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Personal Experiences


[2100] Kenzie in Farmington, UT Pricing Scam

Talk about scam artists!

I pulled up and told the gentleman I wanted the $26 basic oil change. Pretty straightforward, right? Apparently not so. After being offered all the add ons under the sun, and again saying I was there for the basic oil change, I thought it was all clear. Then it came time to pay and my total was $68.48! I asked what happened to the $26 service I asked for and he said they used synthetic oil so it was more. I was so angry! This is not the way a company should treat their customers if they want them to come back.  I will NEVER go back to ANY Jiffy Lube for any service. I am not one for taking scamming lightly. I left there nearly $69 lighter and much angrier. Never again!! When I told my friend what happened she said she had that exact same thing happen to her a week before at another location. So dishonest...

[2099] Rick in Bozeman, MT Twice to the Cleaners

Jiffy Lube took to the cleaners TWICE.

ONE:  My wife stopped to get an oil change before a long trip.  They asked her what she wanted, and she said she needed an oil change.  The premium charge with synthetic is somewhere around 40 or 50 dollars.  Her bill was way over $100 dollars.  They told her that was the charge on what VW said should be done.

TWO:  The new 2013 VW Beetle made it home, but I saw oil on the garage floor the next day.   Took it back, and they said, "There's nothing leaking".  More oil on the floor prompted a second return trip, and they admitted to what I could see, that the area around the drain plug was oily, but that they couldn't see that it was leaking.  Huh?  Told me they would be willing to install a new plug and gasket if I went out and got one for them. 

ADVICE:  Find a local garage that cares about their neighbors.

[2098] Tonia in MD  Employee

Hi, I am writing on behalf of my son who is currently an employee at Jiffy Lube in Maryland. He has shared numerous things with me regarding the practices he has witnessed. I am glad that he displays the mannerism I taught him growing up. He has shared with me that his manager gets upset if he takes too long to explain something to a customer who has questions. Let me tell you, customer service is key this day and age and if you are not providing your customers with quality service you will eventually lose them. Management feels they can address the employees any way they want to and nothing should be said. When my son request a day off in advance the following week his hours are cut drastically.

I will never patronize Jiffy Lube. I have many contacts in the position I hold and I will never recommend them to anyone. My son will be resignng his position at Jiffy Lube. This job has stressed him to the point that he has been rushed to the hospital with chest pains and he is only 19 years old. He is a hard worker who graduated from UTI and he watches new hires come in that he attended high school with and no automotive training and make more than his minimum wage salary of $7.25. I will be glad when he resigns, I refuse to watch him jeopardize his health for a job that could care less. He has been addressed in a negative way when he checks to make sure everythimg has been tightened. Any customer would appreciate a person who shows that service is key. I am sure that Jiffy Lube could care less about these complaints, but I felt a need to voice this. Thank you!

[2097] Michael in Breckenridge Hills, MO No Oil Destroys Engine

I recently stopped in store #854 in Breckenridge Hills for an A/C recharge.  My air was not blowing as cold as it used to and I remembered that this was an additional service offered by your company.  This was the first time bringing my F350 diesel there, but I had the oil changed multiple times on my F150 at the same location.  After driving up to the door, a young lady asked about what I would like done.  We discussed the evac and recharge service and I decided to proceed.  There was a promotion being advertised which included an oil change.  I then asked them to go ahead and change the oil also.

A young man began the A/C work while the young lady began the oil change.  After about 30 minutes or so, the stores manager showed up and right away started distracting them from what they were doing.  Apparenently whatever he had to show them was more important than my vehicle.  Shortly afterwards, the young man started my truck and it ran about 30 seconds before shutting off.  He asked me if it always does that?  After multiple attempts to restrart the truck, I asked him if he put oil in it?  His reply was yes.  After pulling the dip stick, I relized that there was no oil in my truck.  The blame game ensued and the store manager decided to play mechanic.  I watched them make multiple phone calls, look up stuff on the computer, and pretty much try everything to get the truck started and cover their tracks.  After almost 3 hours, they told me the truck would be towed to a local repair shop in the morning.  This is my work truck for MY business.  Without it, I don't work.  I explained this to your mananger.  He did not seem very concerned.

