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Personal Experiences


[1025] Elizabeth in Chicago, IL  Stolen Keys, Stolen Car

Three days after my car went in for an oil change at a Jiffy Lube in Chicago, it was stolen from in front of my apartment. There was a long line, so we dropped off the car and left the keys for about 45 minutes while we did some other errands on foot.  The police found my stolen car about 1 month later and it's currently in the shop. According to my mechanic, whoever stole it definitely had a key (no signs of hotwiring or other ignition tampering).  When I told the mechanic the only time in recent memory I didn't have the keys in my possession was when I left it at Jiffy Lube, he told me they could easily make a clay impression of my key and because my plate # and address were on file, take the key and search for a car with a matching plate near my address.  When I mentioned my Jiffy Lube suspicions to my mother-in-law, she told me her neighbor had his 2 cars stolen from his suburban driveway in Omaha the day after taking them for oil changes at a Jiffy Lube! 

[1024] Sandra in Boise, ID  Ripping Customers Off

Ive been going to the same Jiffy Lube for 7 seven years in Boise. Ive trusted them to not take advantage of me. This last time I went, I was expecting the Signature service which they include window washing and vacuum. Not only did they not do those, but my $45.99 turned into $61.00 and that was after a $8.00 coupon. Im not sure they did anything to my vehicle. All I know is that the bill was alot higher than I normally pay. Then this morning I get an email about Jiffy Lube ripping people off. Well needless to say. They have not only lost me as a customer, my entire family will be discouraged to using them for services anymore. To bad for them.

[1023] Lisa  Managers Have No Integrity

I was always suspicious of what the techs and Jiffy Lube would tell me what I needed.  After work was completed I had to return to ask why my engine light came on after a service.  Now I am very concerned I paid $100 for a Transmision flush that may have never got done after seeing the investigation reports.  Now I know I will go with my gut feelings.  I will not use Jiffy Lube in the future.  This investigation video was very disturbing and to think that the Executives would not speak out as to how they will deal with this situation is what really made me feel like I could not go back there.  They appear to hire District Managers with no integrity.  My goodness I have spent a lot of money at this company.  Thank you for letting me have a voice.

[1022] Leigh in Omaha, NE  Forgot To Replace Dipstick

I took my car to the Saddle Creek St. Jiffy lube for an oil change. I then drove to Chicago. As I reached the busy Chicago interstate system in the dark, my head lights went out. It was unbelievably dangerous. The next day I discovered my dipstick sitting on top of the air filter, and my engine coated with oil. I took my car to the local Chicago Jiffy lube, and they wouldn't do anything but replace the shorted out bulbs, which I had to pay for. I hate Jiffy Lube, and would rather drive my car into the ground, than ever go there again.

[1021] Pete  Air Filter Is Missing

I also had a bad experience with Jiffy Lube, too. I went there just to get an oil change and the technician comes back and tells me that my air filter is MISSING! You tell me how in the heck can an air filter be missing when I just checked it before myself.

That did it for me! I'll never set a tire in the place again!  How they stay in business this long I'll never understand! What everyone should do is file a Class Action lawsuit against them.

[1020] Amanda in Albuquerque, NM  Stolen Laptop Computer

I went to Jiffy Lube in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on Wednesday, March 19, 2008.  Before going to get my oil changed, I had cleaned out my car.  While doing so, I placed my laptop computer, along with various other artifacts, in the trunk of the vehicle.  I went in for the oil change ONLY, and reiterated this several times to the technician who checked me in.

Jiffy Lube representatives are barred from accessing customers' trunks unless the tires are being rotated (per the district manager).  As I had specified multiple times that I was there only for the oil change, no Jiffy Lube representatives should have accessed the trunk of my vehicle.  After leaving Jiffy Lube, I made a stop at my apartment to pick up my dog, taking approximately five minutes, before taking a forty-five minute drive to visit my parents' rural home. This means, there was a window of about an hour when the vehicle was not in my supervision or control.  The hour while I was at Jiffy Lube.  When I got home later that evening, I went down to my car to bring my laptop up to my apartment.  Lo and behold, my laptop was gone.

