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Personal Experiences


[2075] Jon  Stripped Oil Plug

I went to the dealership to get an oil change, only to find out that during my previous oil change Jiffy Lube changed the oil plug (to one that is much harder and longer) and managed to over torque it causing the threads on the pan to strip out.  When the dealership took the plug out, the threads on the pan came with it.  Jiffy Lube claims oil pans are designed to wear out.  I don't see how anyone can seriously believe this.  I told them that, but they stuck to their story.

[2074] Anonymous in Washington State  Employee

Hey There, here is my complaint about Jiffy Lube and there dishonest way. I am a former employee. The store I worked at was in Washington State.

First off there is no respect from assistant managers and managers.  All employees are treated so poorly and disrespect that its gotten to the point where I didn't even want to go to work. I myself, the only girl in the shop, was treated so poorly compared to others and degraded all the time. When I tried to tell my manager about it he didn't do anything about it at all. My manager knew how he treated everyone yet he did nothing about it and thinks everything was fine. We had a new employee once and he would always be yelled at and disrespected. It got to the point where he tried to defend himself and the assistant manager pushed him. After that the employee who was pushed filed assault charges but you know whats the worst part about it though? The new employee was fired because he took action but management fired him AND not the assistant manager, who kept treating everyone with no respect after that. 

Second thing is the selling tactics that Jiffy Lube forces upon their employees. If you don't sell sell sell you get yelled at and your job is basically on the line. Thing is I understand every business needs to up sell but when it comes to cars its wrong. There have been so many times that I have been yelled at for not selling. They don't understand that people go in there just for an oil change. They don't go in there for be pressured to buy services that they don't even need to their car or services they can't afford. 

All the greeters are Jiffy Lube lie. I know first hand. They make up stuff to make you buy services. My advice to you all is to check your oil before you go in because they will say your oil is on a no read when in reality it was full. They say your transmission fluid is dirty when it is not. EVERYTHING THEY MAY BE TELLING YOU IS A LIE.  

Also half the services at Jiffy Lube can actually cause damage to their vehicle. I have witnessed cars come back damaged because of JIffy Lubes services. Which is terrible. They are basically criminals and I couldn't work for a company like this. I am an honest and I have respect for myself. 

THE WORST THING THOUGH IS, Jiffy Lube forces sales right? BUT they want speed speed speed. They don't care about quality of work, only speed. So many times I have caught the people I work with sell so many services on a car, like 400 dollars worth of services. But they want that car out of there is 30 minutes when in reality it takes about an hour or more. So you know what they do? They either don't do the service or they only half ass the service and I can't stand that. AT ALL. That is why the top sellers in the store will never get fired because they want dishonest employees selling and lying to customers. That's one reason why I got yelled at because I always called people out on not doing a service or lying to customers. Or making sure everything is done properly. There has even been times when I have refused to do a service because it was bad for their car or I knew they didn't even need that service. Yet I am the bad guy for doing the right thing by speaking up. There has even been times when I have caught some of my employees NOT changing the oil filter just so the car can get out of the bay in a short period of time. I have been threatened to be suspended from work if I didn't do what they wanted me to do, as in lie and damage peoples cars.

 Nobody at Jiffy Lube takes responsibility for their actions or accountability. Countless of times I have been told to put notes on the work orders saying some part of the car was broken on arrival  or some car fluid was overfull, when in reality one of those employees broke it or overfilled a fluid  but didn't want to fess up to it or re-drain a fluid. Then when I would said no to that I would get yelled at and threatened.

The third this is upper management  Our district manager comes by our shop once a week and they would raise hell. They always told us how bad of a job we were doing and how we need to sell sell sell. Its like they don't care about their employees at all or their customers. They want to get rich and make work like being in a prison.

This is just a summary of what goes on at Jiffy Lube and I couldn't stand it. There were so many times that I have left work so mad. That has never happened while working at other jobs. Working for a company like Jiffy lube is not worth their greedy money or the dreading hours they give. You should never be working for a company like this knowing their greedy and dishonest ways. The worst part about it is that they don't feel they are doing anything wrong. That is why they like hiring new people so they can teach them their ways and basically brain wash them. Its so bad.