I asked the manager to have someone from a different store come in to assist.  He refused, saying that he had been making calls trying to resolve the issue.  I finally reached customer service by telephone, who turned around and called the manager to see what was going on.  She assured me that everything was being taken care of and that a formal complaint had been filed.  I asked for the district managers phone number multiple times and the store manager refused to give it to me.  Finally, I he rudely handed me the phone with the DM on it.  I told the DM he would have a mobile repair service come to the store and fix my truck.  He agreed.  After calling Broadway Ford myself, I was informed that the truck could not be fixed by a mobile service.  The injectors are oil driven.  When the truck was started without oil, it scalded the injectors and possibly more.  According to the most reputable Ford diesel repair facility in the area, you have a serious issue.  The DM went ahead and found a rental care for me to drive home.  However, the store manager made the oil tech wait until 8 when his shift was over to give me a ride to get the car.  After almost 4 1/2 hours I finally made it home.

My biggest issue with this whole ordeal is the fact that your store manager would not admit he was in way over his head.  He continued to try and work on my truck with out ever asking me.  They were under the hood removing pieces and messing with things.  At this point I'm not sure even they know what they did.  Not one of the techs at the location were qualified to even turn a screwdriver under my hood, let alone try and repair something of this magnitude. 

Today my truck will be towed to a shop of your choice, not mine.  I'm not sure that I agree with this.  This was Jiffy Lubes error and it should be my choice who repairs my truck.  With social media today, this complaint can go viral in minutes.  I hope Jiffy Lube does everything it can to ensure my satisfaction.

[2096] Mallory in Pittsburgh, PA Wrong Oil Causes Leak

I went to Jiffy Lube in Kennedy Township Pa, and had my oil changed. The guy there did not seem to know what he was doing and when he asked what kind of oil I wanted I said the conventional oil not the synthetic.  Well, when I finally got home I looked at my receipt and something did not seem right. So, I went and checked and it said my car called for 5W-20, and they put 10W-30 in my car.  Now, my car is leaking oil everywhere.  They told me I was wrong and that their system said it was the 10w-30. When I asked to see this they magically could not find my invoice or show me what they were looking at.  Now, I have to get my car looked at because they can't do their jobs right.  

[2095] Dan in Vernon Hills, IL Sales Tax Profit

Went to Jiffy Lube on Milwaukee Ave. in Vernon Hills, IL for a FREE oil change with a Groupon.  Was told I would have to pay extra because my 2010 Hyundai Veracruz requires 1/2 extra quart of oil and a special oil filter for $15.  I thought that was ridiculous and questioned it, but had no choice since I had the Groupon and was already there.

At checkout, when the bill became $27+, I voiced my extreme displeasure.  First, your con artist employee tried to charge $14.97 plus an extra mystery $5 for the oil filter.  Why?? I guess that's what Jiffy Lubes do and try to rip people off.  He took the $5 off when I protested, but still charged $15 for an oil filter... I had already paid for.  Why did I have to pay more?  No idea!! I check online and oil filters for a Hyundai Veracruz go for well under $10.  So why are you charging a $15 upcharge???

Then the bill shows I paid $3.88 in PART TAX.  Why am I paying nearly $4 in tax on parts that add up to $19???  That is against the law to pocket sales tax and keep as a profit.  You guys are con artists through and through.

Plus, I have doubts about how they rotated the tires.  Aren't they supposed to be rotated on a diagonal and not just front to back?

As I was leaving, I tried to talk to a gentleman who I'm sure is the owner/manager (a middle aged Asian man).  But he told Jeremy (the manager) to shut the door and close.  When I asked to talk to him he said "I don't have to talk to you."

That seems to contradict your PLEDGE OF SATISFACTION on the back of the receipt.

You guys are awful.  Please let me know if I need to contact the Attorney General, Better Business Bureau and my credit card company... or if you will simply refund this bogus charge. 

I suggest you do some serious investigation into this store.

