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[550] Jackie in San Diego, CA  No Oil

I have used Jiffy Lube for years. So I didnít think anything about taking it in every 3 months for my oil and lube. I had it taken in last summer, and one thousand miles later, the plug came out, all the oil gushed out at once. It was too late, my engine was gone. The mechanic at the Nissan dealership who installed a brand new engine, said the seal was old. I will probably not be going to another Jiffy Lube. However, I have to give them credit. They paid everything for the new engine, as well as my rental car in the month it took for the new engine to come in and installed. The bottom line is when I told the regional manager at Jiffy Lube about the seal, he said that was nonsense and did not take my comment seriously. I hope he doesnít have to pick up the tab on many more engines.

[549] Victim in Pleasantville, NJ  No Oil

I went to Jiffy Lube in Pleasantville, NJ for an oil change. First of all I was charged $80 for a synthetic oil change only to find that it would have cost me $40 down the street at Pep Boys. About a month later I broke down, luckily at a gas station. My car wouldn't start; they tried hitting the starter, charging the battery, the works and ended up pushing to the side till I could come back and have it towed. We didn't think to look at the oil till the next day when I went back because I told them I had just had it changed. Well when we did check, I had NO OIL AT ALL and an old dirty filter. I was charged $80 for an oil change I never got and broke down as a result.

[548] Richard  Employee

as a former lube tech for jiffy lube the stories that i could tell you. i needed a job so i took one at jiffy lube(duluth mn) the manager (carl f) is a real peice of work!  i would tell you to see all of the old parts that they sell you!! lots of parts sold and not put on and a lot of other things. i could not stay there so i had to find other work,

[547] Val in Provo, UT  No Oil

On Dec. 20th 2006 I had Jiffy lube of Provo Utah change my oil and filter.  I requested 10-40 Pens oil, they put in 5-30 Pens oil instead.  A young woman pulled next to my vehicle in a newer SUV.  All the service men started to volley for her attention and the worker on my vehicle did likewise.  He failed to put on my oil fill cap and didn't check my oil on the dip stick, he said he put in four quarts of oil.  I know he didn't check it because my vehicle takes five quarts of oil to fill it to the fill on the dip stick.  There is no way he put the oil in he said he did, upon checking my engine after driving it a ways I found it was out of oil.  My engine is in need of a overhaul now thanks to Jiffy Lube and they say they don't have a responsibility in this matter.  I am a mechanic and should have known better to trust Jiffy Lube, I will never take another vehicle to them again.

[546] Paul  No Oil

Had oil changed, a few days later started to notice a burning smell when driving, on the sixth day my oil light came on, checked under the hood to find oil leaked out all over.  Checked dip stick, no oil.  Took vehicle back to Jiffy Lube, they said they had problems with the brand of oil filter and this is not the first incident.  Unbelievable they still were installing the oil filters on vehicles and even admitted to it.    They had to run to Pep Boys to get me a different filter.  No apology or incentive to return.  Never again, Jiffy Lube is the worst.  The only way I would go back to them is with an attorney, if I find there is any permanent damage to my vehicle.  Store # 2891

[545] Keith Transmission

Many years ago when I first bought my 88 Ford Mustang GT I decided that I wanted to make the car last.  Accordingly I started taking my car to the same Jiffy Lube every 5000 miles or so for its required maintenance.  One of the things that I was having done was to change out the transmission fluid every 25000 miles.  On my first visit the tech striped the head of the drain plug.  I didn't discover this until my second visit for transmission service (25000 miles later).  Since I was able to prove show that they (Jiffy Lube) had been the only people to have ever turned that screw I was able to get it repaired at their expense.  At the time I thought that this was a one time occurrence and continued to patronize the same store.  Unfortunately for me I was wrong, when I brought my in for its third transmission oil change. (75000 miles) the tech over-torque the drain plug again, this time however, it was the transmission case rather than the drain plug that failed.  The soft aluminum case cracked along the bottom of the boss where the plug was and started leaking oil all over the ground, to make matters worse the tech claimed the car was like that when it arrived.  Jiffy Lube backed the tech and refused to repair the damage even though I was able to show that there had been no leak in the transmission prior to it being serviced, (several pictures taken once a day of my formally spot free parking space at my apartment.)  I eventually sued in small claims court but lost because they had an expert witness who said it wasn't physically possible to tighten the plug to the point of cracking the casing.  (Torque specs for that plug are 30 ft/lbs. max which is real easy to exceed when you have a 200 pound gorilla on the end of a 3 foot wrench.)