The district manager for the corporate offices in Albuquerque advised me that because I didn't notify the store the same day the laptop was stolen (I got home too late to call and their store does not have an answering machine - only a fax line) that they could not search the store.  He also advised that this particular Jiffy Lube does not have surveillance.  How convenient.  And yet, the district manager advised that he was obligated to take his employee's word that the laptop was not stolen from my vehicle.  This is because, he says, others have lobbied complaints about artifacts being stolen from the vehicle, and later discovered those items between or under the seats.

I've promised a full apology if I find my laptop computer between the seats of my car.

[1019] Raymond in Cary, NC Busted Dashboard

This event occurred at Jiffy Lube # 1458 in Cary, NC, on Sunday, March 2, 2008.

I brought in my 1990 Ford Thunderbird SC for a safety inspection.  After the inspection was complete, the worker told me that he noticed a crack in my dashboard after vacuuming out the pieces of the old sticker.  He claimed that when a small piece of the dashboard was sucked up, he noticed the crack. When I inspected the area, it looked exactly like a fist had hit it, and it also included a perfectly straight cut about an inch long.  The whole area looked as if his hand slipped while scraping off the old sticker, and his fist and blade busted my dashboard.  He insisted that the crack was already there, and that he had even showed it to another employee.  When I asked him why he did not show me the crack as well, he did not have an answer.  I was so perturbed, I simply  drove away.

I called back about an hour later and the same guy happened to answer the phone. He said I could come by and fill out a QCR Report which would include both my and his side of the story, and then be given to a district office, I guess.  He said QCR stands for "Quality Control Incident Report."  I decided to NOT proceed by their rules and instead called Carolina Lubes (this was on my receipt) and left a message asking a "Mike" to return my call.

In the meantime, I did some research and determined that a repair for this damage is typically about $80.  All I am after is $80 to resolve this.  I will provide an update as soon as this issue is closed.

[1018] Tim in Omaha, NE  Left Lug Nuts Loose

I took my Mazda 6 to jiffy Lube for an oil change and tire rotation in Omaha Nebraska.  They talked me into a air filter and cabin filter along with the initial service.  Ok!  Around $125.00 later I left the store and went around five or so miles when I noticed that my car was vibrating and did not seem right.  I drove a short distance further when I had to pull over and look for what I suspected had happened.  Sure enough there was a tire that had all five lug nuts loose and close to falling off.  Had my wife or son been driving they may not have even thought to check this out.  I did contact jiffy and complained in a much higher than normal voice.  They did apologize and did after two weeks give me full credit for the service performed.  Wow this was close and could have been real bad. 

[1017] Brad  Work Does Not Need Done

When I go to Jiffy Lube I am repeatedly told that I need to get work done that I know for a fact doesn't need to be done.  Such as a transmission flush that I had done one month previously on a 2002 Saturn.  I did not have it done at Jiffy Lube therefore it was not in their records, and they told me it looked bad.  I asked to go with them and look at the fluid, then they told me that maybe it wasn't as bad as they thought when we looked at it together.  This happens nearly every time.  I am never going to Jiffy Lube again.

[1016] David in Surprise, AZ  Price Gouging

This past Saturday I went to the Jiffy Lube on reems at bell road in surprise Arizona, had to wait 1.5 hours for a 15 minute oil change and filter, plus they charged me $5.00 for a 1/4 pint of antifreeze, it's not like shell is not making enough money with oil prices now, but gouging you for this small amount of antifreeze is mind blowing.

[1015] Employee

I worked for Q-Lube for 14 years and then worked work fot Jiffy for two years after the merger with Pennzoil. I worked my way up as a lube tech to a manager and then into corporate. A large portion of the Q-Lube store were company owned and I admit that they had their share of problems but overall they the they provided a fast and dependable service. I managed a store for over 3 years and I only have one major problem due to negligence and that was a double gasket on an oil filter and the seal did not fail until the vehicle had reached temperature and was on the express way. We promptly provided the customer a rental car and had his engine fixed at our cost. I'm sure this happened many times across the county over the years but no at surprise when you look at the number of vehicle that are serviced. It's just a numbers game. I had always heard stories about Jiffy lube, but never believed them until I worked their.  I just could not imagine that it was possible that anyone could be that negligent.