[2094] ACE in Tacoma, WA Wrong Battery Replacement

Took my 2008 Tacoma to Jiffy Lube store #2085 on 7/9/13 for an oil change. They informed me that the battery was failing. I mentioned it was a Jiffy Lube battery which was still under warranty. They replaced it at no charge. Shortly after that, as in a day or two I started hearing a clunking noise when I turned the wheel. It sounded like something serious so I took it to the dealer. They found the source of the noise was an improperly secured battery sliding back and forth in the tray. It could not be secured because it was the WRONG group battery. Factory specs call for a group 27 and these morons installed a group 24 which is 2 inches narrower. It was also a much lower amperage than factory spec by about 50%. Called the Asst. Mgr. All he would do is file an incident report and promised a callback...yeah right. I did some more research and found that the original battery they replaced was also the wrong one for my truck and that was installed by JL store #1664. Bottom line is this...Jiffy Lube is staffed by incompetent nitwits who will rip you off and damage ypur vehicle without a care in the world. Avoid this company at all costs. By the way I will be disputing the charge in full.

[2093] NWM in Littleton, CO The $1,000 Oil Change

On July 10th used a $19.95 oil change special coupon and I had my oil changed in 2006 Honda Pilot by Jiffy Lube 862 which is owned by the Enitor Group, LLC.  Prior to service I did not have an oil leak.  In the course of service I was notified that my break reservoir lid was not on tight.  They said I could have air in the lines and made me concerened that I could have a problem.  Since I had the breaks done recently (by Brakes Plus) I thanked them and said I would take it back to them. 

Ironically what the Jiffy Lube service person failed to tell me was that there was a problem with the oil plug.  After they finished the work I was still not made aware of a problem.  The pink service invoice they provided me did not have any notes in the service comments area what so ever.  The next morning whjen I went out to my car, I had a 3ft oil leak in my drive way.  I called the store and spoke with an assistant manager named Nick.

 I took my SUV back down and Nick then told me the oil plug was stripped and blamed it on the previous service center.  Then he showed me their work order neatly printed out with notes in the Service comments that the "Drain Plug Stripped PTS".  Then I showed them my copy.  Mine had the information pushed up all the way into the service checklist section which I didn't see. So to recap- they never mentioned the plug problem and tried to hid the fact in the invoice notes.  Pretty clever I'd say.   Nick offered to try and tighten the bolt but it still leaked. Since the manager was not there I would have to come back on Friday

So first thing Friday I went in to see the manager Nate.  I asked why I had not been made aware of this before they finished the work. All the service centers I've discussed with this said their policy would have been to stop.  Secondly they all also said that the likely hood of it not leaking sooner was highly unlikely.  The fact that the previous oil change was completed 9 months  and 5000 miles earlier leads you to think so.  He apologized for not making me aware of it but refused to accept any blame or provide any retribution. 

I then took the car up to Brakes Plus and tried to have the pan retapped for $80 but unfortunately it still leads.  So now I have to have the pan replaced.  I've had three bids so far ranging from $700 - $1000.  

So my $19.95 oil change is now going to cost me................ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS!?!?!?

[2092] Thomas in State College, PA  Professor PSU

See http://rtberner.blogspot.com/2013/07/my-experience-with-jiffy-lube.html

Blog: http://rtberner.blogspot.com/

Photos: http://www.berner.printroom.com/

Editorial consultant: http://home.comcast.net/~tberner2003/index.htm

[2091] Eddie in Raleigh, NC Racial Remark

I just left the Jiffy Lube in Raleigh North Carolina Wakefield location. I had taken my car in around a month ago for an oil change and a tire rotation. After driving the car it appeared that the wheels were out of alignment. I was taking my car in to have them check my tires to see if anything was wrong. When I told the lady what I was looking for she rolled her eyes back and walked away. She went over to another employee and made a racial remark, looked back at me and walked away. I got back in my car and drove away. Probably does not matter to you but you just lost a customer for life. Want matter anyway with employees like that the Wakefield location want be in business in the long run.

[2090] Theresa in Ranch Cordova, CA Oil Plug Leaks

I just wanted to report  about recent oil change that we had at the Ranch Cordova, CA location.  I had no leaks prior to going there.  Just was getting my schedule oil change.  After I came back that's when I noticed that there was oil coming of the drain plug.  I wiped it down more oil was leaking.  So we called the Jiffy lube in Elk Grove asked to look at.  They took a look at it told us the bolt was loose and they replaced the gasket.  We drove home again.  After cleaning the drive wave we noticed more oil was coming down again. 

