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Personal Experiences


[2225]  Brad from St. Charles, IL  Stolen Sunglasses

I took my car to Jiffy Lube in St. Charles, IL for an oil change in April. My Prada sunglasses had been in the trunk.   They told me that my brake light needed replacing so I said ok go ahead not thinking about my glasses. A while later my wife was talking about sunglasses and I immediately thought about my glasses and thought OMG I'll bet they are not back there. Sure enough they were gone. Shame on you Jiffy Lube. Never again!

[2224] Andrew from Arcadia, CA  Overfilled Oil Causing Problems

I had my tundra serviced at jiffy lune in arcadia on Santa Anita and Huntington dr. They over filled the oil in my truck now I have major problems

[2223] Andrew  1 Quart Overfilled

I just had my oil changed at jiffy lube a day ago, this afternoon I checked my oil and it's about 1 quart over full and I was the only customer I will never go back again I'm very upset it's not that complicated

[2222] Andreas from Lenexa, KS  Unfulfilled Services

I was at the Jiffy Lube #1628, 13520 west 87th st, Lenexa, Ks 9-23-16 at 11:53 AM.  I have not been there for years at that location. The last two times I was informed I needed my radiator flushed the previous time which I paid for. 3 months later I came back and was told the radiator needed to be flushed again. I pulled out my receipt which showed they charged me for it 3 months earlier but had not flushed the radiator. This time I stood there and verified it was done.

Today I took my car to the same location but this time stood by the glass door to see what they did. As my car was the only one there I could see what they were doing. They changed the oil but did not check for any of the other fluids, vacuum, clean the windows or checked the tires. I asked a female who was working there her name Melisa and asked if they no longer did that service. Melisa said that they would get to it as Chris was helping Kevin change the oil. Melisa and another male went out there and started cleaning the windows leaving 20% of the splats still on the windshield.

Chris came in and said my car was ready. I asked why they did not check my tires or top off the windshield fluids. Chris informed me that there air hoses did not work and that the fluid did not need it. On the receipt it shows they took care of the tires and topped off windshield fluids.  I got my car and opened the hood to check and the windshield fluid was not filled and talked to Melissa and asked why they don’t do the normal service.  Melissa informed me that they had but if I would drive it back around she would top of the fluid. Which I did not do.

After I came home I called the store and asked for the DM’s phone number and was informed his name was Tim Busey and asked me for my information to let him know but they would not give me his phone number. I called and talked to A Jiffy Lube contact Kelly who said she will give Tim the information but that they are a franchise and should be doing all of the normal checks and that this location was not.

[2221] Ed in Des Moines, IA  Stripped Oil Plug or Filter

I had my oil changed at the Jilly Lube on Merle Hay in Des Moines IA Friday 1/22/16.  Today 1/23/16 all the oil leaked from either the filter or stripped oil pug and caused my 2014 Rav 4 to die in the driveway.  Please help!

[2220] Andrew in Arcadia, CA Overfilled Oil

I had my tundra serviced at jiffy lune in arcadia on Santa Anita and Huntington dr. They over filled the oil in my truck now I have major problems

[2219] Derrick in Spring Lake, NC  Fraudulent Promises

First thing I want to say is that I'm very perturb about your dishonest services at your Spring Lake store located at 600 S Bragg Blvd, Spring Lake NC 28390. I'm a service member  currently station out of state I was informed that my spouse took her 2012 Jeep Wrangler because the engine light came as unusual of course you get an oil light during the service the mechanic informed my spouse that spark plugs were bad and there change out them but unfortunately that did not solve the problem. So my spouse return the vehicle to jiffy lube because the vehicle was miss firing and asked refund. Now this was the agreement my spouse told your store manager that she was taking the vehicle to the jeep dealership and your store manager informed her to bring back paperwork paper to him to prove that the work that they have done on the vehicle was not corrected my them in fact the work that they had done was nonexistence to the problem. The paperwork was brought back for the refund and was told no by the store manager because of part and labor rendered. So bottom line up front the store manager had lied think my wife wouldn't come back seeking a refund that now how you do business my lying to your consumer and that located will be reported to the better business bureau and addition I going to spread word thought out the military community in the area of how dishonest they are. Judging by the reviews that I had seen online this is a problem across the country about varies dishonest service at your Jiffy Lubes service center. It is kind of alarming that I'm away serving my country and have to worry about my family being safe in a vehicle that your store serviced. 