What I found during my time at Jiffy was that almost all of the Jiffy Lube stores are franchised and many are owned by private companies that have dozens of stores. Jiffy lube corp. has very little control over these stores and the companies that own them are only interested in one thing and that is to make as much money out of each store as possible. That means lowering their hiring standards and rushing new employees through training because they can't sell an air filter if they are watching a video so most stores doesn't even bother training there new employees they just get OJT and before they have an inspection the manager will pass out the certs and fudge the paperwork. In some area the turnover was so bad that a store would replace an entire crew in a month's time. This is not every store and there are a lot of owners out there that take pride in their shops and want to do a good job. These are the stores that you never hear about because they don't have problems. The Jiffy Lube company stores also have a better record because they have to go by the book.

My suggestion is to inspect the crew and the store. If the crew is clean and sharp looking and the store is clean the chances are that you won't have a problem. If the store and crew are sloppy get back in your car and drive away.  I personally will not take my car to Jiffy because I know the local franchise and he is only intrested in how much money he can get out of the customer and will do anything to get it.

[1014] Dirk in Sioux City, IA  Repeatedly Do Not Replace Filter

I borrowed a truck (older style Dodge Dakota with the V8) from a friend a few times and as a favor said I'd service the engine for him. He said not to worry he always takes it to Jiffy Lube in Sioux City. I went ahead and did it anyway. I found window stickers that indicated he had been there 3 times already that year (last visit had been a month earlier) and reciepts in the glove box indicated he had paid for a professional oil filter upgrade, an air filter, and a few other fluids. Well, I know the oil filter is hard to get to in these trucks because it's a big engine in a small spot, so the only way to the oil filter is really through the passenger side wheel well. When I got to the oil filter it had numerous rust spots and a hole! Oil filters don't typically rust! The oil was dirtier than should have been for only being a month old too. Airfilter was dirty and the wrong size (I had put a new one in the previous year and this wasn't that one, so

 someone must have changed it quick with one that was laying around). Long story short, he never went back and magically his truck started getting 5mpg better on the first tank. Regular oil and oil filter changes help improve milage, Jiffy Lube does not.

[1013] Michael in Kansas City, KS  Broke Head Lamp

I will not use Jiffy Lube again on my car(s), I used them in Nebraska Grand Island.  We moved to Kansas City KS in April of 07 and the car was due for its oil change and so thinking that JL would be a alright place to go  due to going to them in Nebraska and never having an issue.

I take my Car to 78th and State here in KC Kansas only was having a oil change and a mini light changed on the passer side head lamp housing, they did all this and charged me 70 something  I pay with a check  and as they drive the car out of the bay the head light housing is almost hanging out. I say to the guy need to fix that, "Oh it is" etc etc.  so we drive the car back to house and I call the bank then and stop payment on the check and call JL and they say well there is nothing that can be done and what do I want them to do?

It took my best friend in Nebraska 20mins to reseat the head lamp  so I will not take any car, truck, or what not back to any jiffy lube.

[1012] David in Ohio Corporate Won't Listen to Store

Had a Signature oil changed on  February 17th and on February 21 the oil pressure went to ZERO driving down the highway. Pulled over – shut down the engine and restarted  - pressure went to 40 and then back down to zero. Engine started tapping. Shut down – checked oil, over full.

Luckily, I was right next to a PEP-Boys service. I had Pep-Boys change oil and filter – problem resolved.

Told problem to the local Jiffy Lube (just so they knew they may have defective oil filters) and the clerks all said this had happened several times, even had to replace engines on two cars. They said it has been a problem since they switch from the FRAM filters – but no one at Corporate would listen to them. They said I should contact the manager. I did and he had me fill out a form to be reimbursed for the oil change at Pep-Boys.

I talked to Customer Service – and not only did they not listen, they did not care. First I talked to a Chuck and then the manager Ryan. Both were not customer friendly and told me that I had to prove it was their filter before they would do anything.

Everything according to them was either my opinion or I was lying.  It was not customer service but claim avoidance. Last time I go to Jiffy Lube. Shame because I am sure that the dealers are good people.