[544] Angela in Anne Arundel, MD  Oil Filter Came Off

I had my oill changed at a Jiffy Lube in Anne Arundel county, MD. Two weeks later on the highway, the oil light came on and my car began to lose power. I had my car towed to the nearest Toyota dealer. The result: my oil filter came off b/c it wasn't tightened properly. The district manager offered a used/junkyard engine. And he wanted his mechanic to fix my car. This was unacceptable. Long story short: I decided to try to figure out who their insurance company. The first company I picked out of the phonebook was this Jiffylube's insurance company. Now I will get a "rebuilt engine", almost as good as new, and a rental car. And I was able to select the mechanic.

[543] Hailey in Beaverton, OR  Drain Plug

I got my oil changed at jiffy lube and realized afterward that they cross-threaded the drain plug with the oil pan resulting in an oil leak.  When I confronted the store about the problem they quickly blew me off, and the manager even got angry and yelled at me that he had been working all day and was totally stressed!!! Inappropriate!!!! When I called the district manager- he called me irresponsible. I assure you, I was professional in my approach to both managers and received nothing but disrespect... I was appalled!!! They treated me like I was stupid and didn't even know what they were talking about... and now I'm left with the feeling that this huge company stole from me, and there is nothing I can do about it!!!!!! But, I will continue to try!!!

[542] Carlos in Woodbridge, VA  Transmission




[541] Victim in West St. Paul, MN  Not Open On Time

Jiffy Lube #1888.  I usually go to Jiffy Lube on my days off to take advantage of the oil change for 19.99 from 7a to 10a. The last 2 times I have gone there has been no manager to open up the store. Both times an employee that was also there waiting came up to the car and apologized that the manager was not there yet to open up and they weren't sure when they would be there. I did wait around on both occasions. The first visit the manager didn't get there until around 7:20a. The second visit the manager didn't get there until 7:15a. If a store is suppose to be open for business they should be there ready to work at the time specified. The manager on my first visit apologized for the inconvience. The manage on my second visit didn't say a word about being late. No apology, nothing. On the invoice I received, under the items checked and ok, are the lights. It said they were ok. I know for a fact that there are 2 different lights that are burned out. I think they just wanted me out of there because they knew I was very unhappy at having to wait because they were late.

[540] Jim in Greenwood, IL  Don't Care

Jiffy Lube #759. 3/19/07.  I decide that I can better use me time on my day off to do other tasks, so I make a poor decision to take my 1999 BMW M3 to the Jiffy Lube on Glenview and Greenwood in IL.

As soon as Julio sits on my perfect conditioned Mulberry leather interior with his dirty oil soaked uniform, I cringe. I start to get a bad feeling as he stalls my car twice trying to pull it into the bay. Since I had a bad feeling I wait in the garage area to see what they would do next. They start banging on the hood with their hands like baboons to get the hood to open. After a couple minutes they realize that there is a latch that opens it. This upsets me so I go back out to the garage area, only to see that my keys are sitting on top of the roof. I immediately tell them that I don't feel comfortable letting them work on my car, and leave.

[539] James in Martinsburg, WV  Stripped Plug

$2150.00 for new Rear Differential.  Apparently this Jiffy Lube does not have a torque wrench.  When changing the differential fluids they strip the Fill plug and it leaked out and ruined the gears.  There was this howling type noise and we just could not figure out what it was. We took the vehicle to a shop and they discovered that there was only a cub of fluid in the differential and that the gears were shot. The fluid came out with a silverish color to it from the gears. Jiffy Lube is the only ones to have worked on that part of the Vehicle.  They said I violated the terms of the receipt and instructions that are on the back.  The problem with that is one has ever show us any of the instructions on the back of the receipt or even brought to our attention. There is no signs of instruction for that as well.  I received a letter from the owner of this particular Jiffy Lube stating that they will not pay for the repairs.  I have been using this Jiffy Lube for Years.  I have never taken any legal action against any company before but It ends here.  Iíll take it to small claims court, where I would not have to have an attorney, they will have to have a Corporate Attorney there and that alone will cost them, then Iíll sue them for the mechanics time and my aggravation. I think this could cost them double the repairs. Plus lost customers, Iíll tell everyone about it and try to cost them even more customers.

[538] Jimmy  Belt Hustle

I just tried to get my oil changed at a jiffy lube and had a horrible experience. They told me my belts were worn and needed replaced. I know better but said okay. He said it would take twenty minutes. An hour and fifteen minutes later it was done and he charged sixty dollars a belt. That's over 180.00. I was stunned. The whole thing cost me over two hundred dollars and the belts slip. When I went back to have them tightened they made me wait for over twenty minutes before I left. He had no intention of making it easy. Horrible service, horrible prices. i felt and told the guy I felt hustled and was.