[2218] Helen in Silver Spring, MD  No Oil Destroys Engine

 I live in Silver Spring, MD I went to Jiffy Lube on the 10th for a routine oil change they suggested I change my filter as well which I did. Two days later my car shuts down on the side of the road and the oil is leaking out. I have it towed to a mechanic, I call the Jiffy Lube here I have it serviced an explain the situation. He said he would document & send someone out to take a look, but right now he couldn't b/c he had no one to cover him.  No one every came so the next day I called their corporate office and spoke to someone & they sent out a rep that day. Their representative assessed my vehicle he stated it was an engine malfunction that caused my car to bust a rod, but the mechanic that i towed my vehicle to said that the only way your car can bust a rod is by not having any oil in it. So the JL rep said its not there fault but I'm going to fight , because its total BS. I had no engine problems before my car was serviced and now I need a new engine because the rod is busted.  Please publish my comments

[2216] Laura in Yuba City, CA  Defective Oil Filter Destroys Engine

Subject: Store #2353-Jiffy Lube fraudulently advertised their expertise and implied a warrantee they now refuse to honor on repairs to a new engine which failed 136 miles after their incompetent servicing. They charged for a safety check they did not perform.

My daughter and  I took her 2001 Ford Escape in to Jiffy Lube in Yuba City California on July 10, 2015 for an oil change.  We were upsold to having her tires rotated and having a “safety” check as well. The final bill came to just under $100.00 which I paid in cash.  We left the Jiffy Lube, parked the Escape at home and my daughter packed it the next day so as to travel 2,200 miles cross country in order to interview for several jobs.  Before my daughter embarked on her trip, my husband and I followed her in our vehicle to visit a cemetery where she placed flowers on the grave of a friend’s mother.  While following her to the cemetery we noticed that the left tail lamp  Jiffy Lube said was fine, was not fine.  It had been burnt out before the “safety check” and remained burnt out after the “safety check”.  It was disturbing to see that the check was NOT done, however my daughter needed to get on the road to make it to her first stopover so it was decided she would have a friend replace the bulb later that day when she arrived in Salt Lake City Utah. 2 hours after she left, I received a call from my daughter saying her car was stranded on the side of the road in Truckee California.  My husband and I went to meet her in Truckee. She had to pay cash to have the Escape towed to safety at a local service station.  When we arrived we found that the engine block on the Escape was damaged beyond repair.  As a consequence, having no other option to get my daughter to her interviews, I gave her my Honda and she left for Kentucky.  My husband and I had the Escape towed home the next day.  In looking at the Escape we saw that the oil filter had clearly not been seated properly when changed by Jiffy Lube. There was a clear “dry” segment of the filter gasket that was completely dry whereas other areas were saturated. There was oil spray all the way back to the deck lid indicating a slow loss of oil from the improper seating of the gasket on the filter.  The engine of the Escape only had about 24,000 miles on it when serviced by Jiffy Lube.  It had been replaced under a warrantee purchased when my daughter bought the vehicle.  The vehicle was running fine prior to the service by Jiffy Lube.  The Jiffy Lube technician even noted on the intake invoice that all of the fluids were fine prior to their “service” on 7/10/2015.  The Escape had been driven a total of 136 miles from the time it was serviced by Jiffy Lube until the time the engine failed.