[2073] Theresa in Pittsburgh, PA Forgot to Replace Oil

I received an "oil change" yesterday, March 1, from the Greentree Road location in Pittsburgh, Pa. First of all, the process itself took over 45 minutes with only 1 other car being serviced, so I should've known something was wrong. After they were finished and I pulled out to head back home, I noticed the low oil pressure light on my dash flickering intermittently. When I got home and showed my husband, he took a look at the dipstick to find that it came back DRY. There was only .8 quarts of oil in my car! My engine could have failed on the parkway and I could've crashed! Or my engine could've been ruined! my husband's been on the phone with the idiots as that store all day trying to.get a refund, but apparently only a "District Manager" can process it? We were told this supposed District Manager would be calling us but have heard absolutely nothing. This is the worst experience I've ever had with an oil change anywhere and I certainly won't ever be returning to Nifty Lube to have this service performed again, nor will I EVER suggest Kiddy Lube to anyone I know who's looking to get their oil change. If there's anyone out in Corporate land that gives a damn, can they please help us process the refund? please? just to restore my faith in humanity?

[2072] Joann  They Rip You Off

I have had the two most worst experiences in my life. I will never go to Jiffy Lube again. I work at one of the largest industrutries in the world. And I tell EVERYONE my HORRIBLE experiences with Jiffy Lube! I know this company will not last for many years. Why? The customer service is so BAD!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!They rip you off... they steal parts of your car when you and a friend installed it together. I will ALWAYS TALK BAD ABOUT JIFFY LUBE!!!!! IT'S FUNNY... my co-worker was going to go there on her lunch break.. AND when I told her about the HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I told her , "Sears" does a "GREAT JOB!!! AND THEY NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RIP YOU OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Now that is customer experience!!!!!!!!I I will never EVER GO TO ANOTHER JIFFY LUBE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! AND I WILL TELL ALL MY FRIENDS HOW MEAN AND A RIP OFF!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU PEOPLE ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ENJOY THE NEXT 5 Years of business!!!!!! because it won't last. Not with this  ATTITUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=

[2071] Amy in Shoreline, WA Flush Destroys Engine

I recently went to the jiffy lube on ballinger way in shoreline wa. I went in for an oil changen and while I was there they said there was rust in my radiator and that I should really get a radiator flush done at the same time and that they were running a special if you got both done. I told him I didn't want the radiator flush and he the manager barry kept pushing it on me telling me it would be so much better to just get it done since there was rust. So I hesitantly decided to do both since the price of the tune up and the higher price for using high milaage oil wass almost the same price as doing both. For the first couple days everything was fine then I started noticing there was no heat blowing out of my vents.  it was nothing but cold air, and the coolant gauge on my car was slightly higher then normal. It was like that for a couple days.

Then the next day I went to take my kids to school which is 5 blocks from my house, my truck started acting really funny, no power when I. Stepped on the gas and the coolant light came on and the  tempature gauge was extremly high and then the check engine light came on an it smelled like it was over heating but no smoke was comming up from the hood. I pulled over and waited for about 15 min. While I was waiting I called jiffy lube and they told me to bring it down and they would look at it. I finally got it there after overheating again on the way there which was about 1 mile from where I was at. They were looking at it for over an hour then finally came and told me that I had a blown head gasket going into the radiator... they seent my truck to be evealuated.

The place they sent me to said it was a blown head gasket going to the radiator and most likley was caused because of the pressurized machine they use there and that jiffy lube should have informed me first of the possible dangers and further damage of doing a radiator flush to my truck... instead of trying to push me to get one done.  the manager at the shop then said they can't or will not do anything about it and was acting like a cocky asshole about the situation. I got ahold of the regional manager ron and he said they will not pay to fix my truck but are willing to give me a refund of $180 that I paid for the services I had done... I am now out of a truck and they will not step up and do the right thing to fix the problem they caused.

