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Personal Experiences


[1875] Lauren Destroyed Transmission
I have a 2009 Nissan Rogue.  I have recently noticed problems with my transmission...slipping during acceleration, going down hills etc. I took it to an auto body shop and they explained that there was a transmission problem. I went to Nissan for a second opinion. They asked me when I had my transmission fluid replaced.  I said, "a few months ago at JIFFY LUBE. They recommended I do so..." 
They informed me that they tested the transmission fluid. The wrong fluid was put into my vehicle by JIFFY LUBE. Instead of CVT transmission fluid, another lesser grade fluid was put into my vehicle.
I am very angry. This "ERROR" caused total destruction. I need a completely new transmission.  Over $3000 in repairs I am told, on a 2 year old vehicle!!!
This is absolutely unacceptable.  I visited my local Jiffy Lube in Lee's Summit, MO and they are sending an investigator out on Monday.  I hope I am reimbursed for my damages.  If I am not reimbursed, I am taking Jiffy Lube to Small Claims Court.  I am saving all my receipts and paperwork for evidence.
This has to stop.  I have heard so many terrible stories regarding service at Jiffy Lube. 

[1874] SKZ  Improper Oil


[1873] Garth in Henderson, NV Improper Assembly

I took a 2007 Mazda 3 and a 2010 Dodge Charger to the Jiffy Lube 10440 South Eastern Avenue, Henderson, NV 89052. the "tech" removed the drian plug on the Mazda 3 and allowed the oil to drain onto the dust shield instead of removing the 4 bolts to drop the shield as required. the result was a 2 by 3 foot oil puddle in my garage, a huge mess on the under carriage and a smoking mess from the exaust. The same visit the "tech" failed to tighten the oil filter on the Charger: not even to contact with the engine block. the result was a 24 inch puddle in the garage, a huge mess and a smoking exaust system. NEVER AGAIN. If I want a 5 year old to work on my cars, I will have my grand daughter do it, she would surely do a more professional job.

[1872] Kaitlyn in Chicago, IL  Over-tightening Filter Cracks Housing

I'm writing this complaint to tell you what a horrible experience your jiffy lube company put me through. I have had my car for 7 years and never had a problem leaking oil. On 11/16/2011 i went to your store located at 10345 South Kedzie Avenue, Chicago, IL 60655. They changed my oil and filter. Never mentioning I had any sort of oil leak. An hour after I left the store i started leaking/burning oil. I came back and they stated how i had a loose oil pan gasket and it was not there problem. I want to know how come if I had an oil leak why i was not informed as soon as they started changing my oil. It was not indicated on my paperwork or told to me that there was a leak. The manager (Matthew) told me it wasn't a bad leak it was just wet around the gasket. Well 6 days later i end up having no oil in my car. Now after having a car for 7 years with no leaking of oil i have an issue with it. But it's not your problem??? Then i bring it back in yesterday and have to have my boss point out to your manager (Matthew)  that it isn't even the gasket. That it is actually the housing that holds the filter that is leaking oil. Which my mechanic looked at and told me it was broken from your company tightening my oil filter on to tight so it cracked my housing. My mechanic couldn't even get the filter off with a wrench so obviously you need to make sure your employees know what they are doing, because obviously they do not.  I will tell all my friends and family about this incident and will make sure that neither  i or anyone i know never ever go to jiffy lube. This is beyond unbelievable and i can not believe a company with such recognition would pull a stunt like this one.

[1871] Ted in Maple Shade, NJ  Faulty Oil Filter Destroys Engine

Please find attached a report from Sloane Toyota Service Department. The report indicates engine failure caused by a faulty oil filter put into my Toyota Tercel when serviced at the Maple Shade, NJ Jiffy Lube. The managers of the Maple Shade, NJ Jiffy Lube have acknowledged that damage was done to the vehicle due to a faulty oil filter put into the car by their mechanic as indicated on the attached receipt.

My engine needs to be replaced as a result of the service to my vehicle on 11/10/11 at the Jiffy Lube of Maple Shade, NJ. Please provide me with the means to replace my engine and compensate me for diagnostic work by Sloane Toyota, storage fees from Sloane Toyota, rental car and charge for the oil change service that I paid for.