I received an email on 7/13/2015 asking for my “feedback” about my experience at Jiffy Lube from Joe Kaspari and I took the opportunity to call and advise him that they would be needing to replace my daughter’s engine.  Over a space of a month I have received the run around from the franchise owner’s “customer service manager” (Joe Kaspari) as to the various reasons they were not responsible for the damages. They had a company from Florida who routinely works as a subcontractor for them “inspect” the vehicle and declare that Jiffy Lube had done nothing wrong to precipitate the engine failure.  I read the 8 page report they supplied from their subcontractor (United Automotive Appraisals) and responded to their denial of my daughter’s claim in a letter dated 7/31/2015.  I pointed out that , their “expert” certainly did not find that any act on the part of my daughter brought about the failure of the 2 year old engine. Interestingly, they did not provide their “expert” with the oil filter which was in their possession (having already taken it from me for testing prior to the “inspection”). Their “expert” not only failed to contact me so that I could attend the inspection as promised by them in our prior conversations, he also failed to reach a finding which determined the cause of the engine failure. Their “expert” (whose qualifications were never provided or cited by Jiffy Lube) opined that the engine failed and that he thought Jiffy Lube was not responsible. He gave no reasonable explanation as to why he was of this opinion, although I would argue that since this “expert” has an ongoing contract with Jiffy Lube (See contract number: 2353-21404) to provide reports exonerating Jiffy Lube from liability whenever asked,  his opinion was exactly what his employer expected it to be. Jiffy Lube also ran a CarFax on the vehicle, apparently to prove that the vehicle was somehow in poor repair prior to my daughter’s purchase and also to challenge the engine replacement which I told them had occurred in 2013.  The replacement was not listed on the CarFax, however I had repeatedly offered to provide receipts proving that it had been done but Jiffy Lube was not interested.  Mr. Kaspari finally did ask to see the offered receipts, however when I provided him with the receipts he immediately  denied the claim (yet again) and asked for more documentation on the engine replacement despite the fact that I had given him an itemized invoice (and warranty attached to the engine replacement) and proof of payment from the insurance company who paid for the repairs. There really was no other information he could possibly have needed to prove the engine was replaced 24,000 miles prior to the loss caused by his inept store employees. The CarFax did however prove that my daughter had the vehicle serviced by a certified and well respected dealership service department 6,000 miles prior to the time Jiffy Lube worked on it on 7/10/2015. The vehicle was noted to be in good repair when seen at the dealership 6,000 miles previous to the Jiffy Lube fiasco.

I repeatedly asked Jiffy Lube for the name of their liability carrier so that I could pursue this claim with them and Jiffy Lube stonewalled me each time the request was made. I have dealt with Jiffy Lube in Good Faith and provided them with full access to the vehicle, allowed them to tow it to a shop of their choice where it was inspected by a subcontractor, outside of my presence and allowed them to take the oil filter for testing (despite the fact that no one alleged the filter itself was flawed, just that it was installed incorrectly). I provided proof that the engine had a mere 24,000 miles on it prior to their “servicing” it.  I provided proof that the vehicle was well maintained.  I presented clear and concise reasoning when addressing their denial of my daughter’s claim for damages and have included within my arguments allegations of fraud and misrepresentation for which I have substantial proof. They continue to ignore that aspect of this matter. I will restate, for the record that Jiffy Lube not only fraudulently advertised their expertise and implied a warrantee they now refuse to honor after incompetently performing their duties with regard to the servicing of my daughter’s 2001 Ford Escape so as to cause the engine to fail 136 miles after said service, they perpetrated an act of theft by collecting payment from her for a safety light check that they did NOT perform. Complete repair of the damages to the engine in the 2001 Escape amounts to somewhere in the neighborhood of $4,500-$5,000. Loss of use continues to accrue at the rate of $39.95 a day from the day the loss occurred until the vehicle is repaired .  Reimbursement for 2 tow charges totaling $255.00 add to the damages.

Finally, I turned the matter over to the Bureau of Automotive Repair and am waiting to see what assistance they might be able to provide.

[2215] Ronald in Salt Lake City, UT  Bike Stolen

I recently had one of my two bikes stolen off my car awaiting servicing at your Salt Lake City, Jiffy Lube.  The theft occurred at your Jiffy Lube on 2100 South and Main Street Salt Lake City, Utah.  The on line police report numbers are T25004868 and another number of 2015-803351  The theft was captured on your cameras and verified by your manager.   I believe your company has liability insurance which covers this type of theft on your property.  I would like to file a claim for the bike value of $1000 against that coverage. I can provide you the police report, photos of the missing bike, and all information together with serial number.  That information is also detailed on the Police reports. Your store has the video tape of the theft.

[2214] Peter in Tampa, FL  Missing Radiator Cap Destroys Engine

My wife had an oil change and fluids changed at the Dale Mabry and Kennedy Tampa Jiffy Lube and the engine exploded and the head and block was warped. Needs new engine $5,000 repair quoted by Toyota of Lakeland. Their exact quote when they opened the hood after it was towed to their location was “ there is the problem right there…your radiator cap is missing” after the mechanic did his full inspection the confirmed the 2008 Toyota Corolla needed an new engine. Jiffy Lube clearly did not replace the cap or it was not tightened properly and it came off due to their shotty work. After the Jiffy Lube guy inspected the car they said they would not pay because the car had gone 1,000 miles after the repair. The people at Toyota Lakeland all agree that Jiffy Lube is at fault.