[2070] Maurice Replaced Oil With Coolant

Went yesterday to get oil changed.  Talked me into radiator flushed.  Went home and oil pressure light went on. Went back to shop, the mechanic said tbat if there is oil in th car there is oil pressure. The shop is about one mile away and took it there. They said it was a loose sensor and after they remedied by tightening I left.  This morning the car started with difficulty and when it did start there was a lot of white smoke pouring out of exhaust pipe.  Turned car off called a tow truck company, called jiify lube and manager said he would call later and I waited in vain.  The tow truck guy looked at oil dipstick and said it had coolant in it.  

[2069] Ted in Gig Harbor, WA  Broken Mirror

We have been a Jiffy Lube customers for many years.  Recently, we took our diesel truck for a oil change.  While they were backing out of the bay, they broke our mirror on the passenger side of our truck.  When we asked them to fix it we were told we had to have it fixed and pay for it and they would reimburse us.  It has been almost a month and every time we call they give us a different excuse as to why we have not been paid.  Oh, by the way, this is at the Jiffy Lube in Gig Harbor, WA.  All we want is to paid for an accident they caused.

[2068] Sandra in Warwick, RI  Did Not Change Oil

My son went to Jiffy Lube for the first time on 1/3/2013 for an oil change.  He faithfully maintains his car and unfortunately, the person who usually does his oil changes was unavailable.  Ten days after the oil change, the car kept stalling out or not starting at all.  We brought the car to a mechanic who informed us the oil was dirty.  Jiffy Lube serviced the car again, claiming they drained the oil, cleaned the engine, refilled the oil and added Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabalizer.  Said the car was ‘fine now’. 

Yesterday, the car would not start at all.  We had it towed and the mechanic informed us the engine was shot.  The oil was dirty and ‘sludgy’.  We never had problems with the car before we went to Jiffy Lube. 

[2067] Raymond in Renton, WA  Broke Dipstick

I just had an evil experience at Jiffy Lube #27583933 Ne 4th ST, Renton WA 98056.  I took my 73 ford into their shop because I needed to have the transmission serviced. They had a special running, so I got the oil change for 5 bucks more. Big mistake...

First there is an incompetent tech that couldn't even find the dipsticks. He looked in the power steering pump trying to find the oil. I finally walked out and pointed it out to him, and walked away. About 5 minutes later he walks in and asked me "has this ever happened to you before?" while holding my broken dipstick tube and dipstick.

What follows is an hour of them trying to shove it back in backwards etc. The stick broke off with part inside the compression hole. There is no shoving it back in or "gorilla glue and tape" to fix it as was suggested by the tech under the vehicle.  The tech that broke it of course doesn't accept responsibility and the rest of the crew run with that idea so suddenly it's 4 against 1 even though only one guy had his hands on the dipstick.  Later I find out I need to come back and talk with their "manager" which is another punk kid who immediately tries to do the same crap to fix it and suggests "jb weld" to which I said no, it needs to be fixed correctly and I'm not going to risk that stuff getting IN the engine.

So the manager sends me to get 3 quotes. Yes I had to have 3. I was told emphatically Jiffy Lube will take the lowest one. I was further told they would only pay for what is quoted so if anything came up it was too bad. Even the mechanics I talked too were shocked because they can't give a quote for something that may or may not happen. To replace the dipstick on my truck, they "might" be able to get it out and replaced without pulling the engine... so 4 hours and 4 hundred. If a bolt breaks in the process I would supposedly be left with a "too bad" situation. If the engine has to be pulled, oil pan needs to be dropped and it's running 8-9 hours and a thousand bucks for the repair if nothing goes wrong.

Well I took these quotes in and I was told immediately they weren't going to do anything and that it was broken before they touched it. I contacted Jiffy Lube directly and they refuse to hear it and claim franchise etc. even though it is Jiffy Lube's name on it.  They Also added a note onto the receipt dipstick broke on arrival. Supposedly my signing for my keys is being claimed as agreement. Unfortunately there is a problem with this.

1: Signed under duress, I needed to get my vehicle to a repair shop and I don't get my keys unless I sign.
2: The signature is simply authorization to do work and that the work was received. Nowhere is it agreement with what is written. They knew emphatically before I signed and left I would be getting quotes and submitting the claim. They then began to stonewall me.
3: Instead of making things right they hit me with a no trespass. This further violates the contract or agreement allowing me free top-offs (which are needed now that I'm leaking more oil because of their damage.)