[1011] Bonnie in Atlanta, GA  Did Not Change Oil Filter

I went to the web page for a coupon and started reading all the Jiffy Lube problems.  I have been going to the same Jiffy Lube for 8 years.  Thought I would mark my oil filter witha purple line this time, but didn't really think they would be one of the problem stores.  I even discussed with the manager how some of the California stores are giving you a bad name.  Wellllllll, after the oil change, I checked the oil filter, and sure enough, it wasn't changed.  The manager said he was sorry and that never happens.  SURE.

[1010] Shay  Transmission Fluid Instead of Oil

Took my 1992 dynasty in for an oil change on 20th and Broadway someone pored tramission fluid into my oil tank and it caused my whole break line to lock up on me.

[1009] Valentina in East Lansing, MI  No Oil In Engine

I've been a Jiffy Lube customer for at least five years with my Volkswagen Jetta and have been happy with my service up to now.

On February 10th, 2008, I visited your store for the usual oil change. The mechanic working on my car said that the dipstick casing was broken and should be replaced at my dealer.  He also said that if I checked the oil, not would show until I fixed the dipstick.  The bill came to $43.95  Later that day, I was driving when the car started to blow blue smoke from the exhaust. Several minutes later, the check engine light came on and then the oil light.  I took the car straight to my dealership (Williams) for emergency service the next morning, they were kind enough to fit me in on short notice.

Williams reported that the oil pan had been recently stripped and had to be replaced.  He also said there was no oil in the car.  The cost for this repair was $337.74 which included replacing the oil pan and another oil change.  I might add that Williams discounted their bill in light of the situation.  I did some research online that day and found numerous complaints about stripped oil pans at Jiffy Lube.  It seems like it is quite common for Jiffy Lube to have employees working on vehicles which they are not qualified to work on.

Since the oil pan was obviously damaged by Jiffy Lube mechanics and not Williams, I am asking Jiffy Lube to reimburse me for the $337.74 bill from Williiams plus $65 that I had to spend on a car rental while my car was being repaired for a total of $402.74  I call the Jiffy Lube manager on February 12, 2008 he would not accept any responsibility for this incident.

I am now considering taking this to small claims court  The Williams manager has agreed to got to court with me and present the stripped oil pan to the judge and recount what he saw when he examined my car when I brought it in for service on the 11th.  I believe I have a very strong case and will win in court so I think it would be in your best interest to just pay the $402.74 an save everyone involved any additional expense and inconvenience.

[1008] Gordon Radiator Flush Warped Cylinder

We had Jiffy Lube flush the cooling system on our 1993 Mercury Sable.  A short time later a blown head gasket was discovered while trying to diagnose an engine miss.  As an ex automobile mechanic, I know it is possible to warp a cylinder head while flushing a cooling system, and that It's very hard to prove responsibility.

[1007] Harley in Wichita, KS  Criminal Destruction of Property

My 75 year old mother took her van to Jiffy-Lube on South Seneca in Wichita, Kansas last Friday, March 7th.  She told them she just wanted an oil and filter change leave everything else alone.  As she looked out the man was trying to force the air cleaner off the car, she yelled at him and then four men began to tell her how bad off her car was. 

They told her that her transmission was about to go out and it needed a $150 service to prevent it from failing within the next 5,000 miles.  That these “04” models were bad about transmissions failing , but they could protect her.  She told them that she did not own an “04” and if they didn’t know what they were working on they shouldn’t be working in the garage at all.  (For the record she has a 2005 Dodge Caravan with 25,000 miles on it which is under factory warranty until 70,000 miles).

After a long arguing match she was overcharged to the tune of $35 for the oil change they offered at $19.99 on the sign, and they four guys were standing outside laughing at her when she left.  She later realized why they were laughing so hard—they had keyed the side of her car.

These places border on consumer fraud and criminal distruction of property and should be shut down.

[1006] Heidi in Wilsonville, OR  Prey On Women

I went into a Jiffy Lube in Wilsonville, OR yesterday.  All I wanted was a oil change.  After being bomb-bartered by 7 different people telling me what I needed for my car, I decided i would also like to price their wiper blades.  I ask the guy for a price list.  He never brought one to me.  He had quoted me a price of 29.95.  When I left I noticed that they had charged me almost double that.  I am a female & truly feel like they took advantage of me.  When i go home, my husband called Jiffy Lube & they told him that they had quoted me the correct price, not once, but twice.  Now they are calling me a liar to my husband, who by the way knows I'd never pay 60 dollars for a pair of wiper blades.  My husband got hung up on by the manager after asking for a refund.  They were very rude when we returned to get our refund & still were trying to convince my husband that they quoted my the price 2x.  They are very unprofessional & down right rude.  They prey on women, so watch out all of you females.  I will never do business with them again & i hope to dissuade anyone who may in the future.