NEED AN ATTORNEY TO REPRESENT US.  Note that we have impeccable maintenance records from Orlando Toyota. The one time we when to the jobbers at Jiffy Lube the car blows up

[2213] Brad in St. Charles, IL Sunglasses Stolen

I took my car to Jiffy Lube in St. Charles, IL for an oil change in April. My Prada sunglasses had been in the trunk.   They told me that my brake light needed replacing so I said ok go ahead not thinking about my glasses. A while later my wife was talking about sunglasses and I immediately thought about my glasses and thought OMG I'll bet they are not back there. Sure enough they were gone. Shame on you Jiffy Lube. Never again!

[2212] Ana in Reno, NV  No Resolution

The purpose of this E-mail is that you have not found a resolution or a satisfactory answer to the complaint with the invoice number above.  Being that it has been more than two months since the first complaint  submitted and the issue has not yet being resolved, Adding that I have not received any answers  or case review in reference to this complaint.

I would like to  formerly inform you that if this case is not satisfactory resolve in THE NEXT 30 DAYS   I will be forced to file a court proceedings AGAINST YOUR COMPANY, to take care of the issue & looking forward for a resolution to this matter.  I will also make you responsible for all expenses incurred for the Legal process plus loss of wedges and any other losses.

[2211] Cheryl Cooling Flush Cracked Head Gasket

On 2/10/15 I visited Jiffy Lube as I do often to get an oil change.  Upon my visit I was advised of the “manufacturers suggestions” which included a coolant flush.  I agreed to the service and went on my way back to work.  As I parked my car I noticed white smoke coming from under my hood but nothing of it because oil can sometimes leak on the engine.  To my despise, a day later my car hesitated to start.  I advised the technician of my problem and he sent someone to claim that I needed a new battery.  After having a new battery installed, the car still had problems starting.  I called again and my car was sent to another Jiffy Lube for inspection.  Upon inspection white smoke was now coming from my tail pipe. 

Needless to say, a month later, Nissan has diagnosed that I have a cracked head gasket and the repairs will be costly.  I contacted Jiffy Lube’s Guest Services representative and sent the diagnosis to them for review.  I was told there is not enough evidence to prove it was negligence on behalf of Jiffy Lube and they will proceed with a claim for further investigation……..  Really!  Came in running fine now my car is dead

[2210] Lady in Davie, FL  Pep Boys Alternative

On Friday, 2-20-15, my check engine light came on. I took it to the Jiffy lube in Davie, FL on University Dr. They hooked up some sensor and said I had a vacuum leak coming from my engine. I took it back the next day because I was due for an oil change. Of course they tried to suckered me into buying the expensive oil, but I went with the $49 one. 

They used the sensor again and said I needed a tune up which would run $350- $450. They then ran a battery diagnostic and said my battery was going to die soon. That was correct as I had a 2 yr battery which was older than 2 yrs. They offered me a new battery with 5yr warranty. I plan on selling my car and wanted a cheaper battery....they don't give you an option, so I declined. Of course, they wanted to flush my transmission fluid for over a $100, but didn't have it on record, they did that already 6 months ago.....or did they?  They then showed me a dirty cabin filter which they could replace for around $80.

Whew....I just agreed to the oil change and drove over to Pep boys.  They said the problem with my check engine light was a loose plug....I didn't need a tune up. They fixed it and put in another 2 yr battery, saving me $56. Oh...and that $80 cabin filter? I purchased one from them for $14 and he put it in for no charge. I will never take my car to jiffy lube again. This is sad because jiffy lube took over the location when Vinny retired from his business at speedy oil change. My family trusted Vinny and was taking our cars there for 15 years. He employed honest mechanics.

[2209] Kevin in Tulsa, OK  Defective Antifreeze Flush

On the 17th of December I took my car into Jiffy Lube 66th and Lewis Tulsa OK for an antifreeze flush and fill.  The car had been working great I just wanted to change the antifreeze.  They supposedly put new antifreeze in and when I left the car seemed fine.  The next morning I started it up and when it ran for a bit the car started to overheat.  I opened the hood and the radiator cap was not closed it was just barely hanging on it was loose.    I called the store manager and he came out to my house with some antifreeze and that's when I noticed that a hose had not been properly installed they had taken off.  After putting antifreeze in and putting the hose on properly it started to leak behind the transmission.  According to several sources this was probably due to improper antifreeze or no antifreeze at all being put in my car when they did the flush and fill.  Evidently a freeze plug popped out behind the transmission that evening due to the cold temperature.  It had been driving fine before.  The traffic was really bad and it took me an hour to get home in stop and go traffic.  I know the car was in perfect working order before I took it to Jiffy Lube because it made it all the way down there and did not overheat and did not leak.  Also I have been driving it all over with no problems whatsoever.  The manager Chris got to where he would avoid me not return my calls and I got a hold of the regional supervisor Mark who said he would get right back with me this morning and now he has not responded back and will not answer his phone.