So now I'm waiting for a call back from the franchise. Jiffy Lube Corporate hung up on me. If I don't receive resolution this afternoon from their district manager, I'm going to King5 and Kiro7 and I'll stand outside of their shop with a sign on the sidewalk if I have to. This shop is going to cost me over a grand in repairs. I wouldn't care if they could get it done cheaper, if they had a proper mechanic, but they don't and won't even attempt it.

[2066] Maria in Colorado Springs, CO  Forgot To Put The Plug Back

On January 20, 2013 I got my oil changed at Jiffy Lube on Centennial and Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, Co.  Immediately after I left, the Traction Control and Stabilizer light when off in my Acadia
2009 indicating it needed servicing.  I brought my car to the GMC dealer 4 days later and was told that someone forgot to put the plug back in after inspecting the air filter.  I called Jiffy Lube and the
person apologized and said sometimes things just come loose during servicing.  This was a serious problems if it remained undetected.  It cost me time and money and there was no compensation for their mistake.  I will not go to Jiffy Lube ever again.

[2065] Madison  Radiator Problems

I took my 2000 Saturn to jiffy lube for.a routine oil change! They told me I needed a filter etc! One of the guys keep pushing me to get flush but I knew it was not needed ! My dad is a mechanic and I only get what I need done! Not even 15min later a man pulled me out of the waiting room and told me there was a problem there was radiator fluid in my antifreeze / water coolant! Hummmm fishy right not only was it not like that when I took it there but it caused major damages to my car I have had over $4000 in repairs because of them!!!!!

[2064]  Edward in Whitman, MA  No Brakes

Get my oil changed, drive off and almost kill myself at a red light... No brakes!!  Take my truck back and they take no responsibly for breaking my brake lines..   "Must have happened when you drove off".   We went out front to where they parked the truck after performing the oil change. Clearly 2 puddles, one where it was parked, and one leading to it from the bay where it was worked on. This is madness...

[2063] Leo in Columbus, IN  Coolant Rip-off

I went to a Jiffy Lube in Columbus Indiana 6 years ago, for a advertised quick engine oil change.  After the car was in the bay, I was offered many other services, I declined them all but topping off all other fluids if needed.  I thought it was very unusual when the guy spoke really loud to another guy "engine coolant", while he held up a gallon coolant container, raised to the point that I could see him to open the cap ( I figured it was just a show afterwards).  I didn't pay too much attention for what they were doing, thought that was the way they communicated.  When the service was done, I was shocked to see the bill, a $19,99 engine oil change service ended up $50 something, listed all the coolants they topped, and I had to pay for all of them at price of new bottles, but they kept the rest of them. I am not even sure if they were original packages. 

I came home to told my wife that would be my last time to go to that place, and they would not stay in business for long.  The one I went went out of business a while ago, but there is another one in town,  I didn't understand how these kind of business got started up as a brand name first place. 

[2062] Matt in Gig Harbor, WA Incorrect Belt Installation

I am going to try and keep this short. I sent the below complaint to Jiffy Lube with a simple request. Reimbursement. I have been assured time and time again that it will happen and even told a check was in the mail. The complaint was filed around October 7th and here it is 2 months later and nothing! I am at my wits end and will begin finding a legal way to get what I feel is fair. I am hoping that a few more complaint emails will avoid this. Below is my complaint. Thanks.

I would like to make a formal complaint about a recent experience at the Jiffy Lube in Gig Harbor, Washington. To begin, I would like to point out that I have been a customer of Jiffy Lube for several years and had no problems with the service at any point until now. Here is the series of events that have led to this letter...

8/03/12: I took my truck to the Gig Harbor Jiffy Lube for an oil change. I received a call that day that my Serpentine Belt need replacing and was quoted at $80 installed. I agreed to the service and picked up my truck (the total cost was $152.68 where I payed $80.00 cash and $72.68 w/ Debit) a couple hours later. Upon starting my truck I heard a horrible squeal. I assumed the new belt was just getting worked in. As I arrived home, I heard a thumping inside my engine. I popped the hood and saw a strip of rubber flapping around with the belt. I turned off my truck and found a rib of the belt had ripped off and got tangled around the fan belt and various wheels. I cut the section of belt that had torn off and called Jiffy Lube. They apologized and said they could replace it the next day around 11. The problem is that I live 150 miles from here and was just in town to visit my family. By having to stay another day to fix the problem, I lost an entire day of work. 