Time is of the essence in addressing the damage that has occurred causing significant stress and expense. I am prepared to alert all news agencies, state and local consumer protection offices and the Better Business Bureau if I do not receive a prompt response. 

[1870] John in Billerica, MA  Stripped Oil Plug

I had my 2009 VW Tiguan serviced with the Billerica, MA Jiffy Lube "Signature Service"
While driving my vehicle a week later, the check engine indicator began to flash. I pulled over and noticed oil coming from the bottom compartment of the engine. I took the vehicle to the nearest VW dealer where It was determined that the oil pan threads had been stripped by an "outside company". The VW repair facility removed the damaged oil pan and replaced it with a new one.

When I brought it to the attention of the Billerica, MA Manager, I was told that there was nothing they could do to remedy the situation.

I found the manager, Mr  Charlie Baldwin to be extremely defensive and unprofessional in his interaction with me. Not looking to get rich on a remedy; just want to get this issue and  unnecessary expense resolved!

IF YOU CARE ENOUGH FOR YOU VEHICLE, TAKE IT SOMEWHERE ELSE! The new Midas just blocks away on Boston Rd Does a very nice job at 1/3rd the cost of Jiffy Lube.

[1869] Ashton in Brandon, FL Services Charged but Not Rendered

I would say at first my visit was great, my tech was knowledgable and gave freely of his extensive knowledge, but I am largely displeased with my visit and will never return to a Jiffy Lube again.  

The first reason being is that I found myself after kindly being greeted and set into the waiting room that my experience from then on was nothing but trying to up sell.  I had left Toyota for my usual oil changes due to the length of time and oxorbitant prices; both of which I found at Jiffy Lube.  

I had made it clear I wanted the cheapest option on my 2005 Toyota Prius, which somehow was 96.29?  Now I'm no technician but I've changed my oil before and the full synthetic oil I need is no where near that price.  Outside of price it was while I was being told the price that my car was already being "vaccumed" (one mat) as well as the windows being cleaned with my hood propped (leaving me under the impression that the work was not only underway but most likely done) leaving me in this awkward state of me expecting to pay the usual and expected $30-40 for an oil change, but rather was suckered into a $100 service for oil and washing my windows?

I will add that my car as I'm sure you know is a hybrid so let me add the following to the list of things you didn't and can't do that I was charged for in this so called "service".

Services Not Rendered (however charged):
1. Check power steering fluid (Prius power steering runs on synergy cells)
2. Check battery levels (battery is in rear unable to read per jiffy lube per procedure)
3. Differential Fluid was not checked because it's non existent 
4. Transmission fluid was not checked because?  I don't know why but I paid for it.
5. Floors were not vaccumed because my car was filled with music equipment.

Actual services rendered for $100
1. Oil change
2. Exterior front and rear window washed.

Really?  Overall I left feeling floored and pressured into things I did not want nor need and suckered into a $100 oil change without being well informed any step of the way.  Apparently $100 isn't odd for an oil change; in fact it's absurd.

Extremely disappointed in my local Jiffy Lube, and the the reflection of the company as a whole as a result.  Worst $100 I've ever spent.

Let me make it clear that I do not want a free oil change, a gift card, or any other placating of the like.  I would like a check made out and mailed for the full effect of all services I was not rendered as well the effective price gouging.  I however would be happy to pay the maybe $12 for the oil put in my car and $1 for washing my windows.

If I am not contacted withing 24 hours with a satisfactory reply I will be forwarding this email to the district manager as well as corporate office.

Word of mouth is a powerful thing; as I'm sure you know.

[1868] Nicole in Raleigh, NC  Didn't Replace Transmission Fluid

I took my car to Jiffy Lube for a full service oil change on 9/30/11.  Now, my manual transmission needs repair and the mechanic says someone dranied the fluid out of my transmission and never put it back in.  I remember the manager concerned about brake fluid drained out by his partner but brake fluid levels still full at the fluid check. He never figured it out and told me when I left to call if there were any problems. I have already submitted a query at your website and the NC state attorney’s website.  Please respond.