[1005] Tyler in Lakewood, CO  Destroyed Engine

In effort to get attention to this issue, yesterday I sent an EECB (executive email carpet bomb)  to the executives of Jiffy Lube international, including the president.  Earlier today I received a very frustrated phone call from the Colorado Manager for Jiffy Lube in response to the email I sent last night.  Unfortunately it appears that though the email ruffled plenty of feathers, Jiffy Lube is still refusing to rectify the situation.
SO my hope is that you and your staff can aid in getting this information out to the public. I am including my letter to Jiffy Lube, contacts and contact information, and the response I got.

"This letter is a statement of events that occurred as the result of the complete loss to my engine and the absolute despicable response from Jiffy Lube/Allied Lube and Nationwide Insurance.
On December 26, 2007, I took my 2001 Saab 9-5 to Jiffy Lube #02491 for an oil change. The next day my vehicle started having mechanical issues that previously I had not experienced.  Several days later, the engine blew a large hole through the bottom of the oil pan. Upon a mechanics inspection, having noticed a new oil filter installed, they recommended I contact Jiffy Lube in an effort to resolve the situation, as there were pieces of the piston in and around the hole.
The manager at Jiffy Lube was very apologetic and courteous, as was the District Manager Daniel Hill. After Mr. Hill's initial investigation I was referred to Chris Ferrell, whose contact number I was given for the first time on January 23, 2008, nearly four weeks later. Mr. Ferrell works for Allied Lube in Texas, and unfortunately was less than positive with the situation.
He informed me that he would forward the information to Allied Insurance for a claim investigation, but he did not feel that the claim would be successful, as it was uncommon for a claim based on a blown rod to be paid. Based on his responsiveness and tone of voice I felt his attitude was essentially that he would do the bare minimum of what was required, which was shown by his lack of action since he had been in possession of the information from Mr. Hill for several weeks and never contacted me.
I then was contacted by an Allied Insurance representative who stated they were dispatching a local Nationwide Insurance claims representative, Cameron Widler, to do an on-site evaluation of the vehicle. Mr. Widler was also very courteous and responsive, and inspected the vehicle on January 31, 2008.
After his initial inspection, he felt that in order to properly assess the damage the engine would have to be torn down, at my own cost. I voiced my concern that should he refuse to pay the claim I would be liable for the bill to do this, $336.00. Mr. Widler informed me there was no way around it. Reluctantly I agreed.
At that time, I gave permission to Nichol's Automotive, chosen by Nationwide, to tear down the engine. They found that the number four piston had gotten very hot and melted down. They found the timing chain in tact, no oil leaks, no head gasket failure, no oil pump failure nor was the oil mixed with antifreeze. Their diagnosis is that the piston failed, hit another area of the engine and broke resulting
in the hole in the bottom of the oil pan. They felt this was due to lack of lubrication, possibly from an incorrect viscosity in oil, or possibly from a foreign object being dropped into the engine at the time of oil change.
At this time, Mr. Widler asked Nichol's Automotive for an estimate to repair the engine. I spoke with Mr. Widler later that day on the phone, and the unofficial indication was that the claim would be approved and proceedings would move forward in my obtaining a rental car and the repair/replacement of the engine.  Mr. Widler stated that he had sent the information and the mechanic's findings to his supervisor, William Schwerin, Field Claims Manager at the Rocky Mountain Regional Office, for a final authorization and that he would be back in contact with me.  Mr. Widler then called me later that same day stating that Mr. Schwerin noticed anti freeze present from the photographs sent to him, and as a result had denied the claim on the assumption that the engine failed on it's own.
I then contacted Nichol's Automotive informing them of this information. They stated the evidence showed the contrary, that there was not anti freeze leaking into the engine causing a failure. At my request Mr. Widler returned to Nichol's Automotive, choosing to bring Mr. Schwerin with him, to discuss the issue with the mechanic. According to a written statement made by Nichol's Automotive owner Lynn LeMaster, Mr. Scherin, "spent less than two minutes inspecting the vehicle…and came to his conclusions after viewing a damaged remains of a piston…Mr. Schwerin was very rude and treated our Technician like he was stupid…" After this encounter, I received a letter from Craig Dempsey, the Claims Representative for Nationwide Mutual, stating that their official finding was that "there was a material failure to the piston."
I then acquired the written statement from Nichol's Automotive, which explained that there was absolutely no evidence to show a mechanical failure that led to the broken piston. I again asked for the repair/replacement of my engine and a rental car. This letter was sent to Mr. Dempsey. I received a reply letter from Mr. Schwerin stating that a common failure in Saab engines "is due to running low or incorrect octane at higher altitudes." In an effort to investigate all possible causes of this engine failure, I asked the Nichol's Automotive mechanic if that could have been the cause, he replied that it could not have caused
the damage.
Now, seventy days since the oil change, I still have no satisfactory resolution to the complete destruction of my engine. I am left with no transportation, a mechanic bill for work ordered by Nationwide and a very unresponsive representative unwilling to listen to the facts as presented by the mechanic he requested to inspect the car and who has changed his official findings twice.
I find this to be truly abhorrent treatment by Jiffy Lube, Allied Lube and Nationwide insurance. The representatives I dealt with, who had decision-making authority, showed zero desire to help with the situation and regardless of evidence were looking for ways to deny the claim. I have always enjoyed my Jiffy Lube experience, until this ridiculous event.
It is my hope that you all are as outraged as I am. Surely the last thing desired is for Jiffy Lube or Allied's reputation to be tarnished.
I sternly and respectfully request this issue to be immediately acknowledged and resolved, equaling the repair/replacement of my engine and the use of a rental car. I look forward to a reply, within 72 hours of the receipt of this letter. Otherwise, I will have no choice but to report this issue to all the proper consumer agencies and media."