8/04/12: I brought my truck in and the put the new belt on. The squeal was still unbearable (only when you started the car) but the manager assured me that he looked online and read that it was just the new belt and it would get better.

Fast forward a month and a half and a bottle of belt dressing... My car still squeals for around 30 seconds when cold and squeals quickly when started warm. I took it to a local (Wenatchee) Jiffy Lube and they said they couldn't do anything about it and I would need to take it to the Gig Harbor Jiffy Lube.

9/23/12: I drove back to GH Jiffy Lube to have it fixed (I want to note that it costs me roughly $80 to drive here from my home). They looked at it and couldn't find out what was wrong and if I took it to a mechanic and they say the problem stemmed from their malpractice, I would be reimbursed. Adding that the mechanic that did the work had been fired due to poor performance.

10/01/12: I took my car to Safe Haven Auto Repair in Leavenworth, Wa. Upon investigation, the mechanic found that the belt had been put on incorrectly. He showed me a diagram of how it should be threaded vs. the way it was. I would like to note that the mechanics that were not fired, could not figure this out when I brought it to them the week prior. It seems like that would be something you would look for. The cost of this service at Safe Haven Auto Repair was $86.64. I called Jiffy Lube in GH and told them what the problem was and the cost. They told me to fax them the bill, they would fill out some paperwork, and in a month or so, I would get a check. For me, this was unacceptable. I do not have the money to pay $90 for a service I was not responsible for. It was proposed that I get refunded for the entire Jiffy Lube bill ($152.68). For the first time I felt that they were doing the right thing by making the customer happy. But because I payed both cash and debit, they could not refund the cash (even though I proposed my father could swing by and pick it up). The next option they provided was to have the $72.68 from my debit purchase refunded and a then given a "really good deal on my next oil change". It's here I will add that I will never have another Jiffy Lube touch my truck nor will any of my family, or anyone else I can convince, due to this experience. 

10/03/12: I tried faxing in the receipt and apparently it didn't work. I called to continue the process because no one had contacted me. There was an apparent problem with their computer so I was told they would call me back... I never heard from them the rest of the day or the entire next day. Finally, I got a call back with an email address I can send the receipt to. My father went in in the meantime and demanded an explanation. Non was giving beyond I'll get a check in 4-6 weeks. He asked for the contact to the manager or person in charge of the branch. They would not tell give him the information at first but then gave him an email address which happens to be the same email address I was given to send the receipt to. 

I don't think I need to get into my disappointment with Jiffy Lube. I feel it is apparent in my experience and my desire to write a complaint. Nothing is being done to ensure their customer is being taken care of. The amount of time, money, and hassle I have had to go through just to get what fair is beyond reasonable. At first I was okay with just having the fix done by Safe Haven paid for by Jiffy Lube. When I found out it would be 4-6 weeks for that to happen really upset me because I can't afford to front Jiffy Lube $90. I paid for the work Jiffy Lube did right there and then... I didn't tell them they would get a check in a month. I was happy to hear that they were willing to refund me the $152.68 from the original work that they did. Again, having to wait 4-6 weeks just for $150 bucks is unacceptable. So... Here is what I both want and expect.

$89.99 minus the cost of the belt (?) for the Serpentine Belt Replacement done incorrectly by Jiffy Lube
$128.00 for missing a day of work at Icicle Brewing Company ($16hr x 8hr = $128.00)
$83.00 for driving from Lake Wenatchee to Gig Harbor and back to have the truck looked at and NOT fixed (292 miles / 14mpg x $4 per gallon = $83.42)
$86.64 for the belt to be properly installed by Safe Haven Auto Repair

Total: $387.63 minus the cost of the belt.

I'm not going to ask for any sort of reimbursement for the hassle/embarrassment (that squeal was LOUD!) of the entire process. I get that this process may not be as simple or cut and dry as I wish it was but there is no reason for the horrible service & customer service I have received. Therefore I feel the amount I am asking for in reimbursement is fair and adequate. Thank you.