[1867] Carol in IL Wrong Grade of Oil

Last week I stopped in for a quick oil & filter change before a trip. I had very little time. The woman in charge had a major attitude and when she asked me to okay the oil going into my van, (I drive a handicapped accessible van and transport a disabled adult child) she refused to tell me what kind of oil I should have. When I told her I didn't know what to add she informed me that she couldn't put anything into the van without my express permission. Then she started naming off the different weights and told me that 50/50 synthetic oil is what is used in SUV's and Vans so I okay'd that.

I found out from my brother that is most definitely not the kind of oil I need for Illinois winter. I will have to take the van in when I get back to Illinois and have another complete oil/filter change. I won't be returning to Jiffy Lube and have no intention of ever using their service again.

[1866] Deb in Augusta, GA Radiator & Transmission Problems

On a Friday, I went to a Jiffy Lube in Augusta, GA on my lunch hour to have my oil changed. They upsold a transmission flush (recommended by Ford). I asked how long it would take, as I was on my lunch hour, and was told "oh, no longer than 15 minutes". Forty-five minutes later, I was still waiting. I saw two of the JL employees near my car, and their actions were not congruent with the work they were supposed to be doing. I walked over to them and one of them told me that they had broken a nipple off my radiator while trying to get to the transmission. They epoxy'd it back on and I needed to wait 15 more minutes to give it time to dry. They said the glue should hold it until Monday, when the new radiator that they had already ordered would arrive. I told them I was hosting a friend that weekend and we had planned a drive to Charleston -- would the car be okay with that long of a drive? They replied it would.

On Monday, I noticed a puddle on the floor of my garage underneath my car. Jiffy Lube called me and said to bring my car in, they had the radiator, and their mechanic was ready to install it. As I was driving to JL, my car was hestitating and I heard a loud "bang". My friend said it was the transmission. So I drove it directly to my Ford dealer instead of to JL.

Ford said that the entire system had been compromised -- trans fluid in the radiator, radiator fluid in the trans -- a MESS!! I like that Jiffy Lube wanted to make good on the problem. They brought the radiator to Ford at my request and paid for Ford to install it. They paid for Ford to flush and re-lube my car 4 times, and they paid for a rental car for me.

Unfortunately, it's two weeks later, and my transmission just died. I was stranded. I have not yet called JL, as it was too late in the evening to do so, so I do not know how they will respond when I tell them I want my transmission replaced. I'll keep you posted.

[1865] Carols in Miami,FL Water in Clutch Reservoir  

On November, 14th I took my car ( Jeep Liberty) for oil change to JIFFY LUBE on 5700 SW 117TH AVE, MIAMI FL 33183, tel  ( 305)598-8390. After the maintenance and driving my car for about two hours, I started to feel the clutch to be different every time I pressed to change the gear or to stop. The next day in the afternoon the clutch did not work at all, so I took my car to the mechanic and he told me that the oil lubricant container for the clutch was full of water.

I went to talk to JIFFY LUBE in order to place a complaint about it. How it is possible that there is water in the oil recipient for the clutch right after I visited Jiffy Lube and no one could not explain it to me? The manager told me  he was going to talk to the OWNER  of the place and see how they could "help" me with this problem and he was going to call me back in two hours, they did not call me so I insisted calling them and after three hours that I waited for their phone call. I called them and the manager told me that they will no be responsible for the incident...

Is there anyone I could speak to or anyone that can help me with this problem? Any phone numbers?

[1864] Joe Lying or Idiots

Got talked into a rear differential change.  About 40 mile later my BRAKE and ABS warning lights came on.  Went to the next nearest and was told they had nothing to do with that.  Nothing they would have done with the oil and rear differential change could have possibly affected "anything" to do with the brakes.

But . . . (either they are idiots or lying) the ABS sensor is RIGHT ON TOP of the rear differential.  Changing the fluid should not have affected that sensor (or so I was told by the Dodge dealer who replaced the sensor).

I am NEVER going back to Jiffy Lube.  Lost a day of my vacation having to deal with this repair.

[1863] AR A Buick is a Mercury

I took my new Buick La Crosse into Jiffy Lube for a routine oil change, at 6,000 miles.  The manager entered my tag number into his computer and asked if my car was a Mercury Navigator. I informed him to look at the car, and asked if it looked like a Mercury Navigator. His reply was the tag belonged on a Mercury Navigator, not a Buick La Crosse. I informed the fool I had never owned a Mercury Navigator in my life, and the tag had been mine for years, and I did not care what his computer said.  He felt it was my problem, not interested in hearing maybe their computer was wrong!