[1004] Ralph in Cranford, NJ  Antifreeze Fraud

On12/3/07 I had my upper and lower intake gasket replaced at my mechanics. This job required that the anti-freeze be replaced. On 3/4/08 I went to Jiffy Lube for an oil change. The advisor came to me with gunk on his finger and told me my anti-freeze needed to be replaced because as shown on his finger it had turned to sludge and was no longer good. When I told him the anti-freeze was replaced 3500 miles and 3 months ago he had no futher discussion about it.

[1003] Summer  We Service Only Nice Cars

I found your website by accident but am glad as I had an experience in 2004. I needed an oil change for my car and seeing jiffy lube drove in. I hadn't even gotten out of my car when a service man was at my window. He proceeded to knock to which I opened and completly startled just stared at him. To which he inquired of me my business I explained I needed an oil change and was just tidying up my car. He replied "We service nice cars only". Keep in mind they were dead (they had no business at all) and he had left a group of lazy employees to come to tell me that I basically wasn't good enough. I told him fine I would take my business else where and have since never gone to a Jiffy Lube. This location is one off 436 near Aloma and was the most appaling of business. "We service only nice cars" It was enraging and highly inappropriate. I thought someone ought to know in case this is a continuing problem at that location.

[1002] Employee in Bethpage, NY   

On February 23 I began working at Jiffy Lube located on Hempstead Tpke. in Bethpage N.Y. It was a Saturday and I did not actually work but I was 'tested'. I sat at a computer and watched training videos and then I was asked questions based on several segments each time I passed I would then go on to the next. Completing these tests made mecertified and qualified. It was distracting to begin with from all the noise and the videos were like really bad sesame street with the worse rap music which was supposed to help remember the stuff but it too was distracting. I don't hate rap music. I can't remember much at all. I never saw the videos again. I went to the Jiffy Lube web site to see if they might post some training tips for their employees to study. But no.

I remember the customer service segment vaguely and it taught about reading body language of customers. I found this interesting. Disturbing actually. Very disingenuine I think.

Anyway I must focus more on the safety segment. I was trained that as a underbay technician I should be supplied with latex gloves. At first that was not a problem by March 1 the next saturday after I began they ran out. I got fed up and took 2$ and walked acros the street to the auto part store, yes there is an auto part store across the street ;/ , and bought a small bag by the end of the day they were gone and don't expect to be reimbursed although I shared them.