[2061] David in Danville, VA  Bait & Switch

My local Jiffy Lube, in Danville Virginia, has a large banner advertising a $22.95 oil change special.  The banner has been on display for many months.  I recently needed a quick oil change in my 1999 VW New Beetle.  I drove up to the first bay and inquired about the $22.95 oil change.  The mechanic was unsure about the correct price of the oil change and then asked the manager. That was strange since the sign had been there for months.  The manager then proceeded to explain the “Special” price was for a  “non-detergent” oil and that I probably should not use it.  And since my vehicle was a VW I should use the synthetic  blend oil at a cost of $69.99.  I was shocked at the lies and almost speechless at what I was hearing.  Needless to say I drove away with no oil change.  This is false advertising needs to be stopped !

[2060] Dwayne  Improper Gear Oil

I have a 2006 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner.  Jiffy Lube did a differential drain and fill “because you have the wrong fluid in there.”  No, I didn’t. Now I have an expensive repair that Jiffy Lube will have to fix.  This truck takes a special and expensive Limited Slip Differential fluid at $89.00/pint.  Not regular gear oil.

[2059] Ray in Killeen, TX  Improper Filter Seating

I took my 2012 Kia Sorento in to Jiffy Lube in Killeen, Texas for a "Signature Oil Change".  Sometime later, I noticed that there were oil spots on my formerly clean driveway.  I took my car to the local Kia dealer where I bought it and was shown what was causing the leak.  Jiffy Lube did not seat the filter correctly and did not properly place the O-ring.  An oil change at my Kia dealer costs a couple of dollars more, so it makes sense to take it to where there are certified mechanics who know what they're doing.  

[2058] Angelica in San Jose, CA  Lying Corporate Douche Bags

THANK YOU for creating this website. This is absolutely sickening the amount of abuse and fraud this company gets away with.   I would SO LOVE to see these jerkoffs get sued.... if there is ANY kind of lawsuit, please, please let me know how we can be involved. Thank you!!!!!!!!


Jiffy Lube, San Jose, CA


Not unless you feel like having an an improper oil change by an hack, high school drop out mechanic that causes a massive GASH in your oil casket, thereby creating a terrible oil leak, all this is on a relatively new car, mind you. My poor senior citizen mother, who they took advantage of, had to go and get THEIR error fixed at an independent mechanic!!!! She had to spend hundreds of dollars to fix Jiffy Lube's shoddy, unethical work.  

Oh, and get this, when she went to politely let them know that their oil change had done this, they told her a boldface lie that "that was there before and they're not responsible". Seriously, if that was the case, wouldn't your genius mechanic have noticed this obvious gash DURING the oil change process and informed her then?!? Of course not,  because they're LIARS and CHEATS. The independent mechanic she went to said that when they reinstalled the oil casket, it was improperly screwed back on, thereby causing the problem. Why can't your mechanic even SCREW an oil casket on correctly? Seriously, why can't you own up to your sh*tty work and fix the damage you've done? Of course, not, GOD FORBID you take proper responsibility for your mistake.

SHAME ON YOU JIFFY LUBE CORPORATE, AND ON THE CRAP MANAGEMENT AND CRAP STAFF for ripping off my mother! In this day and age of social media and websites like Yelp, you can't get away with this sh*t without it catching up with you eventually..... how I truly, deeply and passionately pray that you go bankrupt!!!!! BTW, have you people looked at how many ONE star reviews you have??? I guess you really, really, really don't care about people, PERIOD.

[2057] Martin in Spanish Springs, NV  Cracked Window

Got an oil change and my window "fixed" had a small chip. When I  got my truck back I even question them about the job. They then insured me it was fine and they did the "fix". At Store 3432 Spanish Springs Nevada on October 11. Yesterday 1-15-13 the window cracked, I called the store, the gentlemen asked me if I could hold, I said yes. Without being put on hold he said "I'm guessing" to the manager in Spanish "this idiot wants us to replace his window". I said the f-word in Spanish to them and they clearly heard me because they hang up the phone right away. I called back and the manager told me they don't have a customer service line. Then he told me they really couldn't do anything, clearly not standing by there guarantee or their work! For the fact this Jiffy Lube has a gun in the front room in one of the cabinets should have told me something about their quality of work being done. Called customer service they told me the same thing they do not stand by their work. Most likely the resin fell out from the poor quality of the work done and cheap material used. Jiffy Lube has lost my business for life they clearly do not stand by their work.