After finally getting it into his head, that my Buick La Crosse was not a Mercury Navigator, he then went on to tell me I had 46,780 miles on my Navigator and it needed  such and such.  I looked at him in disbelief, I again informed the fool my La Crosse only had 6,000 miles on it, and it was new. He still insisted I need all new filters etc.  I then told him to drive my car off the rack, and I would take it to the dealer for my oil change, as they surely knew what kind of car it was!  He continued to argue with me as to what services I needed at 46,000 miles. Finally I just got in, against protests by the manager, and drove off, never ever to return to any Jiffy Lube.(The dealer was 40 miles away, so I foolishly thought I would just stop at a nearby Jiffy Lube for my oil change..BIG MISTAKE)!!

Does Jiffy lube have a common sense test their employees take, or do they just hire warm bodies?

By the way, I still have the Buick La Crosse, and have still never owned a Mercury Navigator!!

[1862] Scott in Memphis, TN Denied Promised Service

In august we went to get our vehicles service at the graham location in Memphis tn and with in 30 minutes the didn't do somethings on 1 vehicle that they did on another.  They didn't even do all the services on the signature service.  We emailed complained manager of store calls says he can offer a free service for each vehicle.  Tuesday this week  I take my silverado to same place same results and no free service.  Your manager was there plays it off as he can't offer free service without written statement.  When I look at print out says I declined vacuum and window cleaning. Uh NEVER ASKED.  Your service at the Memphis locations are pitiful and this does just go for this one the same results are the same at all the ones I've been too.  I work in the service industry and see a lot of clients and will advise all of those that jiffy lube is not the place to go for service. Any questions about this email can be directed to email address  clearimagewc@aol.com. Scott. I don't carry to talk in person to anyone because they just lie to me and that is what I can't stand.

[1861] Marty Broke Sensor

I am very disappointed with my complete visit to your store. I went in to get an oil change on my Lincoln, my car was running perfect, your staff came up and asked if I wanted a new air filter which from what I was told is your normal day to day procedure. I refused the air filter and went on my way after getting service by your shop,, I went around 3 Miles and stopped to get something to eat and when I came back to my car it Would not Start, after trying two to three times I called your store and let them know my car would not start in which they sent one of your personal,, upon lifting the hood I found one clamp to my air cleaner laying inside the hood and not attached,, your man put on and was on the phone with someone from the store for about a half hour until another person shown up,, after an hour or so of them checking the car they could not figure out which they made another call to the shop and I talked to the supervisor and he explained that when this happens he has a shop he uses and that I wools have to bring it there, I was on my lunch hour but I agreed,, I was waiting for another half hour til he called back to see if they could look at my car and he finally called back and said to take it to my mechanic,, I did so to fine the mass air flow sensor was broke now and would have to be replaced,, I call your shop and had the owner or the company talk to your supervisor,, after their conversation I called Back and he said he could not do anything for me,, I explained my car was perfect before I went into your shop and would not run after you were done,, he said it was a Coincidence,, I have both invoices from your shop to mechanic shop and was 5 miles between,, $334.63 later my car was running the same as when I pulled it in to your shop,, Oh, when at the lunch place parking lot I asked your man what entailed a Signature service in which he told me that vacuum and exterior windows wash,, I showed him my car and asked him if he thought that was done for my carpets has a few stones and dirt on them and he agreed that both were not done,, I could supply you with both invoices so you could see 5 miles apart and mechanics comments which said " Sensor is sensitive and if dropped or hit damage to sensor can results" I would like to know where you stand on this matter for $334.63 does not come easily these days,, Please email me on your decision of what your company will do about this. Thanks for your immediate attention

[1860] JAE in Janesville, WI  Special Filters & Extra Oil

Went to Jiffy Lube in Janesville Wisconsin for an oil change. They told me they were busy and it would be over an hour. I left my vehicle there and came back a few hours later and it was done. The charge was $61.00 for an oil change, I did ask the clerk if that was for synthetic oil and she told me no. 