Totally being frustrated we took it to Firestone.  They looked at it and said it looked like they put some sealant on it.  The manager V told us that these people are not true mechanic's.  They don't take there time.  After spending two days of waist from Jiffy Lube.  I would never recommend them and not to take my car there.  After we got my car back from Firestone.  We have not had any problems with the oil leaks.  The manager from Firestone was great and didn't even charge us for replacing the drain bolt.  I think that Jiffy lube should give us a total refund for the oil change and money spent on all time for stress.

[2089] Myung in Stockbridge, GA  Engine Failure From Radiator Flush

On May 23,2013 I took my vehicle a 1993 toyota mr2 to location #1568 at 5519 north henry blvd in stockbridge ga. They changed my oil and recommended a radiator flush, which sounded like a good idea at the time. Once the service was completed and I payed for the services they drove the car up to the front and I left. Several miles down the highway my vehicle overheated and a DOT member assisted in putting some water in my car and brought me a wrench to reclamp a clamp that was not put back correctly. I immediately called the location and the manager there apologized for the MISTAKE and told me the next time I come in he will throw in a new windshield wiper for the inconvenience.Once the vehicle cooled down I got back in, started to travel down the highway again.

It only made it a mile or so before it started to overheat again. I deemed that the vehicle was inoperable at this time and had it towed to a local shop; Parks Auto Services in Marietta,Ga. I informed the mechanics what occured and they told me that the water pump is damaged. On May 31 Mr.Park, the owner notifies me that the watet pump and the head gasket needed to be replaced which would cost $1,168.12; I called the jiffy lube #1568 and spoke with Jeff and he told me that I would have to file a claim in person, so I did on June 3, 2013. I was assigned a claim representative named Chuck from Lucor EXT 301. I received a call from him today June 21 stating that Jiffy Lube is not responsible for the damages because the water pump had gone out and caused the following additional damages.

My vehicle worked FINE when I took it in on May 24 2013. Now my vehicle is not operable, and its my fault ? Jiffy Lubes company promise is "convenience,speed and quality service" I have not had any one of those promises deliver by any means from the company or from their customer representatives by all means. Jiffy Lube should be held accountable for the fact that if my vehicle had an issue then they should of told me so instead of stating that they had nothing to do with it. Now I have to pay out of my own pocket for all damages that were caused to my vehicle from their inexperience. How is this fair other than in their eyes !!! I hope someone from Jiffy Lube sees this and remedies the serious issues that are involved here. JIFFY LUBE customer service and representatives are a joke, they just want your money and nothing more. Once they received their service fees, you are nothing more than another complainer.

[2088] Michael Ridiculous Complaints

My name is Michael, I am an automotive technician at a Subaru Dealership with absolutely no affiliation to Jiffy Lube. I also run a group for automotive technicians on Facebook and am in the process of moving that over to a full blown community website. I often do research on the industry so that we may be better compensated, better regulated and educate consumers on some of their misconceptions to our job and unfair biases against us technicians.
I was genuinely interested to see what customers had to say in their complaints to give me a better insight to how we can bridge the gap. I was, for lack of a better term, disappointed at many of the complaints that you have posted on your website as legitimate. I feel that you are both disserving technicians and customers with some of these complaints. That you are enabling people to feel like they are educating themselves on what to look for, while undermining technicians aptitude.
I am asking that you weed out the ridiculous reviews and perhaps acquire a staff member with more mechanical and industry knowledge to help point out some questionable complaints.

For instance:
- A complaint from a customer who thinks the proper way to rotate tires is in the X-formation. This is not a hard-fast rule. In fact my dealerships required rotation pattern is to set the front tires to the same side on the rear and then cross the rears. If tires are rotational, you can only do front to rear, etc.

- A complaint regarding that JL marked N/A on their inspection checklist for a differential and the customer claims that because his Toyota is FWD does not mean he does not have a differential and that his differential locked up and now he wants JL to pay up because they never checked he fluid on it. This is absurd. Yes it has a differential, no it does not have a separate serviceable differential fluid and the most likely reason it was marked as N/A is because there is a separate line addressing checking the ATF or transmission fluid and that specific differential line is for a rear differential only. Not to mention, failure of JL to check a fluid does not place any blame on them for the car not being properly maintained by the customer. If the customer is such an expert on his car as he portrays himself, then why did he never check it himself either? This is akin to the "ever since you changed my oil, my tire has been going flat" complaint. It's not even related.

