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Class Action





DAVID STEPHAN, individually and on behalf of a Plaintiff Class of all those similarly situated,



FIVE DIAMONDS LLC, d/b/a Jiffy Lube, individually and on behalf of a Defendant Class of all those similarly situated,






Jury Trial Demanded




Plaintiff, by his undersigned attorneys and for his Complaint (“Complaint”), alleges upon personal knowledge and belief as to his own acts, and upon information and belief (based on the investigation of counsel) as to all other matters, as to which allegations he believes substantial evidentiary support will exist after a reasonable opportunity for further investigation and discovery, as follows.


1.         This class action alleges violations of the Washington Consumer Protection Act (“CPA”), and principles of common law arising from the imposition of a supposed “Environmental Surcharge” of $2.25 (or more) as an add-on charge by Jiffy Lube International, Inc. (“Jiffy Lube”) and its franchisees pursuant to a nationwide conspiracy among them and others to add such surcharge to all Jiffy Lube oil change bills, even though neither the State of Washington, the federal government nor any other governmental entity has imposed any such fee.  Pursuant to such conspiracy, Jiffy Lube and its franchisees use the guise of purported “Environmental Surcharges,” Environmental Fees,” “Environmental and Shop Fees” or similar language  (referred to herein as “Environmental Surcharges”) to imply that these charges are government-mandated so they can charge consumers more than the advertised  and/or invoiced prices for oil changes, and they and the direct and indirect owners of Jiffy Lube oil change centers keep the entire amount of the "Environmental Surcharges" and/or proceeds of the sales of customer oil or a portion thereof as unjust and unearned profit. Upon information and belief, pursuant to agreements nationwide, Jiffy Lube shares the ill-gotten “Environmental Surcharges” and proceeds of sales of customer oil with the members of the Defendant Class as hereinafter defined and their various owners. Further, Defendant and the members of the Defendant Class directly and indirectly unjustly receive and have received additional revenues from selling the oil removed from the vehicles owned by Plaintiff and the Plaintiff Class (as defined below). Plaintiff seeks for himself and the members of the Plaintiff Class return of all “Environmental Surcharges” (or the proceeds thereof) collected, all amounts received by Defendant and the members of the Defendant Class from the sale of oil belonging to Plaintiff and members of the Plaintiff Class and other relief provided by applicable law.

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