I contacted Jiffy Lube corporate and about a month later I heard from the district manager and explained the situation to him. He said I had synthetic oil put in, and I told him no. He said he would check and get back to me. The district manager called me about 15 minutes later and told me the reason for the cost was my vehicle needed a special filter and an extra court of oil.  The district manager agreed to give me 10 dollars back next time I stop in the store it would be ready. When I stopped in about a week later no one had a clue what I was talking about?

In conclusion I paid almost $20. Dollars more for an extra court of oil and a "special filter". I called my local Dodge dealer and a Mopar Oil Filter (not a Fram) was $8.53 retail; I question how "special" this filter is.   Prior to that I would go to the dealer and they charge $28.95 for the oil change including a complete check,Mopar Oil Filter, and even washed the car inside and out.

I will never go to Jiffy Lube again! I realize there is nothing illegal about what has happened to me but question there business ethics, wonder why NBS did a investigative report on this business.

[1859] Samuel in Oakland, CA  No Oil Destroys Engine

About a month ago i went in a got an oil change at jiffy lube in long beach ca. I work close so i am only driving about  <20 miles a day. 

Last weekend i drove my car up to Oakland and my car died on the bridge. after getting in towed i found out that the oil plug was no longer on the car and that it must not have been put on properly let alone tightened. The mechanic said that the lazy, careless oil change i received was the reason for all my oil draining and my engine frying. Although Jiffy Lube has taken full responsibility. i will NEVER go to them again, the inconvenience this has all cost me has been horrific, let alone time consuming.

[1858] Janet in Kennewick, WA Engine Troubles

Eight days ago took my car into JiffyLube (Kennewick, WA) for a routine oil change. While there I was pressured into additional services. The grand total of the oil change, signature service, a flush and something called additive package, $200.13!!!. I paid and was told that soon my vehicle will be out in a few minutes. Then I suddenly saw all the employees rush towards my car.  After inquiring what is going on, the manger came up to me and said, “we don’t know what happened”. Long story short, my car is damaged ( engine troubles), I’m looking at a several thousand dollars in repairs. The rental which they said they would pay in now on my credit card. Also I have several tow truck expenses to pay. I’ve been in contact with the assistant manager, the manager and the district supervisor, I still have no refund, no expenses paid, and still a broken car. The response I got from the district manager “cars brake down, we are not liable for damages on your vehicle” I will continue to fight this, I feel so taken by this company.  Never, take your car to JiffyLube they take advantage of their customers.     

[1857] Tina Mismatched Mileage

I got an oilchange a couple of months ago.. signed the receipt nd never really looked at it.. my lease is due.. nd as i check out the receipt the milage doesnt match .. can i go back to get a new receipt or a piece of paper tht records my mileage??

[1856] Anthony in Takoma Park, MD  Sprayed Oil on Engine

On November 10, 2011, I took my wife's 2006 Mazda 3 in for a basic oil change at the Jiffy Lube at 610 New Hampshire Avenue, in Takoma Park, Maryland. The car is (was) in perfect condition, with only 13,000 miles on it, garaged, oil changes and other service as recommended. They performed their signature service oil change, and I drove off. A week or so later I noticed oil drips on my garage floor, and I smelled oil when I drove it. It became apparent that oil was leaking as a result of the oil change so we didn't drive the car again untiol I could bring it back (we take the Metro to work in DC).

On November 5, 2011, we brought the car back to Jiffy Lube, explained the problem, and they found that the oil filler cap had not been put on correctly, and oil was leaking out from there, and running down the back of the engine, accounting for the smell of burned oil and leakage. They said it was now low on oil so they had to top ot off. The employee added 1 quart of oil, but when we started the car and attempted to drive off, the engine felt sluggish and huge clouds of thick smoke were coming out of the tailpipe! The smoke was coming out so bad it set off the smoke detector in the Jiffy Lube.

One of the managers, Dennis Shea came over and explained that when the employee poured the oil in the filler tube, he incorrectly aimed the nozzle and most or all of the oil was misdirected away from the crankcase and into the intake manifold/fuel injector area, basically into the combusion chamber where it was burning off. He said that the only way to get the oil out of there was to burn it off, so they rigged up a pole to hold the gas pedal down, and let the car run at full throttle for an half hour, with huge plumes of smoke coming out the whole time. Our poor little Mazda! We love our car and have always taken great care of her.