I can surely provide more examples, but I just wanted to bring up my concerns with you. I really do hope to hear back from you and your thoughts to help further educated technicians in how to elevate the industry and weed out the bad apples.

[2087] Paul  Wrong Oil Filter Destroys Engine

My jiffy lube experience. I had my oil change . They put the wrong oil filter on my car . The motor ran out of oil. They had to people come out to look at my car . I had a call back they said I was trying to get a new motor out of them.  They said I stole the filter from there shop.

[2086] Stephen in Woodland Hills, CA  Air Filter Fraud

This happened to me a couple years ago at a local Jiffy Lube. I took my '89 Volvo 760 to get the oil changed at this Jiffy Lube for the first time and this experience actually made me start to maintain my own vehicle to avoid dealing with crooks like this again. While waiting for my cheap oil change to be finished, they came in and told me my air filter needed to be replaced because it was very dirty and could damage my car. Being young and naÔve, I just said yes to the charge, which was 1.5x more than my oil change. Not thinking much about it, I paid and left.

Fast forward about a month when my friend with a similar car came over and we popped our hoods as he started talking to me about maintaining my car myself. I noticed there was an oily rag in the engine bay near the coil, something that had not been there when I last checked under my hood to add wiper fluid a bit before the Jiffy Lube trip. Since the only people to pop the hood between was Jiffy Lube, there is no question the rag came from them. I then noticed that 4 of the 5 clips on my airbox, an item replaced about 2 years before when I purchased the car from my parents, were snapped off and the box was SCREWED shut with a few random screws. Taking them out, I saw a genuine OEM VOLVO air filter. The kind stocked at Volvo maintenance  shops and dealers, NOT Jiffy Lube. They charged me $30 bucks to NOT change my air filter and break my air box while creating a fire hazard in my engine bay.

 Hope this story is useful to you. It was the first and last time I ever used Jiffy Lube.

[2085] Jirius in Kenmore, WA  Stripped Oil Plug Destroys Engine

They stripped my oil plug when they changed the oil.  One day, it came loose all of a sudden, ran out of oil & blew the engine.  They stalled for weeks & would never call me back.  Finally, they sent someone to look at it, examined the plug as well, & then refused to do anything.  I changed the engine & now I will go after them in court

[2084] John in Portland, OR  Cracked Gasket Causes Problems

I had my daughter  change her oil in her Volkswagen at Jiffy Lube this past week.  I told her to only get the 19.99 oil change but they up-sold her to $53.99!  They told her that Volkswagen recommends that owners use synthetic oil.   They also told her that it would be on record that she used conventional oil and if anything goes wrong it could be the fault of the oil.  This was overwhelming for her and she allowed them to use the synthetic oil.  Three days later the engine oil light came on and all the oil had leaked out thru a faulty oil filter gasket they installed.  When we took the car back to the Jiffy Lube I asked to have the oil filter back as evidence.  The service manager said ok.  He showed me the filter and I took a picture of the cracked gasket.  He then finished re-servicing the Jetta and when he was finished I asked for the filter and he said he put it thru a crusher. 

Now, I donít know what to do.   The engine got extremely hot and more than likely caused severe damage.   What can I do?  I am frustrated. 

I have attached a picture of the oil filter with the faulty, cracked gasket.  The quality of gasket on the oil filter looked poor.  Look at the attached photo and you will see sharp little tears on the inside diameter of the gasket.

[2083] Kathy in St. Charles, IL  Major Tire Problems

My son and his family had their oil changed at the Jiffy Lube in St. Charles IL. This is the same location I have gone to for the past 15 years.  Based on his recent experience we are never going there again!