Also I was to be supplied with safety goggles that were to be replaced if they were to be scratched. I never recieved them and I don't think I should have to risk my eyesight to do oil changes. How do I say that in body language?

Nor was I given a hot sleeve to protect my arm from hot oil. It would have been nice. I took an old sock and cut it into a sleeve and used that.

Then theres the special hat that is to replaced if it had holes in it and how it should be inspected before use. And it must never be worn backwards or crooked. So based on the information presented; What should never be worn backwards or crooked a, the safety goggles b, the latex c, your under wear or d, none of the above. Very good you are now qualified to be a lower bay technician. Congratulations. Jerk. This went on for six Godless hours.

I did recieve one sweatshirt with a Jiffy Lube logo on the back that was pretty cool.After the first day it was stiff and stinking from dirty oil. I tried to keep it clean by wearing my own black hooded sweatshirt over it it was cold and wind with both sides of the bay. The doors were open and the wind would blew right down my back it was nice wearing the hood until Milton the manager told me that I must take off my hooded sweatshirt so in case someone was to come down and see me working they would see the Jiffy Lube Logo. I told him that I was trying to keep the new Jiffy Lube shirt clean and keep warm with the hood. He told me I should take my hooded sweatshirt that was filthy with oil and wear on the inside of the Jiffy Lube sweatshirt which was way smaller than my hooded sweatshirt. So I took off my sweatshirt and got a nasty headache from the wind all in case by some chance a customer might come down stairs and not see the Jiffy Lube logo.

That bothered him but the black filthy oil slick floors and stairs didn't nor did the old filthy paint pealing off the walls. It bothered me. I was in the US Navy and I know there is no excuse for this slobbery. If it were sailors that place would be immaculate you could eat off the floors when they were done. There should be non skid like on the flight deck. If this were a ship it would sink.

There are three bays and each bay should have a complete set of tools. Instead one must constantly leave one bay and go sliding slipping around to the other bays to find the right tool. The employee backroom looked trashed and probably mold infested. And oil coated everything. The microwave the boxes heaped on the floor with collapsed cardboard from being wet with oil. I wonder how did they let it get like this. The mop bucket filled with black water at the beginning of the day. This is the worse job ever. Even worse than when I worked at a pet cemetary and I had to dig up dead pets up from their graves some older than 50 years. The muck! The coffin containers falling apart and the remains falling out the bottoms into the mud and fishing the peices out with a rake and wheel barreling it to a little hut like place and each week filling up a uhaul truck. I did that for 3 years and I am unwilling to work at Jiffy Lube for more than 1 week. I miss the furniture delivery job the most. And that was hard work but I enjoyed it and I am still good at it. And nothing ever breaks when I load a truck. I actually believe that the furniture company would still be there if 9/11 never happened but thats another story.

In the last 3 years I lost my job, my mother, my dog the only one I have is my girlfreind and she is getting fed up. I have been depressed and am now getting out of it and I really want to work. I really need the money and I am plain pissed off that people should have to take unecessary risks just to have jobs. 8 dollars an hour in New York is Seven Eleven I am not exagerating. Literally turned down a job at 7/11 for 8$ a few months back because the manager of that place said he would give me the job but he would have to fire someone and he would do it. I don't know why he told me he did and it didn't sit right with me.

I will stick to the subject from here. On tuesday February 26 I began working in the lower bay. I was instructed to learn from Mike by Milton the manager. I wrote down what he told me. That at certain points of the oil changing operation I was to yell out different commands or phrases like "clear to add" and each thing I did had a specific command I had to yell out but thats if Lous there. So I memorize them that night and the next day Milton the manager to my dismay has similar commands but different words a different way of saying it and he insists that I must say it his way. The next day Lou the district manager he has his way and wants me to do it his way. So later on I say to Milton everyone seems to have their own way of doing it and that Lou he does it a little different. Milton he tells me Lous way is wrong. I think to myself okay but Lou speaks english I can understand. It makes me think of the bible verse about a house divided. Shall we name this house the tower of babel?