After most of the oil was burned off, they were apologetic and gave us a free ($99 value) fuel injector cleaning service, to clean the remaining oil out from the fuel injectors. They also cleaned the engine and skidplate and topped off the oil correctly. They gave us a coupon for a free oil change next time, which we will not be using. Back to the dealer for us from now on, as inconvenient as that may be. The car seems OK now, but I have noticed a little roughness on idle, and a slight loss of power or hesitation going up hills. In searching the internet for similar types of incidents, I have found a couple of long-term concerns; namely, the PCV valve and the engine valves may have gotten oil in them and may need to be replaced.

[1855] Aldo in Campbell, CA  Payment Scam

For the readers ....Be adviced that when you visit a Jiffy Lube, you are really dealing with a Franchise and often people that have franchise don't give a hoot about customers, they rely on the name of Jiffy Lube.
I visited one (as I always did) on November 1st ...The guy that received me at the Campbell facility on Hamilton Ave, looked at my $24.99 coupon and said ...For your "Signature Service" it will be $62.00, when I asked why ..He said "That's before the coupon is applied ..To make a long story short ...I HAD TO PAY $44.00 for a service coupon that said $24.99 ...
Customers, please be aware ...Not only did they loose me as a customer, but every member of my Church will know about the scam ,...Too bad, since for years I have used the company every 3000 miles ...

[1854] Gerald in Sarasota, FL  Flim - Flam Pricing

I took my 2003 Lexus SC 470 for an oil change at yourJiffy lube station at 2049 Bee Ridge Road in Sarasota, Florida  for a regular oil change. When he finished the bill was 79.00 + .  No I just want your regular oil change for 39.00.  When he finished it was still 54.00 something.  I asked if they would take a 15.00 off Coupon and he pointed to some fine print on the Coupon and would not take.  They said they would wash the car for free and the process would take 20 minutes. Thirty minutes later when I went to pick up the car and complained they lowered the price to 39.00.  I looked at the car before I drove it away and it had not been washed.  To add insult to injury your employee was waving a sign for the 24.00+ special. I have been to this location in the past and it was run by honest people. You can't run a  flim-flam operation and have people return. I won't take long for the word to get out. While I was there two people were complaining about the same kind of problems.

[1853] Ed in Kettering, OH  Heat Shield Disconnected

On October 29, 2011, I had an oil change at the Jiffy Lube on Wilmington Pike in Kettering, OH.  I did not drive my car the rest of the day and all of the next day.  On Monday, October 31, during my commute to work, I started hearing a periodic noise from the front of my car.  The further I drove, the noise became louder and more prolonged.  Finally, after about 30 miles, it was obvious something was dragging from the bottom of the front of my car.   

I found my way to a Ford dealership who was nice enough to help me.  The mechanic indicated to me that the heat shield was loose and dragging the ground.  I asked him if this might be connected to my oil change 2 days earlier and he immediately said yes.  The mechanic reattached the heat shield but indicated that the heat shield had been damaged.

I called the manager of the Kettering Jiffy lube who went into immediate denial mode and said there was no way the 2 incidents could be connected. 

[1852] John in San Fernando, CA  Destroyed Transmission

I went to jiffy lube and they replaced my transmission oil with what they said was the comparable oil, after the transmission began slipping I took the vehicle to the local dealer and explained my jiffy lube oil change. they said only Nissan has the comparable oil for this service and Jiffy lube installed the wrong oil causing over $7000 in dealer costs? what are my options here?

[1851] Aldo Taking Advantage of Women & Seniors

Reader, find a different company to have your oil changed, let me tell you why !!.   Got a coupon via the mail for a "Signature Service" for $24.99. Went to the local Jiffy Lube, first the quoted $62.00, then they finally let me have my vehicle back for $44.24. The company may be honest and ethical, but the Francise people are crooks. One of the guy that works there told me that they get paid on what they sell and that the coupons are just a way of getting customers. I WILL NEVER USE JIFFY LUBE again ......Thanks for reading my venting ...A bunch of crooks taking advantage of women and seniors !!!


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