The owner Patrick Moore contacted my girlfriend Kelly Hensley (its her car) and claimed he had a video showing all the work was done and swore the radiator cap was put on correctly and the hose was put on like it was supposed to.  Refused to show us this video.  He was very very nasty and claimed I sabotaged my own car to get money out of him.  Is this the way you want your company represented?  My girlfriend needs her car as she is almost handicapped and has trouble walking.

[2208] Thomas in Chicago, IL Defective Oil Filter

I brought my 2013 Hyundai Elantra (14k miles) into JiffyLube (2366 N. Clybourn, Chicago Ill) for an oil change. The sub standard oil filter they used leaked at metal seam when the engine was running causing the engine to run dry. I had the vehicle towed to Hyundai dealer and their mechanic spotted the problem immediately. When the engine was running the oil leaked steadily out from the seam. The mechanic said it was obvious the JiffyLube technician didn�t take the time to inspect the filter for a leak. I have taken pics and video of the filter and leak. My engine was damaged and had to be replaced. At first, Jiffylube manager said not to worry, that their insurance (Society Insurance-Fon Du Lac, WI) would cover the costs. After 3 weeks of phone calls, E-mails, messages, avoidance, and $5500.00 out of pocket expenses I am at wits end. Society Insurance has pretty much told me I would have to go after the oil filter manufacturer (Fram) to recoup my losses. My first thought is how can they get away with this but after doing internet research it seems they have quite a long history of avoiding responsibility. If I hire an attorney it will probably cost more than the repair bill. Do you have any advice, recommendations, or know of class action I could possibly join? Getting my oil changed at JiffyLube has been an absolute nightmare.=


To whom it May Concern, I just want to follow up and say that JiffyLube did in fact finally, reluctantly pay for the damage caused to my vehicle and because they made good I would like to retract/delete my complaint. I have learned a hard lesson and will never bring a vehicle into JiffyLube for service again. Again, please if you could delete my complaint, Thank You, Tom Goggin from Chicago. Had oil changed at 2366 N. Clybourn, Chicago=

[2207] Matthew in Lakewood, WA  Stripped Oil Plug

-----------The Story and the letter 

Dear Jiffy Lube employee, 

For many years I have been bringing my cars to jiffy lube for oil changes. This is mostly due to convenience or not having a driveway to jack the car up to drain the oil. Even when negative news reports aired about jiffy lube I ignored them considering the past good experiences I had in Chicago when I lived there, My logic was it is very hard to screw up an oil change. I moved to Washington this past year and ended up buying a 2014 chevy cruze in light of the move. I have gotten 3 oil changes at your lakewood location. The 1st visit they put the wrong oil in which is an honest mistake considering I didn't even know a different oil was needed. However the last visit I was told the drain plug was stripped and that you couldn't do the oil change. This is the last straw for me considering I have only taken this car to this location for oil changes. Logic would dictate that if I only brought it to this location than at some point an employee stripped it. Could have been the last visit or this visit. Since it was only the plug I figured no big deal. That was until the dealer told me not only was the bolt on the drain plug striped but so were the aluminum threads where they are screwed in. That means the pan also needs to be replaced. This will cost me $510 after tax parts labor. I have been coming to jiffy lube since 2002 and am very disappointed in this location and in how low the company standards have fallen. I will not be returning.



P.S. To the employee that had to read this I am not mad at you as an individual I am displeased with the company you work for. I assume you have to read a lot of these so have a Happy Thanksgiving, if you celebrate it.

---------The BS response

Dear #####,

We offer our sincerest apologies, but thank you for taking the time to let us know that you had a less than positive experience when you visited one of the Jiffy Lube service centers.

We took the liberty of sending your feedback to Oil Express Inc, the franchisee which owns and operates Jiffy Lube Service Center 2049 where you visited, for their review and resolution.

Again, thanks for contacting Jiffy Lube regarding your concerns.