So Saturday march first it gets busy and I was working and changing the oil and I want to concentrate on what I am doing and do it qickly and yell the commands. Mostly my true will is to not screw up someones car. So problems arise like a stripped drain plug and I get help from the manager because mike the guy who is in charge of the lower bay I notice he is busy and it seems he kind of getting annoyed he gets pissy so I go to Milton and get him to help and he is la di da and lectures me for at least a minute everytime, I have trouble hearing him with the the background noise his accent and my tinusitis not to mention the car alarms which kills me and make me immediately and instinctivley put my oil soaked hands to my ears because there is no command for them to yell "car alarm" just what I need and everyone is rushing and I am like alright already. I just don't want to mess up someones car. And I am all confused because I can't remember if this guys yells the commands this way or that way so I am at the point where I don't even want to yell them at all. By the way anyone who has ever been in bootcamp knows that the fear of shouting commands even for breakfast is expected and that there is more fear in not shouting commands and saying them wimpy like at Jiffy Lube. I once heard another employee laughing at me for shouting the command when the managers were not around. I fueled helicoters on a flight deck of a ship at night could not hear nothing but the blades we communcate with lights and these people can't get it together to do an oil change. PATHETIC.

So the this has been keeping me up at night and I find that more exhaust ing than the work. I went this morning with 3 hours sleep Mike got pissy again because I didn't yell "clear to start" for the third time loud enough for him to hear me and basically accused me of lying and wouldn't let it go. That got to me and I wanted to hurt him badly.After all he is the one that said "only if Lou is here" I was nothing but polite and nice and he mistakes that for weakness. Let it go. He said I was copping and attitude after I punched out and he seemed nervous that I would do something to his truck. When I went to punch out Milton kept saying if you punch out then your quiting. I was fustrated because of my will to see mike dead and told Milton that I was upset because of mike I punched out and Milton said again if you punch out you quit and that just stumped me and made me realy mad and then I thought I better get away from him because this tool is getting to me although he was not intentionally doing it like mike was.

I needed to leave there and I hate mike and milton is just like weird. And this all because they can't give me goggles. My eyesight 20/20 and I sure as hell am not going to let Jiffy Lube and Milton get to me. Mike I imagine him with his eye burned out and black gunky oil oozing out his sockets. Go change the oil. Oil boy. Try talking up to Milton and Lou like you talk to you filthy loser. Coward.

I did not realize what a poor reputation jiffy Lube has and found this web site today the day punched out early from Jiffy Lube because they would not give me the required safety goggles and other items. I am just doing what I was trained to do. Milton informed me that he never watched the videos when he started. If he did he would realize I am just doing my job. And to work without goggles is a violation of the law and is criminal. I will not be a criminal.

So I got work for the next 2 days working on truck could make twice as much doing that then a week at jiffy lube so I will go back and punch in thursday and if there no goggles I will punch out. See what happens I don't care. Let them say something. I am not done yet. I will continue this crusade. And I want to get some primer and paint. Scrape the walls down and repaint it. How can they walk by such filth each day it is truly incredible. I do not exagerate and did not lie at all. Its surreal. And I worked at _Bide A Wee pet memorial about 10 years ago. I may not be an expert lower bay technician oil changer but I am qualified. I was trained and certified at jiffy Lube. I did not get the badge yet. Maybe it will come with goggles.

Send a letter to Santa Jiffy Lube is open 8am 12. on December 25.Why only four hours? The rest of the day is spent doing the annual cleaning. So get there around 11:55. Lets make December 25 Jiffy Lube day. I can't think of anything else I would rather do.

Fueled by anger I write this in a few days I will probably not care anymore and find the whole thing annoying. And then I will close my eyes and think of the image of mike with the oil eye sockets take deep breath and sigh. Then I will laugh and not give it another thought.

[1001] Jack  Actual Work Unknown

I have used Jiffy Lube for years. I suspect that Jiffy Lube is not the only “quick service” outfit that would steal from the public. Probably even the service departments of Ford, Chevy, etc might do the same. Therefore, I will continue to use Jiffy Lube, but will:

1. assume the worse,
2. warn them,
3. watch them complete each specific service,
4. and ask for the old parts as the work is being done.

 I will tell them why I am doing this; otherwise, one has no idea what they are ACTUALLY doing.

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