorney will handle from here!!

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