While at JL they decided to have tire rotation and rear brakes looked at. Only tires were rotated and the brake work was declined.  6 days later the family was returning from a trip and had just exited Interstate 90 near Elgin IL. The left rear tire fell off the car while in the middle of traffic.  They saw that 4 out of the 5 lug nuts were gone and the 5 th lug nut had broken off and was found in tire. There were damages to the tire and the rim and the undercarriage and fiberglass near the tire area.  The mechanic stated the lug nuts were over torqued and the hub of the damaged wheel clearly showed that. JL denies any responsibility in spite of the fact they were the ONLY people who touched the lug nuts between May 5 and May 11. Do not trust your car to JL. People make mistakes but apparently Jiffy Lube employees NEVER do! They will not assume responsibility for any of their mistakes. We want to make them accountable for the damages they caused.  This family was one mile from the highway were speeds are 60 mph + and there could have been serious human injury.  They do not service consumers in a safe manner and are dangerous and should not be allowed to get away with their unsafe practices!

[2082] Jeyben in Arlington, VA  Inappropriate Telephone Call

My name is Jeyben and for the first time in a very long time or maybe ever, I took my car to Jiffy Lube this past Monday.  After my visit, I received an email from Jiffy Lube thanking me for trusting my car with Jiffy Lube.  They also asked me for my opinion.  I replied to the email with some issues I had - you can read my email below.  However, first thing this morning I got a phone call from the one person that I mention on my email!

Yes, I took the time to sit down and share my thoughts with my experience at my local Jiffy Lube not because I'm a ongoing customer but because Jiffy Lube has a reputation of being a "Local place".  Sure, the company has over 2,200 stores around the country but it's always "our local Jiffy Lube" store of simply "The place for oil change".  So, even though, I can't remember the last time I was there, I still feel as Jiffy Lube is part of the community.  This is why I took the time out of my schedule to send the below email.

However, getting this phone call early this morning was unacceptable! Here is the guy I had made my comments about on my phone! Thank goodness I was not able to answer the call but when I heard the message, I could hardly believe it.  If I sent a company comments about one of their employees, I would never expect to hear back from that specific employee.  Why would you share my contact information with that person and have them call me?  I'm thankful that I can take care of myself physically but the first thing I thought of was, "What if I was single mother?" or simply someone who couldn't take care of themselves and here is someone whom I just gave their company suggestion for better training on the phone with me!

I'm hoping you can give me a better understanding into your company policy and thought process on why this happened.  And I'm also hoping I don't hear back from the same person tomorrow morning.  Please walk me through your process - I sent you an email with an issue with one of your associates and you give that person my comments and access to all my information.  How does this make sense? 

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Tue, May 7, 2013 at 5:17 PM
Subject: Re: A thank you from your friendly Jiffy Lube
To: jiffylube@cbijiffylube.com

Thank you so much for the email,

Yesterday was my first time in a very long time (maybe ever?) that Iíve been to a Jiffy Lube.  The experience was good but do have a few comments. 


1.    Upon my arrival, I was greeted by a service guy at my car and ushered to the lobby. I told the guy that I wanted to come back to my car before the service began to throw away some garbage I had in my passenger seat.  I was told I could do that.

a.    I was never able to get back to my car

b.    No one greeted me at the lobby counter nor was my information ever taken

2.    Someone finally showed up at the lobby but it was to call on someone whoís car was ready.

a.    This happened about five times and every time I got up to try and talk with the person but they never let me get a word in.

3.    I noticed my Jeep being driven into the oil change place but I kept wondering what they were going to do to it since I never gave an order ticket.  Or a service ticket? Not sure of what itís called at Jiffy Lube

a.    This didnít give me a sense of security or that they had a system in place.

4.    When someone finally came to talk to me Ė they took me out to another office Ė they had someone elseís information on my car. Not sure how or why Ė Iíve owned the car since new.

a.    Again, this gave me a sense that you guys didnít have a system in place. 


Once, I was able to talk with someone and my order taken and all the information corrected on your system I was able to relax and let the mechanics do their job.  And, the service went well from there.  The next opinion or suggestion I have is:


1.    The service guy at the counter went over the entire job they did while they were under the hood of the car.  The fluids they toped or added and the systems they checked.  This was great! Except:

a.    They mentioned they had verified both headlights were working Ė this is when I remembered that the night before on my way from work I noticed a difference in the lights.

b.    The service guy walked me to the back of the building to handover my Jeep and I asked him to do me the favor to check as I turned on both lights and as I thought one light was gone.

c.    This obviously took away any and all trust I had on all the work you guys did.  The checking all the other fluids and such. 