[537] Travis  Desperate Employee

All Of these Problems your having are from severely under paying employees and taking advantage of people who were desperate for a job and had no other option at the time. I worked there for 1 year and i was living off of about 800- 900 dollars a month trying to put my finance through school. I ate a bag of ramen noodles about every other day just to survive pretty much the whole time i worked there. I started the job at 130lbs, and ended it at about 110- 115. I would try not to put it on the individual as much as possible. I was fully certified to do anything at the shop i worked at and i only made 6.25 an hour, and was RARELY ever allowed over time. Most people that work there have 2 or three jobs. I'm doing better now, but the problem is with Jiffy Lube  International not so much it's employees. If you were always hungry, tired, stressed, and depressed how would you work? Just Think about it for a moment. The only people that can help the employees is you making phone calls to corporate. If you want better service then stop complaining and Help the employees, because trust me they most likely have it much worse than you.

[536] Jeffrey  Stripped Plug

Yes it seems like a nice idea bring your car in for a cheap oil change. Or so I thought! I brought my 2001 Golf to Jiffy Lube, since it was time for them to change the Oil. But upon bringing my vehicle in they told me they could not change the oil because the Oil filter drip plug was stripped and they could not remove it. They quickly whisked me away and apologized. They informed me to go the VW dealer and have them change it. Well $514 dollars later my whole oil pan had to be replaced. VW says that who ever changed your Oil last stripped your plug. Guess WHO???? JIFFY LUBE. I have the part from VW and now I am going to sue Jiffy lube for cost of repair and damages and loss of time from work!!

[535] Bob in Lancaster, OH  Transmission

My wife went to Jiffy Lube 3/13/07 to have her transmission fluid, and filter changed.  Three hours later, they could not get it into park. Finally , they got it to move one way.  The guy said he had to take the linkage off to get the oil pan off.(B.S.)  Thats when my wife said STOP... they wanted to take it to AAMCO, and have them look at it.  Another NO, it goes to the Chevy dealer. They broke (2) solenoid valves and stripped(4) bolts on the pan.  They paid $300 for the lack of experience.

[534] Chris  Cabin Filter

I recently went to Jiffy POP to get my oil changed, the guy at the desk told me that the previous mechanic installed the wrong cabin filter, and it now needed to be corrected. He admitted the wrong doing of a previous colleague, but when I told them since it was their fault they should replace it for free. The best thing he could do for me was $10 off the new cabin filter. He also told me that they had been getting complaints about the past workers. So I said ok, at least you were honest. A few times, the teenagers, excuse me, the Jiffy POP technicians, forgot to tighten my oil pan screw. Now I find myself, checking my oil pan screw after every oil change! You must wonder why people still go back after knowing these flaws, because its fast and convenient. But the bottom line is, we as consumers need to learn how to do these things ourselves! I mean, how hard it is for us to open up the compartments and replace our own air/cabin filters? Or be able to replace our own batteries? I think the next thing I'll do is take a one semester course in auto mechanics at my local community college. Trust me, it will save me alot of pain and money in the long run!

[533] Barbara  Wrong Charge

I was in Jiffy Lube Saturday Mar 10 of this year. I got an oil change, fuel injector cleaning, fluid top off, etc. I was told I would get &10. off the injector cleaning which I did not get. Then I was charged for the wrong vehicle and ended up paying $184.00 for the service. I got halfway home and realized I had been overcharged so I returned to the store and they filled out a refund form and charged me another amount. I paid it also with my check card and started home again. The check engine light came on and I had to return to the store to get that turned off. After I finally made it home, I checked my bank balance and discovered I now have checks bouncing because this oil change ended up costing me $390.00. I will NOT go to Jiffy Lube again and I have NEVER boycotted a store before.

[532] Gary  Took Advantage

On Mar 12, 2007, my wife took our car to Jiffy Lube to have the oil changed.  She is from the country of Colombia and does not speak English well nor does she know about cars.  They talked her into a $70.00 fuel cleaning addative of no apparent efficacity.  In other words they took advantage of her. 

[531] Emmy in Norman, OK  Transmission

On Saturday March 10, I took my Subaru Forester to my neighborhood Jiffy Lube (12th and Alameda in Norman Oklahoma), for a simple oil change while I shopped nearby. As I drove away, I began to notice the engine running badly, so after completing my errands I returned. The store manager said theyíd need to run a diagnostic scan to determine what was wrong, but they would not have the equipment to do that until the following Monday.

On Monday, I took the car to my regular mechanic. They reported that instead of draining the oil, Jiffy Lube had drained the transmission fluid. I had no transmission fluid at all.  I am now waiting to determine what damage may have been caused, although I did not drive the car more than a few miles.

[530] Mary in Denver, CO  Power Steering/Brakes

I took my car to Jiffy Lube for an oil change.  Unbeknownst to me, the technician topped off my power steering fluid. Unfortunately, he put the power steering fluid in the master cylinder, and the entire brake system was ruined at a cost of approx $1,800. The brakes locked-up, and I could not drive the car.