[2056] Neal in Whittier, CA  Squeaking Serpentine Belt

I recently received a new oil change and serpentine belt at the Jiffy Lube Service Center #538 in Whittier, CA, 562-944-0166. 

After the "found" a new belt and replaced mine, the squeaking began. It is very loud, very annoying. I returned promptly and they said they could just lube it and hope it goes away. It never went away; and I returned this morning. They offered me no assistance and no advice, and now I expect Jiffy Lube to offer me assistance in this problem. I got the issue they caused estimated at Firestone, and it is now a $300 repair. I expect you to give me a new Jiffy Lube location, or mechanic to get this fixed right away. The manager of store 538 is Alex Mendoza.

[2055] Ninan in Philadelphia, PA  Wrong Diagnosis

Recently my 18 year old some mistook the gas pedal for the brake pedal and hit a parked car in the rear. The owner of the car that got hit was kind enough to give my son a brake by not calling cops or reporting to the insurance. Instead he opted to take his car to Jiffy Lube to see why his 2012 Ford Focus is vibrating when gas is applied. Jiffy Lube told him the exhaust flex pipe is cracked and the part can be ordered. Also, told him it will cost him $980.00. At this point I got involved and took this car to a bona-fide mechanical shop where they mostly works on Mercedes, BMW, Audi, V.W. cars. This is a busy shop but without delay they put the car up on the lift and after checking it out, told us there is no crack on the flex pipe but the impact has caused the pipe to be dislocated slightly from the bracket but there is absolutely no damage. So I asked how much would it cost to fix it. The reply was $50.00. (Fifty dollars).  I asked, if the flex pipe were cracked how much would have cost me. He said, $150.00. (One hundred and fifty dollars). This is disturbing these types of things are still taking place at Jiffy Lube even after several investigative news reports have revealed them scamming their customers in the 1980’s.

[2054] Rick in California, MD  Dealership Looks Better

Just wanted to let you know that I am through with all Jiffy Lubes, I can't trust you guys. I get hustled every time I go to one. My last experience was at your California, MD location.  It took me awhile to realize, Jiffy Lube makes the Car Dealerships look good.

[2053] Maryann in Carmel, CA  Destroyed Water Pump

I am an 80 yr old senior. a loyal Jiffy lube customer, to have the fluids topped off.  The young man failed to check the fluids which caused me to have a $600. water pump repair which the mgr responded with "you're just trying to rip-off Jiffy lube!!!!!!"

[2052] Maureen Destroyed Transmisssion

I took my 2002 Honda Odyssey in for an oil change and had them try to sell me new wipers (which were perfectly fine), windshield wiper fluid (which was 9/10ths full and also fine.)  The worst part was the transmission flush.  I was showed a pallet of how it looked and how it was suppose to look, so went ahead and had them flush it.  Now my lower gears do not work.  Honda wants $250 to look at it and said it is at risk of having to have a new transmission now.  Jiffy Lube most likely did a power flush which is not good for Hondas.  Jiffy Lube spent over 2 hours buggering around about it and never did fix it.  I left without paying and now have a screwed transmission.  Never will I got back there again!!!=

[2051] Nelson in Ft. Collins, CO  Crossed Threaded Plug

Last july went to jiffy lube here in fort collins to have my change oil done. They got done quick i was surprised. Park the car in the garage and left for little bit saw a bunch of oil leak on the floor. I thought maybe my drain gasket just getting bad so i decided to buy a new plug i got it. Then when i start loosening the plug i can feel its not tight at all, well guess what full of metal in the thread. They cross thread my oil pan. Went to jiffy lube to have them fix my car but apparently they don't wanna deal with it. Thats the stupid answer in my life being a customer.

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