I havenít had time to check the other fluids and things your technicians were supposed to have checked but Iíll get it done this weekend when I return to my normal mechanic for other work that needs to be done on the Jeep.

On Tue, May 7, 2013 at 4:32 PM, <jiffylube@cbijiffylube.com> wrote:


We at the Arlington Jiffy Lube want to thank you for the opportunity to service your 1998 JEEP WRANGLER on 5/6/2013.
It is our aspiration to go above and beyond your expectations. It is our pledge to maintain a fast, friendly and defect free service for our customers. We are always looking for ways to improve our service. Please respond to this email and let us know what we're doing well and should continue, and areas where we can improve.

If you do reply to this message your name will automatically go into a monthly drawing for a free signature service.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to provide service to you and have a great driving day!

CB Squared Services, Inc.

[2080] Rob in Huntingdon Valley, PA Missing Gasket

Recently found oil leaking on my garage floor.  I personally had not driven the vehicle for over a month since I had multiple surgeries but when I finally got back to the office noticed the floor in my garage.  Called my mechanic since the vehicle was due for inspection and he said he would check for a leak.  He called to tell me that the gasket for the drain plug was missing.  A few days earlier, I had received an e-mail from Jiffy Lube for a customer satisfaction comment.  I filled it out explaining the problem and sent it in.  A week or two later, I receive a phone call from the store manager.  Told me there was nothing he could do.  Poor customer relations.  Said that I should have brought the vehicle to him first and that he couldnít be sure that my mechanic was telling the truth.  In his words, ď Outside mechanics are always trying to do this to usĒ.  Couldnít believe his answer.  He said, what would you like me to do.  I said Iíll leave that up to you.  Still said it wasnít there responsibility.  I reminded him that I spend over $400 a year at his location.  Didnít matter.  When we could come to no resolve, I just said I will never be back to his location.  He said okay and have a nice day.  That was it.  Ridiculous.

[2079] Luke Employee

Hello, My name is Luke and I have a question. My girlfriend has been working at a jiffy lube for a few months now and she's the only female at this particular location. The guys have made comments to her here and there but we just kinda passed it off as garage talk. Well, they keep making negative comments about her weight and tell her she should wear makeup (she really doesnt need it) and just today one employee asked her if she's ever been in a "slut fest" and the manager walked up to her and told her, and i quote "You have a huge ass" right to her face and walked away! I can't stand for that kind of unethical treatment. She doesn't want me to do anything because she's afraid they'll make her life hell there but i can't just sit by. Can you help in any way?

[2078] Caleb Employee

Hello I have a TERRIBLE experience as a former employee. I worked for probably 20 hours including training only to get paid for less than 1 hours work. Plus here is some other juice on iffy lube. They charge 90 DOLLARS for a fuel filter which costs at the MOST 15 dollars, they would tell customers their engine air and cabin air filter needed replacing when I could tell they were brand new and would charge 50 dollars for a engine air filter and 40 for a cabin air filter a TOTAL RIP OFF. I was an apprentice at a VERY reputable local shop and knew quite a bit about cars after a year and a half of training and school and could tell that iffy lube is nothing but a rip off.=

[2077] Len in Lake Stevens, WA Oil Filter Leaked

I had my 1995 Lincoln's oil changed at the Frontier Village (Lake Stevens) Jiffy Lube and in less than a month my car ran out of oil. I filled the car back up with oil and got it to run again. I figured out that the oil filter that was installed was leaking. I removed the oil filter and cleaned it. After reinstalling it and letting the car run I could see that the filter was leaking again. I replaced the filter with a Fram oil filter and the leak stopped. I saved the oil filter and I'm sure that one of your business Reps. would want to see it to see if this is an isolated incidence or if there are more bad filters in stock.

[2076] Veronica in Montgomery, IL  Wrong Oil Destroys Engine
I took my car to jiffy lube in Montgomery il on Montgomery rd after the service my oil light came on 3weeks later my husband took it back and they wiped the oil pan then topped it off with oil. The leak still was going on 

Friday went to drive my 2010 vw Tiguas and it didn't start towed it to the Volkswagen dealer ship in Naperville il and after they checked it they told me that no oil was getting to the engine and the wrong oil was used and it blow my timer change. The cost is 7400.00 and I need to be reimburse for this cost .

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