Jiffy Lube sent the contaminated brake fluid to a laboratory who found that the fluid was, in fact, contaminated, but that the Jiffy Lube store did not made the mistake. The shop said that they used Pennzoil power steering fluid, which contains a dye, which can be detected in a laboratory. As it turns out, this shop did not use Pennzoil power steering fluid. So, they were ďlookingĒ for a dye that wasnít there in the first place. When they didnít find the dye, both the lab and Jiffy Lube concluded that they couldnít possibly be responsible for the damage.

Donít let Jiffy Lube touch your power steering fluid or your master cylinder (brakes). If your brakes lock-up after an oil change, there is a good chance that the master cylinder is contaminated with power steering fluid. Itís OK for Jiffy Lube to send the contaminated fluid to a lab, but it is not OK to test for a blue dye that couldnít possibly be in the fluid.

If this happens, ask the Jiffy Lube shop which brand of power steering fluid they use. Donít be surprised if itís not a Pennzoil product. The most important thing to remember is that, if this happens to you, do not drive the car. The next most important thing is to file a complaint with your stateís regulatory agency. If this happened to you, it probably happened to other people too.

[529] Dave in Timonium, MD  Transmission

Several years ago, I paid for a transmission flush, coolant flush, and oil/filter change at Jiffy Lube in Timonium, Maryland.  My other mechanic confirmed within a month that none of that work had been done, based on the condition of the various fluids. I wrote a letter of complaint to the Jiffy Lube and never received a reply.

[528] Ashley In Mount Airy, MD  Transmission

I had taken my car to Jiffy Lube to get a regular oil change. A few weeks afterward, my stick (I have a 6-speed manual ACURA) would pop out of gear into neutral while I was driving. This only happened after 10 minutes or so of driving my car, and once my car warmed up, it popped out of gear every time. On the day I took my car to my mechanic to have him really look it over, my transmission started making an uncomfortably loud noise. The first thing he did when he got it into the shop was to test for metals in the transmission fluid. Next thing I know he is calling me to tell me that there was NO TRANSMISSION FLUID IN MY CAR and there was no sign of leakage whatsoever! And because it was about a month after I had my car serviced at Jiffy Lube, their insurance company would not cover it; that and a few other irrelevant reasons. So far I have paid $500 for a rental car, and the estimated service to fix my transmission is going to cost me $1300 and I claim Jiffy Lube being at fault. My guess is whoever was changing my oil unplugged my transmission fluid, realized what he was doing, and closed it back up. And because I didn't ask for a change of my transmission fluid, he didn't fill it back up because they would have had to charge me (their transmission fluid service is very expensive) This was the fault of Mount Airy Jiffy Lube in Maryland!

[527] Shahatta  Midas Upgrade

Well, weíve been doing our oil changes at Jiffy Lube our entire life, because it is convenient and near. As our car became older, we felt that our car wasnít running smoothly because it was an older car. We didnít think that the oil was not actually being changed. We than saw the scam on cars caught on tape through a forward email, we decided to take our car to Midas which is a little further into town. The day they did the oil change, our car ran so much smoother. Midas is cheaper, and it comes with more services with the oil change, such as a tire rotation. Not to mention, that one of the services of an oil change at Jiffy Lube is vacuuming the floors, which they never EVER did.

[526] Diane in Ventura, CA  Macho Attitude

I went to Jiffy Lube in Ventura, Ca As soon as I stepped out of my car the employees started to harass me and make me feel like I am not a human being, but rather a peace of meet...they began to whistle dog call at me and insult my gender.  Then I told them specificly I wanted a car wash and my car vacumed when it was done (which they should do anyway without asking) ... I told them I was going for a walk and I would be back.....I cam back about 45 minutes later and my car was parked in the same area I had left it in when I got there. A man walked up to me who could barely speak any English and said "your key" then walked away. I had to wait about 20 minutes for someone to come up to the counter and let me pay for the service.

After I pay I go to my car and it is dirty...it was obviously not washed, and the car was not vacumed for there still little crumbs on my seat.  I have a new car that tells me the percentage of oil life I have...instead of them resetting it to 100 percent...the oil life said it was only 15 percent.  I had to ask one of the service workers to manually change it back to 100  percent...  They did not even put a sticker on my car to tell me when my next service was due.

So I asked to speak to the manager....  And all he did was give me attitude and treat me like I was a stupid woman.  He had a macho attitude and would not listen to anything I have to say...  He gave me a series of excuses on why they did not wash the car and vacuum and he told me I should be happy with just getting an oil change...and he spoke down at me as if I am an idiot.

I hate jiffy lube and i highly recommend if you want good service and to be treated like a human being STAY AWAY FROM JIFFY LUBE!!!!

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