JLI Customer Service Customerservice@jiffylube.com 1-800-344-6933

-------- Long story short I got screwed, please if you go there stop going. the only way to make them stop is to stop giving them business

[2206] Mark in Nashville, TN Stripped Oil Plug

My truck was damaged by the employee(s) at Jiffy Lube during the oil change .What's worse is the damage was plugged w a sloppy pressure fit  job to cover up the damage .I cannot get another oil change until the oil pan and drain plug and gasket are replaced.
What scam ripoff business .

The location is 1710 Charlotte Ave. Nashville, TN 37203

[2205] Nicholas in Tacoma, WA No Transmission Fluid

A little over a month ago, I went to Jiffy Lube #1092 (605 S Sprague Ave, Tacoma, WA 98405) and got the Signature Oil Change Service as well as a few other services. As I left, I noticed my car sounding different, and a month later, after it steadily worsened to sound like tumbling gravel, I took my car into a trusted mechanic. He tells me my car has absolutely no transmission fluid in it and that my transmission is so wrecked it could easily have destroyed my car on the freeway. The mechanics said the transmission must have been drained to be so perfectly empty, and Jiffy Lube is the only possible perpetrator. Who siphons transmission fluid?? The timing with the unusual noises starting while driving out of Jiffy Lube is too much to be a coincidence.

I complained, and they local shop directed the matter to Corporate Headquarters who denies that they drained my transmission fluid because the Signature Oil Change Service doesn't involve that operation. That is pretty much saying "you can't prove it so we can get away with it." They supposedly checked my fluid levels and they stand by their claim that my car was full of transmission fluid during inspection. They're saying my transmission fluid magically disappeared right after inspection because yeah, that's how the universe works. The employees were either grossly negligent or malicious in behavior, and corporate HQ definitely malicious, and I can't believe they made me pay $300 for services that ended in me paying an extra $3000 to get an entirely new transmission.

I would love if somehow they could pay towards my repairs like a human-run company should. Any suggestions?

[2204] Stephanie  Small Claims Court

I am taking Jiffy Lube to small claims court, my court date is next Monday. I have been looking at your site which has been helpful. I was wondering if you had an additional suggestions relating to small claims court.

Webmaster:  In case you missed it, copy and paste the following link into your browser http://jiffylubeproblems.com/Remedies.htm#Option 9.  Use Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act 

[2203] Steven in Seattle, WA Headlight Theft

I was recently at the Ballard jiffy lube in Seattle for an oil change. I have an aftermarket HID headlight kit on my car. A couple days before I went in, one of the HID bulbs failed so I switched them back to the halogen bulbs but left the ballasts mounted in the engine bay with adhesive. My replacement bulbs came in the mail a couple days later. I opened up my hood, and to my surprise, found my ballasts ripped out of their mounted positions (see attached picture). I contacted the store directly and spoke with the manager. He told me my (halogen) headlights were functioning during inspection, nobody that works there has HID headlights, and they haven't had any issues with theft. They were the only people under my hood in that time, my car was parked in a secure garage between the oil change and discovering the missing ballasts. I either need those back, replacements sent to me, or a check for about $100 to purchase new ones on my own.

[2202] John in Redmond, WA  Oil Change Intervals

I have a 2013 Toyota Prius which I took to the Jiffy Lube at 17015 Avondale Way NE, Redmond, WA.  My Toyota Prius goes 5000 miles between oil changes if done properly.  My regular service facility was not available today, I am leaving town for a long driving trip tomorrow and had limited time,  so I stopped in to Jiffy Lube for my 60,000 mile change.  I asked the technician before the service if I needed a special oil for a Prius  5000 mile oil change and he said no.  After they finished and I was paying, I was told the change was only good for 3000 miles.  I made a complaint on the signed invoice and told the person I paid but he blew it off.  I send this so others will know to avoid this facility if your car requires a special oil for a 5000 mile interval.  I have no doubt the 3000 mile oil is ok for 3000 miles but my car has an automatic reminder for me at 5,000 miles and can’t tell the difference.  I intend to have my oil changed by a qualified facility after my trip even though this was a waste as I see it. How else will people know if we don’t register complaints.

[2201] Trevor No Oil in Engine

I had a oil change done at jiffy lube and my oil filter had spun loose causing all of  my oil to come out of my car it is not not getting oil to the head and I believe the turbo is blown by the way it is acting I am wondering what jiffy lube will do for this problem I spoke with the DM but he didn't really know and the technician openly said they DO NOT check the oil filter housing bolt to make sure it's tight even thou taking off a oil filter can cause them to come looses

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